Why Do People Drive RVs In The USA? Is RV Living, Travel, or Vacationing Right for You?

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RV manufacturers are see a rising demand for RV living because of the current global crisis. And it isn’t because people are fleeing their homes. Travel is scarce, and even if it is considered leisure, it is too deeply ingrained in our lives to dismiss. 

RVs allow socially-distant travel while you conveniently bring a piece of home with you. But before this current spike, people in the US have long embraced this lifestyle. 

Latest reports show that RVs are popular among millennials—so much so that over 15 million of them own an RV in the US. If it has captured a younger demographic, there must be something alluring about RV living. 

Whether you are considering full time RV living, or just want to take your next vacation in an RV, let’s find out why travel campers, mobile homes, and RVs are so popular!

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5 Reasons Why People Are Switching to RVs

The US owes its RV popularity to what avid RV owners call an RV movement. The concept may seem intense, but lifestyle shifts don’t happen overnight, and its growing popularity only proves there’s more to it than the perceived leisure of vacationing or living in an RV

#1 – RV Life Encourages a Simple Lifestyle

Materialism is the core of the “American Dream,” but people are slowly starting to find happiness in simplicity. Homes store a lot of unused, unnecessary items but an RV’s limited space forces you to stick to the bare necessities. It’s a minimalist lifestyle forced on you because of a different environment, which is an effective catalyst for change. 

People who enjoy simple things like camping and cooking food on an outdoor grill are perfect canditates for the RV life. But it’s also great for people who don’t want to totally rough it in a tent!

#2 – RV Living Creates a Meaningful Experience for People

RV life allows people to bask in the beautiful outdoors while ensuring you spend quality time with the family. This lifestyle also fosters healthy habits and curiosity to discover new and exciting places. RV traveling individuals report they feel closer to nature because of their accessibility to the outdoors. 

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RV Vacation Trip Ideas – 10 Day Epic RV Trips | Courtesy of Keep Your Daydream

#3 – RV Travel is an Affordable Way to Vacation

Forget about expensive flights and hotel bookings. Americans who love to travel have discovered that RV travel is extremely cost-efficient with savings of up to 48%, even when you factor in fuel cost. Americans who also prefer to discover their own country before going abroad find that this is the best way to experience it. 

Even if you can’t afford to buy an RV right now, RV sharing services make them easily accessible. And if you do own one, you can make money renting it out when it’s not in use.

#4 – RV Travel and Living Bring Communities Together

When people travel in RVs, they naturally connect with the community and share tips and hacks to improve their experience. Whether it’s an online support community that gives you maintenance tips or a family you meet at a camping site, RVers share an exclusive bond. The memories created sitting around a firepit, enjoying the open, air will last a lifetime!

#5 – Technology Makes the Internet More Accessible for RV Owners

The internet is such a huge part of our lives that it may be challenging or impossible to ignore it. People who work remotely find that the RV lifestyle complements their careers because of improvements and innovation for RV amenities like internet and solar panels. There’s an RV type for every type of person, which only adds to its allure. 

Living in an RV – It’s a Lifestyle!

RVs deserve their popularity for many reasons. It’s more than just a convenient and affordable way to camp or travel by land. The RV movement will continue to grow as people discover the possibilities and meaningfulness of being outdoors.

The idea of being locked in a single location is no longer the American Dream. This shift is a conscious decision to embrace the other side of life: more meaning, less material.