Best 2 Wheel Walker Reviews 2022

Freedom of mobility is important to quality of life. For those recovering from injury or experiencing limited mobility, a two-wheel walker can be supportive and provide a wider range of activities for enjoyment. Walkers can give you a space to store belongings, a seat to rest on, or sure footing on wet or uneven ground. We’ve chosen five two-wheel walker brands you can count on and reviewed one product from each.
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Our Top Choice
Able Life Space Saver Walker
Able Life creates a variety of solutions to increase mobility and provide a higher quality of life and independence.
The specially engineered folding design makes the Space Saver perfect for traveling, and strong enough to hold 400 pounds.
While the portable design makes the Space Saver great for traveling, it does not include storage or seating.
Folding walker
1” anodized aluminum
32” - 38.5”
400 lbs.
3 stylish colors
Best Value
Drive Medical Folding Walker
Drive DeVilbiss has helped increase the quality of life of thousands of satisfied customers.
The innovative engineering is perfect for those who need extra support or have low dexterity, and you can fold it without removing your hands from the supports.
Although this walker is portable and affordable, it lacks extra features for comfort or storage.
Folding walker
1” anodized extruded aluminum
32" - 39"
350 lbs.
Trigger folding release
NOVA Cruiser II Rolling Walker
Nova was founded in 1993 to change the world every day, and its walkers and rollators are some of the best in the industry.
This is a 2 wheel walker with a 4 wheel attitude. The padded seat, storage, and folding design make it innovative and unique.
The weight capacity of 250 pounds may not be appropriate for all users.
Folding walker with chair
Aluminum, foam
31” - 35.25”
250 lbs.
Seat and storage bin
Ez2care Deluxe Folding Walker
Ez2care is a leading manufacturer and distributor of home, safety, and mobility equipment in North America.
The padded handles and folding capability make the silver anodized frame both beautiful and functional!
Although the Deluxe Folding Walker excels at dependable simplicity, it may leave some users wanting more features.
Folding walker
1” aluminum
32” - 39”
250 lbs.
PDF manual
Healthline Walker with Wheels
Healthline has been providing quality mobility aids and hospital equipment to establishments and individuals worldwide for over ten years.
Padded handles, a two-button folding design, and a sturdy frame set the bar for stability.
The two buttons may be hard for those with low finger dexterity, and the walker may be too basic for some.
Folding walker
1” anodized aluminum
32” - 39”
300 lbs.
Lifetime warranty

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What is the Best 2 Wheel Walker?

Now that you know what to consider when purchasing a two-wheel walker, let’s take a look at our selected wheel walkers from our chosen brands. Be keen on such features like storage, material, and capacity. Keep in mind that price depends on these things. In case our featured walker does not interest you, these brands have more to offer.
Our Top Choice
The Space Saver Walker is designed to be strong, flexible, and light. Looking for more great designs from Able Life? Check out its Bedside Support Handle with Organizer!

Able Life Space Saver Lightweight Folding Travel Walker with 6 Inch Wheels + Bariatric Frame – Available in 3 Colors

Able Life was founded to enrich the lives of its customers with innovative mobility aids that are easy to use and accessible for everyone. Its slogan, “Comfortably Independent,” reflects its mission and core values. Its Space Saver Walker is a perfect example of a simple and strong folding walker at an affordable price.

At less than eight pounds, the Space Saver is the world’s lightest, most portable walker capable of supporting 400 pounds. A quick press with a finger touch makes the Space Saver fold to only 25% of its original size. The easy glide feet and large wheels provide smooth stability, and can be adjusted for anyone between 4’10” and 6’8”.
Best Value
The Drive Trigger Folding Walker with 5” Wheels is great for travel and everyday use! Don’t need the folding triggers? Check out the Standard Folding Walker with 5” Wheels!

Drive Medical Brushed Steel Deluxe Trigger Release Folding Walker with 5" Wheels

Drive DeVilbiss was created to increase quality of life for its customers, and its products and services boldly reflect its commitment to this mission. It provides mobility solutions for all areas of life, and it has a variety of walkers to choose from.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this walker is the extra set of handles near the support grips, which can be gently squeezed to fold the walker with ease - all without letting go of the supports. The sturdy one-inch aluminum frame is lightweight and strong. It supports up to 350 pounds and moves easily with five-inch wheels and rear glide caps.
As one of the most feature-rich 2 wheel walkers available, the Nova Cruiser II is a great buy! If you’re looking for a folding 3 wheel model, check out the Nova Traveler!

NOVA Medical Products Cruiser II Rolling Walker in Blue

NOVA, also known as Nova Medical Products, is a company dedicated to life improvement, from its mission statement and company culture to the events it puts on to raise awareness and support for charity. It produces multiple walkers - most of them rollators - with a wide array of impressive features.

The Cruiser II is one of its few 2 wheel models, and it boasts many of the features of more expensive 4 wheel types. With its five-inch front wheels and rear tips for stable standing, you may be surprised at the amount of use you can get out of this walker. The padded seat provides a handy bench, and it includes a matte black under-seat storage case to hold sensitive items such as medication. With a 250-pound weight capacity and folding feature, it’s versatile and ready for travel, home, and storage.
The Ez2care Deluxe Folding Walker is comfortable and easy to use - great for anyone needing a convenient walker! If you’re looking for a walker without wheels, the Ez2care Classic may be perfect for you!

Ez2care Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker with 5-Inch Wheels - Anodized Silver

Ez2care was founded in 1996, and has since grown to become a leading distributor and manufacturer of mobility aids throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, and China. Ez2care focuses on making dedicated walkers that are durable and easy to use, with a wide array of models to choose from. The Ez2care Deluxe Folding Walker is a perfect embodiment of the company's philosophy.

One thing you’ll notice is that the aluminum anodized silver frame is highly adjustable from 32” to 39” with one-inch intervals. The two-button release locks into place so the walker will be easy to fold - only when you want it to be. Soft and comfortable handles can stand up to a hard day’s walking, ensuring that you’ll be mobile and steady on your feet. Rubber tips on the back keep the walker from rolling away, and the five-inch wheels will have no problems rolling over small obstacles.
The Healthline Walker with Wheels is an industry standard - seen in hospitals and homes everywhere. For a shorter frame - perfect for children or smaller adults - check out the Healthline Junior Deluxe!

Healthline Folding Deluxe 2 Button Walker with Front 5" Wheels

For over a decade, Healthline (also known as Healthline Trading) has been an industry standard provider of hospital equipment and mobility aids around the world. From hospital beds to wheelchairs and everything in between, Healthline has created a diverse set of offerings, including walkers and rollators.

Healthline set the standard for what most people understand to be “walker” design. The five-inch wheels complement rubber stops on the rear legs, and padded handles offer comfortable support. Two buttons lock the walker to prevent accidental folding, and when folded it fits conveniently in a car, closet, or airplane. Healthline backs it up with a lifetime limited warranty, because that’s how confident it is in its products.

How Do I Choose the Best 2 Wheel Walker?

At times, people need to get around in order to enjoy nature or catch a breather. However, due to certain circumstances, you could be immobile or have limited mobility and have to depend on others to help you move from one place to the other. Worry not, with a good two-wheel walker or a wheelchair you’ll not need to depend on others to move around.

A two-wheel walker will support you and prevent you from falling and injuring yourself. Although it doesn’t guarantee safety, it extensively lessens the occurrence of a catastrophe. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that it allows you to retain your independence. In this guide we explore the factors to consider when purchasing a walker. You can consider a scooter if you are looking for a device to help you move a longer distance, or perhaps a regular walker if you just need one to get yourself around the home.
The first thing to consider is your budget. A high-quality two-wheel walker will cost you between about $30 and $170. Quite a difference, right? Well, there are valid reasons for this. The type of the walker highly determines its price tag. For instance, you’ll pay more for a folding walker with a chair than one with no chair. Similarly, you’ll pay more for one with a storage bin compared to one without. Brand popularity is another price determinant. You’ll pay more for popular brands than the new and unpopular ones.

While there are cheap two-wheel walkers on the market, avoid them as they are made of low-quality materials that can easily break at the slightest strain. You don’t want a walker that can make you suffer fatal injuries.
It is important to check the weight limit that the walker can support before purchasing it. Most walkers have a limit of about 250-300 pounds. Check your weight first, and, if it exceeds this, consider a specialist walker that is designed for weighty people.

Here are other features to look for in a two-wheel walker:
  • Is the walker foldable?
  • Is its height adjustable?
  • What’s the construction material?
  • What are the color variations?
  • Does it have a seat and storage bin?
  • What’s the wheel size?
  • Does it come with a warranty?
Go for the walker with features that fit your needs.
Construction and Design
As a potential buyer, it is important to decide whether purchasing a foldable walker is a plus for you. This should be guided by the available storage space. If the space is small or you’ll be carrying your walker in your car, it is advisable you go for the foldable model.

While most walkers will allow you to adjust the height, it is important to consider whether the walker is in tandem with your height. You don’t want a situation where you’ll bend your back while using your walker. Ensure that your back is straight while using your walker to avoid back pains.

The material used for construction is also important. Go for a walker that is durable. Aluminum models are likely to last longer.

Depending on your personal style and taste, it is important to choose a color that will easily blend with your lifestyle. Always go for your favorite color as it will inspire you.

Some walkers come with seats. This allows you to stop and get a breather if needed. If you’ll need to shop around, we advise you to get one that comes with a bin or basket. These features will allow you to maintain your independence as you can easily turn your walker into a seat if need be, and you can also carry your groceries with no help. However, if you’re going to use the walker at home, you probably do not need a walker with a seat and bin.
Performance and Ease of Use
Walkers are basically made to allow you to move from one station to the other with ease. When it comes to two-wheel walkers, you probably want to check the size of the wheels. Large wheels will allow you to navigate rugged terrain with ease. If you’re going to use your walker outdoors, go for the one with a bigger wheel diameter. Also get the one with a bin or basket to allow you easier transportation of your light shopping or other belongings. A foldable one can also come in handy if you’ll need to pack your walker into your car’s trunk.

Finally, check the warranty just in case the manufacturing is faulty.

Get the Best 2 Wheel Walker of 2022!

Hopefully you’ve found a two-wheel walker that you can depend on with the perfect set of features at an affordable price. Most of the models featured here have a generous return policy or warranty, and all these brands have a wide variety of models to choose from!

Our Top Choice
Able Life Space Saver Walker
Best Value
Drive Medical Folding Walker
NOVA Cruiser II Rolling Walker
Ez2care Deluxe Folding Walker
Healthline Walker with Wheels