Countdown to Black Friday – Break From the Tradition and Shop Online this Season

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Yes, I get it! You and your family have already built a tradition around Black Friday. Your Thanksgiving festivities aren’t over until you hit the malls at night, throw family jokes here and there as you wait on those long lines – some of you even setting up pop up tents to weather the night out just to be at the front! You die-hard Black Friday Shoppers are willing to deal with the crowds and chaos, to get the best deals on the latest new gadgets, appliances and gifts.

With the right attitude, it’s undeniably a great way to make memories as a family and crown your Thanksgiving night. But it also comes with the potential for a not-so-fun shopping trip – something that can be avoided with online shopping.

The internet has rocked our lives and with it comes various benefits. How about you try Black Friday online shopping this year? It could actually be your best opportunity if you are tied down for whatever reason – or if you can’t stand pushing through the crowds.

With Amazon, one of the largest ecommerce sites, you don’t even have to wait until Black Friday to start saving. On November 1, Amazon started its annual Countdown to Black Friday sales, which run through November 24, 2017. Pre-Black Friday sales include daily updates and with new products available each day at great savings.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of shopping online this holiday season.

Black Friday Online Shopping – It’s Highly Efficient

Online shopping is a good way to beat the hustle and bustle of in-person shopping. You won’t bear standing in long lines, getting shoved by anxious crowds, dealing with pushy salespeople, and similar nuisances. When you have doubts about a product, you won’t need to wait for a shopping assistant (who may be very busy considering the numerous people in the stores during mega sales like Black Friday). You can use the reviews by previous customers who have already bought and used the item. Specifications and other technical information of a product are also provided in e-commerce websites, something you won’t get in a physical store.

Save Time and Money with Online Shopping for Black Friday

Not only will you get great deals, you won’t need to make trips to the store. With an internet connected computer or Smartphone, you may shop from the comfort of your home or office. Think about it, you won’t need to fuel your car, pack snacks for while you are waiting on line or go out to eat afterwards because you have worked up an appetite being in the store for what seems like FOREVER. In addition, depending upon where you live, and where you shop online, you may not have to pay sales tax up front with your purchases, which means you may end up paying less for your items when shopping online – even if the base price is the same.

Enjoy Access to Wider Selection of Inventory

Whereas an online store like can list millions of items for sale, physical stores are always limited in terms of space. Furthermore, when shopping online, you can easily go through almost everything you are interested in a store within a few minutes – without having to walk from department to department, just to find that what you want is already sold out. You can also go straight to view the items that are on sale with a simple click of a button.

You may argue in favor of companies that offer in-store only deals, but you’ll find the number of items available online is frequently more than what’s in-store. In this case, going online you won’t be scrambling for the only few options available in a store. And in case you have a coupon, you can create your own deals. This way, you reduce the price further by applying your coupon on an already discounted rate. And there you have your Black Friday super deal!

Shop from a Wide Selection of Stores

This is another benefit of using the internet to shop – distance isn’t a limitation. You have access to stores and brands that are a thousand miles away. And since you don’t need to be in a store physically, you can actually log into different online stores at once and improve your chances of getting the best bargain for everything you want. You want to compare where they’ll have the best Smart TV deal between Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart? Or maybe you are are shopping for a new e-reader, but are not sure which one to get? Online shopping will be your best option because you can browse from site to site, reading reviews as you go along, to find what is right for you.

Clearly, you have options this Black Friday. In fact, you may enjoy the best of both online and offline shopping worlds if you wish. Just use your mobile device and view online deals from other retailers while waiting around. Who knows? You might find a great deal and get out of line, making the person behind you very happy.

By the way, if you don’t find what you need during the Black Friday sales, don’t forget to mark your calendar for December 4, 2017 – Cyber Monday, a day dedicated to great online shopping deals.

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Maureen Muia, TopProducts Staff Writer