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Accordion music is in a class of its own. You’ve heard it and now you want to play it. You just don’t know which brand or type of accordion to pick. But we’ve got you covered. We have done extensive research on this instrument (in addition to getting insights from experienced musicians). We have chosen some of the best accordion brands that make great instrument to cater to every need – from the beginner to the demanding pro and the modern MIDI-centric musician. We have put the spotlight on just one product per brand but rest assured that these brands have a wide range of offerings (and we included links for more options to make things easier for you).

We want to note one thing before moving on. Except for one, the products we have chosen are not what you would call “cheap” — neither in quality nor cost. But they all offer great value for your money and are a worthwhile investment for musicians serious about becoming accordionists. However, we understand completely not everyone wants to invest hundreds of dollars to decide whether the accordion is right for their child. So, in addition to the Woodstock beginner accordion (which we reviewed), here's a few more accordions for kids.

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Bass Style
Tuning Option
Our Top Choice
Hohner Panther G/C/F Diatonic Accordion Kit with Straps, Book & Cloth
Hohner is preferred by musicians who know quality accordions. It presents a value-packed GCF diatonic accordion that holds its own even among the very finest.
Great value for the price. Excellent craftsmanship and solid build. Loud and robust sound. Responsive and easy-to-play buttons.
Doesn’t come with a case/gig bag. The straps might be too small for any person on the big side.
Button; diatonic
31 treble, 12 bass buttons
Two sets
Best Value
Fever F3460 Piano Accordion with Case and Straps (Multiple Colors)
Fever, making quite a loud entry, gives us a beautiful, well-designed, big-sounding and comfortable piano accordion with a solid case to keep things safe.
A beautiful instrument. Lightweight for its number of keys and buttons. Great big sound. Comfortable shoulder straps and hard case included. Sheepskin protection for durability.
It lacks Musette tuning.
Piano keys; chromatic
34 keys, 60 bass/chord buttons
3 sets treble; 2 sets bass
Roland FR-1x Premium MIDI Piano Accordion (Black or Red)
Roland, a global leader in the development of music synthesizers, opens accordionists to infinite possibilities with this MIDI-capable, electronic accordion.
Extensive sound palette. Faster response; higher sensitivity. MIDI connectivity expands instrument’s capability. Compact size. Standard and free bass modes.
The guitar chord sound is a little shrill.
Stradella and free
Piano keys; chromatic; electronic
26 keys; 72 bass buttons
Electronically simulated
16 micro-tuning presets
Rossetti Diatonic Button Accordion Gold with Italian Style Decorations
Rossetti, a name known and trusted by top accordionists for years, makes a durable, golden, lightweight diatonic accordion that you’ll cherish for many years.
Lightweight. 20-fold sheepskin bellows with aluminum reinforced corners and edges for longer life. Adjustable hand strap. Straps can stay attached when stored.
A little expensive for this range of accordion, however this comes with quality, respected brand behind it. Plus, if you love the design it may be worth it for you.
Info not provided
Button; diatonic
34 treble, 12 bass buttons
Info not provided
Info not provided
Woodstock Beginner’s Button Accordion – Fun Kid's Accordion
Woodstock Chimes is what you get when a performing musician creates musical instruments. This company makes it easy to introduce kids to accordion music.
Authentic accordion sound – classified as a toy, but it’s a real accordion. Great for introducing kids to accordion music. Detailed instructions. The right size for little hands.
Runs out of air quickly due to its small bellows.
Info not provided
Button; diatonic
7 treble, 3 bass buttons
Info not provided
Info not provided

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What Is the Best Piano Accordion? Read Our Accordion Reviews to Find the One Right for You!

Are you a beginner or a seasoned pro? Are you a “purist” acoustic accordion lover or a new-world sampler trying to extend the reaches of MIDI possibilities? Your particular needs determine what makes a great instrument. Make a list of features that are essential to you, and check which product gives you all those and then some. That's how to find the best accordion for you. Now that you have read our guide, let’s see if one of these fine musical instruments has what you are looking for.

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Our Top Choice
Musicians who know their accordions look for the Hohner name. You can always count on the quality of instruments it makes. That’s what you get with the The Hohner Panther. You’ll want to keep this lovely instrument safe and in top shape, and so may want to check out the Hohner Corona II Accordion Gig Bag while you are shopping.

Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion - Comes with Straps, Cleaning Cloth, and Hohner Diatonic Method Book


Hohner started as a small enterprise that set up a harmonic factory in 1857. It has grown into a global market leader in accordions and harmonicas. It leads the field by bringing in innovations and continuously setting new industry standards. Hohner also works with top accordionists to ensure they develop instruments that respond the way the pros like them. This has made its accordions some of the finest you can find anywhere.

The Hohner Panther (selling at $599.99 retail) is priced affordably for such a quality accordion and might lead you to expect less. Don’t. You'll get many of the same features that are found in Hohner’s top-of-the-range accordions. With two sets of reeds, you get a rich robust sound that suits music styles like Conjunto, Tex-Mex, Tejano, Zydeco, Norteno, Rhumba, Samba and Cajun. Musicians in the Waltz, Traditional, Polka and Folk music genres also enjoy this accordion’s sound.

This compact lightweight accordion also features:

  • GCF key combination -- Plays in the keys of G, C, and F
  • 31 easy-to-play responsive treble keys and 12 bass/chord buttons
  • A comfortable size and weight (12" x 7.5", 9 lbs), making it easy to wear and play
  • Stradella bass style
  • Diatonic buttons which means that the note you get when you compress is different from what you get when you expand the bellows
  • Musette tuning
  • A great sound whether played in a group or solo
  • Double strap brackets
  • A world-recognized name - the Hohner Panther!

The Panther Diatonic Accordion comes in different key sets. You can pick models in keys of “G, C, and F” or “F, Bb, and Eb.” Start enjoying the rich sound of a Hohner Panther 3-Row Diatonic Accordion.

Best Value
Fever, a new name intent on making a big statement in the industry, offers a well-built, comfortable and big-sounding instrument in the Fever F3460 Piano Accordion. If you prefer fewer keys for a beginner, consider the 17 Key Piano Accordion from Mugig. It has 8 bass buttons and is a great kids accordion.

Fever Piano Accordion With 5 Switches, 34 Keys and 60 Bass/Chord Buttons – Comes with Straps and Hard Case, Five Color Options


Sometimes a new kid on the block brings an entirely different dimension to things. That’s what Fever is doing to the accordion industry. It has released a value-packed accordion in the Fever F3460-BK Piano Accordion (selling for $526.93 retail). If you need a no-hype, top-level performance from a well-priced piano accordion, then don’t look further than the F3460-BK. It comes with 20-fold bellows that ensure you get a bigger sound from comparably sized accordions. With sheepskin used at their corners, you can be sure that you won’t be left with torn bellows after a few short years of use.

Your comfort is covered with two very long and well-padded leatherette shoulder straps locked into strap hooks on both sides of the accordion. If you’ve ever played an accordion, you know what these mean to your shoulders when you have to play for hours. This piano accordion also has:

  • Italian-style decorations and pearlescent colors
  • Pearl buttons and a custom grill design
  • Adjustable left hand bass strap
  • An upgraded button mechanism that keeps buttons moving freely with no sticking
  • Acoustically designed grill cloth for bigger sound
  • Slide lever air valve for faster air intake
  • A premium padded case with adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • 34 Piano Keys; 60 Bass/Chord Buttons
  • Treble reeds: 3 sets
  • Bass reeds: 2 sets with one set in chord
  • 5 Switches
  • Italian tuning
  • Padded protective bottom on accordion for extra comfort
  • Extra-durable, plush lined, locking hard case

This accordion come in different colors: Black, blue, red, white or red/white/green (mixed). Catch the music fever with a Fever F3460 Piano Accordion. Pick your preferred color option at Amazon now.

Roland is known for making high-end, breakthrough synthesizers, from its high-end keyboards to its V-drum series. Now it's changed what’s possible with an accordion with the FR-1x V-Accordion. And don't forget to pick up your Roland Gig Bag for FR-1 Series Accordions to make transporting your instrument easy!

Roland FR-1X Premium V-Accordion Lite with 26 Piano Keys and Speakers — USB Memory Port, Full Range High Quality Speakers


If you don’t know Roland, you are not a modern musician. Roland is a global leader in the manufacture of innovative synthesizers and other top-end MIDI-controllers. Its V-series has changed our understanding of what’s possible in the music space.

The FR-1x V-Accordion is a compact and lightweight instrument that does more than just play. Selling for $2199.00 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), it gives you possibilities that were simply unimaginable just a few years back with:

  • Faster response and higher sensitivity gives you the perfect response you’d expect from a top-end acoustic accordion, satisfying even the most demanding accordionist.
  • USB memory port to plug in your Wave/MP3 player, upload new sounds, and load or save data.
  • MIDI connectivity lets you expand your instrument’s capability by tapping into MIDI standalone sound modules, your computer’s virtual instruments and more.
  • Full-range high-quality speakers on board in bass reflex box give you the full spectrum for a richer sound.
  • Set Editor software to create a dedicated user set with access to all Orchestra Chord, Orchestra Bass and Orchestra sounds.
  • Battery power and onboard speakers let you play it alone with ear buds or on the move (ideal for the strolling accordionist).
  • Extensive sound palette with 16 accordion sets, 16 orchestral sounds, 4 virtual tone wheel presets and 8 user programs.
  • New pressure sensor and advanced physical behavior model. Your accordion responds to your nuances and produces sounds that are more “natural.”
  • Compact size that makes it great as a travel instrument, as it fits into overhead storage compartments easily.
  • Standard and Free Bass modes to play any accordion style you prefer.
  • Friendly user interface and 7-segment LED.

Expand your musical possibilities with a Roland FR1x V-Accordion. If you’d prefer it in black, it is also available on Amazon.

There are known makers of top accordions, and there are pretenders. Rossetti is the real deal and gives you a well-crafted instrument in the Rossetti 3412 GLD GCF, 34 Button Accordion. If you want an 31-key accordion with an FBE key combination, Rosetti has those too, in a variety of styles.

Rossetti 3412 GLD GCF Diatonic Accordion With 34 Buttons, 12 Bass, 3 Switches – Custom Grill and Bright Pearlescent Colors


Rossetti, a name known and respected among accordionists, distinguishes itself with the quality of craftsmanship that goes into every instrument released to the public. With Rossetti, you get an instrument crafted with the most demanding accordionist in mind.

The Rossetti 3412 GLD GCF (selling for $813.03) is a well-built diatonic button accordion. You get two different notes from any treble button you play – one for depressing the bellows and one for expanding them. It comes with the following features:

  • Three switch key of G-C-F
  • 12 Bass buttons; 34 Treble buttons
  • Slide lever air intake valve
  • Custom grill design
  • Italian style decorations
  • Bright pearlescent colors
  • Hard shell locking case
  • Two heavy-duty adjustable padded leather shoulder straps that can remain attached while stored in case
  • Adjustable hand strap
  • Single strap hooks on each side for easy attachment
  • Protective removable padded bottom pad
  • Full one year warranty

You will make great music in comfort with a Rossetti 3412 34 Button Accordion. It’s is available on Amazon in gold, blue, green and classic Italian colors of red, white and green combined.

Woodstock Chimes offers musical instruments made by a performing musician. This company makes it easy to introduce your kids to the exciting world of accordion music with the Woodstock Kid's Accordion. If you want to expand your child’s music base, add the Woodstock Chimes Music Collection Chimalong and give him/her a head start in music.

Woodstock Music Collection Kid's Accordion With Diatonic Buttons – Comes with Detailed Playing Instructions and 8 Easy-to-Play Songs


When a professional musician sets out to make musical instruments, you get Woodstock Chimes. It's owned by Grammy award-winning musician and instrument designer Garry Kvistadm and pays attention to fine tuning and great sound.

While the Woodstock Kid's Accordion (selling for $28.45 -- MSRP) might be classified as a toy at Amazon, it is a real accordion and produces a great sound that will have kids (and, perhaps, parents too) competing for who’ll play it next. It features:

  • A two-octave range, making it a great introduction to playing the accordion
  • Diatonic buttons, where each button plays two notes (one when the bellows are compressed and another when they're expanded)
  • Truly authentic sound
  • Detailed playing instructions
  • Eight easy-to-play songs
  • Cute small size

By the way, while it’s a bit off topic, Woodstock Chimes specializes in high quality wind chimes, that offer a wide variety of sounds, tones and looks and is the maker of the “Worlds Favorite Windchime,” so you might want to check those out too.

Best Accordion Buying Guide — What to Look for in a Beginner, Advanced or Kids Accordion Kit

There is a certain folksy, happy, and exuberant feel to the sounds that emerge from a well-played accordion. It is exciting to watch as the player coordinates keys on his/her right hand and the bass keys on the left. With all this activity going on, the player also has to control the bellows by pulling them in and out; controlling the air which is actually what makes us hear the sound.

The accordion is one instrument you can easily come to hate it you have the misfortune of first hearing it played badly. Learning to play the accordion well, like any other instrument, requires consistent practice with the right instrument. Many do not know that this instrument can be used for a variety of music genres. A piano accordion can be used in music genres like pop, dance-pop, folk music, indie rock, and many other genres, including any you’re looking to invent.

Since you are reading this, you are either already a player or a new player looking to expand your musical pallet by adding to it the sounds of an accordion. Whichever you are, we have you covered, we even have accordions for kids! We know that the longer you spend practicing on any instrument, the better you will get on it, be it a bass guitar, a drum set, a harmonica, a violin, a trumpet, or any other instrument. It is for this reason that all serious musicians, whether professional or amateur, must have their instrument. Of course, the quality of instrument you get will largely affect how well you sound and how long you will be able to comfortably play said instrument. This is why we have written this guide to help you find the best accordion for you.

Regardless of your level of proficiency, we will help you find that accordion that matches both your level and budget. Join us on this journey.


Video: How to Play a Piano Accordion

Introduction to an Accordion. | Courtesy of Liberty Bellows

You need to consider multiple factors when you choose an accordion. One of these factors is the price. We understand that you would want the best accordion for the money you are willing to pay for it. This is why we have conducted a thorough research to guide you in this.

We discovered that a good accordion can be purchased for between $28 and $2,200. Looking at how wide this range is, you will surely know that their features differ. This range caters for both the amateur and professional player. Features that will affect its price include the type of accordion, the size, and even the brand. Some accordions can actually cost more than this, while it’s possible that some can cost less. While getting a more expensive one may offer some value, we will strongly advice against getting a cheap accordion as you may regret such a decision because of its poor quality.


There are many different types of accordions made by different manufacturers with various features and capabilities. In order to make the choice easier for you, we have highlighted certain features that should be considered when making a decision. These features will help you choose one that is right for you. Some of the important features to consider include:

  • Type
  • Bass Style
  • Keys/buttons
  • Reeds
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Portability

Let’s now take a look at these features in more details.

Construction and Design

There are many types of accordions that you can choose from. The piano accordion has piano keys on one side and bass buttons on the other. Diatonic accordions have buttons on both sides and the sound of their notes depends greatly on the position of the bellows. Chromatic accordions also have buttons on both sides, but here they are arranged chromatically. Concertinas are smaller accordions that do not need to be worn by the players. They are simply carried in the players’ hands. You choose which works best for you based on this information.

There are three major bass systems within accordions. They are the Stradella bass system, the Belgian bass system, and the free bass system. The Stradella and the Belgian bass systems both have a circle of fifths arrangement, but in reverse order to each other. The free bass system often provides a greater range of melodies and as a plus, some accordions can convert between a free bass system and Stradella.

Different accordions have different key and button combinations. Some have buttons and keys, some have buttons on both sides; some have treble and bass button combinations, while others have keys and bass and many more. These variations depend mainly on the type of accordion, but can also depend on the makers of the accordion. You have to study each to find the button/key combination that best suits you.

The reeds are the part of the accordion responsible for transmitting sound. These determine how loud and how melodic the accordion’s sound will be. Accordions can have reeds or sets of reeds that work jointly for all pitches, or they can have individual reeds or sets of reeds for individual pitches.

Video: Virtual Accordion Lesson

Learn How to Play the Accordion Virtually. | Courtesy of Moshe Zuchter
Performance and Ease of Use

Accordions differ according to size. Larger accordions mean bigger bellows with louder volume and a wider range of sound, while smaller ones can mean more freedom and ease during use at the cost of a loud volume and range of sounds. When choosing an accordion, it is important to consider its size and weight. Accordions (aside from concertinas) are usually worn during play and this puts stress on your shoulder and/or arms. For those unable or unwilling to handle too much weight, a lighter accordion is best.

Accordions can be a highly mobile instrument. They are often folded down to make it easier for their users to transport them. This can be very useful for performers who regularly move from one venue to another. Some accordions also come with a carrying case for those that want to carry the instrument and play music wherever they are.

Get the Best Accordion of 2022!

Did you see features that are essential to your playing needs? Did you find a brand that represents what you want in an accordion? It is our hope that this review has helped you answer these questions and put you in an informed position to make the right purchase. Now, step out in confidence and start making great music with your new accordion!

Our Top Choice
Hohner Panther G/C/F Diatonic Accordion Kit with Straps, Book & Cloth
Best Value
Fever F3460 Piano Accordion with Case and Straps (Multiple Colors)
Roland FR-1x Premium MIDI Piano Accordion (Black or Red)
Rossetti Diatonic Button Accordion Gold with Italian Style Decorations
Woodstock Beginner’s Button Accordion – Fun Kid's Accordion

Accordion FAQs

What is accordion?
An accordion is a musical instrument, which is played by squeezing and stretching with hands. That action activates a billow, which blows and over built-in metal reeds. At the same time, the player sounds the chords and melody using keys and buttons. Check out our review on the best accordions to find out more!
What is the best accordion?
The best accordion is one that features good design and construction, making it easy to play. As such, the button combinations should be comfortable for you to play without stress. Since it is an all-in-one instrument, it should produce great bass and treble. So, it is good to check if the button/key combination is right for you.
How to play the accordion?
Before learning how to play the accordion, you should get the right kind of instrument. For example, you could have a piano accordion. It would help if you then learned all about the instrument's structure, including bellows, melody keys, register switches, and air value. It should also be of the right size, whether it's for children, teens, or adults. You have to place it on the chest before playing it. Usually, an accordion is played while sitting on a chair or in a standing position. While in a balanced position, tie the back strap and start playing the accordion. It would be best if you held the wrist parallel to the accordion's keyboard so that you avoid bending it. Slip the left hand into the strap under the bass button board. That way, you can make the fingers reach the bass buttons. Push the air valve and pull the accordion using your left arm. The best way to play it is by starting with the bass buttons. While pressing the C note, pull out the bellows and try your favorite rhythm. Keep doing that until you have the hang of it.