How to Clean a Gas Grill – Learn About the Cleaning Process for Grill Grates, Grill Burners, Interiors and Exteriors

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Let’s face it, cleaning a grill is no where near as fun as grilling, and it can be a messy job for sure. 

But if you are a BBQ master, you will agree that cleaning your grill not only extends its lifespan but also ensures that everything you cook is grilled to perfection. Oh, and let’s not forget that a dirty grill will only result in grime-filled, not-so-tasty food and flare ups.

And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Keen to note is that there are different types of grills which then implies different types of cleaning mechanisms. In this instance, concentration shall be on how to clean a gas grill because there are some things that you need to do special for the heating elements.

However, the entire section on cleaning grill grates, interiors and exteriors can be used for cleaning wood pellet grills and charcoal grills as well as gas grills.

Ready? Let’s jump on it!

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Overview of the Cleaning Process for Grills

The cleaning method will vary depending on whether you are going for deep cleaning or regular cleaning. Deep cleaning requires a little more effort and is necessary for infrequent cleaners who have left food and grease to build up and get burnt on.

Normally, a brand new gas grill comes with a user guide that includes step by step instructions on how to clean the said equipment. Even the more affordable options or some of the best gas grills under 200 will have this information. However, if that is missing, the following instructions will come in handy.

Grab yourselves some supplies as you will see in the respective cleaning methods below and give your gas grill some tender love and care. And remember, the supplies will depend on the type of cleaning.

IMPORTANT: We’ll probably say this more than once, but always make sure the gas is turned off whenever you are cleaning your grill!!

Daily Cleaning for Barbecue Grill Grates

So, let’s start with regular cleaning. Routine cleaning entails maintaining the grill after every use and is therefore faster and less stressful. It leaves no chance for dirt to accumulate!

Now, in addition to cleaners designed specifically for grills, there are a variety of ways to achieve regular cleaning for your BBQ baby. Let’s take a look.

Using a Dishwasher

Yes, a dishwasher can be used to clean a grill! Well, not the entire grill (of course) but certain elements such as hotplates or grates. We only recommend this method

Proceed to set your dishwasher to pot wash cycle, set the time for up to half an hour. Once this is done, put in your hotplates and wait for the time to elapse. Now offload the dishwasher and wipe the hotplates before placing them on the gas grill.

Note: For larger grill grates, you can remove the top rack to make them fit better in your dishwasher.

Steam Cleaning

Here newspaper is necessary. After you are done using your grill, use the newspaper to cover your grill as soon as it begins cooling down. Proceed to close the grill’s lid and leave it in that state for 30 minutes. Once the thirty minutes are up, your gas grill will have received a thorough steam clean.

Coffee Cleaner

Coffee lovers, this one is for you! Coffee can double as a cleaning agent since it contains acid that loosens any dirt that has caked on the grill grates. Start by brewing a full pot of coffee then pour it into a basin. Soak your grills in the coffee and then allow it to sit for an hour or so; you can always enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for the grills to soak. Once the hour is up, use a scouring pad to scrub off the grease and then rinse the grills in warm water.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is known for its effectiveness as natural bleaching agent. Dissolve some baking soda in water, sprinkle some on the grill and then use a scouring sponge to scrub off all the baking soda. The results will be a sparkling grill.


Who would have guessed that after indulging in some beer during a barbeque, the remnant could be used to clean up your grill? Well, that’s right! After pouring half a bottle of beer onto a grill that is still warm, use a wire brush or newspaper to scrub off the grime. Sit back and watch your baby shine!

Foil and Hot Water

Start by heating water, pour it into a basin and add soap to lather. In the absence of a BBQ grill brush, aluminium foil is a handy alternative. Wet the grill using the soapy water and then ball up the foil and use to scrub off the gunk. This method is pocket friendly because you can re-use leftover foil from the barbeque if it is not in such a bad state. Don’t forget to dispose of the used foil in the recycling bin.

Vinegar Spray

This is the easy one, folks! Measure 500ml of both water and vinegar and mix them together in a spray bottle then spray the resulting solution to the grill and let it settle for 10 minutes. Afterwards, empty the spray bottle and refill it with pure vinegar. Spray it on the grill and scrub it with a scouring pad.  Sliced lemons or lemon juice also work because of the same acidity. 

Deep Cleaning Your Gas Grill

Let’s now jump into the dreaded yet necessary cleaning process: Deep cleaning! This one might require you to roll your sleeves and get an energy drink as you will need the boost!

Don’t worry, though – the whole process should be done in about an hour. But if you haven’t been taking care of your grill and cleaning it regularly, you can expect it to take about 2 hours.

Step 1 – Get Everything Ready

Start by assembling all your cleaning supplies and products.  These include:

  • Gloves (calloused hands have never been in season)
  • Grill brush with metal bristles (or any other brush with hardened bristles will work)
  • Putty knife or a bristle brush
  • Paper towels or any form of a cleaning towel
  • Water and soap (grease cutting formulas work best)

The first step should, of course, be to turn off the gas supply. Failure to do this can result in a fire hazard and/or inhaling fumes if the knobs are turned while cleaning.

Step 2 – Clean Your Grill Grates

Now, remove your grill grates to allow for effective cleaning. If you’ve been using one of the previous methods to keep your grill grates clean this should be pretty easy.

However, if you have left food and oils to build up and burn on to the grills, it will be a bit tougher and may require the use of a grill brush. In case you do not have a grill brush, do not fret because there is an alternative. You can improvise by using a cleaning brush that has hardened bristles.

Step 3 – Clean the Heating Elements

Once the grill grates are clean, proceed to work on any part that envelopes the burners by brushing them thoroughly. These include the lava stones or ceramic briquettes that encase the burners and the V-shaped metal tents.

You are not done; you still need to clean the outside of the burner tubes! Brush them in a light manner before proceeding to ensure that all gas ports are not only clean but also open.

NOTE: Cleaning the inside of the burners is a different story altogether, so for specifics on how to go about that, find out in the steps outlined further below.

Step 4 – Clean the Sides and Bottom of Your Grill

Now clean the grill’s lid and bottom by wiping or brushing any fragments. A putty knife or bristle brush would come in handy where grease or carbon flakes is present on the lid.

Using water and soap, clean the grease collection tray. Be sure to replace any disposable pans.

What follows now is proper disposal of the grease. Do this by pouring it into a non-recyclable bottle or empty can. Once the grease hardens, throw away the container in your garbage bin.

Step 5 – Clean the Exterior of Your Grill

Using water and soap, wipe the exterior of the grill and any associated side tables.

Once all the grease, pollen and dirt are gone, use an appliance polish or stainless steel cleaner to make it shine. Finally, assemble the grill and call out your friends for another round of grilling!

How To Care For Your Grill

How to Deep Clean your Gas BBQ Grill. | Courtesy of Simple Green

How Clean Gas Grill Burners – Inside and Out!

Believe it or not, you will want to clean out the inside of the grill burners from time to time. This is because grease, food juices and dirt can get inside through the holes. If this is allowed to build up, it can clog up the tubes and impact the flow of gas.

We promised to cover how to thoroughly clean the inside of gas grill burners, so here are the steps for you.

Assemble all the supplies that you will need to clean the gas grill burners. These include:

  • A pair of gloves
  • Your owner’s manual for instructions on how to remove the burners
  • Burner cleaning rod or improvise by using a small diameter bottle brush
  • Nylon brush

As always, turn off the gas supply tanks and valves and put on a pair of rubber cleaning gloves.

The next step is to remove the burners.

Now, there are different types of gas grills which then imply different ways of removing the burners. Always have your gas grill’s manual at a safe spot so that you can turn to it whenever you need instructions on how to remove the burners.

Don’t be the person who throws away the manual on the first day!

Now take the cleaning rod and use it to clean out any debris that has accumulated in the burner tube. In the absence of a burner cleaning rod, you can use a small diameter bottle brush.

Once the inside of the burner tube is clean, take the nylon brush and use it to remove the debris that is outside the burner.

One last step before you are done cleaning, following the instructions in your gas grill’s manual, reattach the burners. Don’t forget to connect the gas supply tanks because only then will you be able to enjoy the full benefits of your gas grill.

 NOTE: If you use your grill a lot, your baby will appreciate it if you cleaned out its burners at least once a month.

See? Cleaning a grill doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process.

If you stay on top of things with regular cleaning, it won’t be so bad when it comes time to do the more thorough, deep cleaning. Another thing that will help is to use a cover to protect your grill from the elements.

A properly maintained grill will give you years and years of delicious grilled foods to enjoy!