Hanukkah 2017 Celebration – 8 Nights, 8 Gifts!

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The festive season is finally upon us. It started with Thanksgiving and now we have Hanukkah, an 8-night celebration, which means 8 nights of desert eating, candle lighting and, of course, gift giving! It’s time we get our holiday mood into full swing as we celebrate this Jewish holiday with our loved ones by giving them gifts.

Christmas is just around the corner and chances are you have plans to get your loved ones some gifts, so you might not even have an idea what to get them this Hanukkah.

As a Christian, I totally get it, and that’s why I have done some research to give you some awesome gift ideas to show you appreciation. But before we get to that, let’s take a step back and learn something about this precious holiday and what it means.

The Hanukkah Story

Also known as Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the rededication of the Second temple (Holy Temple) in Jerusalem during the Maccabean Revolt against Seleucid Empire. The festival is observed for 8 days and nights, staring from December 12 through December 20.

Although Hanukkah is a Jewish festival, it has gained popularity in other parts of the world, with more people joining in to celebrate with their Jewish brothers and sisters. I mean it’s marked by beautiful candle lighting, good food and desert such as latkes and doughnuts, and the gifting part.

Now that you have an Idea of what Hanukkah holiday is all about, let’s now proceed to eight gift ideas for the 8 nights of fun!

Hanukkah Gift Idea #1 – A New Menorah

At the heart of Hanukkah is the nightly lighting of menorah that commemorates the miracle in which oil lasted for eight nights during the Temple of Jerusalem rededication in 164 BCE. Get this gift to your loved ones and let them enjoy a splendorous fixture of their home décor. And yes, the Hanukkah Menorah is available in a wide range of designs for that perfect fit.

Hanukkah Gift Idea #2 – Customized Jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift for any season, from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas to New Year. The best thing about a customized piece such as a necklace is that one can take the spirit of Hanukkah even after the end of festivities. You can have it come with the Star of David or an option that lets you add your birthstone.

Hanukkah Gift Idea #3 – Game Sets

Invited guests over on one of the 8 nights of Hanukkah? Perfect! You need a nice game set that will keep you engaged over the night and you relax and enjoy good food. I suggest that you get some table games because they are enjoyable both to the adults and the kids. Trust me the excitement and the laughter as candles burn low are something to remember!

Hanukkah Gift Idea #4 – Wine Glasses

Hanukkah is worth raising a glass to. We have eight long nights to enjoy the holiday, and when the conversations flow, don’t let a little spill spoil the fun. Get proper wine glasses for the occasion! There are a good number of options that are ideal even for other holidays, including Christmas which is just around the corner. And don’t worry about the post-party clean up in readiness for the next night of fun, most good wine glasses are dishwasher-safe and therefore a breeze to clean.

Hanukkah Gift Idea #5 – Photo Frame or Photo Album

For most families, this holiday is all about spending some quality time together as they relieve old memories and of course make new ones. A photo album or a photo frame will make an awesome choice to keep the happy moments alive. Don’t forget to check out digital photo frames, it’s like having an album always on display.

Hanukkah Gift Idea #6 – Gift Basket

That’s right! There are plenty of gift baskets solely for Hanukkah, with most of them containing foods. You can get one with dreidels and chocolate, or a creamy one with chocolate and nuts for kids or even adults.

Hanukkah Gift Idea #7 – Tableware

As with most Jewish holidays, you can bet that Hanukkah will be about spreading cheer and enjoying lots of foods. So, why not get some serveware, dinnerware or even table linens? And if you go for the linens, please choose silver, white and blue colors as they are the traditional colors related to Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Gift Idea #8 – Donate a Charitable Cause

In Hebrew the word “Hanukkah” means “dedication,” so go ahead and honors the holiday’s spirit with a generous donation to a charitable cause. That’s right! Give back to the community by donating clothes, food and money. You could even give out some donation to cancer awareness programs.

For eight nights we bask and enjoy the radiant light that comes with Hanukkah. It’s all about giving thanks to the past and of course appreciating the present. What could be a better way to enjoy the festival than eating good food and giving out gifts? Consider these gift ideas and make the eight nights worth remembering!

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James N Wambui, TopProducts Staff Writer