Best 6V Battery Reviews 2023

Batteries are needed to power a wide range of electronic devices, including toys, clocks, calculators, etc. So, depending on which gadget you need to use, a 6V battery might come in handy. You must have run into the plethora of options available, or you wouldn’t have run to us. As always, we have researched those options for you and have come up with five of the best 6V battery brands to choose from. Kindly note that, though each of the brands explored has so many batteries, we have only focused on one. So, you would do well to also look at other products from each of these brands if the featured ones aren’t the right fit.
Great prices on rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, battery cases and holders.

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No per pack
Our Top Choice
PetStandard Dog Collar 6V Battery
PetStandard makes top-quality filters and batteries for pet devices. The 10 Pack Dog Collar 6Vbattery is suitable for different kinds of dog collars.
Great quality for the price.
Can run down fast.
Info not provided
Dog collars, photo cameras
Best Value
Duracell 6V Lithium 28L Battery
Duracell has made dependable and long-lasting batteries since the 1920s. The Duracell Lithium 28L Battery is used in many electronics including cameras and dog collars.
Powerful and long-lasting. Great value for money.
Can easily be counterfeited; customers need to be wary.
Info not provided
Photo cameras; dog collars
Energizer Super Heavy Duty 6v Lantern​ Battery
Energizer has been a top-class battery company for years. The Energizer EVEREADY® Super Heavy Duty 6v Lantern is very long lasting, and can have up to 3 years suspended use power.
Leak resistant. Long shelf life. Zero added mercury
Wobbly top lead.
Up to 3 Years when not in use
General purpose
ExpertPower EXP645 6V Rechargeable Battery
ExpertPower makes portable batteries and accessories for several devices. The EXP645 is useful for rechargeable lanterns, toy cars and other devices which require a 6V battery.
Rugged construction. Leak-proof. Easy to install.
Some do not last very long. Refuses to charge sometimes.
Info not provided
1; 2; 4; 10
Info not provided
Alarm/automobiles/solar power
PetSafe Waterproof 6V Battery
PetSafe makes pet products for training and containment, and even treats. The 6-Volt Battery (2-Pack) is made for in-ground and wireless fence receiver collars and bark collars.
Long lasting. Value for money.
Some of the batteries arrive dead.
1 to 3 months
Info not provided
Fence receiver and bark collars

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What is the Best 6V Battery?

You have learned more about 6V batteries and, hopefully, you have made up your mind on what you’re looking for. In that case, all you need to do is read our review of the individual brands and products to help you decide on the best 6V battery for your particular needs.
Our Top Choice
PetStandard makes a handful of pet devices and accessories. This 10 pack of 6 volt dog collar batteries is ideal for dog bark, training and fencing collars. You can also check out the PetStandard Replacement Batteries for PetSafe RFA-67.which also come in a pack of 10.

PetStandard 6 Volt Dog Collar Battery – Equivalent to 476A / PX28A / A544 / K28A / L1325 Dog Collar 6V Batteries

PetStandard makes pet products including different kinds of filters and batteries for use on different kinds of dog collars. Their Dog Collar 6V battery has positive reviews on Amazon and offers value for every dollar spent. These alkaline 6V batteries are great for any device that requires batteries of this size. Such devices include dog fencing collars, dog training collars and dog bark collars.

If you find the Dog Collar 6V battery is not what you need, you may want to check out other PetStandard batteries such as:
  • PetStandard Replacement Batteries for PetSafe RFA-67
  • PetSafe Compatible RFA-188 Replacement Batteries (Pack of 5)
Best Value
Duracell is known globally as a manufacturer of long-lasting and dependable batteries. The Lithium 28L Battery is no different. With an excellent shelf life, you are sure to still get value for your money irrespective of when you use it after its manufacture date. You can also consider Duracell 6v Lantern Battery.

Duracell 28L 6 Volt Lithium Photo Batteries

Duracell has been around for a long time, making one of the most widely known ranges of batteries out there. Its batteries will likely outlast many basic batteries and certainly give you value for money.

The Lithium 28L Battery will last a long time, following in the Duracell tradition. With very positive reviews on Amazon, you can sense the satisfaction of customers who bought and used this product.

If you find the Duracell Lithium 28L Battery does not exactly meet your battery power needs, you may want to check out other battery types made by Duracell. Some of which are:
  • Duracell Coppertop Alkaline 6-Volt Lantern Battery
  • Duracell CR-P2 Lithium 6V Photo Battery CRP2
  • Duracell Photo Battery 6 V Model No. 245 Carded
  • Ultra High Power Lithium Battery, 245, 6V
Energizer batteries are classified amongst the very best; they seem to last forever. So don’t expect less from The Energizer MAX EVE1209 General Purpose Battery. You can also consider the Energizer A544BPZ Zero Mercury Battery.- 1 Pack.

Energizer MAX EVE1209 General Purpose 6 Volt Battery – Good for Lanterns and More, Two Package Quantities

Energizer makes outstandingly good batteries which are likely to beat competition on many parameters. The fact that they are amongst the world’s best battery makers is reflected in the popularity of their batteries, and the very high ratings and positive reviews their batteries receive globally.

If, however, you find the leak-resistant EVEREADY® Super Heavy Duty 6 Volt Battery does not meet your exact needs, you could check out some other Energizer batteries:
  • Energizer A544 6-Volt Photo Battery
  • 2-pack Eveready 1209 6V batteries
  • Lithium Photo Battery, 2CR5, 6V
  • Eveready Battery EN529 Energizer Industrial 6V Batt
  • Energizer: e2 Lithium Photo Battery, 223, 6Volt
If you want a battery that is ready to use for up to 3 years after storing, then you should consider the Energizer MAX D Alkaline Batteries.
ExpertPower employs great expertise to ensure their products meet desired requirements and expectations. The EXP645 is a multipurpose battery which customers have found useful in a variety of devices, including devices and toys for kids. You can also check the ExpertPower EXP612 6V 1.2 Amp Rechargeable Battery.

ExpertPower 4.5 Amp Rechargeable 6 Volt Battery – Four Pack-Size Options

ExpertPower is really good at making portable batteries which find use in devices found at home, hospitals, offices or at the playground. The ExpertPower EXP645 certainly delivers and performs reasonably well.

If, however, you find theEXP645 does not meet your needs, you could check out these other 6V ExpertPower batteries:
  • 6V 5Ah SLA Rechargeable Battery
  • ExpertPower 6V 12Ah SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery F1 Terminal/ Replacement for Portalac GS PE6V12
  • 2 x ExpertPower® 6v 1500mAh NiCd Battery for Paslode 404717 B20544E BCPAS-404717 BCPAS-404717SH
  • 6 volt 7.0 Ah Rechargeable Battery-Electronics
  • ExpertPower®6V 10Ah SLA Rechargeable Battery / 2 Pack
PetSafe makes products with the safety of pets in mind, just as their name suggests. The 6-Volt Battery (2-Pack) is made to power various collar types, to ensure pets are safe. You may also check RFA-188 3-Volt Lithium Battery Size. Pack of 3. It is another good pet collar/tracking device battery.

PetSafe 6 Volt Coin Battery - Patented Waterproof Battery Module

PetSafe makes great products for pets. The numerous positive reviews and high rating of their products on and other sites indicates the quality of their products. The PetSafe 6-Volt Battery lasts long and is built with your pet’s safety in mind.

If, however, you find this 6-Volt Battery does not meet your exact needs, you could check out these other PetSafe batteries...
  • 8 PACK PETSAFE BATTERY RFA-67D-11 RFA-67 8 X 6V BATTERIES FOR PIF-300 RF300 PIF-275-19 PRF-3004W PUL-250
  • PetSafe RFA-67 6-Volt Batteries - Economy 5-Pack - 10 batteries
  • PetSafe Replacement Batteries 6 Volt 2 (RFA-67D-11) Packages of 2 Batteries
  • PetSafe RFA-18 Battery 6V Alkaline (BAT11301)

How Do I Choose the Best 6V Battery?

Batteries aren't going anywhere, at least not yet. Not until we find an alternative, hopefully better, way to power appliances that are portable. 6V batteries are essential for many everyday gadgets. They are not as commonly used as other battery types, such as the AA and AAA, but they are great for those devices that need more power for longer. They come in rechargeable and disposable options.

The best 6V batteries work for long periods of time and have a decent shelf life. They come in different types, which we will describe in more detail, and have different chemistry, which often affects their efficacy. 6V batteries are used in lanterns, kids’ motorized ride-on cars, cameras, etc. The bigger types power golf carts, rechargeable fans, etc. Before you buy a 6V battery, make sure to find out which particular one your machine needs, so you don’t end up with a button-top variant when what you need is a spring-top.
The price of 6V batteries varies according to their rechargeability, capacity, and application. A Streamlight NiCd rechargeable battery is often the most expensive, with costs reaching up to $30 per piece. The button-top disposable batteries that are often used in cameras can sometimes go for as low as $3.25.

Do be vigilant, however – there are some batteries that won’t hold a charge for long, will leak into your device or, even worse, explode during use. Those are the cheap 6V batteries, so be cautious and don’t endanger yourself trying to save money.
Batteries will always be useful, whether electricity exists or not. There are gadgets we need to carry around that shouldn’t have electric wires protruding from them. 6V batteries still have some useful applications, so if you are planning to get one, here are some things you should consider:
  • Batteries per Pack
  • Applications
  • Type
  • Capacity
  • Chemical Composition
  • Rechargeable or Disposable
We have touched on how these features apply to 6V batteries and how they will affect your decision. So, keep reading to get a better idea on how to choose based on what you need the batteries for.
Construction and Design
6V batteries come in different types, suitable for different applications. 6V batteries are not of a universal shape like most other battery types. There is a 6V battery with a button top that looks almost like a c-size battery. It could also come with a spring terminal, which is a popular type. There is the screw top with two terminals on top, the battery stick, which looks more like an AAA battery, but much longer. And finally, the sealed variant which looks like a miniature car battery. Whichever type you go for will depend on the appliance you want to use it for, so pay attention to that.

As with every battery, the 6V variant also comes in different capacities and charge retention. The capacity is often measured in Amp/hour (Ah). It ranges from 10 to 52 Ah depending on the size and what device it powers. The chemical makeup of these batteries is similar to those of other battery types. Alkaline, lithium, zinc-chloride, nickel-cadmium, carbon-zinc, and lead are some of the common ones you will find around.
Performance and Ease of Use
6V batteries are often sold as single units, but the button-top ones are often sold in packs of multiples. You will easily find a pack of 10 in a neighborhood store. As 6V batteries come in different sizes, their application is quite wide. Some 6V batteries are used to power golf carts, ride-on toys, and other machines like that. Some are used for cameras, others are used in lanterns, Streamlight, and many other devices. Just be sure which 6V battery your device requires before making a purchase.

Some 6V batteries are rechargeable, while others are meant to be used once, and disposed of when they run out of charge. It is usually easy to determine which are rechargeable or not, as it will be written on the package, and sometimes the battery itself. If you get disposable batteries, for the sake of our environment, dispose of them properly.

We hope this information will make it easy for you to decide which 6V battery you will opt for. Ultimately, it is the need that should determine your preference.

Get the Best 6V Battery of 2023!

We hope this review has been sufficient to guide you through your decision. In that case, why wait? Go on and purchase the best 6V battery for your devices.

Our Top Choice
PetStandard Dog Collar 6V Battery
Best Value
Duracell 6V Lithium 28L Battery
Energizer Super Heavy Duty 6v Lantern​ Battery
ExpertPower EXP645 6V Rechargeable Battery
PetSafe Waterproof 6V Battery