5 Best 9V Battery Brands – Alkaline vs Lithium 9V Battery: Which Should I Get?

Batteries are needed to power many electronic devices, and 9V batteries are the most common for smoke detectors and smoke alarms. As with every indispensable product like this, there are lots of options available to choose from. This makes it a complicated task to decide which 9V battery will work best. But, there’s no need to worry! We’ve done all of the hard work researching battery options and have come up with five of the best 9V batteries available on the market. All you have to do is read our review and keep in mind that the brands we have featured have other types that you can check out for more options.
Great prices on rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, battery cases and holders.

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Our Top Choice
Duracell Coppertop 9V Batteries
Duracell is one of the most popular battery brands out there, and the Duracell Coppertop 9 Volt Batteries is one of the amazing products from their vast collection.
Reputable brand. High power.
Reports of troublesome packaging. Not rechargeable.
Best Value
EBL Rechargeable 9V Lithium Batteries with Charger
EBL has very high standards for its products. The EBL 600mAh 9 Volt Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries clearly meet those standards.
Affordable. Comes with 5 port charger.
Some users feel the charger is too large. Also some reports that batteries don't hold charge as long (but still a great value compared to non-chargeables).
Energizer® 9V Lithium Battery
Energizer is a reliable battery manufacturing brand. The Energizer Ultimate Lithium Battery delivers a superior performance and is lighter when compared to alkaline.
Leak-resistant construction.
Not rechargeable (but Energizer does offer rechargeable 9 volt batteries).
AmazonBasics Alkaline 9V Batteries
AmazonBasics works hard to give high quality products at an affordable price, and its 9-volt Everyday Alkaline Batteries do just that.
Economically priced.
May not last as long as other brands. Not rechargeable but AmazonBasics does offer rechargeable batteries.
Rayovac Fusion 9V Alkaline Battery
Rayovac is out to provide excellent products with quality performance. Its Fusion Premium Alkaline Battery is a great choice for all your power hungry devices.
Prevents leaks. Improved current transmission
May run out fast depending on device. Not rechargeable (but Rayovac does offer rechargeable 9v batteries).

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Need a 9V Battery for Smoke Detector or Smoke Alarm? Try One of These! [2020 Reviews]

Now that we know some of the options available for 9V batteries, it’s time to take a look at our reviews for five of the top battery brands. Do keep in mind that these brands each offer a variety of battery types. For example, you could get an Energizer 9V alkaline battery, or you could go with their lithium or rechargeable 9V batteries it that better suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
Duracell's classic Coppertop batteries are a fantastic choice for everyday usage. Want a leap in power when it comes to your batteries? Look no further than the Duracell Quantum 9V Batteries that have the high density core technology which has unrivaled power boosters.

Duracell Coppertop 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries - Multiple Quantity Options Available

Duracell has been manufacturing top class batteries for years. It has made a name for itself for creating durable and dependable batteries using the latest technology to provide users with unbeatable performance.

The Duracell Coppertop 9V Batteries boasts revolutionary advanced technology that will power all your household devices. Its CoreTM technology has multiple power boosters designed to provide long lasting performance. Whether you are looking for batteries for your flashlights, toys or remote controls, Duracell has got you covered.

In addition to Coppertop, Duracell also offers these 9 volt batteries:
  • Duracell Procell Alkaline 9V
  • Duracell Quantum 9V Alkaline Batteries
Best Value
Feel like a battery pack with fewer charging ports? The EBL 4-Pack Li-ion 9V Rechargeable batteries with 840 9V Battery Charger is a great choice.

EBL 9V Rechargeable Batteries Lithium Batteries with 5 Bay 9V Battery Charger

EBL is a highly reputable brand. It manufactures batteries with highly improved low self-discharge, which makes them retain 75% of their capacity even after 3 years of non-use.

The EBL 600mAh Rechargeable 9V Lithium-ion Batteries can be used to power smoke alarms, medical devices, remotes and many others. For your added convenience and value, not only do you get 5 rechargeable batteries, but you also get an EBL 503 iQuick Smart Charger.

On top of that, it also comes with a plastic storage case that prevents battery terminals from touching when not in us. Tip: Don't throw it away when all the batteries are used. Instead, save it for storing other dead batteries until you can properly dispose of them. Just make sure to mark which is which.

Other options from EBL include the following:
  • EBL 855 4 Bay 9V Li-ion Battery Charger with 4 Pack 600mAh 9V 6F22 Low Self-Discharge Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • EBL 9V Battery Charger for Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries with 8 Bay Smart Charger
  • EBL 4 Pack 9V 6F22 600mAh High Volume Lithium-ion Rechargeable 9 Volt Li-ion Batteries
  • EBL 855 4 Bay 9V Li-ion Battery Charger with 4 Pack 600mAh 9V 6F22 Low Self-Discharge Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • EBL 9 Volt Rechargeable Batteries Everyday Basic 280mAh Ni-MH Battery, 4 Packs
  • EBL 600mAh 9 Volt Li-ion Rechargeable 9V Batteries Lithium-ion, 8 Pack
Looking for batteries that can be used more than once? Then the Energizer Recharge Universal Battery is a money saving alternative.

Energizer® 9V Ultimate Lithium Batteries - Available in Various Quantities

If you are looking at battery manufacturing brands, Energizer is one of the best, and it is easy to see why. It has a wide range of quality products.

The Energizer Ultimate Lithium Battery, 2 count (selling for $12.33 - manufacturer's suggested retail price) is a pack of 2 9 volt batteries. They are suitable for devices for work, play and at home. They function well between temperatures of 40°F and 140°F so they can be used in all seasons.

Other 9V products from this brand include:
  • Energizer E522 Max 9V Alkaline battery
  • Energizer(R) 9-Volt Alkaline Industrial Batteries
  • Energizer Rechargeable 9V Batteries
  • Energizer Advanced Lithium 9V Batteries
Great products, affordable prices — AmazonBasics gives you your lifelong desire. Its 9V Everyday Alkaline Batteries are just as good as the popular brands, but less expensive. Tired of buying single use batteries all the time? Switch to AmazonBasics Rechargeable 9V Batteries today.

AmazonBasics 9 Volt Everyday Alkaline Batteries - Choose the Quantity That's Right for You

Amazon is a retail store that is widely known and trusted, and AmazonBasics is its store brand. As expected, AmazonBasics lives up to the standards set by Amazon.

The AmazonBasics 9V Everyday Alkaline Batteries (8-pack) (selling for $9.49 - manufacturer's suggested retail price) is a pack of 8 9V alkaline batteries that are designed to power devices such as game controllers, toys, clocks, et cetera. The batteries are very efficient and reliable.

Other batteries from AmazonBasics you may like include:
  • AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries
  • AmazonBasics C Cell Everyday Alkaline Batteries
  • AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries
  • AmazonBasics 9 Volt Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries
  • AmazonBasics AA Performance Alkaline Batteries
  • AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries
  • AmazonBasics AAA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries
  • AmazonBasics Ni-MH AA & AAA Battery Charger with USB Port
Are you looking for an economically packed battery product for your devices? The Rayovac High Energy 9V Alkaline Battery in a convenient 8 pack is a great option!

Rayovac Fusion Premium Alkaline 9V Batteries - 2-Pack (Other Options Available)

Rayovac prides itself in being one of the few companies in the industry with over a hundred years working on batteries - 110 years to be specific! That’s over a century’s experience in battery making.

The Rayovac Fusion Premium Alkaline 9V Batteries - 2-Pack are designed to provide you with incomparable performance to power all types of devices that you may have. Its patent pending revolutionary Zinc formula allows for better ion transfer which translates to better energy.Its power rings are well built to provide you with high energy.

Its high brass current collector makes the battery capable of more power.Before shipping the batteries have been tested twice to ensure that they don’t fail once received.

Not exactly what you want? Rayovac has other products such as:
  • Rayovac Double A Premium Alkaline Batteries 30 count
  • Rayovac Rechargeable AA Batteries 8 Count
  • Rayovac Heavy Duty D Batteries 6D-2BD 2 Pack
  • Rayovac 123A Lithium Batteries 3V Lithium Photo Batteries

Lithium, Alkaline, or Rechargeable 9V Batteries – Which is the Best 9V Battery to Get?

Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we?

It’s the year 1780, and Luigi Galvani observed that a frog's leg would twitch when contacted with a brass hook. He theorized that the electricity came from the frog. However, another scientist that happened to be his friend, Alessandro Volta, had a different idea and started experimenting until he was able to prove that the charge was caused when two metals come in contact through a moist conductor. Volta eventually became the inventor of the first battery which was dubbed the voltaic pile.

Fast forward to the present where Volta’s efforts in 1799, along with slight modifications over time, has led us to several battery types used for different applications. Almost every portable device is powered by one type of battery or another. Some of the popular battery types are 12V batteries, often used in UPS; AA batteries, which power many hand-held games, and 3V batteries that are used in a host of various applications.

The best 9V batteries hold a charge for extended periods and have a long shelf life. They do not leak nor will they burn your devices. The rechargeable ones can endure a considerable amount of recharge cycles. They have a high capacity and can output sufficient power for your devices to function optimally. They are packaged in different quantities which affect their price. Batteries should be disposed of properly to help protect the environment.
The price of a 9V battery is determined by a number of factors; whether they’re rechargeable, the capacity and the quantity in the package. If you want to go for cheap 9V batteries you can get some for about $10.

Alternatively, if you would prefer some long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, for around $25 you can get yourself a pack of 4. There are, of course, a bunch of batteries in the middle too, so decide what features you need the most, determine your budget and you’re good to go!
Some devices require a lot of power to function optimally, and 9V batteries come in handy in these cases. They are used in products such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, children’s toys and wireless microphones, to name but a few. If you’re looking to get some of these, here are the features you need to keep an eye out for:
  • Type
  • Quantity
  • Shelf life
  • Chemistry
  • Rechargeability
  • Safety
With the above options, we hope you will find it easier to decide on which features you prefer for your 9V batteries to fulfill all of your battery requirements.

One thing to note — many people prefer to use rechargeable 9 volt batteries for safety devices. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that there is always adequate power to ensure proper functioning. Whichever way you go, be sure to test your smoke alarms and CO2 detectors at least twice a year. A great way to remember this is to do it when the clocks change for Daylight Savings time!

DIY 9V Battery Hack for Camping, Hiking and Trekking

Survival - Starting a Fire with Steel Wool & 9V Battery! | Video Courtesy of The Outsider

Construction and Design
9V batteries are either rechargeable or disposable. The rechargeable ones, as the name implies, can be recharged when their charge runs low by using a dedicated charging station (usually sold separately). The disposable ones are meant to be used once and disposed of.

Both rechargeable and disposable batteries have a different chemical composition, and each of them is highlighted as follows:

  • Zinc-Carbon - This is one of the oldest battery technologies, which speaks volumes since it is still in use. However, this type of 9V battery does not perform well in cold weather and is prone to leaking.
  • Alkaline – These types came after the Zinc-carbon batteries and does not share its limitations. Alkaline 9V batteries are a good replacement, but the rechargeable ones seem to be taking its place.
  • Lithium - Lithium batteries have a long life span if used in low drain applications. Some Lithium 9V batteries are said to last up to 10 years in a smoke detector. However, they are toxic, and they must be disposed of properly to avoid unpleasant outcomes.
  • Alkaline – They are the inexpensive option of rechargeable 9V batteries. Their shelf-life is quite short and can lose charge in months, regardless of being in use or not. They are not recommended for devices that are meant to stay functional or reserved for emergencies. They are ideal for use in flashlights and other devices that are frequently used.
  • Lithium-Ion - Lithium-ion 9V batteries are manufactured and are non-toxic. They have a high performance level and hold a charge for a long time.
  • NiCad - Nickel-cadmium batteries can last for up to 500 recharge cycles before they are unable to hold a charge anymore. At this point, they must be disposed of properly as they are toxic. Crystals are created inside the batteries if they are recharged before their charge is entirely used up which can reduce its lifespan. This is one of the reasons people don’t often use NiCad batteries anymore.
  • NiMH - NiMH represents a nickel-metal hydride and these batteries are considered a replacement for NiCad batteries. They usually last about 1,000 recharge cycles which are many years as its lifespan. They too have a good shelf life, do not develop a battery memory, and are non-toxic. However, one drawback with this is the need for a special type of charger. If you charge a 9V NiMH battery with a NiCad charger, you might damage the battery.
Performance and Ease of Use
9V batteries have great performance, whether it is rechargeable or disposable and regardless its chemistry, so long as you know which battery to use and for what product . Most disposable 9V batteries have long shelf-life and can hold a charge for quite a while when not in use. There have been reported cases where excess voltage from batteries burn the device they power. Most 9V batteries output somewhat the same amount of power, and the devices which require this kind of battery are designed to handle its power. So, there is a very slim chance of your 9V battery frying the device you use it with.

Brands package their batteries differently. 9V batteries are often sold in a pack of 4, while some of the rechargeable types come in a pack of 2. More often, you will find 9V batteries offered as a single piece. There are brands that present their batteries in reusable packages. These packs are a suitable way of storing batteries as it protects them from the elements. This ensures the long-lasting shelf life of the batteries.

Whether your 9V battery is rechargeable or disposable, sadly enough, its term will come to an end someday. There are many locations in the US where you can take your used batteries for recycling. It is ideal to dispose of batteries, especially the toxic ones, properly to protect our environment and ourselves.

We hope you now have enough information to help you decide which features you want in your ideal 9V batteries. Once you have decided, read our review to check out which 9V batteries are best.

Make Sure You Store and Dispose of 9 Volt Batteries Properly

Dangers of 9-Volt Batteries | Video Courtesy of NBC 15 / WPMI-TV

Get the Best 9V Battery for Your Smoke Alarms and Electronic Devices!

The information in this review is aimed at making the process of choosing the best 9V batteries an easier task. Whether you need a 9v battery for a smoke alarm or detector, an alarm clock, your guitar, a child’s toy, or any other appliance, these brands are a great way to go. Keep in mind that they each offer lithium and alkaline options, as well as rechargeable 9V battery options, not to mention other battery sizes and types!

Our Top Choice
Duracell Coppertop 9V Batteries
Best Value
EBL Rechargeable 9V Lithium Batteries with Charger
Energizer® 9V Lithium Battery
AmazonBasics Alkaline 9V Batteries
Rayovac Fusion 9V Alkaline Battery

9V Battery FAQs

How many amps are in a 9V Battery?
For a commercially available household 9V battery, you can expect between 400 and 600 milliamps. In simple terms, such a battery will supply you with about 500 milliamps for about an hour before it goes ‘dead’ on you. Always remember that the more current you draw from the batteries the shorter their life span.
How to test a 9V Battery
It’s important to test a 9V battery to know the amount of electrical energy available. To do so, you will use a multimeter that has red and black leads which you will need to connect to the positive and negative ports respectively. Once connected, turn on the multimeter and the available electrical energy will display on the screen.
Does Duracell Make 9V Lithium Batteries?
Unfortunately, Duracell doesn’t make 9 Volt Lithium batteries. This reputable brand specializes in high quality alkaline 9V batteries including Duracell Alkaline Quantum, Coppertop and rechargeable batteries, as well as the new Duracell Optimum line. That said, Duracell does make lithium coin batteries, in a variety of sizes. The also offer several 3V and 6V lithium batteries.
Can 9V Batteries be recharged?
Yes, it’s possible to recharge 9V batteries as long as they are designed as such. Some of the rechargeable batteries may come with a charger with a number of ports. Rechargeable 9V batteries save you money since you don’t have to keep shopping for batteries any time they die. Duracell and EBL have some of the best rechargeable 9V batteries in the market. Beware of the many “how to videos” you see that show alternate ways to charge batteries, especially 9V. As you may have seen in the videos in our buying guide, when not properly used, 9 Volt batteries, because of their two terminal design, can start fires (which can be a positive, if you are doing in on purpose).
Where are 9V Batteries Used?
You will mostly find 9V batteries on household devices such as remote controls, toys, clocks and other items. Some handheld test equipment and smoke detectors also use 9V batteries.