DIY Holiday Decorating Ideas for that Old Fashioned, Rustic Look

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The holiday mood is fast setting in and besides shopping, we are thinking of ways to decorate our homes and make them festive-ready. Perhaps the list of items to be bought is growing, with the many gifts and party supplies required, and you are cash-strapped. It happens many times.

This doesn’t mean you don’t get your home to look like you wanted, though. Fortunately, DIY décor ideas for the holiday will come in handy. In fact, you can take it as an opportune time to have fun and connect with family as you all exercise your creativity. Besides, many of these ideas use items that you already have in your pantry or home. So, such decorations will definitely be a big relief to your already burdened pocket. You can take some time and find budget product deals for some quick offers on decorations.

I went through the internet and sampled some lovely decorations that we all might want to borrow for our homes. They are easy, exciting and inexpensive. Of course, all picture credit belongs to the original DIYer. Please follow the given links to find full details and step by step instructions.

There are lots of great store bought decorations available, but if you are looking to have a more “old fashioned” theme this year, these ideas will fit right in!

Cinnamon Dough Decorations

These are simple and fun handmade décor materials you can make at home. Both children and adults will love this exercise. The required ingredients are most likely already on your shelves too. They include applesauce, liquid glue, ginger powder, ground cinnamon, and cookie cutters of different shapes. The resulting ornaments not only make your house look awesome but also fill it with a tantalizing scent that will last long after the party. You can hang them randomly on the Christmas tree, the walls, or use them as gift tags for your guests and family.

There are lots of sources for information about making cinnamon dough decorations, but here’s a nice how-to video by CM Coleman.

Popsicle Snowflakes for Walls from A Girl and a Glue Gun

Keep the kids busy creating snowflakes from Popsicle sticks which you can use for your wall décor. This simple craft only requires you or the kids to arrange Popsicle sticks as shown by a girl and a glue gun in this guide. Once they have designs of their choice, stick the patterns with glue. Next, paint them into different hues depending on the scene you want to create. Now you can glue them to the wall.

Rustic Centerpiece Idea Courtesy of Big Lots

In case you want to bring that country look to your home this holiday, this DIY centerpiece idea will be a good start. Don’t forget that almost everyone else will be using plastic, fake trees. Well, not that they are a bad idea but not as unique as the unpolished look of a natural tree. So, bring out the beauty of countryside life by opting for real, natural greens. Your décor will definitely standout.

DIY Flameless Fire Pit from Fp Brigette at BLDG 25

There are different ways you can fake a fireplace décor in your house, but this one using traditional stones will blow your mind. Besides its rustic look, it’ll make your house appear warm and cozy especially in a cold season like winter. It’s an inexpensive décor that uses readily available materials like building blocks (bricks), string lights, and aluminum foil. Plus, you won’t need an existing or non-working fire pit at all. See this tutorial and make sure to try it this Christmas!

Popcorn Cranberry Wreath from the Salt Canary

If yours is an old soul and you must include those ancient décor ideas in your modern living room, this DIY project for popcorn/cranberry garland should be on your to-do list. I must warn you though, it takes a process! So as you grab your popcorn maker, you may as well want to have your favorite collection of music in place or call your friends to join in the fun. The best part is that if you store your wreath properly, you can use it several times in a year so your time doesn’t really go into waste.

Don’t worry if your budget doesn’t allow for you to buy those ready-made decorations or hire someone to furnish your home for the holiday season. Put your creativity at work and come up with the look that’s personal. Who knows, you might discover some talent you didn’t know you had.

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Maureen Muia, TopProducts Staff Writer