Celebrate Yoga Month – 5 Weird and Wonderful Yoga Classes to Try

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It’s September…yes, September already! How does this happen every year? One second it’s January and you’re still going strong on your New Year’s Resolution to keep healthy and next thing you know, it’s September and you’re stuffing your face with all things pumpkin! And you know I’ve got a hot pumpkin spiced latte next to me right now!

But, September is not just about back to school, the start of fall and the influx of Halloween themed everything; it’s also National Yoga Month! This month has been designated to spread awareness of yoga and all the amazing health and mental benefits it can bring.

Now if you’re thinking this is going to be some article about how spiritual and rewarding yoga is, you may be pleasantly surprised! No, today I’m going to share with you 5 of the weirdest yoga practices I’ve come across. It’s not all about going to a swanky yoga studio with your fashionable yoga outfit picked out from Cosmo.

I’m here to tell you about 5 weird and wonderful yoga practices you won’t believe exist.

Goga – Goat Yoga

Yep…you read that right. There are places all over the US and all over the world that offer a unique yoga experience; you do it with goats wandering all around (and on top of) you! While this may sound insane, it’s actually very beneficial. Goat yoga has been proven to reduce cortisol levels (linked to stress) and increase dopamine levels. Doing yoga with goats can help with a myriad of issues including depression, anxiety, health issues such as high blood pressure and it can even help with PTSD.

Doga – Yoga for Dogs

Okay, so maybe you’re not a huge fan of goats? Well, doga might be the yoga for you. Although a similar concept to goat yoga, this is actually quite different. In doga rather than just having dogs there to wander around the room while you’re practicing yoga, they are actually the ones doing the yoga! It might be a struggle at first to get your pup to stretch and sit when requested but apparently, it’s really good for their digestive system and heart health! And of course, the owners get to join in and improve their health too. Win-win!

Noga – Nude Yoga

Of course, this had to make it onto the list. When most people think of nude yoga, you may think of a group of free-lovin’ hippies who want to be at one with nature and all those around them. However, you would be wrong! People are reminded and encouraged as they enter a nude yoga class to leave any notions of a sexual nature outside. This type of yoga is meant to strip away any negative thoughts about one’s body and encourage confidence in all of its pupils.

Toga – Tantrum Yoga

I think this might be the one for me. I’m all for yoga, relaxing, breathing calmly in and out and how that is supposed to relieve stress but I also believe that you shouldn’t keep things bottled up. In tantrum yoga, they combine the traditional stretching, breathing and meditation of yoga with stamping, chest-pounding and screaming. Yes, that’s right, you get to scream at the top of your lungs at this yoga session and stamp your feet until your heart’s content. What better way is there to release stress than this?

Loga – Laughter Yoga

Everyone knows laughter is the best medicine, right? The positive effects of laughing, whether real or forced, do wonders for your body. Laughing is said to oxygenate the body which makes you more energetic and happy. And don’t worry, you won’t arrive and they’ll just ask you to laugh on the spot. They usually start with some simple exercises involving eye contact and childish games which undoubtedly gets the giggles going. After that, you just wait for the contagious laughter to spread and there you have it, you’re doing loga!

So, there we have it; five unusual but undeniably interesting yoga classes that are bound to be hilarious stories to tell in the future.

Maybe you feel the healing benefits of goat yoga and never look back. Or maybe you’ll go out and stumble across another other one-of-a-kind yoga class that we haven’t mentioned; ganja yoga, SUP yoga, horse yoga, snowga, kink yoga or harry potter yoga – the list really is endless. Before you go on a yoga adventure this month, don’t forget to pick up a quality yoga mat, a towel and possibly an instructional DVD so you can pick up the basics before you go to your first class!

Whichever yoga class you go for, learn about some of the best yoga products at TopProducts.com and get happy and healthy this Yoga Month!

Daisy Hubbuck, TopProducts Staff Writer