Best 3D Blu Ray Player Review — 4K HD Blu Ray DVD Players with 3D for an Immersible Movie Experience

If your eyeballs crave more than just crisp 1080p images and you have a few more bucks to spare, you can enjoy popcorn-ready entertainment right from the comfort of your living room with 3D blu ray players. Allow us to take you through a review of 5 quality 3D Blu Ray players by some of the biggest names in the industry. Our goal is to hopefully have something for everyone, so we have provided a mixture of players at a variety of price points. However, if our featured picks are not the perfect fit, since we have selected some of the best 3D Blu Ray Player brands, they have other options to choose from.
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Our Top Choice
Sony 2D/3D Blu Ray Player
Sony’s products are associated with excellence and great performance. Its mission of triggering innovation through highly functional products is a reality in today’s market.
Comes at an affordable price. Offers great quality output with a 4K upscaling feature. Easy to install, even for first time users.
It doesn’t support CPRM format but still works well with other common media formats.
Multi Region
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB
2K/4K upscaling
6’ HDMI cable
Best Value
Panasonic 2K/4K 3D Blu Ray Player
Panasonic is known to produce durable products that exceed expectations. It has a legacy of transforming lives through its innovative products and services.
Has an affordable price tag when compared to other products. Has a region-free feature so no restrictions. Supports Wi-Fi to allow you to stream from the EB.
Consumes a little bit more space.
Multi region
Dual HDMI, Wi-Fi, USB
4k upscaling
6’ HDMI cable
OPPO Digital Universal 3D Blu Ray Player
OPPO prides itself for being a consumer-based brand that offers innovative solutions. It continues to create innovations that satisfy market demand and change the way we see home entertainment.
Offers quality output with its 4K upscaling feature. Comes in a durable metallic build for durability. Features a dual core processing capacity for quick performance.
Expensive but worth the boosted performance.
Multi region
Dual HDMI, 3 USB
4K upscaling
Dual-core processor
Samsung Smart 3D Blu Bay Player
Since 1969, Samsung has grown through value production in consumer electronics. It boasts of a large number of loyal consumers who relish its outstanding designs.
Comes with 4K upscaling for quality video output. The package includes extra accessories such as a cleaning cloth and an HDMI cable. Built for simplicity while operating and installing.
Does not offer region-free features but works as expected.
Wi-Fi, Ethernet, HDMI, USB
4K upscaling
Cleaning cloth, HDMI cable
Yamaha Multi Region 3D Blu Ray Player
Yamaha is an experienced market player with lots of expertise in manufacturing. It prides itself for having over a century of influence in the electronics market.
Easy to set up and easy operation. Offers consumers a software upgrade option for future proof convenience. Comes with multi regional features.
It is not built to be compatible with VGA but still works well with HDMI.
HDMI cable

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What is the Best 3D Blu Ray Player for Watching Movies at Home? Take a Look!

3D blu ray players are available with a variety of features, some of which may be right for you, while others may be more than you need (or can afford). What is best for you will depend on a number of factors, including your budget as well as how and where you will be using the system. To help you get started, we have reviewed 5 great players that not only support 3D discs, but also come with some extra features to make your entertainment even more exciting.

Our Top Choice
The Sony 2D/3D Blu Ray Player delivers incredible picture and audio quality thanks to its 4K upscaling. It supports Bluetooth and can handle both 2D and 3D. Want to invest a little bit more for a better entertainment experience? Check out the Sony UBP-X700 with streaming 4K Ultra HD, 3D Hi-Res and Wi-Fi.

Sony Multi Zone 2k/4k Upscaling - Bluetooth- 2D/3D - Wi-Fi - Multi System Region Free Blu Ray Disc DVD Player

Over the years, Sony has stayed focused on its mission of being a company that triggers inspiration for learning and curiosity. Its continuous search for innovation is mostly driven by passion for service to its customers and technological advancement. This is how it manages to break barriers and come up with exciting new products.

The Sony 2D/3D Blu Ray Player is a 3D Blu Ray player that enhances your wireless streaming experience to a whole new level. This machine lets you connect wirelessly to your Sony headphones and comes with a multi-room wireless connection that can run through every room in your home. Instead of the traditional remote control, you can download the video and TV side view app to be able to control this 3D Blu Ray player from your smart phone. The unique thing about it is that it offers incredible picture quality, supporting 4k upscaling.

This 3D Blu Ray player is currently retailing at $259. For this price tag, you get the following features:
  • If you are into PlayStation fun, you will not need a console as this 3D Blue ray Payer supports PlayStation 3 games
  • Capable of playing 3D content when using a 3D TV and 3D glasses
  • Comes with a 4K video upscaling that lets you watch ultra HD content on your screen that is sharper and more refined
  • Has Wi-Fi capacity with speeds of up to 5 GHz to give you a seamless connection to video streaming
If you are in the hunt for variety, then you are in luck. You can look at other designs of this 3D Blu Ray player on Amazon. You will find the 2D with built-in Wi-Fi or the 2D with no Wi-Fi. There is also a third variation of this product that has both 2D and 3D with Wi-Fi and a 4k upscaling feature.
Best Value
The Panasonic 2K/4K 3D Blu Ray Player comes with dual HDMI ports and 24k/4K upscaling, guaranteeing you impeccable picture and audio quality. It also has Wi-Fi so that you can display content and share it with friends on your smart TV. If you can sacrifice the 4k upscaling and want to save some money, you’d do great with the Panasonic Smart Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray Player.

Panasonic 460 2K/4K Dual HDMI Smart Network Multi System Blu Ray Disc DVD Player

Panasonic is more than just an electronics company. It boasts of being a solutions provider with years of experience in supplying solutions for both professionals and home users. With a strict dedication to transforming lives, the company has expanded to employing more than 250,000 individuals who work to make great products.

The Panasonic 2K/4K 3D Blu Ray Player is a state-of-the-art disc player that is Miracast enabled. This machine will support content display via a Wi-Fi network, giving you the power to watch content from your device in 4K display. The built-in Wi-Fi also makes the setup is a breeze. Within no time you will be able to enjoy seamless streaming from the web.
You can start to enjoy ultra HD pictures and movies by buying this disc player at a retail price of $179.99.

Let’s look at other extra features that come with this 3D Blu Ray player.
  • With the 2D to 3D conversion, this 3D Blu Ray player will transform your movie watching experience with clarity
  • For sport and entertainment enthusiasts, this 3D Blu Ray player allows you access to the best of sports and entertainment on the internet with a variety of channels to choose from
  • The Panasonic 2K/4K 3D Blu Ray Player offers region-free features, enabling you to enjoy its clarity and functionality anywhere in the world
  • The 4K upscaling feature gives you a better signal output with luminance and color compensation capacity
The OPPO Digital Universal 3D Blu Ray Player can play any type of disc, including blu-ray, DVD and 3D discs. It features dual HDMI inputs and outputs and 4k up-conversion for utmost performance. If you are on a tight budget, you could save and get the older model of this machine – the OPPO BDP-93 3D Blu-ray Disc Player. It also supports 3D discs!

OPPO Digital Universal Disc Player (SACD / DVD-Audio / 3D Blu-ray)

From the heart of the Silicon Valley comes OPPO Digital Designs, a distributer of electronics made from quality materials and excellent performance. Whether you want a regular Blu Ray player or one that supports 3D, there’s no doubt you can trust this brand.

The OPPO Digital Universal 3D Blu Ray Player brings about new standards to home entertainment with a 3D advanced image and audio processing technology for the best quality entertainment. It also comes with an exciting feature that allows you to get videos and picture that have an expanded range of color. With the help of the high-dynamic range (HDR) to SDR conversion for your older displays, you will get lifelike colors in your pictures and videos no matter what.

At the moment, the OPPO Digital Universal 3D Blu Ray Player goes for about $377.69. Here’s what is in store for you if you are ready to consider such an investment:
  • Includes a universal Blu Ray Disc Player feature that supports a variety of disc formats
  • Offers 2D to 3D conversion and 4K up-conversions to give you a better image control
  • Supports Netflix, Vudu, and YouTube among other channels to give you a variety of entertainment options
  • With dual core processing power, this machine guarantees faster video processing with an even faster loading and start-up time
  • Comes with two HDMI inputs and outputs, 3 USB inputs to expand your connectivity
The Samsung Smart 3D Blu-ray Player offers 4K upscaling and Wi-Fi to make your entertainment even more exciting. You also get to access Samsung’s Smart Hub, which offers a library of content. If you prefer a model with an interesting curved design, you can get the Samsung UBD-K8500 3D Wi-Fi 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player and still enjoy 4k upscaling feature.

Samsung 4K Upscaling Wi-Fi and 3D Blu Bay Disc Player with Accessory Bundle

Samsung has grown from a small trading company to a global corporation that delivers great devices. The company is well experienced in manufacturing consumer electronics and prides itself for being a creator of a better life experience.

The Samsung Smart 3D Blu-ray Player is a masterpiece when it comes to players of its caliber. It is Wi-Fi enabled to give you a wide range of online content to choose from. You also get to have access to the Samsung Smart Hub that features a library of online subscriptions for more variety in entertainment. With this 3D Blu Ray player, you also get to easily share your pictures and videos from your device to the big screen.

For a retail price of about $164.99, you can get your hands on this 3D Blu Ray player and enjoy the following features.
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth that is recommended for cleaning electronics, thus increasing the life span of the 3D Blu Ray Player
  • Designed for the future with a 3D UHD capacity
  • Offers multiple functionality with TV and online streaming content included
  • The 4K upscaling feature enables you to upgrade all your movies to a better viewing quality
  • In the package you get a remote control, an HDMI cable and a FiberTique cleaning cloth for more convenience
The Yamaha Multi Region 3D Blu Ray Player is a multi zone player with Wi-Fi capabilities. It guarantees full HD pictures in 3D to make your home entertainment worthwhile. If you want a different design that’s compatible with YouTube video streaming, you can get the Yamaha BD-A1000 Blu-ray Disc Player at fairly the same price. Not ready to invest in 3D? The Yamaha BD-S681 Blu-ray Disc Player is a nice 4K Ultra HD option with built in Wi-Fi connection.

Yamaha Multi Region DVD Blu Ray Player - 2D/3D - Built-in WiFi - Multi Zone ABC - Multi System

The Yamaha Company has been in business for over 100 years, giving value through the products it manufactures. The company stands by its slogan of spreading passion through products that have excellent performance. With its history of creating inspiration from all of their sound and music equipment, the creative culture has spilled over to all of its other creations.

The Yamaha Multi Region 3D Blu Ray Player is a 3D player that is Wi-Fi equipped to allow you to stream the latest movies and videos. What’s more is that you can even download an app to control your Blu Ray Disc Player from any position in the living room using your phone. If that isn’t cool enough, then this has to be: it is Miracast Compatible, meaning you get to share your videos and family photos with everyone on a larger HD display.

For a retail price of just $299.95, you can own this amazing 3D Blu Ray Player and see what it offers.

Let’s take a look at other features that this 3D Blu Ray Player brings to the table.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of multimedia formats ranging from AVCHD, VOB, AVI, ASF,MPEG-4, WAV, to FLAC(audio), JPEG and even PNG(picture)
  • Produces quality HD output with HDMI compatibility; 1080p playback capacity for DVDs and home videos, movies and pictures
  • Sufficiently equipped to fully play 3D disc at 1080p resolution, giving it the power to do five times the work of a regular DVD
  • This 3D Blu Ray Player supports internet streaming and it has an Ethernet port for your home network
  • Provides high resolution audio with FLAC and ALAC file compatibility, rendering with a speed of up to 192kHz/24-bit
  • Comes with a video noise reduction feature, giving you zero distortions in your videos

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best 3D Blu Ray Player for a True 3D Experience Like at the Movies

A few years ago, Blu Ray players were praised for displaying crisp clear images in full definition. These days, some of them are made to deliver more than this—we are talking about 3D capability! 3D blu ray players have entered the market and already taking the world by storm. Not only do they provide crystal clear images in a whole new dimension, they also provide great sound and some exciting features. Loading discs is also made to be super fast. Never again will you have to throw your remote in frustration!

But with all the goodies 3D blu ray players have to offer, we can confess that it’s not easy to get the right one. Yes, top brands have invested a lot to dominate the market with quality models, but each player comes with distinct features and prices. You will find that there models that are region-free/multi region, and others that are PAL (Phase Alternation by Line). The difference lies in the formats. While multi-region players can accept any disc worldwide, its PAL counterparts can only accept those that are PAL formatted in a particular region. The manual or the original box usually has this information available so that you can know what kind of player you are getting. While we have an option for PAL in our review, most of the players are multi-region, meaning that you can play any 3D disc from anywhere in the world.

With every 3D blu ray player, one thing you can be sure to get is crisp clear images. We are talking about Full HD and even better! Just make sure you have a good LED TV and your viewing experience will transform for the better. If you have a few more bucks to spare for a thrilling experience, you can get a smart TV and pair it with your 3D blu ray player. And yes, we have a review for some of the best smart TVs in the market as well.

While you are at it, if you are looking to have the ULTIMATE immersive viewing experience, you might want to add a surround sound system. And of course, you can't forget your 3D viewing glasses or goggles.

Can I use a 3D Blu-Ray Player on a non 3D TV?

Watch 3D TV without a 3D TV? Not if you want true 3D. Here's why! | Courtesy of Tech & Design

Note: While true 3D TV players are harder to find these days (you can still find best selling 3D TV models on Amazon but they really are going fast), 4K Ultra HD TVs do provide a decent 3D experience — not as good as the theaters though or if you have a TV that's 3D compatible.
Generally, 3D blu ray players are not cheap – they can cost a pretty penny! But depending on the brand you choose to go for and the features these machines incorporate, the prices might differ significantly, with models ranging anywhere between $150 and $1,700 – but this is one of those places where you get what you pay for. If you want to go with a cheap blu ray player, there are plenty that go for less than $300. But make sure that you don’t settle for the really cheap ones as they might not offer you the viewing experience you are looking to get.

If you want a player that supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you have to be ready to pay a premium. Basically you will note that models with more ports and support 4K upscaling will cost more than those with fewer ports and no upscaling capability.
So, what are some of the features should you consider when buying a 3D blu ray player? Of course you want it to be able to provide a 3D viewing experience, but you might want to go with one that offers something extra, other than just the 3D capability.

Here are some features to keep in mind if you want to land a good deal:
  • Region: These players will either be multi-region on PAL. If you want to go with one that supports discs only from your region you can choose the PAL model, but if you want to play any disc then you can choose the multi-region model
  • Connectivity: How many HDMI ports does the 3D blu ray player offer? How about the USB ports? Is it Wi-Fi compatible? Can it support Bluetooth devices? In some cases you will also find players with an Ethernet port to connect to the internet.
  • Resolution: While most 3D players are capable of delivering Full HD (1080p) resolution, some are made with a 2K or 4K upscaling feature that utilizes higher resolution displays, even without higher resolution content.
  • Formats: Most players are compatible with common file formats that people use. However, some are made to accept more formats to accommodate any file. Some of the most common formats to keep in mind include MKV, AVCHD, WAV, Xvid, WMV, MPED4, PNG, JPEG and FLAC

TV Explained: Why 3D TVs Are Dead

Explanation of why 3D TVs are no longer made. | Courtesy of Babbling Boolean
Construction and Design
On a mere look, a 3D blu ray player looks just like a standard DVD player, but with a little more thoughtful design. It’s standard that they all come with a remote control that will pretty much do what you’d expect; they just will vary in terms of size and button arrangement (and of course, in terms of controlling the varying features offered by the device).

In terms of design, one thing that will make one 3D Player stand out from another will be the number and kind of ports they offer. While each one will feature at least one HDMI and USB port, some will have more of these ports for your convenience. Better yet, you will find players sporting an Ethernet port to allow you to connect it directly to your network.

To make the deal sweet, some brands have gone ahead to offer extras with every player. You can get a free HDMI cable (about 6 feet long) and a cleaning cloth to help you dust the machine.
Performance and Ease of Use
Reliability and speed are important factors when shopping for a 3D blu ray player. It’s frustrating sitting on your couch comfortably with your hot popcorn, ready to enjoy your favorite movie in 3D, only to wait before the disc loads. Fortunately, these machines incorporate latest technological advancements, making loading discs super fast. Inexpensive players might load slower, but the speed is still going to be better that your standard DVD player.

Wi-Fi compatibility is perhaps one of the features that make some 3D blu ray players “better” and more popular than others. They give you the option to stream the latest videos and movies without necessarily using a disc. Better yet, some brands such as Yamaha and Sony allow you to download an app that helps you control the player using your mobile device. You can also view family photos and videos on a large HD display right from your smartphone.

You may wonder – do 3D blu ray players only play 3D discs? Well, not really. These machines even play 2D discs, with some models having the option to convert 2D into 3D. You don’t need to use the 3D feature unless you want it. Amazing, right? Talk about taking Ultra HD to the next level.

Get the Best 3D Blu Ray Player of 2023!

Watching your favorite movies or TV shows will be so much more entertaining with one of these 3D Blu Ray players. They are just a thrill! Whether you go with Yamaha, Sony, OPPO Digital, Panasonic or Samsung, you will not regret your purchase. We are glad to have been part of this important process!

Our Top Choice
Sony 2D/3D Blu Ray Player
Best Value
Panasonic 2K/4K 3D Blu Ray Player
OPPO Digital Universal 3D Blu Ray Player
Samsung Smart 3D Blu Bay Player
Yamaha Multi Region 3D Blu Ray Player

3D Blu Ray Player FAQs

What is a 3D Blue Ray Player?
If we are being technical, 3D Blue Ray is a common misspelling of 3D Blu Ray player. It’s a device used to play 3D blue ray movies and one can combine watching using 3D glasses for a close real-life effect. As much as the production of 3D TV programs has been discontinued, you will find many such viewing options still available. The image information in a 3D standard is encoded on a disc which is then inserted into the 3D player.
What is a smart 3D Blu Ray Player?
A Smart player is a more advanced version of traditional Blu Ray players with features such as connection to apps that let you stream or catch up on programs. Such players usually have built-in WiFi and allow for TV connectivity.
What is the best 3D Blu Ray player?
Popular electronic brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and the high end Oppo Digital have some of the best 3D blu-ray players. To learn more about what they offer, we’ve done a review of some of their best-selling models.