Stuck Home Due to Coronavirus? How to Make the Most of Social Distancing

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The coronavirus pandemic might have stolen our daily routines, but it has not taken away everything from us. The streets might look like a ghost town for now, with the government directives to use #SocialDistancing, schools closed, and many businesses shut down.

But that doesn’t mean we sit at home glued to the TV waiting for things to get better.

As we do our part, there are a lot of activities we can engage in to make life not only fun, but also productive. This too shall pass, but before then, try keeping yourself busy. Divert your attention momentarily and keep yourself sane!

Take a look at these ideas for keeping busy and avoiding boredom while we all work together to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Not only are these activities great for individuals, but they’d be fantastic things to do as a family. And with today’s technology, you use a video sharing platform and involve your friends and family from afar — being alone, together!

Unleash Your Inner Chef – Have Fun in the Kitchen

Yup! You might not be a professional chef, making the best restaurant-style sushi or the best cakes in the world, but you could use this time to polish your cooking skills. Think about it: you have always been preoccupied with work and other errands. You love to cook but somehow, you lack time due to your busy schedule.

This is one way to make perfect use of the current lockdown. Dust that cookbook you threw inside the kitchen drawer a few months back, tie up your hair or roll up your sleeves, put on your apron and bring to life that meal you have always wanted to whip up for your family, or yourself! Have your groceries laid out, follow the recipe and have a nutritious meal on the table in hours. Check out various cookbooks and get the right kitchen appliances. You might be surprised to know you had been sitting on your talent the whole time.

Have a friend who’s a great cook? Get on Skype, Facetime, Zoom or whatever your favorite platform is and let them teach you (maybe dressed in a chef’s hat to make it even more fun).

Not one to like spending a ton of time in the kitchen? Now would perfect to break out your crock pot or invest in a modern slow cooker. You can still try new recipes — but this way you can set it and forget it!

Take this Year’s Spring Cleaning to a Whole New Level

While social distancing might have us going a bit stir crazy, we can put that energy to good use. With more time on our hands, spring cleaning this year can be more than dusting and washing windows. Now would be the perfect time to do deep cleaning on your carpets. Go through your cabinets and pantry — bring the older stuff to the front before you put away the new stockpiles. We bet you’ll find stuff way in the back that’s expired or needs to be used ASAP. By the way, we have another post with simple steps for creating a picture worthy pantry.

With all the extra time, you may want to go even further and come up with a whole new plan for organization. Start with the kitchen, since it’s the heart of the home and where you and your family are likely to spend a good deal of your time. Consider converting from plastic glass for a stylish look — not to mention the fact that you will be able to see what’s inside, which is a huge organization bonus.

Unexpected Kitchen Organization Hacks You Need To Know

DIY Life Hacks for Your Kitchen | Courtesy of Blossom

While you are at it, go ahead and change out the cabinet and drawer liners. We recommend something bright and cheery that will make you smile! There are tons of pre-made kitchen cabinet organizers that will give your kitchen a whole new feel (or you can use our next tip and make one of your own).

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Once you finish with the kitchen, move on to your bathroom or the kids rooms. Or wherever it will bring you the most joy, to paraphrase Marie Kondo. And don’t forget about all the stuff piled up in your garage, attic or basement. You’ll be surprised what you come across.

Start a Home Vegetable Garden

Looking for ways to relieve anxiety? Try gardening. Yes, it works and has been proven to! It is a tried and tested way to spend some free time and also to take care of your mental health. A home garden will not just save you money as you won’t have to buy what you can grow, but looking back, you will see where you spent your time and not feel wasted after the lockdown is all over.

Home gardening, such as starting a raised garden bed, can bring great joy into your life and the beauty of it all? It is something that can bring the entire family together. You can have your kids take part, and this makes for a great time outdoors!

Do Some DIY Craft and Home Projects

You know all those “someday” pins you have been collecting? Well that day has come! When else would you have all this free time?

10 DIY Projects to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Give your backyard a makeover with these DIY outdoor decorating projects. | Courtesy of HGTV Handmade

We could go on and on here about all the different options, but you do you!

Find something that sparks your interest. Grab your glue guns (or cordless drill if you are going all in) and have some fun. One thing that we do recommend considering though is combining your DIY skills with gardening to create raised bed — you can either build one from scratch, or get a raised garden kit with the pieces measured, cut and ready to go.

If DIY’ing is new to you, our next idea for tackling boredom is right up your alley.

Take Online Classes to Learn Something New

You may want to spend some time just hanging out and doing nothing the first few days. That’s understandable with all the current craze! Granted, you need that rest considering the many hours you were spending at work on normal days. However, sitting idle is going to wear you out after a while. Take advantage of this time and learn a skill or two.

Thanks to the internet, you can learn how to play a musical instrument, learn a language or try out a new hobby. These days you can find classes, videos and tutorials for must about anything.

You could also use this time to gain additional knowledge in your field of work. By the time you get back to the office, you will be more proficient! Keep building your knowledge base and invest in yourself. This will make you a sought-after asset.

Breathe… Keep Moving. Exercise. Stay Fit!

Image Practicing Wellness While You Stay at Home | Healthy at Hopkins Medicine

Yes! This had to make the list. Time is no longer an excuse anymore because you have a lot of it in your hands right now. If you have been hoping to shed off some extra calories but time was a problem, it’s time to hit the gym – the home gym for that matter.

Besides the physical benefits of exercise, it’s a proven way to relieve stress. And don’t forget to simply relax and breathe!

Remember, staying at home might mean snacking more often, as well as less activity than your body is used to. This unfortunately may mean putting on an extra pound or two.

So, whether you are a fitness enthusiast or don’t like lifting those dumbbells, it’s time to step up your game and keep healthy. It will make your heart happy and your body more resilient.

Go ahead and perform some yoga every morning and view the world from another perspective. Jog on your treadmill. Try out a new electronic balance board.

Just keep moving! Change is the only constant, and we are obligated to adjust to it.

Play Games and Work Your Core at the Same Time!

This 3 Minute Plank Workout is Super Fun! | Courtesy of Stealth Plankster

Spend Time with Your Kids

Literally speaking, with our super busy lives, it may have been quite a while since you last spent some uninterrupted time with your family. Consider this period of social distancing a blessing in disguise. Sit down with your children, catch up and have some fun.

There are a myriad of activities you can engage in, to kick boredom away and spend quality time with your children. Several of the ideas we already mentioned — cooking, online learning, gardening, and crafts, for example — are perfect family-friendly activities.

Here are some other tips.

Watch child-friendly channels.

We understand it’s important to keep abreast of what’s going on right now, probably more than ever. But it’s also important to remember that young children don’t have the same capacity to make sense of it all. Yes, it’s a scary time, but we don’t want our children living in fear. This means that the news shouldn’t be running 24-7. It’s not good for you either!

Flip the channels and find child-friendly channels to enjoy with your little ones. This helps them to keep anxiety at bay and feel safe from the pandemic. Children tend to remember more the time you spend with them than the gifts you buy them.

Netflix and chill? Absolutely! But we’re talking the G and PG rated kind here. Pop some popcorn, kick back, sink into the couch and enjoy the snuggle time!

Join in play with them.

There is a child in every adult crying for release, and what better way to release that inner child than playing with kids? You can create a routine that does not necessarily center on screen time.

Make crafts, color, break out the board games, set up a camping tent in the living room, or have a fun karaoke or dance competition. You can also challenge your child to teach you a skill they learned at school. They will be glad you asked!

Finding the positive in negative situations is imperative, after it is all done, you will be glad you had this time.

Read with and for them.

Reading is a perfect way to pass time and they say, if you want to travel without leaving your house, grab a book. So now that there is a lockdown, why not take a mental trip to where the book will lead you?

Grab some children’s books and take turns reading out the paragraphs. Children love when they are incorporated in activities. This will also help divert their attention from the panic caused by COVID19.

We’re In This Together!

Don’t let the empty streets intimidate you. In spite of the current lockdown order that’s gotten you stuck indoors, make good use of it with the ideas listed above. We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of the possibilities.

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You may decide that now is the time to repaint your walls, rearrange your home, or finally get to that “to do” list that has been hanging around forever.

Whatever it is, the most important thing is this — stay home and follow the guidelines, but make the time worthwhile!

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