It’s Navy Day – Let’s Celebrate Our Sailors Today and Always

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Theodore Roosevelt. For sure, this is one of the most intriguing men in US history. Not only was he the 26th president of the United States but he also won a Nobel prize – the first president to ever do so!

But something that was an open secret is Roosevelt’s love for the Navy; his biggest achievement being the Panama Canal. That said, it was only fair that the Navy League of the United States celebrated the first Navy Day on 27 October 1922, Roosevelt’s birthday.

But what has kept the Navy going for over 238 years? Well, it’s the courage, discipline and honor of our sailors – all three come in handy when out there in the open sea!

Why the Navy?

The fact that 70% of the earth is made up of water, so much can and does happen out there in the high seas. Consequently, it’s important to have a well-trained combat force to protect and guard our nation from any water based external attacks. For this reason the US Navy is equipped with some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world; complete with Humvees and state of the art aircrafts.

Here is a video that shows you one of the US Navy ships in action –prepare to be awed!

Beyond the Sea

What’s unique about the US Navy is that it’s one of the few forces in the military that can effectively and selflessly serve out on the sea, land and even up in the air. These service men and women sacrifice time with their families to go around the globe to carry out the difficult task of bringing and keeping peace.

Check out this video showing the preparedness of the Navy to serve anytime, anywhere:

This action packed tribute video also shows more of that the Navy does, besides just boats on the water.

Navy Day Regatta

In line with this day, a national regatta is held where participants engage in a whole day of rowing races. This year’s regatta recorded over 800 entries from teams working in 113 organizations around the state. To show your appreciation for the men and women in the Navy you can get a canoe and paddle your way around a river. In the process, you will get first-hand experience on just how daunting a task navigating through water can be. It’s therefore of paramount importance that we always put these service men and women in our prayers.

Some Tributes to Our Men and Women in White…

It’s never easy to leave your loved ones to go out there into the battle fields with nothing but hope that they will return home to their families some day in the future. We found a LOT of great tribute videos out there, and wanted to share some with you. Here is an emotional tribute to the military detailing what happens once they wave goodbye:

In the US navy, there’s a creed that every sailor knows by heart which reminds them of the critical role they play in serving the nation and people everywhere. More about the sailor’s creed is contained in the video below:

October 27th is a day to celebrate our service men and women in the Navy. Let’s celebrate and appreciate them – and their families because of their selfless and heroic acts that keep our waters safe!

Have you always wanted to know more about the Navy? Is your dream to rock that white uniform and defend our nation? Visit the Navy website for more information. You can also check out the Navy Day Regatta schedule to help commemorate this day.

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