Women’s Running Shoes Guide – How to Pick Waterproof and Minimalist Running Shoes for Your Fitness Routine

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If you’re like most people, you probably made losing weight and becoming more fit your New Year’s resolution. But summer’s here; how far are you with your goals? Are you among the quitters or are you still going strong?

The truth is that fitness goals are more like babies; while they are fun to make, they are extremely difficult to maintain. As a fitness enthusiast, I know this well and that’s why I look for ways to motivate myself to keep working out.

One way to stay motivated is by wearing trendy and stylish gym clothes that make us feel and look attractive. Gone are the days when you had to wear baggy, weird looking sweat pants in the name of comfort. Good yoga pants will not only make you comfortable while working out but also look stylish and confident (psst… guys, they make them for you too). Simply pair them with soft active underwear and you are good to go! In fact, I have realized that getting fashionable gear for the gym gives me that extra motivation that I dearly need. Working out becomes exponentially easier when I’m excited about dressing for the occasion.

Why Do You Need Good Running Shoes?

Another way of motivating myself to work out more is by having great running shoes. And, I’m not just talking about a shoe that will give me functionality and comfort only, but ones that will be the sleekest, coolest, and fashionable too. The best women’s running shoe is a blend of function and fashion; making you look trendy as you hit the tracks. Don’t forget to get an elegant gym bag where you can nicely pack everything and briskly walk home or to your car, after a fulfilling workout.

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How Do you Choose the Best Women’s Running Shoes?

Looking trendy at the gym goes beyond fashion and eye-catching gym wear. As you head to the store to buy that stylish running shoe that’s going to leave you looking trendy at the gym and make every head turn, it is important that you don’t forget other vital considerations that will give you both functionality and style. Most women’s running shoes feel great when you first try them out in a shoe store; however, the true test only comes after clocking several miles on the track or trail as you listen to some cool music. An ideal running shoe has more to do with your style of running and the shape of your feet than it does with the stitched logo on the side.

There are generally three feet types, namely flat, neutral, and raised arches.

  • If you have flat feet, the fallen arches make them more flexible and prone to an inward rolling motion called over-pronation. Such feet need insoles for better performance. 
  • Neutral feet fall somewhere in the middle and are the most biomechanically sound variety.
  • High-arched feet are associated with rigid feet that lead to supination, so you continually land on the outside edges of your feet.

So, check the shape of your feet and pick what suits you. Remember, for runners, choosing the best running shoes is like buying a car or a home – you’re going to spend significant time in them, so you want something you feel good about in addition to adding style to your gym attire. Of course, you want to look trendy when you are working out – whether it’s at the gym, at the track, or running in the great outdoors!

Video: 3 Things to Know Before You Buy Running Shoes

Tips for Beginner Running Shoes. | Courtesy of The Run Experience

Types of Running Shoes 

When it comes to selecting running shoes, there are typically three running shoe categories based upon the type of activity you will engage in: road, trail, and cross running shoes.

  • Road running shoes are specially designed for running on pavements and occasionally parked surfaces with minimal irregularities. They are light and flexible and are usually built to stabilize or cushion your feet during repetitive strides on tough, even surfaces. Often need a pair of ankle socks for ultimate comfort. 
  • Trail-running shoes are built for off-road surfaces with mud, roots, rocks, and other obstacles. These shoes come with aggressive tread enhancements for solid traction and offer support, stability, and underfoot protection.
  • Cross-running shoes are built for Crossfit workouts, exercising at the gym, or any balancing exercise where you need more contact with the floor as opposed to thick platform soles.

In the end, any experienced runner knows when they’ve found ideal running shoes. A perfect running shoe should literally feel as part of your feet, working in concert with the natural shape of your feet biomechanics.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a periodic jogger, happy feet will make all the difference – and it certainly won’t “hurt” if they look great too! </font color=”#FF6103″>

Well, with all that motivation, I hope you are no longer giving up. Rush to TopProducts.com and grab yourself the different workout gear that will ignite your exercise mood!

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