Gifts Even the Most Hard to Please Dad Will Love – PLUS Best Father’s Day Gifts Video Review

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, so you have less than a week to get that one gift that will truly show you really appreciate your old man! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a “hard do please dad,” believe it or not, we are not that hard to please – even if you think we already have everything we need.

As a dad to a young, beautiful daughter, I can say without a doubt that it’s one of the most rewarding roles a man can have. Just this past month, my precious, little Daddy’s Girl was pretty sick, and seeing her suffering was the worst. As I reflect on this upcoming Father’s Day, and I am sure I can speak for dads all over the world, without a doubt seeing her healthy and smiling is the best gift I would ever have.

So, if you are looking for the perfect gift for your father, pick out something you know he will like and “package” it with time spent together and you will certainly bring a smile to his face. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Nothing beats a family camping vacation! Any “out-doorsy” father will certainly love time enjoying nature with his family – far away from a world of technology and texting. Between swimming in the lake, cooking over an open fire, toasting marshmallows while telling some nice family stories (or maybe a few ghost tales), followed by sleeping in a tent under the stars, a camping trip will create memories that will forever stick.

How about a family barbeque? That’s right! With Father’s Day falling just as summer starts, there’s no better way to celebrate the day than over some barbeque with your family. Provided you have a great grill, you could try out some Cancun-inspired hamburgers, sweet cola ribs or pork chops. Let him take control and enjoy the meaty delight.

Bond with him at the local fishing hole. Let’s be honest: how many times do you get to sit side by side with your old man and catch up on life? Well, you have a perfect opportunity to do just that on Father’s Day at your local fishing hole. Get him a new fishing pole or tackle box, and make that precious time worthwhile.

My daughter is only two, a bit too young for buying gifts, but she has already given me the greatest gift possible – her health, hugs and smiles. I will enjoy every moment with her this Father’s Day and wish the same for you and yours!

Whether you’re a daughter, son, wife or sister, there’s still something you can do to get Dad smiling on that big day. For ideas, check out our Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts and Gifts for Dad reviews on

James N Wambui, TopProducts Staff Writer