Best Account Book Reviews 2023

Account books are handy when it comes to tracking your transactions, expenses, customers, and messages. The market is flooded with various account books built with different features, making the choosing process complicated. We’ve researched five of the best account book brands on the market, showcasing a book from each to help you find one that best meets your bookkeeping needs.
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Our Top Choice
National Texhide Series Account Book
National is a company popular for its account and note books designed using high quality materials for durable and tear-resistant use.
Many pages to last years of use. Hard cover to protect inner pages. Pages are acid-free, safe and easy to use.
Pages quite thin.
Columns/lines in the book
300 pages
10.375 x 8.375 inches; 0.1 pound
Black/burgundy hard cover
Side-punched & glued binding
Best Value
The Superior Register Debit Account Book
The Superior Register designs account books in various hard covers for registering debit card transactions and details.
Easy to use, affordable and long-lasting. USA-made. Offers easy referencing. Lightweight and compact.
Description column quite cramped.
Columns/lines in the book
50 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches; 0.2 pound
Purple hard cover
Spiral binding
Boorum & Pease 66 Series Account Book
Boorum & Pease manufactures various account books using high quality materials for account record-keeping.
Reasonably priced, customizable, and fully numbered. Easy to use and durable for prolonged use. High quality, safe design.
Ink blotting with fountain or ballpoint pens.
Journal-ruled pages
150 pages
12-1/8 x 7-5/8 inches; 1 pound
Green hard cover in art deco
Case binding
Wilson Jones 7400 Account Book
Founded in 1893, Wilson Jones designs binders, report covers, accounting supplies and filing solutions for better time and life management, and goal achievement.
Easy to use, long-lasting, precise and supports easy referencing. Affordable, flexible, stylish and lightweight.
A bit small and only works well with fine-point pens.
Columns/lines in book
80 pages
9-1/4 x 7 inches; 0.6 pound
Black-grained hard cover
Case binding
Adams 2 Column Account Book
Adams manufactures office and school supplies such as furniture, ink & toners, janitorial supplies and paper to keep businesses running.
Versatile, highly affordable, durable and helps track weekly expenses. Cover is hard and strong and the inner pages made of white premium paper.
Small size limits entries per page.
Columns/lines in book
80 pages
9-1/4 x 7 inches; 0.7 pound
Textured navy cloth cover
Smyth sewn binding

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What is the Best Account Book?

Choose an account book with the right number of pages for use year after year. The best account books come with columns and lines to organize your data, and space for recording your transaction details. Now our guide’s taken you through the process, see if one of our chosen account books is what you’re looking for.
Our Top Choice
The National Texhide Series Account Book features three hundred pages to last years of use. It’s versatile for use as an account book or note book to record your to do list. If you want a more affordable and smaller book with only eighty pages, opt for the National Granite Series Columnar Book in patina blue. It has three columns with spiral binding and a flexible cover.

National Texhide Series Account Book in a Pack of 1, 2 or 3 & Available in 2 Colors

National has been on the market for decades, designing high quality account and note books with strong pages for durable use. The company uses the best paper to make sure customers have access to premium notebooks they can use for a long time. The books come in various cover colors to suit different personalities and preferences of various users.

The National Texhide Series Account Book has fifty sheets of pages with description and forty lines per page to enable you to write notes. The book is side-punched with glued binding for easy page or sheet separation during use. Featuring brown and green ruling, this account book has tear-off column headings and numbered columns and lines for making easy entries.

The account book is built with Green Eye-Ease paper that’s printed with ink made from vegetable oil. The analysis pad with thirteen columns offers additional functionality. With dimensions of 10.375 x 8.375 inches and a 0.1 pound weight, you can easily pack this account book and use it on the go. The lightweight and compact design of the book makes it easy to store in tight spaces.

Here are a few other National account books you might like:
  • National Emerald Series Account Book
  • National Vinyl Series Account Book
  • National Recyled Sewn Canvas Account Book
This account book comes in two colors: black/burgundy and black.
Best Value
The Superior Register Check & Debit Account Book is designed to support registration of various kinds of transactions. It’s perfect for people who often use their debit cards Do you want a similar register in an animal print? Opt for The Superior Register Check & Debit Zebra Account Book with fifty pages and a tax ticker.

The Superior Register Check & Debit Card Account Book – Available in 8 Colors & 2 Sizes

The Superior Register designs and manufactures registers that last from two to three years. Founded by Marcia Gibbons, the company was established to create less expensive and simpler account books than professional accountant registers. The company has grown over the years to serve various individuals across the globe.

The Superior Register Check & Debit Account Book has fifty double-sided pages with sixteen lines on each. It comes with a clearance ticker for easy referencing when you need to reconcile your account. When it’s time to pay tax, use the tax ticker for easy referencing. The spiral binding ensures the book lies flat when in use, in addition to putting the pages together.

This standard account book comes in eight attractive colors: blue, pink, purple, teal, white, bear, puppy and zebra. Pick a color that screams your personality. The account books are also available in wide editions.
The Boorum & Pease 66 Series Account Book is designed to simplify accounting and bookkeeping. Built with one hundred and fifty numbered pages, the account book is journal-ruled with thirty three lines on each page. If you want a high-end account book made from premium paper, opt for the Boorum & Pease 38 Series Account Book. It has a sturdy black cover with red corners and spine, and is made from premium acid-free white paper for use with permanent and waterproof inks.

Boorum & Pease 66 Series Journal-Ruled Account Book with 150 Pages

Boorum & Pease manufactures various account and note books to support people’s varying account or record-keeping needs. It has a large collection of account books to choose from. The company is focused on customer satisfaction to ensure it delivers only the best account books. What’s more, the books come with many pages for long-lasting use.

The Boorum & Pease Account Book supports accounting and bookkeeping. It features a green hard cover in art-deco design to protect the inner pages while offering an appealing look. The book is journal-printed in pink and blue for easy visibility. It’s case-bound to keep the pages together, ensuring the book lies flat when in use.

With one hundred and fifty numbered pages, the book features thirty three lines on each page. It’s constructed with premium acid-free white pages for safe, long-lasting use. It also comes with a table of contents page you can easily customize to suit your unique needs. The book has dimensiona of 12-1/8 x 7-5/8 inches and one-pound weight for easy portability and compact storage.

Here are some other Boorum & Pease account books you might like:
  • Boorum & Pease 500-Page Account Book
  • Boorum & Pease Gold Line Account Book
  • Boorum & Pease 67 Series Account Book
This account book comes in a green cover for a natural and eco-friendly look.
The Wilson Jones 7400 Account Book features eighty pages with thirty lines on each page. The pages are made from premium white paper. Are you working on a budget and need something you can use to set up computer spreadsheets? Opt for the Wilson Jones Accounting Pad with fifty numbered sheets for fast referencing and accuracy.

Wilson Jones 7400 Account Book with 80 Pages & 30 Lines – Available in 3 Sizes

With products ranging from dividers, binders and binding accessories to business essentials and sheet protectors, Wilson Jones designs solutions that support organization. The company has been in the industry for over a century and knows what accountants and business owners need in their account books.

The 7400 Account Book has eighty pages, each with thirty lines for prolonged use. Made from premium white writing paper, the pages are ruled in blue and red ink for better organization. The black hard cover features gold foil stamping for the book to look professional. Each page has three columns for easy accounting and/or record keeping.

With dimensions of 9-1/4 x 7 inches and 0.7 pound weight, you can carry this book around to the office, home or wherever you go.

Here are a few more Wilson Jones account books you might like:
  • Wilson Jones S300 Account Book
  • Wilson Jones S.E. Ledge-Ruled Account Book
  • Wilson Jones Ring Ledger Outfit Account Book
This account book comes in a black cover and white pages with varying column counts available.
The Adams Account Book features eighty pages with two columns on each page. It has a black cloth cover to protect the inner, flexible pages. If you want an account book designed for recording expenses, opt for the Adams Expense Account Book. It’s built with wire-o spiral binding, has a summary page at the back and helps track weekly expenses.

Adams Account Book with 2 Columns & 80 Pages – Available in a Pack of 1 & 3

Adams uses premium materials to manufacture office and home supplies. The company is committed to ensuring businesses have all the supplies needed to operate optimally for high returns. Whether yours is a home-based business or you have a workplace, the company has all your needs covered. Choose from a large collection of account books to find what best suits your record-keeping needs.

Featuring eighty pages, the Adams Account Book has two columns on each page for better organization. The textured navy cover is strong and durable to protect the inner pages. The spine and title on the cover are gold foil stamped for a professional look. The Smyth sewn binding keeps the pages together, ensuring the book lies flat when you’re using it.

It also has a place-marking ribbon for easy and faster referencing in the future. The inner white pages are acid-free for your safety. With this account book, you can keep track of your finances, messages, employees, transactions, customers, taxes, etc. With a dimension of 9-1/4 x 7 inches and 0.7-pound weight, this book can be used anywhere.

Here are some other Adams account books you might like:
  • Adams Dollar & Cent Memo Account Book
  • Adams Record Ledger Account Book
  • Adams Employee Payroll Account Book
This account book comes in a black cover for a professional appearance; it also doesn’t attract dirt fast, meaning it can look clean for a long-time.

How Do I Choose the Best Account Book?

Bookkeeping is an integral aspect of any business. Proper accounting ensures your business keeps running smoothly. Although large businesses outsource their bookkeeping or hire an accountant to do the work, small business owners do bookkeeping on their own. As a result, a well-designed book helps minimize the risk of making serious financial mistakes.

Bookkeeping involves recording financial transactions and other related events for future reference. Earnings, sales, receipts, purchases and payments can be recorded and organized in an account book. This makes it easy to track your business cash flow, accounting for each penny.

Organize and track all your checks and receipts, writing down each sale on your bookkeeping register. Chronologically enter data on your account book for easy referencing when need be. Account books don’t just help organize and plan your business finances, but also personal finances.

With the information recorded on an account book, you can draft financial reports or statements. You can also analyze your personal or business financial state using your bookkeeping records. Bookkeeping also lets you know whether you’re making profits or losses and if your expenses are in check or not.

You can also use information on your account book to make financial decisions such as cutting costs if your expenses surpass your earnings. It can help with customer tracking and debt management, and ensures you pay your taxes when they’re due and in the correct amounts. For personal use at home, you can enjoy a cup of coffee from your keurig maker as you record your daily or weekly expenses and/or earnings.

Bookkeeping develops the foundation you need to run efficient and effective business accounting or that of your personal finances. It’s also important to have proper storage for your account book such as a skinny bookcase for organization purposes. You could even treat yourself to a new fountain pen to make the experience as pleasant as possible. We hope this review will help you choose the right account book for your personal or business needs.
Account books come with various features. The brand, quality, type of paper used, the complexity of the type of binding used and the number of pages a book has, are some features that influence the price of an account book. Cheap account books are usually made of poor quality paper that easily blots ink onto other pages; keep away from these to avoid disappointment.

Whether you’re looking for an account book to record your personal or business transactions, you need to go for a high quality book. With prices as low as $4 to about $50, you’ll find an account book you can afford. Expect more professional account books to cost more. Consider books sold in packs for a bargain price.
Although an account book might seem simple, requiring few serious considerations, they come with features worth noting when shopping for one. Whereas some books are made of thick premium paper, others come with thin paper of poor quality. Therefore, it’s important to look at the features an account book comes with before making your final choice.

Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for an account book:
  • Design with the right number of columns and lines on each page
  • Sufficient number of pages
  • The right size for portable use
  • Hard cover to protect the inner, delicate pages
  • Cover color of preference
  • Binding such as spiral, glued, side-punched, etc.
With the right number of pages, you can expect your book to last for years of use; some books last up to three to four years.
Construction and Design
Consider the following features when looking for an account book:

Design - based on your intended use, determine the number of columns and lines you want in your book to accommodate all your entries.

Pages - account books come with varying numbers of pages. Choose a book with many pages for long-term use or a few pages for one-time or irregular use.

Size - choose the right book size based on your intended use. Small account books are lightweight and perfect for carrying around and using on the go. Choose a large book if you won’t need to use it outside the office or home.

Cover - look for a strong, sturdy hard cover to protect the inner pages of your book from possible spillages.

Binding - the way a book is bound is also important. Decide on the type of binding you want; it could be spiral, glued, case-bound, etc.
Performance and Ease of Use
An account book should be easy to use and allow for easy referencing in the future. Look out for books with acid-free pages for safe use. Make sure that your ideal account book has thick pages that don’t blot ink when used with certain pens such as fountain pens. Go for a book that has been proven to last for years of use with the right number of pages to support your record-keeping needs.

Get the Best Account Book of 2023!

Whether you’re running a small startup, a home business or just want to keep your personal finances in check, there’s an account book out there for you. We hope that, with our review of five top account books, you’ll be in a position to pick the right accounting register to meet your needs. Pick a book that suits your personal or professional needs.

Our Top Choice
National Texhide Series Account Book
Best Value
The Superior Register Debit Account Book
Boorum & Pease 66 Series Account Book
Wilson Jones 7400 Account Book
Adams 2 Column Account Book