No-Shave November: 5 Manscaping Survival Tips

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Finally the beard season is upon us! We are talking about No Shave November– that time when we get to show off our miracle-grow superpowers, while actually supporting a good cause. This movement is meant to raise cancer awareness and spark conversation about the disease so that people can raise funds in support of education, research and prevention of cancer.

What’s No Shave November All About?

According to the No-Shave November Organization, a non-profit body that’s devoted to growing cancer awareness, there’s a dire need for people to learn about cancer and support its awareness, and its idea of evoking the conversation is to have a month whereby men let their beards grow uncontrolled.

This initiative did not just recently start – it has been a tradition for about 8 years. It all started in 2009 when a family in Chicagoland Hill decided to adopt the idea, looking to raise as much money as possible for charity. Well, the idea worked, but unfortunately, Mathew Hill – the head of the family – passed away from colon cancer. His eight children made it their interest to continue with the initiative, looking to raise cancer awareness and support research and education.

Now, the rule of the game is simple; you just need to put down your electric razor for a month and make a donation of money you would have otherwise used to maintain the hair to the cause. Let that beard grow; let your legs go natural; cultivate a mustache; and skip those waxing appointments. What a brilliant idea!

Ladies you may want to go the opposite route and cut your hair super short at the beginning of the month so everyone notices the difference and when they ask why the sudden change, tell them why!

For those of you who want to support this good cause, it doesn’t mean that you have to go full-on Leo by sprouting a fearsome forest, no! With the following manscaping tips, it becomes a breeze to sport a professional or work-place approved beard. And yes, some of these types go beyond this November!

Manscape Tips through No-Shave November

  • Resist the urge to shave – Let me frank with you, you will reach a phase where you’ll look like Chewbacca’s twin. You have started the process to contribute to a noble cause, so don’t give up; make sure you finish it! With the right beard care, the ugly duckling will eventually emerge as exquisite beard swan.
  • Wash the beard regularly – Yes, you will leave your beard to grow uncontrollably this November, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need some love, too. Make sure you keep your facial hair in check, washing it with shampoo every week. Use some beard conditioner to keep the beards smooth and shiny.
  • Moisturize – As the hair grows chances are you will begin to have an itching sensation. Don’t worry – its normal! It just means that the skin underneath is starting to dry out. Get some good beard oil or virgin coconut oil and you will feel much better.
  • Comb Everyday – Once those humble stubbles eventually mature into a grown, brawny beard, it’s time to start combing! Get a good a shaving set that includes a combine brush or use your regular comb to do the trick.
  • Maintain the lines – According to No-Shave Organization, it’s completely acceptable to groom and trim your hair. What’s not acceptable is shaving it all. So every few days, trim up those lines on your neck and chin, ensuring that you tackle them appropriately. You could even detail the beard with some scissors; just don’t spoil the fun while at it!

But you might ask, what happens after the 30-day period? What should you do with all that hair? Well, I have a good suggestion for you, one that lets you kill two birds with one stone. When it comes to that time when you can finally shave that hair, do not throw it away. You can donate the hair to Locks of Love.

And do you know what else you will be supporting? Disadvantaged children (under 21 years) suffering from long-term hair loss. Go ahead and visit their website to see the guidelines.

Congratulations, my friend! You’ve finally made it! The No-Shave November should be fun to all as long as you keep these tips in mind.

Let’s all be part of this noble cause of supporting cancer awareness and research by foregoing shaving. Whether you save $50 or $100 that you would have otherwise used for shaving, make a donation and give these fighting the battle some hope.

Saving lives is what No-Shave November is all about. To learn more about how to participate and how you can make your donations, visit the No-Shave organization’s website today. You will learn about how you can support the cause, how to get the word out there, and more about the organization.

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James N Wambui, TopProducts Staff Writer