Get a Massage Chair and Relax in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

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Do you sometimes wish a day had 30 hours so that you could at least accomplish half of all your day’s tasks? Between maneuvering crazy traffic to work, attending countless meetings, stressing over stringent deadlines and if you are a parent your to-do-list is infinite.

Yes. We live in a hectic world. Your neck may be stiff as we speak, or you may be wearing a back brace as you type that long overdue report with your swollen feet standing on an anti-fatigue mat.

Do you even remember what the word pampering means? Well, if going to the spa or a professional masseur is a distant dream; you could get some TLC right in the comfort of your living room by getting a home massage chair.

Massage chairs help you relax by pampering you and getting rid of stress points in your body. Through kneading, compressing, rubbing and even vibrating, a massage chair will spoil your legs, arms, shoulders, back and neck. Designed to listen to your body, home massage chairs can be customized to attend to the specific areas you want pampered. Be it a deep tissue massage or light massage, the chair can do it all.

When in the market for a home massage chair, it’s essential to consider the speed controls that ultimately determine the intensity of the massage you get. Since relaxation is the name of the game, a vibrating recliner seat with a soft padded fabric will work wonders! An automatic timer for the massage session is fantastic since this will take away any interruptions as you get your massage.

So, get your oil diffuser, add your favorite aromatherapy oils, sit on your home massage chair and drift away to a world free from traffic jams, emails and even that unforgiving to-do-list reminder on your phone! Or, if you’re looking for a bit of comfort at work, you might want to invest in an office chair with both heat and massage controls.

How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

Am sure you must be wondering how much it will cost you to get pampered right in the comfort of your home? Well, the price range of massage chairs is $200 on the lower side and can go well above $2300. Sounds pricey? Well, may be because your peace of mind is priceless and no price tag can match the immense relaxation your body gets after a session on one of these chairs. A fairly priced massage chair will detect and attend to your body’s pressure points easily. You may find high end models (a bit pricey) that have smart robots that automatically adjust to your body’s curvature and come with up to 6 massage modes. Cool, right?

In our research we came across cheap massage chairs that we believe will not give you value for your money due to a few reasons. One key thing that these chairs often lack is a comfortable seat; you may end feeling even more fatigued after the massage than you were initially. They also have a generalized massage system which does not tackle individual stress points. In addition, many tend to just vibrate and make a buzzing sound which does not translate to an actual massage.

What to Look For in a Massage Chair

Many massage chairs come with a large oversized padded seat while some may come in a compact size. Airbags are a great component of massage chairs since they ensure that specific areas of your body are pampered; the more the bags, the greater the pampering.

Before you go out and bring home a massage chair, here are some features that are critical to have in mind:

  • Type – The most ideal massage chair is one that reclines since such a feature allows the whole body to get pampered. Reclining helps counter gravity and arch the body for ultimate relaxation. There’s also massage chairs that use heat therapy to help the body relax.
  • Size – Massage chairs may have a compact size or an oversized seating area filled with air bags to enhance comfort; it all depends on your body size.
  • Controls – Does the massage chair have speed controls to regulate the intensity of the massage? Does it have controls to automatically time your massage?
  • Massage Zones – When getting a massage, there are those areas that need thorough work. It’s important to consider whether the massage chair will attend to your pressure points.
  • Material – The massage chair can be made of soft fabric which makes the seat cozy or leather that gives the chair a rustic look.

Controls are the backbone of the massage chair. The speed controls regulate the intensity of the massage while the timer controls help you set the duration of the massage. Some massage chairs come with a remote to give you better control of your massage while others may have an LCD display to set your session. For reclining massage chairs, the degree to which they recline may be varied allowing you to choose the most comfortable angle for your body.

You deserve a little pampering after all your hectic day’s hustle and bustle and a comfy, massage chair might just be the ticket!

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Mary Kihoro, TopProducts Staff Writer