Best 12V Battery Reviews 2017

Batteries are some of the most useful electrical devices in our modern world. They power our laptops, our smartphones and our flashlights. We have written multiple reviews on different types of batteries, such as 3.7V batteries, 6V batteries, and now 12V batteries. To help you handle your power needs more easily, we picked five excellent batteries from some of the best battery brands out there. Check these out and choose the ones you need the most!
Good for
Our Top Choice
Mighty Max 12V 7.2AH SLA Battery for Verizon FiOS PX12072-HG
Mighty Max Battery specializes in batteries for a wide variety of electrical tools. The 12V 7.2AH SLA Battery is a heavy-duty battery that provides a long service life.
Reasonably priced. Tons of positive reviews on Amazon. Suitable for a wide variety of electrical items. 1-year warranty.
Isolated complaints mentioning that the battery is leaking. This product comes with warranty.
Rechargeable battery
1 piece
Golf carts, lawn & portable tools
Spill proof battery 
Best Value
Duracell MN21/23 12V Alkaline Battery
Duracell is a renowned brand which specializes in power solutions. The 12V Duralock batteries provide an outstanding lifespan and they are easy to use.
Can be bought in multiple packs at discounted prices. Good value for your money. Suitable for many electrical goods.
Isolated complaints that they don’t last long.
Alkaline batteries
6 pcs, available in more options
Watches, computer motherboards
Equivalent to the GP23A, LRV08
NOCO UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter with 12V Battery Power
Noco is a prestigious company that manufactures batteries and jump starters. The Genius Boost Pro Jump Starter is efficient, useful and can be used for recharging many electrical items.
Available with various power capacities. Can recharger your smartphone or tablet. Compact and lightweight. Designed to last.
Few complaints that it doesn’t work that well after a few months. It depends a lot on how you use it.
Lithium Jump Starter
1 piece
Jumpstarting gas & diesel engines
Can recharge smartphone & tablets
ExpertPower EXP1250 12V 5 Amp Rechargeable Battery
ExpertPower specializes in rechargeable batteries for various types of electrical goods. The EXP1250 12V 5Ah Home Alarm Battery is designed for long service life.
Can be bought in bulk at discounted prices. Excellent for medical devices, wheelchairs and electric scooters. Rugged construction.
Isolated complaints regarding reliability.
Home Alarm Battery 
1 pc, available in more options
Home alarm, UPS System, scooters
Has F1 Terminals
Energizer A23 Battery 12V Alkaline Battery
Energizer manufactures affordable power solutions and lighting devices. The A23 Battery is compact, lightweight and it comes at an attractive price.
Amazon Best Seller. Good value for your money. Long service life. Suitable for multiple electronic devices.
Few complaints that the batteries didn’t come in original packaging.
Alkaline batteries
4 pieces
Remotes, flashlights
Equivalent to: 21/23, 23A, 23GA

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How Do I Choose the Best 12V Battery?

Can you imagine how life would be without batteries? There are numerous variations of them, such as 3.7V batteries, 9V batteries, AA batteries, AAA batteries, you name it, and all of them have their practical uses in our modern world. You are probably reading this article from your laptop or tablet, which is, obviously, powered by a rechargeable battery. Even electric cars use batteries (and a great deal of them) to move you from point A to point B, so the importance of such accessories cannot be stressed enough.

One of the most popular types of battery is the 12V battery, which is usually used for remotes, flashlights, even to jump start your car. They are more powerful than other types of batteries and come at very low prices, so buying in bulk seems the right thing to do. We have analyzed the market extensively and found out more about these batteries to help you pick the ones you need. Keep reading this guide to find out everything you need to know about 12V batteries.
We are quite sure this is not the first time you are buying batteries, and you know that they are quite affordable, however, it is also important to know how many units you are getting in the package, and what can you do with your 12V battery. For example, you can buy 12V batteries between about $5 for a pack of four, and $25-$30 for a single rechargeable 12V battery that can be used for powering alarm systems or UPS systems. In some cases, batteries that can jump start your car and even recharge your phone can cost around $300.

Obviously, you need to know very well what types of batteries you require for your devices, and then set the budget. Be advised that there are also many cheap 12V batteries, usually costing less than a fiver for a pack of eight, but these products should be avoided, as they are not reliable.
Let's go ahead and find out more about 12V batteries, as they are available in several different types and can have various characteristics.
  • Type - Some batteries are rechargeable, others are not, so if you are using certain gadgets extensively such as a flashlight, you might want to spend a little more and go for a rechargeable model.
  • Uses - In most cases, small 12V batteries are used to power remotes and kids' toys, while larger ones can be used for UPS systems and home alarms. The latter usually have higher amperage, and that’s why they are suitable for electronics which require more power.
  • Quantity - Some manufacturers sell packs of two, four, six, eight, or up to 24 batteries per pack, so you should know what you are getting for your money.
In some cases, certain batteries are specially designed to perform other tasks, not just powering your devices. For example, some of them incorporate voltmeters and can be used to power your smartphone. Others might have a built-in flashlight, which is useful in various situations. At the end of the day, the most important numbers are the voltage of the battery (12 in our case) and the amperage, which is usually stated as Ah (Ampers per hour) or just Amps. The higher the amperage, the more powerful the battery is, and you can use it to power up multiple electronics, maybe even your vehicle.
Construction and Design
Most 12V batteries are built using lead acid, and that’s why you shouldn’t open them or let small kids play with them, as this substance is rather dangerous. They usually come with F1 terminals, which allow you to connect them to a wide variety of devices, including computers, motherboards, electric scooters, lawn mowers and many others.

If you want 12V batteries with a higher amperage, you should expect them to be a little bulkier, probably around two to three pounds, because they contain more acid to produce more power. However, they remain portable and easy to carry around, so if you go camping a lot, you can leave one in your RV to be used for emergencies. 12V batteries are not particularly striking to look at, and they cannot be used for decorative purposes, so there isn’t much information you need to know about their construction and design. We are also sure you don’t want a complex physics lesson on how they work, as that can be quite boring for some, so as long as you know what you are going to use them for, you'll be fine.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before wrapping it up, we want to mention a word about safety to ensure you have more peace of mind. Lead acid batteries have been seriously upgraded in the last years, and today they are spill proof and rigorously sealed to prevent accidents, overheating, and so on. As long as you keep them away from heat sources, you should be able to use your 12V battery for a long period of time. Also, make sure you check out the warranty information, as some batteries, particularly those with higher amperage, are backed by warranty periods of one or two years.

What is the Best 12V Battery?

Before picking the right 12V battery, you need to know exactly how you are going to use it and for what devices. We have analyzed the market and chosen five great types of 12V batteries, so check them out and see which one fits your needs.
Our Top Choice
The 12V 7.2AH SLA Battery from Mighty Max Battery is a rechargeable battery that comes with a 1-year warranty period and it can work in both high and low temperatures. If you prefer a more sophisticated one, then go for the Rechargeable Deep Cycle Replacement 12V Battery from the same brand
Mighty Max Battery Rechargeable 12 Volt 7.2AH SLA Battery for Verizon FiOS

Mighty Max 12V Battery PX12072-HG

Just as the name implies, Mighty Max Battery is a brand that specializes in battery manufacturing. Many of the batteries crafted by this brand are Amazon Best Sellers and they are useful for various types of devices such as power tools, vehicles and so on.

The 12V 7.2AH SLA Battery is designed for Verizon FiOS PX12072-HG and it is a rechargeable, spill-proof battery. This product is maintenance-free and it can provide long service life. Additionally, it is backed up by a warranty period of 1 year which is very reassuring.

Here are some other types of batteries made by Mighty Max Battery
  • 12V 35AH SLA Battery – designed for golf carts, engine starters, electric vehicles and more
  • ML22-12 - 12V 22AH Schumacher DSR ProSeries – rechargeable battery designed for portable tools and toys
  • ML12-12 - 12V 12AH F2 Deep Cycle Battery – suitable for medical mobility, power tools and more
Best Value
The Duracell Duralock Alkaline Batteries come in packs of 3, 5 or even 10 battery pairs and they are useful for multiple types of products. If you require smaller batteries, then go for the Duracell MN27BPK ones which can also be bought in bulk at a special price!
Duracell Duralock 12V Alkaline Battery -- Watch/Electronic/Keyless Entry Batteries,

Duracell 12V Battery MN21B2PK – Multiple Package Size Options

You definitely have heard about Duracell before; this brand makes high-quality batteries and power inverters which offer long service life. This company provides great power solutions at affordable prices and it also manufactures jumper cables and battery chargers.

The Duracell Duralock MN21B2PK 12V batteries are compact, lightweight and surprisingly powerful. They can be bought in packs of 2, meaning that you can get up to 20 batteries at a discounted price. These power devices are useful for watches, calculators, computer motherboards and many other electrical goods.

Here are some of the other popular products made by Duracell.
  • 12V Security Batteries – excellent for alarm systems, electronic door locks and more
  • 12V Keyless Batteries – good for handheld gaming devices and calculators
  • 12V Photo Electric Batteries – excellent for garage door openers, etc.
The Genius Boost Pro Jump Starter from Noco is available in power outputs ranging from 400Amps up to 4000Amps and it comes with reverse polarity protection. If you also need a battery charger, then we recommend the NOCO Genius G3500 6V\/12V 3.5A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger which also comes in various power outputs.
NOCO Genius Boost Pro 12 Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter and Charger for Mobile Devices – Different Amp Options

NOCO 12V Battery GB150 – 4000 Amp

Noco is a brand that specializes in power solutions, and it currently sells hundreds of useful products on Amazon, including waterproof batteries. You can also buy battery chargers from Noco as well as lithium jump starters and portable solar power solutions.

The Genius Boost Pro jump starter is available in various power outputs and it can easily recharge your personal belongings such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. Thanks to its impressive specifications, this jump starter can provide up to 80 jump starts in a single charge!

Now that you know what Noco can do, let's see some more products from this brand.
  • 12V Plug Connectors – currently an Amazon Best Seller
  • 12V 2-Way Splitter – allows you to use 2 12V devices at the same time
  • Snap-Top Battery Box – excellent for RVs and automotive, currently an Amazon Best Seller
The EXP1250 12V 5Ah Home Alarm Battery from ExpertPower can be bought in packs of 2, 4 or even 12 batteries at once and it features F1 terminals. If you want a rechargeable battery, then go for the ExpertPower EXP12180 12 Volt 18 Ah Rechargeable Battery.

Cross promotion statement.
ExpertPower 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery - 5Ah Home Alarm Battery with F1 Terminals, Different Package Size Options

ExpertPower 12V Battery EXP1250 – Single

ExpertPower is a brand founded back in 1987, and it specializes in batteries and power solutions. This company manufactures battery chargers, sealed lead acid batteries and accessories for them.

The ExpertPower EXP1250 12V 5Ah Home Alarm Battery can be bought as a standalone product or you can buy in packs of 2, 4 or even 12 batteries at once, saving time and money. These batteries are easy to install, highly popular on Amazon and feature a durable construction.

Here are some of the other batteries made by Expert Power.
  • 12v 2000mAh NiCd Battery for Dewalt products – this battery type is suitable for DeWalt power tools
  • 12 Volt 12 Amp Rechargeable battery – affordable and with lots of positive reviews on Amazon
  • 12V8AH Rechargeable Battery – good for electric scooters, medical devices and more
The Energizer A23 Battery is an Amazon Best Seller and it comes in a pack of four 12V batteries. You can use them for powering up remotes, kids’ toys, portable radios and more. If you are looking for Lithium AA Batteries, then go for the Energizer L91BP-8 Ultimate.
Energizer 12 Volt Alkaline Battery - Available in Different Package and Bulk Sizes for Savings

Energizer 12V Battery A23 – 4 Pack

The last product in our list comes from Energizer, a brand that makes a plethora of high-quality standard batteries, lithium batteries and even battery chargers. You might be happy to find out that this brand also makes flashlights, lanterns and headlamps at reasonable prices.

The Energizer A23 Battery is a standard battery type which can be used for a wide variety of electrical devices such as remotes, musical devices, radio stations and so on. This product is an Amazon Best Seller and it comes in a pack of 4 batteries. Depending on how they are used, these batteries can last for many consecutive months and one Amazon buyer reported that his lasted for 2 full years!

Here are some more enticing products made by Energizer.
  • Energizer Brilliant Beam Headlamp – to be worn on the head, excellent when you have to work in the dark
  • Energizer Light Fusion – compact lantern, perfect for reading in the dark or when you want to go camping
  • Energizer Universal Charger – can recharge your Energizer batteries in less than 3 hours

Get the Best 12V Battery of 2017!

You will never run out of juice if you stock up on some of the best 12V batteries on the market, whether you are outdoors camping or indoors using the remote to find your favorite TV shows. By the way, it would be a good idea to buy in bulk to save some money and have more peace of mind in case of a power blackout!

Our Top Choice
Mighty Max 12V 7.2AH SLA Battery for Verizon FiOS PX12072-HG
Best Value
Duracell MN21/23 12V Alkaline Battery
NOCO UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter with 12V Battery Power
ExpertPower EXP1250 12V 5 Amp Rechargeable Battery
Energizer A23 Battery 12V Alkaline Battery