Electronic and Tech Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

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Are you wondering what to gift a loved one who is passionate about technology this season? Don’t you worry, we got you covered! From the tech-savvy chef to the fitness enthusiast and children who are keen about technology, we’ve something for everyone on your list. There are many tech gadgets that you can consider for both kids and adults.

Even if they already have a copious collection of electronics and gadgets, top brands are always making changes to various features of their products. In this case, gifting a loved one with the latest release will give a whole new, better experience. Take for instance the latest Apple iPhones. I’m sure no Apple fan would miss an opportunity to experience one of the most intelligent, powerful, and sleek Smartphones around. In September we did a thorough comparison of the new iPhone models if want to check out which is the best choice for your gift recipient.

Or perhaps the new Samsung Note 8 is more up their alley? Two other hot “tech” gifts this year — drones and VR glasses.

Let’s look at other items on the shelves that are sure to wow that tech geek in your life this season.

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire Fitness Watch

This multi-sport training GPS watch is the ideal gift for any fitness enthusiast or that person you want to encourage them to begin a fitness routine. The Garmin Fenix 5 appears just like a luxurious timepiece but with an on-wrist heart-rate monitor and GPS. Also, it can track data for various sporting activities including running, biking, skiing, rowing, pool/open water swimming, golfing and others. The WIFI-enabled fitness timepiece can receive notifications from a Smartphone so you’ll never miss any important call, email, or text when wearing it.

Not the right one for you? Check out other options in the TopProducts review for more of the best GPS watches.

Have a person on your list that loves to use earbuds when exercising, you may want to check out August’s article about the Best Sweatproof Earbuds for Running, Exercise and Working Out for some ideas.

Sous Vide Machine

Have someone in your life who loves to cook? Help them take their experience to the next level with one of these sophisticated cooking machines and you’ll be forever etched in their heart. Sous vide machines can be used to prepare just about anything – meats, vegetables, desserts, eggs, and seafood, just to mention a few. The best part is that one can actually prepare many different foods using this machine at once. What’s more, the slow-cooking machine helps preserve natural flavor of foods and nutrients, giving a healthy, savory meal for the family.

Amazon Echo Plus

The new Echo speaker by Amazon doubles as a smart home hub which connects with several wireless protocols to set up and control any home gadget connected to the network. With the device, you can control in-wall switches, plugs, smart locks, and lights from various brands. It integrates with Alexa, a voice assist service, to enable you to just issue voice command when you want to switch on/off your light bulbs, play music, check traffic and weather, order a pizza, and so forth.

Why consider this as a gift? Many of us have those moments when we slouch on a couch and don’t feel like moving a muscle. An intelligent, loyal helper will definitely do us good.

Meccano M.A.X Robotic Interactive Toy for the Kids

The kids can learn the joys of artificial intelligence as early as 10 years old with Meccano’s latest robotic creation, M.A.X, thanks to you. The customizable playmate engages, tests, and helps expand the kids’ S.T.E.M skills as they try to personalize it to their desired creation. It’s not just a learning tool only, as kids can also listen to funny jokes, play trivia and other games on its gaming platform.

By the look of things, there is a tech gift for everyone at a variety of price ranges. I hope these ideas will make your shopping easier. And don’t forget that it’s not the price of the gift that matters, but the thought.

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Maureen Muia, TopProducts Staff Writer