Best 5 Subject Notebook Reviews 2023

Even with the advent of tablets and smartphones, notebooks are still must-haves for the leisure writer, the college student, and the bank manager. If we ever run out of reasons notebooks are preferred, at least we know that low batteries won’t hinder the free flow of your writing. But that’s not to say picking the right notebook is simple. If you read to the end of this informative buying guide, you’ll get to know the best 5 subject notebooks from five top brands. These brands have other notebooks that you may like, too. We also have reviews on best notebooks and best 1 and 5 subject notebooks if you would like more options.
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Our Top Choice
Five Star Wirebound College Ruled Notebook
Five Star makes high-quality learning tools for you to achieve your goals. You can trust the durability and value of its products any day.
Dividers for partition and storage. Ink bleed-resistant sheets. Spiral lock prevents coil snag. 3-hole punch for standard binders. Coated and water-resistant covers are durable.
It’s a bit bulky.
Wirebound; 3-hole
11 x 8.5 inches
6 colors available
Best Value
Studio C Hair of the Dog Collection Notebook
Studio C makes some of the finest high-quality school supplies ever. It uses creative styles and interesting designs that compel laidback writers to keep work flowing.
Attractive design. Tab dividers encourage organization. Durable cover prevents tearing and crumpling. Three holes to fit its sheets in a standard binder. Generous 150 sheets.
Not perforated for easy and neat tearing.
Wirebound; 3-hole
11 x 8.5 inches
Blue and pink; animal designs
Roaring Spring Genesis Shades Notebook
Roaring Spring is a strong brand with more than a hundred and fifty years of remarkable success in providing office and school supplies to customers all over the world.
Assorted durable covers. Perforations for easy tearing. Double pocket under front cover for storage. Eco-friendly recycled paper. Colored pages to separate subjects.
Some customers would prefer that it had more pages.
Wirebound; multi-colored pages
College; margin
11 x 9 inches
Blue, green, pink, purple
iScholar IQ+ 5 Subject Poly Notebook
iScholar has a wealth of experience in making writing supplies. Its dedicated customer support team is committed to ensuring that its customers get great products.
Poly ruler for measuring and page-marking. Customizable tabs for organization. SpineGuard protects the coil. Moveable dividers for separation. Perforated sheets for easy tearing.
The plastic pockets don’t hold many papers.
Spine guard, customized tabs
11 x 9 inches
5 colors available
BAZIC College-Ruled 5 Subject Spiral Notebook
BAZIC’s places the opinions of its customers high above everything else. That is why it ensures it provides innovative and vibrant writing solutions that add value to them.
Perforated sheets can be torn neatly and easily. 3-hole punched sheets fit standard binders. Makes backpacks lighter. Pack of 24. College-ruled sheets. Assorted colors.
150 sheets may be inadequate.
Wirebound, 3-hole
10.5 x 8 inches
6 colors available

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What is the Best 5 Subject Notebook?

You should be better informed now that you have gone through our buying guide. This means you can make the right choice of a 5 subject notebook with ease. We will now take you to our review section for more information.
Our Top Choice
The Five Star Wirebound College-Ruled 5 Subject Notebook offers 200 ink bleed-resistant sheets for all your notes. This notebook features storage pockets that help protect the sheets from tears and dog ears. Want a notebook that allows free flow of your writing? Go for the Five Star Advance Spiral Notebook. It comes with a loop to keep your pen within reach.

Five Star Wirebound College Ruled 5 Subject Notebook with 200 Sheets – Available in 5 Colors

Five Star, a company owned by ACCO Brands, makes learning solutions that have helped millions of students achieve their set academic goals. Its wealth of experience in the industry has earned it a position as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of learning solutions in the world. Five Star keeps proffering innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

The Five Star Wirebound College-Ruled 5 Subject Notebook has 200 college-ruled sheets for all your writing needs. Its dividers separate the book into five equal parts for five of your school subjects. These dividers also serve as storage purses for loose papers and pictures that you may want to keep. If you want to tear out a page, you can take advantage of its neat perforations to get a neat sheet out of it.

Its storage pockets are reinforced and help to keep the sheets in place so that they don’t tear. You can relax with the knowledge that the end of the spiral bind won’t get caught in your clothes or injure you, because it's protected with a spiral lock.

The back cover of this notebook is coated to protect your notes. If you accidentally spill water on this notebook, you can rest assured your notes will be protected by the durable, water-resistant covers.

Here are some other notebooks by Five Star:
  • Five Star Spiral College-Ruled 5 Subject Notebook: Its storage pockets prevent tears
  • Five Star Advance Spiral Medium-Sized 2 Subject Notebook: Features tabs on its dividers to locate pages easily
  • Five Star Advance Spiral 2 Subject Notebook with Chevron Design: Both covers of this notebook are made from plastic, making it durable
  • Five Star Mini-Advance Spiral 1 Subject Notebook: Has a spiral guard that protects the wire from coil snags
  • Five Star Advance Spiral Notebook with Circles Design: Its dividers feature an expandable pocket for loose papers
Best Value
The Studio C 5 Subject Notebook Hair of the Dog Collection themed pack that makes you want to write even when you don’t feel like it. Organize your study and writing life using its decorative tab dividers. Have your subjects separated in style with the Studio C 5 Subject Writing Notebook. It features decorative and floral tab dividers to demarcate the notebook into five parts.

Studio C 5 Subject Notebook Hair of the Dog Collection – Comes in Assorted Colors

Studio C has more than seventy years of experience in school supplies. Its product line includes notebooks, papers, composition books, and tablets. Even with its remarkable growth, Studio C continues to spread to many regions in America. Its products usually have decorative and interesting themes that attract customers. Whatever you get from Studio C promises to give you value for your money.

The Studio C 5 Subject Fashion Notebook helps take away the boredom that often sets in with writing and studying at school. It comes in a pack of three assorted notebooks with the amusing Hair of the Dog theme of pink and blue colors. Having these three books in such playful and decorative designs is a gentle reminder that school isn’t such a boring place to be after all.

These notebooks have decorative dividers for each section, so that you can get to a subject quickly and easily. The covers are made from durable and water-resistant poly that will protect your notes from spills. Each notebook offers 150 sheets of college-ruled paper for any five subjects or categories of writing.

Other notebooks from Studio C include:
  • Studio C Five Subject Writing Notebook (36132) – 3 Pack: Three notebooks in assorted designs, 150 sheets each
  • Studio C Sugarland Collection 5 Subject Notebook: Poly cover protects your notes from moisture and spills
  • Studio C Personal Size 1 Subject Notebook (31333): Each of the six notebooks in this pack has perforated lines for neat and easy tearing
  • Studio C Pattern Play College-Rule Notebook: Has a generous 300 pages
  • Studio C Pattern Play 1 Subject Notebook and 1-Inch Binder in Matching Pattern: Notebook has a 3-hole punch that makes it fit into the binder perfectly, while the binder can hold up to 175 pages
The Roaring Springs Genesis Shades 5 Subject Notebook comes with two storage pockets under its front cover to keep loose pieces of paper in. This notebook also offers micro-perforations on all pages for tidy tearing. If you’d like more sheets, check out the Roaring Spring Sugarcane Notebook with 200 sheets. It features four Kraft dividers for easy access to each of the five sections.

Roaring Spring Genesis Shades 5 Subject Notebook - 170 College-Ruled Sheets

Roaring Spring is a strong and renowned brand in supplies for the home, school, and office. Since 1867, it has been a leading giant in the paper milling industry. Roaring Spring continues to provide its customers with all the stationery that they need.

The Roaring Spring Genesis Shades 5 Subject Notebook offers 170 college-ruled sheets. The sheets are divided into five parts, with each part having a unique pastel color. This color variance helps you get to sections of the notebook quickly and easily.

This notebook uses recycled paper to help protect our environment. The bright poly cover means your notes are protected from spills and moisture.

Its perforations let you tear out sheets neatly whenever you need a single page to make notes on. There's also a pocket cover to store loose papers. This pocket is located behind the front cover to keep the notebook tidy and organized.

Here are a few more notebooks from Roaring Spring:
  • Roaring Spring 1 Subject Graph Notebook: Suitable for science experiments and design drawings
  • Roaring Spring College Ruled 1 Subject Notebook: Comes in a pack of four notebooks with assorted Life Notes covers
  • Roaring Spring Environotes 5 Subject Notebook: Pages are micro-perforated for easy tearing
  • Roaring Spring College-Ruled 1 Subject Notebook with Brown Kraft Covers: Its wire ends are locked to prevent snagging
  • Roaring Spring Lab Notebook: With black laminate covers that assure durability
The iScholar IQ+ 5 Subject Poly Notebook offers customizable tab dividers to keep your notes and subjects organized. It also features a durable poly ruler that doubles as a measuring tool and a page marker. For a notebook with a class schedule and a multiplication and conversion table, consider the iScholar 5-Subject Colored Marble Composition Book.

iScholar IQ+ 5 Subject Poly Cover SpineGuard Notebook with 200 Sheets

iScholar has been providing its customers with quality writing tools for more than a decade. Its products rank high as some of the best in the industry. A lot of detail, precision and mschinery goes into the production of its products in order to ensure that they do not fall short of the standard. iScholar’s aim is to keep providing its customers with products that meet their needs perfectly.

The iScholar iQ+ 5 Subject Poly Notebook has water-resistant covers that protect your notes. It also has a SpineGuard that provides a double coating on the spiral bind for durability and long-lasting use.

This notebook is designed to help you organize your subjects and notes by using its movable dividers. If you like to keep clippings and pictures, you can take advantage of its double pockets under its cover.

The tab dividers are customizable for whatever purpose you want to use this notebook for. You can use its movable ruler to draw straight lines and make accurate linear measurements. This durable ruler can also be used as a page marker to get to the part of the notebook you visited last.

There are a few more notebooks from iScholar, and they include:
  • iScholar X-pression Wirebound 5 Subject Notebook: Has 180 micro-perforated sheets for easy tearing
  • iScholar Double Wire 5 Subject Notebook: With multi-color movable dividers for organization
  • iScholar Wirebound College-Ruled 5 Subject Notebooks with 180 Sheets: Three holes make it fit into a standard binder
  • iScholar Coil-Less 1 Subject Graph Book: Good for reporting science experiments
  • iScholar Grade 3 Primary Composition Notebook: Great for practicing handwriting
BAZIC places the opinions of its customers above everything else. It provides inventive writing tools that make your work easier. If you prefer wider writing spaces, order the BAZIC W\/R 5 Subject Spiral Notebook – Pack of 24. It comes in an assortment of 24 colored notebooks.

BAZIC Spiral 5 Subject Spiral Notebook with 150 College-Ruled Sheets – Pack of 24

BAZIC is a value-oriented company that ensures its customers get the best writing solutions for their needs. BAZIC believes its consumers are the ones in charge, and so it treats them with respect. It pays attention to feedback and input from its customers. BAZIC is known for its perseverance in achieving success in the paper industry.

The BAZIC College-Ruled 5 Subject Notebook comes in a pack of 24 notebooks of assorted colors. Having this notebook reduces the number of trips you have to make to get supplies, because it can accommodate up to five subjects. The three holes close to the spiral bind makes it a suitable fit for standard binders.

Taking a sheet out of it is a breeze, thanks to the micro-perforation on each sheet. The college-ruled lines keep your notes neat and your writing straight, so you can read easily during your study time.

Here are some other notebooks by BAZIC:
  • BAZIC Personal Assignment Spiral Notebook: Comes in a pack of 24 multicolored notebooks
  • BAZIC Quad-Ruled Spiral Notebook with 100 Sheets: Useful to keep numbers in place for mathematics
  • BAZIC College-Ruled 3 Subject Spiral Notebook: Each subject has 40 perforated sheets
  • BAZIC College-Ruled Holographic 1 Subject Notebook: Has a 3-hole punch to fit its sheets in a standard binder
  • BAZIC Damask 1 Subject Notebook: This patterned notebook offers 70 college-ruled sheets

How Do I Choose the Best 5 Subject Notebook?

Many writers can relate to the great feeling of writing in a notebook with a good pen – a feeling which may take a while to get with a stylus pen and an electronic tablet. That is why even the most tech-savvy people own at least one paper notebook.

Notebooks can be used in home, school, and office settings to make notes on important information. There’s a sense of connection with something you wrote in your own words. This is why students remember their own notes better than someone else’s notes, because they can recall the mood in which they made those notes.

Aside from being reference materials for the regular student, a good notebook can be a budding writer’s companion in harnessing writing skills. You can make a good habit of journaling events, experiences, goals, and aspirations with a standard notebook. This will help you keep track of your goals, so that you can appreciate your progress in achieving them.

The benefits of having a notebook increase with the added features of a 5 subject notebook. This type of notebook encourages organization and effective writing with its separation into 5 subjects. It also relieves students of having to make several trips to their lockers, or lug a heavy backpack of five different notebooks.
You may want more than one 5 subject notebook at a time, especially if you write a lot. But you must be prepared to pay more for extra ones. This is why multiple packs cost more than single notebooks. In any case, 5 subject notebooks fall within a price range of $3 and $100. We must also warn you about cheap 5 subject notebooks that get really rough after a short while. Because we have your best interests in mind, we have left these notebooks out of this buying guide.
Finding the right 5 subject notebook is an easy task, but only if you know what to keep at your fingertips. Here are a few things to look at:
  • Size: What are the dimensions of the book?
  • Pages: How many pages or sheets?
  • Binding: Spiral or paper bound
  • Color: What colors are offered?
  • Rule: College or wide?
  • Count: How many are in a pack?
  • Cover: Material and design
Construction and Design
The size of the notebook gives you an estimate of the writing space that it offers. A long notebook with many lines means more writing space, while shorter notebooks offer less space. An A5-sized notebook, for instance, fits well in most bags and also offers a fair amount of writing space.

How a notebook is bound determines its durability. The binding could be spiral or permanent. Spiral bound notebooks are bound together by a thin and strong piece of wire that goes through all the sheets in the notebook. This makes it easy to turn pages.

In most cases, spiral notebooks are perforated for easy and neat tearing. They also have punch holes that hold loose papers or two whole notebooks in a standard binder. If you prefer spiral notebooks you must ensure that the winding coils are snag-proof, or the ends will get caught in things.

Paper bound notebooks have bindings with glue, and sometimes stitches, to hold them together. These notebooks are usually made for composition purposes and are harder to tear.

College-ruled notebooks have thinner lines compared to wide-ruled ones. Some writers can use college-ruled notebooks because they are able to write within the narrow lines. Children learning to write may prefer a wide-ruled notebook.
Performance and Ease of Use
The quality of a notebook cover affects the durability of the book. Covers made from paper are usually not suitable for long use, because they aren't water-resistant. Hardcovers last longer than paper covers, but they don't protect against moisture. Poly cover notebooks withstand contact with water and protect your notes from crumpling and dog ears.

The number of subjects you have tells you how many 5 subject notebooks you should get. You may also want extras such as pocket storage, pen holders, tab dividers, and rulers.

Get the Best 5 Subject Notebook of 2023!

We are pleased to know that you patiently read through this buying guide, and now picking the right 5 subject notebook will be an easy task for you. Take advantage of the navigation links we have provided you with for other exciting options.

Our Top Choice
Five Star Wirebound College Ruled Notebook
Best Value
Studio C Hair of the Dog Collection Notebook
Roaring Spring Genesis Shades Notebook
iScholar IQ+ 5 Subject Poly Notebook
BAZIC College-Ruled 5 Subject Spiral Notebook