9 Vacuum Cleaning Tips You Should Know – How to Vacuum Your Carpets the Right Way

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Yes, it’s wonderful to get as much time as possible outdoors. However, the truth is that people tend to spend more time indoors. And a clean space can make it more comfortable. 

Cleaning your home should rank high on your priority list, as it is a necessity.

There are myriad ways of cleaning your home and multiple cleaning solutions available, but vacuuming is one tried and true task to include in your routine.

Vacuuming make things look nicer and smell better, which is great for your mental health. And it’s also good for your physical health. Vacuuming is great exercise, but more importantly a dirty carpet can actually make you sick

Here are smart tips about how to vacuum your carpets the right way! 

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Should You Vacuum or Dust First?

Before we get to our vacuuming tips, we need to address a common debate. No, it’s not which came first, the chicken or the egg. It’s the question of whether you should dust before you vacuum.

There are actually two schools of thought on this.

Many professional housekeepers will say to vacuum first, so that you can clean the dust and allergens that escape into the air can be cleaned off of surfaces. Technically, these proponents have a 3 phase process.  Dust the high areas first — anything above shoulder height, including your ceilings and fans — then vacuum. Once finished, dust the remaining areas that are closer to the ground.

In contrast, other cleaning experts say to complete all dusting first, working from ceilings down. When you start from the top, dust and dirt will fall to the floor where it can be vacuumed away when you are finished. It is also important that you have a vacuum with a good seal, or even a HEPA filter, otherwise it will release dust back into the air.

Whichever method you prefer, here are two hacks to minimize the amount of dust and what-not that settles to the ground. First, always use microfiber cleaning cloths or dusters like a Swiffer. These will hold on to more dust than paper towels or regular cloths. 

Next, if you have an HVAC system, turn the fan on to manual so it continues to run while you are cleaning. What this does is capture particles in the air, pulling them through the vent and trapping them in the filter.

9 Vacuuming Tips for a Cleaner Home

Okay, now that we have addressed the issue of dusting, it’s time for more things you need to know to make vacuuming more effective, and less of a chore.

Tip #1 – Schedule your cleaning time.

Vacuuming consumes a lot of time, especially when you are deep cleaning. It is therefore recommended to schedule time specifically for vacuuming. With a day job, sometimes you may come home too tired to do any cleaning, therefore, scheduling your cleaning time to a weekend or off day would suffice.

Tip #2 – Clean as often as you can.

Dust particles, debris, and other dirt get accumulated in your space over time. Therefore, make cleaning a frequent affair, rather than a once in a while affair. Having a schedule in place helps you vacuum as frequently as you can to keep your house dust-free. 

Tip #3 – Take care of the stains.

A vacuum cleaner can pick up dirt, dust, and debris off your floor and carpet; unfortunately, it cannot clean a spot or stain on the carpet. To get rid of stains, ensure you attend to it immediately, it will make things easier. Spot-clean the place with a stain remover before you continue vacuuming. If necessary, use a portable spot cleaning machine.

Tip #4 – Use the right settings.

Having the right settings on your vacuum cleaner before you start the process is a requirement. You need to pay special attention when cleaning your rugs and carpets because the vacuum cleaner may get stuck on the edges of a rug, causing either the rug to fray or damaging the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, ensure the right settings when cleaning rugs to minimize damage.

Be careful on uncarpeted areas too because not all vacuums are designed to vacuum hard floors without damaging them. Make sure yours is, or get a quality dusting and cleaning mop.

For homes with pets or a lot of long human hair on the carpet, you may want to consider a vacuum cleaner with anti-tangle rollers such as a Shark Apex with Zero M technology. Not only do they do a good job picking up hair and pet fur, but you don’t have to deal with it getting tangled in the rollers. 

Tip #5 – Once may not be enough.

And it has never been! You may be tempted to believe that a vacuum does a good job the first time around but passing it over once more will ensure a sparkling clean house afterward. Even with the best vacuum with one-pass technology, items like hair and fur from pets may not be swept away at the first attempt. Thus, a second sweep will capture them. Ensure you vacuum from different directions to clear all particles, if not most.  

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Vacuuming Tips from Bissell

Tip #6 – Strive to keep your house clean.

Always strive to keep the house clean at all times. For instance, advise family members not get into the house with shoes on, and if they must, provide a mat at the door where they can clean shoes before walking in. Also, ensure strands of hair and pet fur are not strewn all over the floor. Your pet(s) can have a designated place where they sleep.

Tip #7 – Start with the difficult areas.

Vacuuming needs a lot of time and energy to ensure you leave your home spotless, start with the difficult to clean areas when you still have so much energy and motivation to clean. When your energy starts to run low, easy to clean areas will become a walk in the park. 

Tip #8 – Make use of your vacuum attachments.

Cleaning specific areas require specific parts of the vacuum cleaner to be used. Vacuum cleaners come with attachments that can be removed when need be. When cleaning difficult places like the stairs, you will need specific parts of a vacuum cleaner. The attachments that you either remove or fix on your vacuum cleaner are used to clean the hard to clean areas. They provide a deep clean as they are specifically designed to tackle tougher spots.  

Tip #9 – Deep clean once a while.

Moving furniture every time you are vacuuming is not easy, but a deep clean occasionally is advisable to ensure the house stays sparkling. A deep clean involves using shampoo on your carpets, disinfectant on countertops, and spot cleaning spaces that are hidden, e.g., under staircases, to remove stubborn dirt that may not come out normally. Shampooing your rugs, for instance, adds a fresh smelling fragrance to your space. 

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And don’t forget to clean your vacuum cleaner and filters!

Some Final Thoughts

Vacuuming your home should be easy with the tips mentioned above. It needs not to be a gruesome experience, and it should be something you enjoy doing.  

When you have a scheduled cleaning routine and strictly follow it, you can stay ahead of the messes and enjoy your home more!

One final tip before you go.  If you are going to use an odor eliminator or carpet freshener, even though the package may say you can use it every time, it’s best to only do it once a month. This is because using it more frequently can actually cause damage over time to both your carpet and your vacuum cleaner.

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