Diaper Cream for Treating Acne? You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

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No, we are not kidding — so if your baby has outgrown diapers, don’t throw away the those tubes of cream you used to lovingly protect her bottom.

Last year, the internet went crazy in response to an Instagram video posted by Farah Dhukai, a U.K based beauty blogger, giving an unconventional beauty hack. In her video, Best Acne Killer Mask, Farah alluded that diaper rash cream can be used to treat acne because of the ingredients in such creams.

In our quest to keep you updated when it comes to beauty hacks, we went further to find out how. So, here are our findings:

Most Diaper Rash Creams Contain Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide has been used in many skin products to provide healing and protection against mild skin irritations and scratches. It works by forming a coating on the injured skin to prevent further irritation and provides a conducive environment for healing. It also causes contraction of skin tissues and has some antiseptic properties. It’s used in diaper creams to promote healing of rashes and chapped skin.

So, it looks like the baby butt crème can do to your face what it does on the baby’s butt – protect your facial skin against external elements and cause it to repair itself. And being antimicrobial, zinc oxide will lower the level of acne-causing bacteria on the applied area.

Most Diaper Rash Creams Contain Skin Soothing Ingredients

For instance, the crème used by the beauty Vlogger mentioned above contained calendula flower extracts. Calendula has chemicals that can help relieve pain and swelling. In many instances, it has been used as a remedy for poorly healing leg ulcers and wounds. According to WebMD, calendula has chemicals that help new skin tissues grow in wounds and reduce inflammation. For this reason, a person with red and inflamed acne will find this cream soothing.

In our recent review of the best baby butt creams, we discovered that top brands use various skin nourishing ingredients for their diaper rash balms. To help you get an idea of what some of these combinations can do for your skin, here is a highlight of properties of just a few ingredients common in diaper creams:

  • Shea ButterPure Shea butter helps in treating acne due to its high levels of antibacterial and anti-inflammation qualities.
  • Pro Vitamin B5 – It has been used in many skin care products because of its natural ability to heal, soothe, moisturize and regenerate the skin.
  • Aloe Vera – The age-old herbal remedy is an astringent, skin cleanser, cell growth stimulator, healer of damaged skin, has Vitamin C and E, and is an absorbent of excess skin oil.
  • Beeswax – The non-toxic byproduct of honey, beeswax is high in vitamins such as vitamin A, it’s a humectant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin protectant, e.t.c

In this case, looking at the combination of ingredients used to make butt creams for babies, it’s highly likely that they can actually be useful for your acne-prone face.

But, before throwing your seemingly costly prescription acne ointment in the dustbin in exchange of the less-costly diaper cream, please read further…

Some Baby Butt Crèmes Have Ingredients That Aggravate Acne

While these creams have skin nourishing ingredients that could be helpful, some of them could be rich in emollients. Furthermore, the crèmes are designed to make the baby’s bum softer and pliable by increasing hydration and lowering evaporation. This implies that for a person with oily skin, some formulas can actually worsen acne.

Are you a mom or nanny who has remains of diaper cream lying around the house? You have found a new use for it.

Like any other skin care product, you may want to test a small patch before applying onto your entire face. It’s also wise to consult your doctor if you have serious acne or skin problems.

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