National Family Week – Ways to Celebrate this Year’s Week of Thanksgiving

Throughout the history of mankind, the family structure has always been the foundation of our society. Unity and connectivity powered by the passion, pride, and commitment to family members is the bond that creates a family, keeping them together in times of joy and hardship.

Being in a family allows parents and guardians to provide opportunities, adding dimension and surprise to the lives of their children and loved ones.

What is National Family Week?

Organized by the Alliance for Children and Families, National Family Week is an annual festivity celebrated during the week of Thanksgiving. Throughout the United States, thousands of people celebrate healthy families and communities. It’s a wonderful time to create connections that seek to strengthen and support families all year round.

The connections we make during National Family Week enhance the lives of families and, in turn, lead to better communities.

This is not one of those “made up celebrations” – each year there is an actual Presidential Proclamation. Here’s an excerpt from President Trump’s 2017 proclamation:

During National Family Week, we emphasize the importance of preserving and promoting strong families, the cornerstone of our society. Families are as diverse as our Nation. They often extend beyond moms, dads, and their children, and include adoptive and foster parents, grandparents, and extended relatives. But no matter their makeup, families share a unique quality — they naturally form the fundamental unit of our society. They hold more influence over our communities and our Nation than any other structure, so it is incumbent upon us, as a Nation, to strengthen and support them.

There are numerous ways to make National Family Week a memorable one. Get down for a family movie marathon, organize a sports carnival or family talent night, go for a family walkathon, or throw a street party and include the whole neighborhood!

Many organizations, such as the American Legion, hold special event for National Family Week. Check your local community calendars.

Deteriorating Family Structure

We live in a fast-paced society where the idea that a family can sit down and share a meal seems far-fetched. The most basic unit of the society, the family, is experiencing a paradigm shift. Individuality and separate lives — as opposed to unity and connectivity — seems to be the norm these days. We are placing less emphasis on family time with each passing day, perhaps one of the most concerning symptoms of a deteriorating family structure.

In a world characterized by busy lifestyles, two (or more) breadwinners since the idea of having one source of income just doesn’t work anymore, and fast food, having a family mealtime seems way off the cards. We need to do something, for the sake of the family structure, irrespective of our position on the importance of family mealtime.

Celebrating National Family Week

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. Thanksgiving Day, for many, is an excuse to lounge around the house, deviate from a healthy lifestyle, and eat too much. It’s time for gratitude, family, and making progress. Remember that family mealtime challenge we discussed earlier? Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time for it.

One of the goals of National Family week is to take this feeling of gratitude from the holiday, and extending it through the entire week. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Prepare and Share a Meal Together

Thanksgiving Day is synonymous with indulgence and overeating. Prepare food and have some family mealtime, it’s important. During this holiday, people are allowed to overeat. Make different kinds of food and snacks for the children including cakes and sandwiches, in plenty. Investing in a good sandwich maker and a cake pop maker would come in handy during this very busy holiday week so you can do some quick “together cooking” without interfering in all the big meal preparations.

Take Lots of Pictures

Thanksgiving Day is a family holiday which means making memories of the precious time you will spend with loved ones. But don’t forget to take candid pictures before and after. Take family photos and create an album or a book and ensure that you have a good camera. You never know when the next opportunity to have a fun time with the whole family will present itself, store these good memories. Get a full-frame DSLR camera capable of capturing a high-quality image.

Play Games and Sports

Every family has a favorite board game or a sporting activity they engage in during free time. Get everyone involved, let the little ones help their parents play. Invest in a good batting cage or a basketball hoop for the baseball and basketball lovers; both are excellent family pastime sports. Everyone can participate.

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Children love marching bands, balloons, and floats. If possible, you and your family can attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and watch live, but not everyone has that luxury. You can watch it on TV or better still, to make the experience livelier, purchase a home theatre projector for the whole family to watch the parade comfortably.

Are you ready to rock the forthcoming National Family Week? Spoil your family with lots of fun activities and homemade desserts that will create a lasting memory for several years to come.

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Judith Akoyi, TopProducts Staff Writer