Best 3 Wheel Walker Reviews 2023

Three-wheel walkers, sometimes referred to as rollators, are mobility devices that allow people to stay active and independent both indoors and outdoors. They’re easy to use, easy to transport, and extremely lightweight, making them a joy to take with you on the go. Buying the best three-wheel walker is a fairly easy task as long as you know what features to look for, but choosing the best one from the plethora of options available might be overwhelming. We’ve looked closely at several models and after comparing features and reading rollator reviews, we present you with 5 of the best three-wheel walkers to aid with your mobility issues.
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Our Top Choice
Lumex GF 3-Wheel Cruiser
When it comes to walking aids, Lumex is of the few brands that soars above the rest, mostly for its superb quality of products.
Weighs 10.5 pounds. Bondi Blue Ergonomic hand grips. 8-inch black wheels.
Not suitable for individuals above 6 feet tall.
250 pounds
10.5 pounds
33 – 37 inches
8 inches
Zippered pouch
Best Value
Drive Medical Aluminum Three Wheel Rollator
Founded in January 2000, Drive Medical is today a multi-national organization that manufactures several world-class products that focus on top-notch functionality and value.
Tan plaid carry pouch. Special loop lock. Adjustable handles. Brakes.
Not a great fit for short users below 5 feet in height.
300 pounds
11 pounds
32 – 38 inches
7.5 inches
Tan plaid carry pouch
Carex Health Brands 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker
Carex Health Brands has been a reputed name in its health niche for over 35 years, and is one of 3 nationally distributed brands.
Has large storage bag with pockets. Height adjustable handles. Locking brakes.
This walker is fitted with 7.5-inch wheels, which might not go over curves and bumps easily.
250 pounds
7.5 pounds
31.75 – 38 inches
7.5 inches
Oversized storage bag
NOVA Medical Products Traveler 3-Wheel Rolling Walker
Founded in 1993, Nova Medical Products offers a vast portfolio of products that are designed to help physically-challenged individuals live a healthier and independent lifestyle.
It can handle up to 250 pounds of weight and can be ordered in 3 different colors.
The Traveler 3 is a little lower at its maximum height than other three-wheel walkers.
250 pounds
16 pounds
33 – 37.25 inches
8 inches
Zippered pouch, tray, basket
Healthline Trading 3 Wheel Rollator
Healthline Trading has been designing and manufacturing all types of healthcare products for over a decade and retails them for the best possible prices.
Weighs 13 pounds. Holds up to 300 pounds in weight.
Extremely lightweight so it may be unsteady if not handled appropriately.
300 pounds
13 pounds
35 – 38 inches
7.5 inches
Pouch, tray, basket

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What is the Best 3 Wheel Walker?

The best three-wheel walker is truly one that matches your needs perfectly, and considering that these are a type of medical device, you can’t take any chances with buying the wrong one. Even though most three-wheel walkers showcase the same design, they can be had with a myriad of different features such as integrated seats, making it a complex decision. If you’ve never used a three-wheel walker or any sort of walking aid before, it’s highly recommended that you read the guidelines on safe use diligently or consult your therapist if advised for injury. Now that you’ve read our three-wheel walker buying guide, you should be well-equipped to make a viable choice from our 5 best three-wheel walker recommendations.
Our Top Choice
The Lumex GF 3-Wheel Cruiser is crafted of high-quality aluminum and provides great stability for people who don’t need the help of a four-wheel walker. However, if you’d like to buy a three-wheel walker that can handle a little more weight with a smile, the Lumex Sure-Gait II Walker with a 300-pound weight capacity is worth a second look.

Lumex 3-Wheel Cruiser Aluminum Rollator/CS Metallic Burgundy

Lumex has been a trusted name for walkers, rollators, and transport chairs for its top-notch durability and functionality. The company manufactures a wide portfolio of products, each backed by an unmatched limited warranty.

The Lumex GF 3-Wheel Cruiser weighs 10.5 pounds and is appointed with Bondi Blue Ergonomic hand grips and 8-inch black wheels for indoor and outdoor use. It can be ordered in a choice of 3 fashionable colors, and comes with a zippered pouch for you to store your valuables on-the-go.

The Lumex GF 3-Wheel Cruiser is appointed with a great set of features including:
  • Weighs 10.5 pounds and can handle weight of up to 250 pounds
  • Handle can be adjusted between 33 – 37 inches
  • Fitted with 8-inch wheels for a smooth walking experience in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Lightweight aluminum yet sturdy frame provides superior stability
  • Front wheels rotate for great mobility
  • Foldable design makes it easy to store away after use
  • Ergonomic hand grips with locking loop brakes
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty
Best Value
Its 3 Wheel Rollator Walker is appointed with solid 7.5-inch tires, and is an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use, and for most surfaces. But if you need to boost stability and require a rollator with a well-padded seat and foldable backrest, the Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator might be what you’re looking for.

Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme Aluminum Three Wheel Rollator – Available in 3 Colors

Drive Medical started out in January 2000 under the name Medical Depot, Inc., and today caters to a diverse customer base that includes healthcare distributors, healthcare providers, and e-tailers. The company uses state-of-the-art technology coupled with the best professionals in the business to design and manufacture a wide range of products including powered mobility aids, respiratory devices, and homecare and long-term care beds.

The Winnie Lite Supreme 3 Wheel Rollator comes with a tan plaid carry pouch, special loop lock, adjustable handles, and brakes. It’s fitted with 7.5-inch casters complete with soft grip tires, making it a great fit for indoor and outdoor environments.

The Winnie Lite Supreme 3 Wheel Rollator is a great buy for several reasons, including:
  • Can accommodate up to 300-pound weight
  • Measures 26 (W) x 22.75 (L) in inches, and is lightweight at just 11 pounds
  • Easy one-hand folding mechanism
  • Package includes standard carrying pouch
  • Clip included in basket
  • Handle height can be adjusted between 32 – 38 inches
  • Loop lock is made of aluminum casting and is easy to operate
  • Can be ordered in 3 different colors – Flame Blue, Flame Red, and Tan Plaid
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty
The Carex Health Brands Trio is a three-wheel walker that offers great stability and comfort, and can be easily folded and stored away when not in use. But if you require walker fitted with a seat and backrest along with 4 wheels rather than three for extra stability, the Carex Trio Rolling Walker is what you should invest in.

Carex Health Brands 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker with Large Storage Bag and Adjustable Handles

Carex Health Brands is a renowned name in its health niche, and offers several different product lines including mobility, bathroom safety, and patient room equipment. Founded over 35 years ago, Carex is part of three nationally distributed brands that serve various retailers across the country, and has done well in creating products that have a positive effect on its customers.

The Carex Trio Rolling Walker tips the scales at just 7.5 pounds, and can accommodate up to 250 pounds. It boasts a sleek design and is fitted with high-quality 7.5-inch wheels, allowing you to move with ease both indoors and outdoors.

There are several features that make the Carex Trio Rolling Walker a great choice, including:
  • Wheels with locking loop brakes
  • Height-adjustable handles from 31.75 – 38 inches to cater to users of all sizes
  • Comes with oversized storage bag with pockets for your valuables
  • Collapses quickly for storage and transport
  • Easy assembly
  • Measures 31.75 - 38.00 x 25.5 x 22 inches and is available in Blue Vein color
  • Swivel wheels to easily maneuver in tight spaces
The Nova Medical Products Traveler 3 walker can accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight and is fitted with 3 maneuverable wheels that allow you to easily take it along in tight spaces. However, if you need a walker that can handle weight of up to 300 pounds, and that offers optimum stability and style, the NOVA Medical Products 20" Zoom Rolling Walker is worth a second look.

NOVA Medical Products Traveler 3-Wheel Rolling Walker - Available in 3 Colors

Established in 1993, Nova Medical Products is built on the foundation of providing only the best in service with a set of rock-solid morals. The company designs and manufactures a diverse range of products to help physically-challenged people go on with their lives in a healthy and respectable manner.

The Traveler 3-Wheel Rolling Walker is appointed with an adjustable handle and easy-to-use lock brakes. It also has large 8-inch wheels and is great for maneuvering in tight spaces both indoors and outdoors.

This three-wheel walker is appointed with a rich set of features, including:
  • Adjustable handle between 33 - 37.25 inches
  • Can accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight
  • Hand brakes are designed for optimal comfort and control
  • Package includes large zippered pouch, tray, and basket
  • Measures 33 - 37.25 (L) x 26 (W) x 11 (D) in inches and 24.25 (W) x 23.75 (D) in inches when folded
  • Lightweight at just 16 pounds
  • Can be ordered in 3 different colors – black, blue, and red
The Healthline Trading 3 Wheel Rollator showcases a sturdy design and arrives in an appealing blue color. If you love the features of the 3 Wheel Rollator by Healthline Trading, such as high build quality and adjustable handle height, but want it in a more chic color palette, the Red Healthline Trading 3 Wheel Rollator is probably a good fit.

Healthline Trading 3 Wheel Rollator with Handle Brakes, Pouch, Basket, and Tray

Founded 10 years ago, Healthline Trading is operated and owned by industry professionals, and retails and manufactures a wide range of medical equipment such as wheelchairs, power mobility products, recliner lift chairs, and respiratory products.

The 3 Wheel Rollator by Healthline Trading weighs in at 13 pounds and can handle weights of up to 300 pounds. Further, it’s fitted with 7.5-inch solid wheels for indoor and outdoor use, and can be easily stored away for storage and transport.

The Healthline Trading three-wheel walker rings in with some great features, including:
  • Handle height can be adjusted between 35 and 38 inches
  • Backed by 1-year limited warranty
  • Crafted of lightweight steel with loop-style brakes
  • Comes with pouch, basket, and tray
  • Optional wire basket is also available

How Do I Choose the Best 3 Wheel Walker?

A three-wheel rolling walker (aka rollator walker) is a handy and highly affordable mobility aid designed for individuals with physical health conditions, the elderly, or those with weight issues. Most of these walking frames are fitted with wheels, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Further, three-wheel walkers offer great benefits to users, most notably giving them the confidence and freedom of moving around without depending on others.

In deciding on the best three-wheel walker, it’s important to first answer several questions, such as whether you need a walking aid with wheels, if you’ll be travelling often with your walker, and if you must have a seat or onsite storage pouch. This will also help you determine if you need a two-wheel walker, electric wheelchair, or if a walking cane is right for your needs.
The price of three-wheel walkers can vary across models and the features they come with. Considering that they’re a type of mobility device that can provide relief for a wide range of ailments, it’s important that you don’t skimp on the price and buy a cheap three-wheel walker, but rather buy a rollator that’s right for your needs.

To keep you in the loop of things, prices for a worthy three-wheel walker start at roughly $80 and can soar up to $500 for a model with all the bells and whistles. Just like most products, the more features you opt for, such as an integrated seat or basket for storage, the greater the surge in price—so choose wisely.
Three-wheel walkers may come across as basic mobility aids, but can be had with a wide range of features to make your walking experience even more comfortable. They’re designed to handle a certain amount of weight and are distinct from basic walking frames as they’re better equipped, heavier, and more robust.

There are several features to look for when buying the best three-wheel walker, most notably:
  • Adjustable handle - this is a highly important factor to consider and allows you to adjust the handle according to your height
  • Brakes - walkers are designed to help you walk freely, but you need good brakes to stop when you need to. They can be fitted with different types of brakes, most commonly loop brakes and push down brakes
  • Locking features - apart from brakes, an onsite locking mechanism eradicates the need to continually hold down the brakes, and keeps the walker in position when you’re sitting down
  • Weight rating - each three-wheel walker manufacturer clearly lists the amount of weight a respective mobility aid can accommodate, so if you weigh 300 pounds, you don’t want to buy a rollator with a 250-pound weight capacity
  • Portability - if you’re going to be travelling with your walker, ensure it’s lightweight and can be easily folded and stored away
  • Wheels - some walkers come with swivel wheels (better maneuverability) while others turn in just one direction. They either come in 6-inch or 8-inch designs, where the former are best for lightweight users or to be used on flat surfaces, and the latter are best suited for outdoor use
  • Padded seat and handles - if you’re buying a three-wheel walker with an integrated seat, ensure it’s padded and is of the right width for great comfort. Padded handles make the walker a joy to use over longer periods
  • Storage - most three-wheel rollators come with handy storage space in the form of a pouch or basket
  • Warranties - most walkers are built robust, and are usually backed by limited lifetime warranties
If recommended for injury and ailments, it’s best to consult your medical professional to buy the right mobility device for your needs.
Construction and Design
Three-wheel walkers, for the most part, are made of high-quality aluminum to ensure they’re sturdy and offer superior stability. Further, they’re appointed with wheels, which are made from rubber and designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The brakes of a three-wheel walker are designed to allow you to stop the mobility aid at a moment’s notice and come in two common types: loop brakes and push down brakes. Loop brakes are similar to bicycle brakes and offer better stability than pressure brakes. Push down brakes, when engaged, apply downward pressure on the spring-loaded frame, and are the easiest to operate.

The majority of walkers available offer the ability to adjust the height of the handle, which should be at a level where you’re slightly bent. Finally, when choosing the best three-wheel walker, it’s important to consider your weight, height, and lifting capability to avoid any injury.
Performance and Ease of Use
Three-wheel walkers are indispensable mobility aids for the elderly and those suffering from walking-related issues. They’re lightweight and easy to use, and some can even be folded down and stored away when not in use.

Each three-wheel rollator is designed to handle a certain amount of weight (which must be followed for safe operation), and most feature lightly padded handles for superior comfort. Not to confuse with brakes, several feature-rich models are fitted with an additional locking mechanism, which when engaged allows you to let go of the brakes while sitting down.

Three-wheel walkers are easy to put together with little or no tools needed, and some can be ordered with several accessories including walking stick holders, umbrella holders, and under-seat bags.

Get the Best 3 Wheel Walker of 2023!

With the information provided in our rollator buying guide combined with our 5 best three-wheel walker selections, we hope that you were able to get the best mobility aid for your needs.

Our Top Choice
Lumex GF 3-Wheel Cruiser
Best Value
Drive Medical Aluminum Three Wheel Rollator
Carex Health Brands 3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker
NOVA Medical Products Traveler 3-Wheel Rolling Walker
Healthline Trading 3 Wheel Rollator