Best Fly Traps – Indoor and Outdoor Fly Catchers for Your Modern Home: Say Goodbye to House Flies, Fruit Flies and Biting Flies!

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Flies are a nuisance. These little insects can ruin even the best-planned event. Not only do they annoy someone with their buzzing noise, but they are also often associated with poor hygiene.

That said, sometimes, these stubborn pests come out of nowhere, and controlling them may prove futile at times.

Have you tried all sorts of pesticides and insect repellents, and nothing seems to work?

Then, it’s time you got a fly trap.

Fly traps can be in the form of plants, magnet traps, or non-toxic solutions. There are several types of fly traps: carnivorous fly trap, traps for fruit flies, UV light fly traps, and hanging fly traps. All these bug traps work differently but help achieve the same goal.

In this review, we will focus on all the above categories. We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the best fly traps available in the market to help get rid of these annoying insects.

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Now before we get to our reviews, we have a confession to make. When we started our research for this article we had NO idea that there were so many different kinds of fly traps.

But oh my, there certainly are!

So, to make things easier for you, here’s a quick look at the products we reviewed, along with the current prices on Amazon. If you know what you are looking for, you can just click and go. Not sure? Continue on past the table to read more about each product..

Need even more information? We have a buying guide after the product reviews.

Top Fly Trap Amazon Price Comparisons

Okay, let’s take a look at our top picks for fruit fly traps.

Best All-Natural Carnivorous Fly Trap – Venus Flytrap

Did you know that you can control flies naturally using plants? Having the Venus Flytrap in your home will get rid of flies and other insects. The Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous plant that gets its nutrients from insects. There are various ways of growing this all-natural fly trap.

Let’s explore the some different fly eating plants available.

Wellness Tree Venus Flytrap Seeds Growing Kit

Are you looking for an easy DIY gardening project? The Wellness Tree Venus Fly Trap Seeds Growing Kit provides you with an all in one kit that allows you to cultivate a carnivorous fly trap in the comfort of your home.

Not only is the plant a beautiful addition to your home décor, but it’s highly effective in catching flies. The kit includes durable two peat pots with plant markers to monitor growth.

Included in the package are two soil discs that expand quickly when watered. The soils have zero additives. The kit also comes with a packet of Venus fly trap seeds with a high germination rate. The package also includes detailed instructions on how to grow the Venus Flytrap.

Joels Carnivorous Plants Adult-Sized Venus Flytrap

Want an already grown Venus flytrap? The JoelsCarnivorousPlants Adult-Sized Venus Flytrap comes ready to get rid of flies. The plant comes fitted with a 3-inch net pot that won’t take up too much space. The package also includes loosely packed moss, which is appropriate for the carnivorous plants.

The plant comes with a detailed care sheet to guide you on the necessary routine to keep the plant thriving. However, the package doesn’t include a disc to place the water needed for the plant’s osmosis.

Bloomifly Zero-Maintenance Live Venus Flytrap

Transform your room into a lively and happy space with the Bloomifly Venus Flytrap with Zero Maintenance. The no soil hydroponic plant comes inside a fancy glass bulb that contains terra gel that provides it with all that it will need to grow.

The eye-catching plant boasts of claws that can reach 2 inches, which will ensure your space looks stylish and has zero flies. When inside the growing solution, the Venus flytrap will be ready for transplanting within four months.

Best Fruit Fly Traps

When most people think of insect traps, ugly looking devices come to mind. However, that’s not the case when you go the fruit fly trap way. These fancy-looking bug traps are stylish and convenient to use. All you need is to add an insect lure such as bananas, and the trap works its magic. The best thing about fruit fly traps is that most of them are all-natural. They are also small in size and highly effective at getting rid of flies.

Let’s take a look at some of the best traps to get rid of fruit flies.

Flyfix Fruit Fly Trap – Reusable

2 hour time lapse video shows how the FlyFix’s patented scent vortex attracts fruit flies.

When looking for a fly trap that will spice up your décor, then the Flyfix Fruit Non-Toxic Fly Tap is a perfect choice. It’s easy to use – all you need to do is add a lure then screw at the top. The non-toxic fly trap is lockable to prevent any spills. The irresistible vortex scent lures in the flies and locks them using the no-escape funnel.

The best thing is that the fly trap is re-usable. When it’s full of flies, you need to open, empty it, rinse and re-use. Its attractive top resembles a crystal that blends in with most décor in your home.

The fly trap is available in beautiful colors such as red, purple, blue, green, pink, and yellow.

Auntie Fannie’s FlyPunch Non-Toxic Fruit Fly Trap

Say goodbye to flies in your home by getting Auntie Fannie’s FlyPunch Non-Toxic Fruit Fly Trap 1-Pack. The easy to use fly trap comes in a simple jar, and all you have to do is open the flip-top It’s smart with no mixing required.

When used as directed, it’s safe to use near people and food. Its unique formulation makes it useful to use in the kitchen, food prep areas, and at disposal areas where flies are common. It’s also available in an economical 2-pack, 3-pack, and 12-pack.

Woodstream TERRO T2502 Fruit Fly Trap

The Woodstream TERRO T2502 Fruit Fly Trap is fast-acting and quickly eliminates fruit fly infestation In your space. It boasts of a non-staining and ready to use a lure that pulls the insects in.

The built-in window lets you quickly view the lure level. Its attractive apple shaped design compliments your décor. Since it comes as a two-pack with each lure lasting 45 days, a single pack will provide you with 90 days’ supply.

Bye Bye Fruit Fly Natural Fruit Fly Trap

Looking for a natural way to lure fruit flies? Then the Bye Bye Fruit Fly Natural Fruit Fly Trap is a great way to attract kitchen pests. You can use your container or small bowl where you pour in the liquid. No more plastic traps needed.

It’s easy to use – just pour the liquid into a small bowl and wait for the fruit flies to fall in. It’s safe to use both indoors and outdoors. The earth-friendly fruit flytrap is entirely non-toxic.

Green Gobbler Fruit Fly Goodbye Gel Drain Treatment

The Green Gobbler Fruit Fly Goodbye Gel Drain Treatment will help you conveniently get rid of drain flies and fruit flies. The fruit fly drain treatment contains natural citronella oil, which is safe to use on drains and pipes.

The Green Gobbler thick clinging gel gets rid of all the drain and fruit flies. It’s excellent for use on floor drains, kitchen sinks, and any other areas where pesky flies may breed. For best results, apply it when the drain is at low usage.

Best UV Light Fly Traps

Another popular design of fly traps is one that uses UV Light to attract the flies. The technology is effective and works well with many insects. Fly traps using this technology my have glue boards to catch the insects or a bright blue UV light to attract the flies. Most are electric and will require a power source.

Here are our top picks for UV fly traps.

KATCHY UV Light Indoor Insect Trap

Unique bug trapping solution uses an ultraviolet light to lure in insects of all kinds.

Looking for a customizable way to trap flies and other pesky insects? Look no further than the KATCHY UV Light Insect Trap. It boasts of an automated sensor switch with a UV light and unique glue boards that will capture even the smallest bugs.

It has an auto-mode that catches the flies without you pressing anything. It’s easy to use glue traps are efficient and effective in catching flies, mosquitoes, and other insects.

Hoont Powerful Electric Indoor Bug and Fly Zapper

To get rid of insects without using chemicals or pesticides, invest in the Hoont Powerful Electric Indoor Bug Zapper and Fly Zapper Catcher Killer Trap. The electric fly trap is easy to use – you just need to plug into a power source and watch it eliminate the flies. The powerful bug zapper has extensive coverage and is ideal for both commercial and residential spaces. It’s electrically charged metal grid snaps insects fast and kills them instantly.

It features two high-intensity bulbs that draw the insects to the fly zapper. It also comes with a detachable chain that allows for easy wall mounting. The bottom has a removable tray that catches all the dead flies and other insects.

Eon Luxe Solutions Indoor Mosquito Killer & Fruit Fly Trap

The Eon Luxe Solutions Indoor Mosquito Killer & Fruit Fly Trap provides an elegant way to trap bugs in your home. It works through three steps: the UV light attracts the insects; the fan captures them while the sticky gel boards trap the bugs.

The fly trap comes with six glue boards that can provide you with a service of up to six months. The mess-free fly trap works well with flies, gnats, drain flies, and mosquitoes.

Best Outdoor Fly Traps

Flies and other bugs are a common occurrence when outdoors. Whether you are having a barbecue or out for outdoor activity, you will find these pesky bugs spoiling your peace. However, with an outdoor fly trap, you can conveniently get rid of these bugs.

Let’s explore a few of these and how they can rid of bugs from your outdoor areas.

RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap

How to use the RESCUE! Disposable Fly Trap.

The RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap is a perfect addition to your outdoor space. It’s designed to get rid of common species of flies using a particular lure whose scent attracts the flies. It has a water-soluble bait, which is irresistible to flies. To activate it, add water and place it 20 feet away from your living space.

RESCUE! disposable fly trap bags come in different sizes. While the smaller hanging traps may be ideal for small spaces, you can also get a bigger one designed for larger areas such as barns. Both are sold individually, or in different bulk pack options for savings.

If you also want one, the company has another non-toxic fly trap for indoor use, as well as a reusable outdoor fly trap jar. Check out the Rescue Amazon store to see the variety of products they carry.

Redtop Flycatchers Non-Toxic Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap

Getting rid of flies is good, but a fly trap that gets rid of the egg-laying females is even better. The Redtop Flycatchers 100% Non-Toxic Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap gets rid of 85% of the egg-laying flies. Doing so helps control the population of flies.

It’s environmentally friendly and 100% non-toxic, with simple instructions on how to use it. One such trap can snap up to 10,000 flies.

Bug Ball Odorless Eco-Friendly Biting Fly and Insect Killer

Whether you want to catch horse flies, deer flies, or yellow flies, the Bug Ball Odorless Biting Fly and Insect Killer will get the job done. The complete kit includes a bug ball made of heavy-duty PVC material that’s resistant to harsh weather conditions. To cover one acre of land, you need two bug balls.

The ball works with Tangle trap sticky coating, which is odorless and environmentally friendly. Each bug ball comes with a loop at the top to allow it hung from a tree.

The Deluxe Kit Complete package includes a rope to dangle the bug ball. It doesn’t contain any pesticides. Neither does it use electricity. It’s great for outdoor space, especially on a farm.

Flies Be Gone Disposable Fly Catcher

Simple yet effective, the Flies Be Gone Disposable Fly Catcher is a must for any outdoor space. It’s a long-lasting fly trap that works for up to four weeks and covers a range of 50 to 100 yards.

It’s safe for outdoor use since it doesn’t contain toxins or insecticides. The fly trap is maintenance-free and doesn’t require any cumbersome cleanup. It’s fast and catches 20,000 flies faster compared to other fly traps.

Best Jar and Barrel Container Style Fly Traps

When it comes to designs of fly traps, the list is endless. One easy to use design is the fly trap that comes in jars or barrels. The containers often have a liquid that attracts the flies.

However, they may not kill all the flies at once, so they will only distract the few that approach it. The container or jar usually holds a sweet smelling bait that lures in the flies. They are cheap and require little or no maintenance.

Here’s a few good options for fly trap jars.

Safer Brand Victor M382 Fly Magnet Trap

The Safer Brand Victor M382 Fly Magnet Trap comes in a 1-gallon container that will rid your space off flies. It boasts of a baited system that lures in the flies and doesn’t diminish with time. The trap is reusable, and when filled with flies, you need to empty, put in the replacement bait and add water.

The bait is made of dehydrated food-grade products; it’s non-toxic and household-friendly. The container comes with a diamond-shaped white top that’s designed to attract more flies.

Farnam Home and Garden Starbar Captivator Fly Trap

For a simple but highly effective fly trap, the Farnam Home and Garden 14680 Starbar Captivator Fly Trap will get the job done. It has a patented feeding and sex attractant that lures in the flies.

With a guarantee of 3 is to 1 compared to the other fly traps, the Starbar Captivator will effectively rid off pesky flies from your outdoor space.

Free from any insecticides or harmful chemicals, the fly trap holds up to two quarts of the bait. The brand also has products for animal care during the fly season, especially to get rid of horse flies.

Best Window Fly Traps

Another excellent place to have a fly trap is on the window. Flies are always buzzing in and out of the house through the windows, and having a trap along these routes will help snap them before they get in. The traps are usually in the form of an adhesive that you can peel off and stick on the window pane.

Let’s explore a couple of fly traps for windows:

Catchmaster Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps

Looking for a non-toxic product to trap flies on your window? The Catchmaster Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps are designed to get rid of flies around the window. It’s made of non-toxic ingredients, which makes it safe for use around children and pets.

It’s easy to use – you just need to peel it open and stick on the window pane.
It has a long-lasting adhesive that will last throughout the season. It comes in twelve 4-packs, which gives you 48 pieces to help trap more flies. You can also go for an economical 96-pack, which will provide you with value for money.

Black Flag Fly Window Traps

Alternatively, you can go for the Black Flag Fly Window Traps that are effective for trapping flying insects and spiders. The difference between these and the Catchmaster window traps is they are designed to hide the dead bugs inside the container. Which we think is much more pleasant when it comes to looking out your windows.

One box contains four traps that can last you up to two months. The traps are designed to fit nicely into the corners of your window sills. They can also be hidden behind blinds or curtains.

Best Sticky Tapes, Sticks, Glue Boards, and Fly Paper Fly Traps

Fly traps don’t always have to be large containers full of bait. Sometimes, a simple strip of paper with sticky tape can get the job done. The fly catcher is usually coated with a sweet-smelling fragrance that draws in and traps the flies.

In most cases, the adhesive on the fly paper is non-toxic. This method of getting rid of flies is effective and affordable. These fly catchers can be in the form of sticks, sticky tapes, glue boards, and fly paper.

Let’s look at some common brands of sticky fly traps:

Black Flag HG-11015 Fly Trap Stick

For a simple and effective way to catch house flies and other insects, the Black Flag HG-11015 Fly Trap Stick is ideal. Its simple construction compliments any space and is excellent for trapping insects.

To attract the flies, just add honey or syrup, and the flies will flood in. It comes with a hook, which makes it ideal for hanging vertically. You can use it indoors or outdoors. A single pack comes with six sticks.

Better yet, Black Flag has a disposable outdoor fly trap design, which is perfect for any space. The Black Flag Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap has a rattan-look design that blends in well with any landscape.

TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap

Catching flies doesn’t have to be messy thanks to the TERRO T518 Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Fly Trap. It boasts of an easy to use ribbon design that can be disposed of conveniently. A pack includes eight fly paper tubes that easily attract and trap flies. It’s odorless, and no baiting is required.

To activate the TERRO Fly Magnet, you just need to pull the red ribbon and the tube with the other hand. It also has a loop that you can use to hang the fly catcher where flies are a nuisance. The brand also has a window fly trap that you can stick in window panes to snap flies.

T Box Eco-friendly Fly Glue Board Fly Trap

Flies can be trapped in a natural manner using the T Box Eco-friendly Fly Glue Board Fly Trap. The safe and effective fly trap contains no poisons or chemicals, thus recommended for households with kids and pets.

The sticky traps have a strong adhesive that captures the flies and breaks their breeding cycle. It’s easy to use and can be disposed of in the waste bin once it’s full of flies.

Best Stakes Sticky Fly Traps for House Plants

Last but not least, we come to traps used to keep flies away from your plants.

House plants often attract flies and other insects. Stake-style sticky fly traps are ideal for getting rid of flies that buzz around indoor potted plants. You just need to stick them into your potted plants or indoor gardens, and the fly traps get rid of the flies for you.

One such fly trap is the Safer Brand SF5026 Houseplant Sticky Stakes Insect Traps that ideal for potted plants. A pack comes with seven stakes that will keep off flies from your house plants.

There’s also the Faicuk 20-Pack Dual Sticky Fly Traps for Houseplant that comes in a cute butterfly design that will help you deal with pest problems and insects terrorizing your house plants. It has a fungus trap that can last up to three months.

Best Fly Traps Buying Guide

Flies are annoying. They can ruin even the most deliberately planned event due to their peskiness. When the sun is out, and the air starts to warm up, you are likely to see these annoying insects.

Once you spot one, your mind goes into overdrive, wondering how to eliminate it and keep others away. Using insecticides is problematic, especially with kids and pets around. But what other option do you have?

Fly traps.

What Attracts Flies?

Before we even dig into how to eliminate them, let’s explore why they show up in the first place. Most people associate flies with unhygienic living conditions. However, you may keep your house spotless, and these pesky insects will still be buzzing around.

Here’s a few reasons why flies show up.

Leftover Food Laying Around

If you are a parent, you know that kids make a mess when eating. When some of this food is left lying around, it will attract flies. They are usually drawn in by the aroma of food, which signifies the possibility of feeding. Garbage cans without tight fitting lids will also draw in the flies.

Fruits Ripening on Counter

When fruits are ripening in the kitchen or store, they release an aroma that is attractive to flies. The sweet scent lures them into the house as they search for food.

Garbage Piles

Flies are scavengers and love dirt. Any uncovered trash inside or outside the house will attract flies. Since they thrive on decaying matter, they will always hang around the waste as they look for something to eat. Improperly maintained compost bins and piles can also attract flies.

Waste from Pets or Farm Animals

If you live with pets, their fecal matter will attract flies. Flies love dirt, and such waste is a haven for them.

What are Fly Traps and Common Types of Fly Traps

As the name suggests, they are specially designed tools to get rid of flies. Popularly known as fly catchers, these essential gadgets are a must for every outdoor space. There are countless types of fly traps, but we are going to group them in the following general categories.

Indoor Tape Fly Traps

These can be in the form of adhesive tapes, fly sticks, fly paper, or even glue boards. They are the most common fly traps and are highly effective. They are easy to use, and their effect is seen almost immediately. While they may not catch a lot of flies, they rarely require any bait.

The tapes usually have a pleasant smell that draws in the flies. It’s one of the cheapest methods to get rid of flies. The more recent brands have better looking and convenient fly traps.

Indoor UV Light Fly Traps

Considered a technological way to trap flies, these types of fly traps emit an Ultra Violet (UV) light that lures the flies. Once they are close enough to the trap, they are snapped by the electric shock and dropped into a special container inside the gadget. These traps are modern and don’t require any smelly bait. They also kill instantly. However, they need a power source or batteries to operate and may have a higher price tag.

Natural Plant Fly Traps

The most popular in this category is the Venus Fly Trap plant, which has produces a distinctive scent that lures in the flies. Once they are close enough, the plants snap them killing them instantly. These carnivorous plants are the most natural way to trap flies. They require little maintenance and add to the beauty of your space. They are non-toxic but can’t catch many flies at a go.

Outdoor Fly Traps

These are placed outside to distract and kill the flies. They can be in the form of a container or hanging ball. They usually have a unique scent that lures the flies. Once they touch these traps, they can’t leave. These fly traps are a perfect addition to your garden or patio.

DIY Fly Traps

It’s also effortless to create a simple fly trap at home with readily available materials. Flies get stuck on things like honey or vinegar. You can use a pickle jar or soda bottle with a cone on top.

Place an attractive bait that will lure in the flies inside — sweet fruits work great. Once the flies land on the cone, they may find it hard to leave due to the small opening on the funnel. The secret with DIY fly traps is to use the right bait.

Are Flies Harmful?

While flies don’t bite or cause an allergic reaction to human beings, their behavior is problematic. Flies are known to carry harmful bacteria, which may lead to a high rate of infections in households where their population is high.

The larvae of flies can infest any living organism, including the human body. Let’s not forget their constant buzzing is annoying by itself.

With the best fly trap, you will no longer have to suffer the annoying menace of flies in your home or commercial space. Most of these traps are toxic-free and friendly for kids and pets.

As the weather changes and warmer temperatures kick in, get ready to kick flies out of your home using our great selection of fly traps. Protect yourself from flies and enjoy relaxing in your space.