Home Office Products to Make Your Office a Healthy Working Environment

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If you work from home, or even just have an office for personal use, then you have probably put a lot of thought into the way it looks, perhaps spending hours looking through color palettes or traipsing around office supply stores to get inspiration. Although it is important to have an office that looks good, what’s on the inside is also just as important. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in there, you need to make sure you’re comfortable and, more importantly, healthy.

Now, what do I mean by being healthy in your office? Well, with the many hours that can be spent sitting at a desk, a whole host of health issues can occur. It could be something minor like a sore neck or bad back but these, somewhat minor issues, could escalate to become much bigger problems like herniated lumbar disks or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Of course, something like DVT could be prevented through the use of an anti-fatigue mat or by purchasing a standing desk. Don’t worry, a standing desk does NOT mean you have to stand the entire time you work (I thought that too when I first heard about them). The height can be adjusted so that if you feel like you need to stretch your legs, you can, without having to stop working.

These are both viable solutions to the daily pains of sitting at a desk, however, some innovative new products have been brought to the market that are specifically designed to allow you to sit in a comfortable, healthy position at your desk. They’re all ergonomic and ensure you’re sitting up straight, with your back supported, elbows at a right-angle and wrists supported for typing and using a mouse. This is the ideal position for sitting at a desk, just in case you were wondering (or wanted some strange trivia for a very odd office-related pub quiz).

First up on my list of must have home office products for a healthy work environment is an ergonomic office chair. The office chair is a staple piece of furniture for your office and can either make your work day a pleasant or a hellish one. Getting the best office chair is a matter of personal preference, however, most can agree, that it should have comfortable padding and be supportive in the right places. Maybe you’d even want to splurge on one of those fancy massager types but I think that would distract me from the actual work so I’d stick to a regular, comfy office chair (okay, maybe one that rocks back and forth too).

Another great addition to a healthy office is an ergonomically designed keyboard and, now that I think about it, an ergonomic mouse too. You can get ergonomic everything nowadays! You probably know this already, but ergonomics is the study of how the effectiveness of workers can be improved by certain things, including office furniture. For example, by using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse you will ensure your hands and arms are in the correct positions to reduce stress induced injuries. You can even get specifically designed products that prevent certain illnesses like a keyboard that prevents carpal tunnel syndrome or a mouse that prevents repetitive strain injury!

Ultimately, the benefits of a few simple office products are huge and could really improve your quality of life, especially if you spend a long time at a desk. If you’re thinking about transforming your work area into a healthy, stimulating environment but aren’t sure where to start when it comes to buying ergonomic office supplies, why not check out www.TopProducts.com.

Daisy Hubbuck, TopProducts Staff Writer