Santa’s List Day: Top 20 Toys Every Kid Wants – You Won’t Have to Check this List Twice!

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Santa’s List Day (December 4) is exactly what it sounds like: a day to check (and recheck) your list to Santa! Well truthfully, as the legend goes, it’s the day when Santa checks his own “naughty” or “nice” list, but in reality, we know that parents have a BIG SAY SO in that list too (and who gets what, to help the Big Man out)!

So here we are, the day after the Santa has decided who is getting that lump of coal, and it’s time to get those elves moving at double time. And if you’ve yet to get into the holiday spirit, aside from gobbling up some Thanksgiving holiday deals, now is the perfect time to put up some lights, decorate your tree, bake some sugar cookies, and cuddle up on the couch with your family to watch everyone’s favorite holiday film.

It’s also the perfect time to ask for finalized wish lists from your kids and other family members. People (kids especially!) are always adding to their wish lists, and if you’re shopping, you’re likely always coming across things that make you stop and say, “Ooh, I should add this to my list…”

To help you achieve the greatest Christmas ever, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 toys (in no particular order) recommended by Santa himself!

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is easily one of the most wanted toys of the holiday season, according to Santa. You can place the system in its dock, which connects to your television, for family gaming fun, or you can remove it from the dock for on-the-go playtime. The Switch also has a kickstand and removable controllers (called Joy-Cons) for multiplayer fun without hooking it up to a television.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Since we’re already talking about the Nintendo Switch, we should probably also mention the games that Santa recommends for it. Fans of Nintendo know the Legend of Zelda series, and the newest title will have those fans climbing mountains, hunting wild beasts, and solving puzzles in the 100+ Shrines of Trials. If you don’t want your kids playing your standard hack n’ slash, this game will be a welcome reprieve from the button mashing as enemies all have different methods of attack. You’ll have to think quick to avoid being slain in the wild world of Hyrule.

Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Santa and Mrs. Clause are already planning to spend their post-Christmas vacation trying to outrace each other in every one of the 48 courses of Nintendo’s newest Mario Kart title. Young fans will enjoy the new courses (like Urchin Underpass) as well as new characters (King Boo, Dry Bones), while older gamers will be thrown into a world of nostalgia with courses like Battle Course 1 from the SNES version of Mario Kart. If that doesn’t impress you, maybe this will: there are THREE Rainbow Road courses to choose from, which means THREE times the chance of careening off the track and into a black pit of nothingness. That sounds like holiday fun to us!

Super Mario Odyssey

The list wouldn’t be complete without the newest Super Mario title. Santa tells us that Mario can finally do more than just jump, slide, and occasionally shoot fireballs from his hands. Now he can use his iconic hat to take control of the things around him! Yes, in Odyssey, you can become pretty much anything, whether that’s Bullet Bill, Goombas, frogs, or the realistic human characters that populate this game. Did we mention you can even drive a car?

Roller Coaster Challenge Logic & Building Game

Not everyone is in to video games, so Santa recommends the Roller Coaster Challenge game instead. In this puzzle-solving game, you select one of the 40 challenge cards (ranging from super easy to super hard) and attempt to build your coaster using the pieces indicated on your card. Once you’ve built your roller coaster, you can place the test car on the track to see if your design pans out. Santa says this is a fun, challenging game perfect for kids six and up.


Nothing tops wish lists like drones because nothing is more fun than flying around and spying on your neighbors. Santa doesn’t recommend the spying bit, but he does recommend finding an age-appropriate drone for your kids. Some drones are made for kids five and up, while others will appeal more to kids who’re 16 and up. Age matters with drones because of their learning curve, so be sure to ask Santa for one within your kid’s age group.

FPV Goggles

FPV goggles look like virtual reality headsets, but instead of transporting you to a fictional world, they transport you inside the world of your drone! See what your drone sees in real time, and control the drone’s camera by turning your head. Santa says these goggles are great for both drone enthusiasts and beginner drone users.

Hatchimals Surprise

Everyone loves a surprise, but no one loves them more than kids. With Hatchimals Surprise, your child will care for a speckled egg that eventually hatches into a set of Hatchimal twins. According to Santa, the twins will play games, tell jokes, and even feel sad when they’re separated for too long. Perfect for kids five and up.

Hatchimals Colleggtibles 12 Pack Egg Carton

The only thing better than one surprise is ten surprises, which is exactly what kids can expect with this unique toy set! Santa wanted to extend the fun with an entire carton of glittery colleggtibles, ten of which can be hatched by rubbing each egg’s purple heart. Great choice for kids five and up.

Teddy Ruxpin

Adults know Paddington Bear, but kids today know (and love) Teddy Ruxpin. This animatronic bear is soft and cuddly, but Santa imbued him with a little Christmas magic to give him the ability to tell stories, sing songs, and move his eyes. With Teddy Ruxpin, kids two and up will have a best friend for life.


Now you can finally give your kid that pet monkey they’ve always wanted! Fingerlings are colorful animatronic monkeys that cling to your fingers, but they can also hug, kiss, and coo when pet—actions Santa added himself to teach kids five and up the importance of showing animals tender love and care.

Train Sets

Even with all the advancements in technology, some things never change, like how much kids love trains! Santa, of course, loves the Polar Express train set, because he and Mrs. Clause have ridden the actual train all over the North Pole. His elves, on the other hand, prefer tabletop train sets because the tables are just the right height for them.

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

Parents love STEM toys and kids love LEGO, so what could be better than LEGO’s Chain Reactions Kit? With Klutz’s easy-to-understand instructions, kids eight and older can build all kinds of machines that only move when there’s a chain reaction. Santa’s favorite thing about this toy is that it teaches kids the scientific reasons behind why their creations move.

Piper Computer Kit

As far as Santa-approved STEM toys go, the educational computer kit by Piper is one of the coolest by far. This wooden computer comes with a special edition of Minecraft and has open components, enabling your kid to learn both engineering and programming through their favorite video game. Santa tells us that kids who’re eight and older will enjoy the building part while older kids, around ten, will enjoy creating new levels.

3Doodler Start Mega Box Set

Another super cool STEM toy that’ll delight any artistic kid eight or older. This pen is basically a 3D printer, but there are no hot parts and the “printing” happens as your child draws with the pen. Santa can utilize magic to draw in the air, and now kids can have a taste of that magic, too, with the 3Doodler.

Makey Makey

When Santa told us he had a toy that would let us play a piano with a banana, we thought he was just alluding to his old Christmas magic. But then he showed us Makey Makey, the Invention Kit for Everyone! Turn your entire world into a keyboard by connecting the Makey Makey to different objects, and then using those objects to control what’s happening on your PC.

And if you need a little creative help, we recommend 20 Makey Makey Projects for the Evil Genius. Just don’t make Santa’s naughty list next Christmas!


Some kids just aren’t into science and engineering, which is why the Aerogarden is a great alternative to some of the more traditional STEM toys. With this kit, kids can grow their own herbs hydroponically, and once the herbs are grown, they can use them to have a pizza party celebration. Santa’s favorite part about this toy is that it teaches kids how to grow their own herbs (truly organic!) and how these herbs alter the flavor of foods.

A Beginner’s Guide to Coding

Although not a coding kit, this beginner’s coding book is a great way for you and your kid to bond as you both learn programming with Scratch and Python. Santa wasn’t that great at coding himself until he and Mrs. Clause worked through this book together. For grandparents looking to jump into the 21st century with their grandkids, Santa highly recommends this book!

DropMix Music Gaming System

Our list began with a gaming system, so we saw it fit to end it with one, too. Unlike the Nintendo Switch, though, DropMix comes from the creators of Rock Band, and lets kids who’re 16 and older create their own song mixes. Drop one of the 60 cards onto the DropMix board, and seamlessly blend tracks together to unlock your inner DJ. Santa would recommend this game, but he’s gotten wind that most 16 year-olds don’t believe in him.

So, there you have it, 20 great gifts for everyone on Santa’s list – or at least the ones in your circle so you can give Santa a hand!

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August Wright, TopProducts Staff Writer