Slay Halloween Like a Professional Makeup Artist

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Feeling underwhelmed and uninspired this Halloween by the usual line up of costume choices? Let’s fix that! From simple makeup techniques using what’s already in your makeup bag to really disturbing special FX makeup, now is the time to delve deep into your imagination and let your creativity run wild. If you’re short a Halloween costume, no problem, makeup can transform you into just about anything or anyone with the stroke of a blush brush.

Here are some DIY tips from professional makeup artist Douglas Otero ( on how to create a trend-worthy guise.

Instagram Worthy Pop Art Makeup

“For this popular comic book art face, look no further than your makeup bag, says Otero.” Start by outlining the face near the hairline with a black liquid liner – in sections of about four to five inches only. When you have done this all around your face, draw a thin line along one side of the nose. Emphasize hairline and brows boldly. Then with a red or pink lip liner create dots, the same size all over the face and neck.

Pro Tip from Douglas Otero: If you really want to take it to the next level grab a sponge and paint your neck and décolleté area with your character’s signature logo.

Contour and Highlight your Way to the Perfect Undead Look

Simple zombie makeup can be achieved with basic contouring skills and a few shadows in dark colors. To create the perfect undead look start by accentuating those cheekbones. Use a pale highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones, then sweep a dark brown or gray toned shadow from your sideburns down towards the corner of your mouth. Blend to create a natural, just from the grave look. Repeat this process around the eyes and above your eyebrows to accentuate your bone structure and hollow out your eye sockets. Add a few bruises by blending plums, reds and browns together to create depth.

Pro Tip from Douglas Otero: “Use a dark powder or pencil to draw a line from the bottom of your ears, extending down the cheek to your chin. This will really add definition and to your bone structure. Use this technique under your cheekbones and in the corners of your eyes.”

Go All Out and Add Prosthetics

If you’re ready to bring your “A” game then it’s time to kick things up a notch by adding prosthetics to your repertoire. Although high-end pieces are typically purchased at professional studios, you can find a good selection at your local party store, online costume shops or our fave, at Amazon. Start with some basic prosthetics like adding an exaggerated chin and nose. By building up your nose and chin you will create the perfect foundation for turning yourself into a witch capable of rivaling Margaret Hamilton!

Pro Tips from Douglas Otero:

  • Clean skin thoroughly.
  • Apply a thin layer of spirit gum, an adhesive made mostly of alcohol and resin,
    to the edges of the prosthetic.
  • Press the prosthetic into place and hold firmly for 15 seconds.
  • Allow to dry for five minutes before applying any additional makeup.
  • Creative juices still not flowing? Head on over to Instagram, hashtag #seniorartistsslayhalloween, and check out the work of M.A.C senior artists from around the world for some serious inspiration.

    Not the best face for you? If you’re all about the blood and gore then check out this incredible special FX video.

    Slay on and own Halloween…