Best 1 Subject Notebook Reviews 2023

It’s time to head back to school, and while we can’t necessarily say that everyone is excited about it (different strokes for different folks), we all can agree, at least, that there’s every reason to be excited about shopping for school. And one thing that must make an appearance on your shopping list is a notebook. And boy, are there tons of them all over the market?! So, to help you, we have placed in your hands a thoroughly researched review of five of the best 1-subject notebooks from industry-leading brands. Do yourself the favor of going through them and selecting the one that’s right for you. Please, note that we additional notebook reviews if you need something different.
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Our Top Choice
TOPS FocusNotes 1-Subject Notebook
TOPS is all about building you a more organized desk, and it does this by manufacturing the best filing, note-taking, and organizational supplies for schools, offices, and homes.
Cornell note-taking system on each page. Coil lock side wire binding. Letter-trim perforation for a clean tear. Durable covers.
Should come in more color options.
Coil-lock wire-bind; Cornell note
100 sheets/200 pages
11 x 9 inches
Best Value
Staples Spiral Notebook 1-Subject
Staples is definitely a brand that’s committed to supplying you with a vast array of office and school supplies of the highest quality at the fairest prices.
Comes in assorted colors. Wide ruled. Features 70 white sheets per book. Comes with a smooth paper finish. Durable covers and paper quality. Lightweight.
A particular color might be repeated in a pack.
Wire binding
70 sheets/140 pages
10.5 x 8 inches
5 colors/assortment available
Norcom 1 Subject Notebooks
Norcom’s mission is to be the lowest-cost manufacturer in its industry by merging state-of-the-art equipment with efficient processes to create affordable school and office products.
Comes in an economical pack of 6. Sheets are wide ruled. Comes with 70 white sheets. Also features perforated edges for a clean tear. Features smooth paper finish.
A pack might contain one or two repeated colors.
Wire binding; 3-hole punch
70 sheets/140 pages
10.5 x 8 inches
6 colors available
Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook
Founded in the summer of 1865, Roaring Spring boasts a strong history of innovation, delivering only quality products to customers all over the United States.
Right-side wire-bind for convenient left-handed writing. 100 white sheets. College ruled with red margin. 16-point Saranac covers for durability. Snag-proof, coil-locked wire-bind.
Might be slightly pricey for some folks.
For left-handed; storage pockets
100 sheets/200 pages
11 x 9 inches
4 colors/assortment available
Mead Spiral 1-Subject Notebook
When it comes to industry-leading planning solutions that customers in businesses, schools, and offices around the world depend on, Mead is definitely the brand to beat.
Wire-bound with coil-locked wire-bind to prevent snagging. Comes with 70 wide ruled, white sheets. Strong paper quality. Perforated edge for a clean tear.
Covers tend to be slightly flimsy.
Wirebound; 3-hole punch
70 sheets/140 pages
10.5 x 8 inches
5 colors/assortment available

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What is the Best 1 Subject Notebook?

Now that you’ve read through our buying guide, getting a great 1-subject notebook shouldn’t be so difficult anymore. In fact, we are confident about any choice you end up making. Go on to our reviews now and see our top five picks for the best 1-subject notebooks.
Our Top Choice
The TOPS FocusNotes Note Taking System 1-Subject Notebook is a sure bet for organized note taking. It features three sections that allow you to make commentaries, take notes, and summarize on every page! Would you prefer a more affordable composition notebook with the Cornell note-taking system, and 80 white, wide ruled sheets? Then see the TOPS FocusNotes Composition Book.

TOPS FocusNotes Note Taking System 1-Subject Notebook

Without doubt, you must have come across the following names in your days of note-taking, whether at school or at work: Oxford, Cardinal, and TOPS. You must have figured out by now—and if you haven’t yet, well, now you know—that TOPS is the brand behind these tested and trusted trademarks. A leading manufacturer of filing and note-taking products in North America, TOPS is committed to making your office or desk more organized by manufacturing some of the best products in the industry that are popular faces in every school, office, and even home across the continent. With a knack for creativity and consistent innovation, TOPS has made major breakthroughs in its field, such as producing the world’s first vertical filing system. Doubtless, it is a brand you can put your money on to deliver any day.

If you’re a stickler for organization and order, fist off, thank you for keeping the world in balance. And next up, meet your new best friend: the TOPS FocusNotes 1-Subject Notebook. Take our word for it; it was made with you and no one else in mind.

Check out its features:

The most poignant of all its features, which we’re sure will have you skipping the rest of this review and grabbing this notebook immediately, is its Cornell note-taking system. If you’re new to this system, welcome to your first class; if you aren’t, you can recite with us.

So, there are three sections on each page that allow for the most efficient note-taking system.

First, there’s a margin by the side for you to jot your cues, run commentaries, and the likes. You know, those little tidbits that must not be forgotten and help you understand what the heck the note you took is talking about. So instead of littering your well-documented note with such scribbling, each page conveniently comes with a separate section for that.

So now, whether it’s a class or a meeting, you can actually repaint a picture of what that particular session looked like with all the commentaries. And because understanding is really about what you can deduce and not really about what the other person says, this notebook is a winner.

There’s also the normal conventional space for note-taking that also features a date and purpose header atop. With its wide-ruled sheets, note-taking is extremely convenient and your notes end up being neat and legible.

At the bottom of every page, there’s also a summary section. You’ll need the bottom line for every meeting. This seems like a normal thing until you compare it to how many times you’ve forgotten certain necessary actions you had to take just because all that information was immersed in a sea of black, jumbled up with all your notes.

With this section, now, you won’t have to circle things all over the place, like the NYPD trying to locate a criminal. Your work at the end of the day comes out clean, neat, and organized. And you know that organized anything already cuts down review time to half, so you can get to work faster and with a more-organized and less-confused approach.

Okay, so other hard facts:

This notebook comes with durable covers since dog ears are unprofessional and plain ugly.

It also features a coil-locked wire-bind. First off, your pages open flat. And you know how you sometimes fight with your bag and clothes to madness when the coil gets caught on them. The grandmother of all exasperations! Well, that is totally eliminated with the coil-locked wire-bind.

Furthermore, it comes with a letter-trim perforation for those times when you absolutely have to tear off a sheet or two. This makes your tearing so neat, no one would even ever have to know that you tore out anything.

Don’t you see how amazing this notebook is already?! It sure makes for a trusty book companion.
Best Value
Save some cash this semester with the Staples Spiral Notebook 1-Subject. It comes in an economical pack of six spiral-bound notebooks with a beautiful assortment of colors to easily distinguish between subjects. Would you prefer a single, 1-subject notebook also spiral-bound with 70 white, wide ruled sheets? Check out the Staples Wide Ruled 1 Subject Notebook.

Staples Spiral Notebook 1-Subject – Available in 2 Pack Size Options

The idea for Staples began with an annoyance over a small inconvenience: the inability to get a ribbon for a printer that was supposed to print an all-important proposal. In case you don’t see what we’re trying to point out, we’re saying the now-multinational company was founded by an everyday business man who was trying to get ahead in business just like you. He could relate with the small frustrations of the average worker and how those things hinder speedy progress, hence the reason he got into the business.

Over the years, Staples has grown from solving the frustration of one man to solving the frustrations of millions, providing them with every supply they need to make work faster, better, and more efficient, every and any time they need it. And these aren’t just any kind of supplies; all products, from ribbons to notebooks, are high-quality, but at the same time affordable. This makes it almost impossible not to be a longstanding customer with this brand.

You know you need all the cash you can possibly get to begin the semester, and that’s the reason you don’t need to spend any unnecessary dime getting something as simple as a notebook. And great news; it can be of high quality too. Check out the Staples Spiral Notebook 1-Subject.

For the more outgoing ones who love to live life in loud colors, the beautiful assortment of different colors that this pack comes in will definitely win you over. And for those of us that take life a little more seriously, at least you can hardly argue that different colors will help you easily and efficiently distinguish between different books for different subjects. So whatever temperament you favor, this notebook works.

This book also comes with 70 sheets. And no, not just some dusty brown sheets that make reading like a horror film—the sheets are as white as snow. Now every mark of a pencil or pen counts and is legible enough to be read whatever the conditions.

They also come wide ruled, so there’s enough space for the gigantic writer and the not-so-gigantic writer.

The finish of this paper is quite smooth to the feel. Your palms will thank you. And with the quality of paper, there’s hardly any reports of bleed-through. We aren’t saying there aren’t—especially if you prefer a fountain pen—we said hardly. You too should try to use a normal pen on this thing.

Thinking with our brains in school is already hard work, so lugging a heavy bag around is just totally uncalled for. Yes, Cambridge and the rest won’t stop making their texts so heavy, but then your notebooks too? Nah.

These notebooks are lightweight, so that even if you have to carry all 6 of them, you’ll hardly feel their weight. That’s incredible!
For your writing pleasure, and of course, that of your pocket, we present to you the Norcom 1 Subject Wide Ruled Notebooks with 70 Sheets. These variedly-colored notebooks come in an economical pack of 6. Would you prefer a college ruled notebook, with 70 white sheets that’s equally spiral-bound and in a pack of three? Then see the Norcom Spiral Bound College Ruled Notebook.

Norcom 1 Subject Wide Ruled Notebooks with 70 Sheets

Founded in 1978, Norcom has, over the years, risen to the upper echelons in its industry and this comes as no surprise seeing its dedication to excellence. This commitment to excellence has led the brand to seek ways to make its manufacturing process the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly in the industry. By merging state-of-the-art equipment with efficient methods, it has ingeniously provided its customers with a wide bouquet of strong product selections. These products have found wide use in offices, schools, and homes all across the world, amassing positive testimonials in their wakes. Norcom isn’t just about the best manufacturing processes; it understands the place of its customers. And knowing that without customers there’s no business, it boasts an excellent customer care system that supports the customer throughout their purchasing experience.

Here’s another way to save on your school allowance this semester, and probably get those cool shoes you saw at the mall the other day (we won’t tell if you don’t). Get the Norcom 1 Subject Notebooks. These variedly-colored notebooks come in an economical pack of 6 wide ruled books, and come at a great price; there’s no way you won’t love writing in them. See why:

If you had an opportunity to take notes in a notebook with wide ruled sheets that are as white as white light, would you or would you take it? No, we didn’t forget to add the “not”. It’s intentional because you certainly would.

You already know the joys that come from not just writing, but reading notes that are clearly written on white sheets. Those brownish sheets are a scam and should be made illegal for use by the government. With wide-ruled sheets, you have the liberty to write in your own style, no boundaries. And your writing comes out clear, legible, and beautiful—unless it’s already ugly, in which case no notebook can help you.

And because we cannot go through however many years of school without ever needing to tear out a sheet or two, these books come perforated. So yes, you will tear; but who’s got to know about it? No one! Your book stays neat and you get the sheet that you need. Sounds good to us.

And did we mention that these books come in different pretty colors. Okay, just a tiny caveat: sometimes your pack might not come with all different colors. One color might be repeated once. Or maybe twice.

But overall, you get an assortment of colors at the end. This assortment is pretty functional: pretty and functional (see what we did there?). It looks good, but it also helps you sort out your subjects and easily identify them, so you don’t take your chemistry notes to physics class in a rush and end up feeling like a dummy.
The Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook with 1 Double Pocket & 100 Sheets is for the cool lefties, featuring a right-side, coil-locked wire-bind for left-handed writing and no more snagging! Would you also like a regular book that’s college-ruled with a micro perforation and a coiled end wire-bind? Then check out the Roaring Spring Sugarcane 1 Subject Notebook.

Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook with 1 Double Pocket & 100 Sheets

Experience is one thing that can never be taught; it is best left, well, experienced. And this is what Roaring Spring Paper Products brings to the table in abundance. It was founded in 1865! That’s older than the grandmas and grandpas of today! Since that time, this brand has gone through and conquered several challenges, and has obviously come out from them stronger. With its wealth of experience, it puts together the best team, the choicest equipment, and selects only the strongest raw materials in the best conditions for the manufacturing of its products. With all these positives on its side, it’s not far-fetched to see how it has earned itself quite a number of awards and recognitions. Roaring Spring Paper Products also serves its customers with a most amiable approach, endearing it to its customers spread across the entire country of America.

We really love lefties, and why not? While the rest of us joined the bandwagon and lost our identity in the fellowship of right-handedness, these ones stuck to their guns and ended up looking smarter than the rest of us, so what say ye? Do they deserve their own book or what? Of course they do, and that’s why there’s the Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook.

This notebook is an awesome book for the awesome lefty, complete with everything that will make writing more convenient and even downright enjoyable for you. It’s wire-bound on the right instead of the left, so you can write without the binding hurting and scratching your hand, making writing a pain.

The paper of the sheets themselves has a really smooth finish and is really white—not whitish brown or brownish white. White as in white. 100 pure white sheets that even Snow White would call white.

These sheets are also college-ruled with margins. This is a good advantage when you have to jot one or two cues or commentaries to help you better understand what the lecturer finished dictating. We all know how those guys can just keep talking over our heads and leave us to figure out the rest.

Well, the space created by the margin isn’t just going to lie there; you can always jot down a few salient points, reminders, tips, and “don’t forgets” to help you understand better. That’s the reason we go to school in the first place: to understand better.

The covers of this book are made from 16-point Saranac board. Perhaps, if we wanted to say that in a much simpler way, we would say that the covers are solid! They won’t come off and leave your book all dog-eared and in the cold. They stay put!

And yeah, if you have a phobia of spiral books for the same reason that almost every other person in the world fears them, then relax. Your book is coil-locked; there won’t be any extruding metal to tug or snag on your clothes or bags or anything else. In other words, your book is snag-proof!

PS: It also comes with double storage pockets under the front cover. Plus, it’s perforated for a neat tear!
You definitely can’t afford to go back to school without having the Mead Spiral 1 Subject Notebook in your backpack. This affordable notebook contains 70 wide ruled sheets made of high-quality paper. How about another affordable notebook that comes with waterproof plastic covers, a coiled wire-bind, and a neat sheet perforation? See the Mead Five Star 1 Subject Notebook.

Mead Spiral Wide Ruled 1-Subject Notebook – Available in 2 Styles & 5 Pack Sizes

We all lead busy lives and require one or two efficient products to assist us in making our lives a little less cluttered and more efficient so we can get ahead in our various pursuits—and that’s where Mead comes in. For over 150 years, it has, under its parent company ACCO, helped individuals and businesses achieve this same purpose and with outstanding successes, too. Students aren’t left out of the party either as they are equally catered to by this brand, with its high-quality learning tools that aid them in their pursuit of academic success. Not resting on its oars, Mead keeps leveraging on its experience and market knowledge to deliver exceptional value to its customers all across more than 100 countries that it markets its products to. You certainly can’t go wrong with a Mead product.

So, you’ve been searching for a really good notebook that gives you all the perks of a quality notebook, but you can’t seem to find the one that works with your budget. Look no further than the Mead Spiral 1 Subject Notebook.

Without a doubt, this notebook is going to give you the bang for your buck! It’s high-quality and yet affordable. We’ve rounded up the features right here:

It’s non-snag, so your expensive clothes and bags are safe from the tyranny of poorly-bound spiral books. Its coil-locked wire-bind makes certain of that without question.

And it contains 70 sheets of white paper to ensure that every note you take is clear, legible, and easy on the eyes. We all know that nothing frustrates as much as staring at your own handwriting and not being able to make out the words—hours before an all-important test!

The paper quality is also solid. It’s neither too thick nor too thin. Bleed-through is a rarity in this book, and the pages won’t tear no matter how hard you like to press on your pen. It’s durable like that.

Although the covers tend to be slightly flimsy, there hasn’t been any complaint yet about the quality of the sheets themselves, which we cannot in all good conscience overlook.

And also for your writing convenience, these sheets are wide ruled. Now you can let loose and write just the way you like without inhibition, knowing well that your work isn’t squeezed and terrible on the eyes.

In all, your notes have a neat and beautiful layout with easy-to read-and-understand notes in them.

How Do I Choose the Best 1 Subject Notebook?

There are many reasons a conventional notebook beats an electronic notebook: it’s flexible, never needs to be charged, is hardly bulky, and we could go on and on. Not that we aren’t grateful for the innovation that technology has brought to note-taking, but you know, sometimes those things can get in the way of creative juices flowing.

Writing is almost as old as time and is a beautiful way of letting out a lot of things, such as creativity and even pent-up emotion. A lot of psychologists advise people going through one thing or another to write down their emotions in a book. It provides a healthy way to let out negative emotions and make room for the new.

And, of course, there’s journaling. Almost every little girl has a journal; a place where she writes hopes, dreams, and, of course, secrets. A book is like man’s best friend. Trust us, books have seen and held more secrets than all the dogs and besties in the world combined. Word!

There’s hardly anything you want to venture into that doesn’t require a notebook of some kind: school, office, business, etc. Notebooks are central to almost everything we do. If a thing isn’t documented, it simply doesn’t exist, as the saying goes.

Over time, though, notebooks have evolved from being strictly functional to being loud statements of style, sophistication, and professionalism. You might not be able to judge a book by its cover these days, but you can definitely give a fairly accurate assessment of its owner by looking at the books he favors and whether or not he pairs it up with some classy fountain pen.

There are all sorts of notebooks for different personalities, we tell you. It seems like book producers all over the world just went to town on manufacturing, and let their creative juices flow all over the place. Notebooks now come in fun colors, shapes, and sizes.

If you’re a lover of all things stationery, probably tending towards an obsession, then you might be in trouble if you live near a stationery store, as these places come fully stocked with all kinds of attractive notebooks. But like we said, not all notebooks are for everybody. What the business owner requires is going to be pretty different from what a student would need.

And even among students, a sophomore will require something totally different from a child in third grade.

So, how do you make the decision of what notebook to get? (There’s a lot that goes on behind the fancy notebook you see, we tell you.) If you stick around, we will help you sort through the razzmatazz, and get the meat on how to look past the façade and get a superior notebook you’ll love.
Notebooks are hardly ever very expensive, so the decision to get a cheap 1-subject notebook shouldn’t even cross your mind. Those things are hardly ever white, and many come with too poor a paper quality that will most likely encourage a bleed-through and tears, not to mention the snagging of their wire-bind.

Instead, what we should be working towards is getting you a quality notebook and like we said, they hardly ever cost much. In fact, between $2 and $10 plus, you can get a fantastic 1-subject notebook that works. What makes one book costlier than the other, though? Well, things such as whether or not it comes with a Cornell note-taking system, or whether or not it’s spiral-bound are contributing factors. Of course, the presence of any or both of these factors will make one notebook more expensive than another.
There are quite a number of features you might want to look through before you settle on any 1-subject notebook, and some of these features are listed here:
  • Size
  • Binding
  • Weight
  • Page Count
  • Page Style
  • Purpose for Use
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
So, we will first of all talk about size. When it comes to notebooks, sizes are standardized but not too much so. Notebook sizing depends on where you’re looking at it—either from the point of view of the Europeans or the United States. Stay with us.

For Europe, notebook sizes come in three classes: A, B, and C. And each class has a range of sub-classes, denoted by the numbers, 0-10. Generally, all sizes retain the same shape essentially and differ only in size. And a larger paper is denoted by a smaller number value.

Of the three sizes, A is the most commonly used anywhere. B and C, on the other hand, are not so popularly used. But then again, the B series has one widely used representative: the B7. This is the standard size of your passports. But other than that, there’s hardly a need for B and C paper sizes.

The US makes things a little more casual and straight to the point. Papers come in many sizes, but the common ones you’ll hear of are the Letter, Legal, Half-letter, Junior Legal, and a certain “pocket-sized” paper (informal term).

So for better understanding, we will run a quick comparison for you:
  • Letter Size: This is the common one you find every day. It closely resembles the A4 and measures 8.5 by 11 inches in size.
  • Half-letter: This resembles the—you guessed it—the A5. It’s roughly the same size as your Moleskine notebook. Getting the picture?
  • Legal Papers: These aren’t as wide as letter and half-letter sizes, measuring 8.5 by 11.4 inches, and typically contain yellow pages with blue lines.
  • Junior Legal Papers: These, like their name already gives away, are a smaller version of legal papers with a dimension of 8 by 5 inches. The largest difference is that they’re smaller.
  • Pocket-sized Notebooks: Just as their names imply, these are small and cute and small enough to keep in your pockets. They usually measure about 3.5 by 5 inches and could correspond to an A6 in some cases.
There are many other sizes, such as the Tabloid and sketch pads for artists, and architect pads. Anyone needing those probably already has a good idea of what those are and how to get them, so we will just skip.

Okay, so if you’re having trouble deciding what to get, a half-letter or junior legal will most likely do. Letter-sized, on the other hand, is more ubiquitous with kids and is hardly ever used by office workers. But there are some that come with more mature designs that adults could use these days. And they also feature lots of space for your writing.

Now that you have settled on size, the next most important thing is the binding of the book in question, and there are many of them. A pocket-sized notebook, for instance, will most likely come with a staple bind while a letter-size will almost certainly feature a spiral bind.

Apparently, though, stitch binding seems to be the experts’ choice. They say that this bind provides the least issues. No trouble with laying flat, no distortion, etc., etc. And they’re equally lightweight, so stitched binding is looking like the way to go. Or at least, stitched binding with some glue on it.

Let’s move on to covers now. Should you go for soft or hard covers?

Okay, these are the facts: hard covers are more durable and give you a rigid surface for writing. They could also give you a formal, professional look if that’s what you favor.

Soft covers, on the other hand, are a lot more flexible. You can fold the book down the middle to take up less space, and you can easily personalize it to fit into your pocket.

So really, the choice of covers is more dependent on the type of person you are than any straitjacket rule.

And then finally we look at the style of your notebook’s pages. There are the blanks, the rules, and the gridded. There’s no hard and fast rule to this and once again it depends on your personal proclivities.

For lined books, college rule is the standard at 7 millimeters, while wide ruled comes in at 8.7 millimeters. So, depending on the size of your handwriting, you can always pick something that makes your writing look neat and legible. Gridded books used to be for those with especially tiny handwriting, but these days it is restricted to graph alone.
Performance and Ease of Use
So how heavy can one notebook get? Like really, how heavy?

Some people might be of the opinion that thicker is always better, but it doesn’t always work like that. In fact, if you use a fountain pen, then don’t think that thick paper will necessarily offer you any advantage, as your ink could still bleed through.

If the paper is too thin, on the other hand, then it could ultimately tear or ghost. To ghost means that it would leave indentations on the underlying pages of your book.

So quickly, one cool fact: in detective movies of those days, a detective would actually shade lightly with a pencil on a “ghosted” page to discover what an individual wrote on the last page. Really cool, right? So, the next time you think your friends were passing notes about you in class, you know what to do. Thank us later.

There’s no hard and fast rule to paper weight. The only way to know is to actually write on them first with the pen that you’ll most often be using. But then, if the book is of good quality, there shouldn’t be a bleed-through.

For those of us that use fountain pens, yours is a totally different case entirely. The ways of the fountain pen are not entirely understood by paper. Some might bleed through, some might not. So, yeah, it’s kinda like trial and error.

Another important feature of a notebook is the color of its paper. “But paper is always white,” you say. Well until you meet its brothers: off-white, slightly cream, and almost brown.

Some people cannot stand any other color of paper aside from white, and for good reason. White is your best bet if you’re looking to read under any lighting condition. You want to get white sheets.

So, pages, how do we work around pages?

Pick any number of pages you like, but be sure to know how it tears; you won’t want something that’s really difficult to tear out. A spiral-bound book might be a good option, but there also other options.

For instance, there are some that come with disc-like spines that give the liberty of taking paper out and replacing it if need be. You like? Then by all means get!

A pretty cool innovation in the world of notebooks is the introduction of the Cornell note-taking system. This divides each page of a note into three sections: one for cues, the other for taking notes, and a section for summary. This is an oh-so-efficient feature that you’ll love because it takes organization to a whole new level.

With this note-taking system, whether it’s a meeting or a lecture, you can personalize your notes to your understanding without necessarily making a mess of the whole page. This way, whenever you have to read up on your notes, all the commentaries and salient points are easy to locate and you get the gist of that particular note—faster, better, and with ease.

Lastly, we will be asking ourselves why we need a 1-subject notebook in the first place. If you’re a student and you need your books for school, then you most likely are looking for a letter-sized book. Office workers and co might prefer a half-letter or a junior legal. An executive that attends lots of meetings will definitely require a notebook with a Cornell note-taking system.

We already told you, there are different books for different folks. The choice is yours to make.

Get the Best 1 Subject Notebook of 2023!

Thanks for all the time you took to read this review. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Go ahead and make that purchase! But do keep in mind that each brand still features many other options, so you aren’t by any means limited to our featured choices.

Our Top Choice
TOPS FocusNotes 1-Subject Notebook
Best Value
Staples Spiral Notebook 1-Subject
Norcom 1 Subject Notebooks
Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook
Mead Spiral 1-Subject Notebook