Shopping Black Friday Sales Smarter

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Ahhh, Black Friday — the day after you’ve stuffed your belly full of turkey and mashed potatoes, the day you roll out of bed at 3am to line up in finger-numbing cold to buy that TV that you’re pretty sure is an amazing deal. But really, other than that bold ad telling you it’s the best deal of the season, how do you know that you’re getting a good deal on a quality product?

Consider the fact that some retailers roll out their Black Friday ads weeks in advance and some even start their Black Friday sales that early (not going to name names…Amazon). Which means that as a smart shopper you can compare those hot, and often big ticket, items to see which deal is truly the best money saver.

We know that checking out countless reviews, comparing specs and rankings is not how you want to spend your free time this holiday season (that is, if you have any free time) so we put together a few tips to make your holiday haul as productive and profitable as possible.

Do Your Homework:

OK, so we know you’re probably already aware that smart shopping means doing a little product research. But you also know that that can mean spending time looking up reviews, finding reputable sites and comparing specs. Before you know it you’ve just spent hours at your laptop (or in bed on your phone) reading review after review. And by the time you’re done — if you’re one of the lucky few who can distill all of that info and lingo — you’ve probably narrowed down your choices. But, if you’re like the rest of us, you just spent hours doing your due diligence only to end up more confused and unsure of your purchase than when you started. Hold the phone! We have a solution to help you avoid falling into Black Friday despair.

One of the best ways you can steer clear of the Black Friday black hole — you know, the one that has you opening up page after web page of product reviews, spiraling into utter confusion — is to go to a trusted site that has compiled the data for you in one place. Yes, consumer reviews is a great site. But did you know you have to pay to be privy to their information? That’s where we come in. We built a consumer friendly site that culls all of that information for you for FREE.

The TopProducts research team has read thousands of product reviews by verified consumers (NOT paid reviewers), countless product rankings and item-specific specs and sifted through them all to find the top five products in any given category. The site is user intuitive, with easy to read product reviews that lay out — in a side by side comparison — the pros, the cons and the everything in between.

Don’t waste your time going to site after site looking at, in most cases, biased or paid reviews. Go straight to, enter your product in the search bar and compare the top five items for a quick, easy way to make an educated shopping decision. And the best part…we won’t charge you for our services.

Tips to Smart Black Friday Shopping

Before you brave the masses or develop carpal tunnel hitting the refresh button on your browser for that below cost DVD player, toaster oven or television, check out a few of these money-saving tips.

  • Get the circulars early. All the big retailers release their Black Friday circulars weeks in advance. No, you can’t get the actual flyer, but you will be able to view the flyers online. One of the best places to check out Black Friday flyers for all the big box stores is at Not only will you find the latest circulars, but you’ll have access to weekly ads, trends, predictions and more.
  • Compare hot ticket items pricing. Now that you have the Black Friday circulars to your favorite retailers, start comparing products. If it’s a big-screen TV you want, then cross-check the prices of all big-screen TVs that will be on sale.
  • Compare product specs, quality rating, and reviews. This is what smart shoppers do to get the best deals on the best products: compare, compare, compare. After you’ve identified the items that will be on sale, and found the ones with the best prices, go to our site ( and compare product specs, consumer reviews and overall ratings. We already did all the work for you. If it’s not in our top five, then it may not be worth purchasing, no matter how cheap it is.

Remember, before you shop — research! We’ve developed a site to simplify the research process; our specialists at have done the work for you.

So, after you line up those ads, make your list and check it twice, make sure you log onto for unbiased comparisons and reviews of that TV you have your eye on.