Best Acrylic Chair Reviews 2023

Having the right indoor or outdoor furniture can completely transform your living space from boring and ordinary to something with life and style. However, buying a good chair is no longer about walking in and out of a store. The choices and prices are broader than ever, and you will find yourself choosing between the right heights, back rest, seat depths, arm rests among other things. To make all the gibberish a little more comprehensible, we’ve taken a look at the numerous options of acrylic chairs available and narrowed it down to some of the best acrylic chair brands in the market today. We hope that our review saves you precious time while shopping for the furniture you need.
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Our Top Choice
Modway Dining Armchair
Modway Furniture is an American brand devoted to building furniture that brings style and flair to their customers.
The chair has an armrest to make you more comfortable while taking a meal or relaxing. It can also be used indoors and outdoors.
This chair is not suitable for sensitive floors as it doesn’t have non-marking feet.
16 pounds
Home chair
Best Value
Jersey Seating Acrylic Bar Stool
Jersey Seating manufactures a whole host of high-quality chairs. They have many bar stools in their collection made from a range of materials like leather, plastic and acrylic.
Its Jersey Seating Acrylic Bar Stool is colorless and can blend with numerous color decors. The chair is also adjustable to different heights.
This chair has a wide base and occupies a large area and thus may not fit in small rooms.
27.8 pounds
Bar stool
South Shore Acrylic Office Chair
South Shore has become a brand to reckon with in America for its production of unique furniture for homes and offices. The company has top notch customer service.
The South Shore Clear Acrylic Office Chair with Wheels has plastic wheels, making it easy for you move around your table. It’s also adjustable to different heights.
The chair is sold without a desk and may be difficult for you to identify the right desk to match with the chair.
21.8 pounds
Office chair
Available in 3 colors
Poly and Bark Clear Arm Chair
Poly and Bark is a renowned furniture producer with a sizeable market share. The company produces both home and office furniture that are designed to make you feel comfortable while relaxing and working.
This chair can be used in both indoor and outdoor living spaces. It’s also easy to clean and is stackable to save some much needed space.
This chair has an armrest which occupies more space.
13 pounds
Home chair
Flash Furniture Transparent Chair
Flash Furniture is a force to reckon with in the furniture industry. It’s a trustable brand offering high quality furniture at affordable prices.
This chair is transparent to blend with any color décor. It’s stackable and also has protective rubber floor glides to protect your sensitive floors.
This chair cannot swivel and isn’t adjustable to different heights.
14 Pounds
Home chair

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What is the Best Acrylic Chair?

Some of the features that make for a great acrylic chair may differ from one person to the other. Finding the best one is mainly about finding the perfect combination of style and comfort. With that said, let’s take a look at our top five brands in hope that you will find one that does just that.
Our Top Choice
The Modway Casper Dining Armchair comes with an armrest to make you more comfortable. It’s also available in different colors to fit your décor. If you have a sensitive floor, check out the Modway Casper Counter Stool which is more affordably priced and comes with non-marking feet.

Modway Casper Dining Armchair – Available in 9 Colors & 3 Pack Sizes

Modway has become a renowned and profitable brand based on its capability to produce highly innovative products. Through enhanced investment in research and design, Modway’s products embellish a lot of homes today

The Modway Casper Dining Armchair makes creativity look simple yet elegant. Its acrylic design compliments both the interior and outside décor. To top it off, it’s stackable, making it perfect for storage.

Planning to revamp your dining table? Here are some features of the Modway Casper Dining Armchair:
  • Acrylic complimenting both interior and outside decor
  • Requires no assembly
  • Stackable making storage easier
  • Useful in all weather conditions making it usable in outdoor environment
  • Sturdy and durable
Best Value
The Jersey Seating Acrylic Bar Stool is the definition of creativity and innovation. The seat is adjustable and can be used at different heights. This chair has a wide base, giving it stability. If you love acrylic chairs and want to introduce it to your home office too, check out the Retro Acrylic Hydraulic Lift Swivel Office Chair too!

Jersey Seating Clear Acrylic Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Counter Bar Stool

Jersey Seating is a brand with much to offer when it comes to chairs, stools and bar seats. They make all their products to the highest standard, using only top notch materials like leather, PU leather, plastic or acrylic.

The Jersey Seating Clear Acrylic Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Counter Bar Stool is adjustable, making it ideal for heights. Made with a wide base, this counter bar stool is stable to support different weights. It’s made of high quality acrylic, making it easy to blend with different color themes.

Here are some of the features that make this beauty a top product:
  • Adjustable height hydraulic lift
  • Wide base providing stability
  • Made of high quality acrylic, making it easy to blend with different color themes
  • Ability to rotate to different directions
  • Requires no assembly
The South Shore Clear Acrylic Office Chair with Wheels is a sleek chair that makes your office look trendy and modern. The chrome base and plastic wheels make the chair durable and comfortable. Interested in a complete office desk? In that case, the South Shore Interface Pure White Interface Desk with Clear Pink Blush Office Chair with Wheels is worth checking out.

South Shore Clear Acrylic Office Chair with Wheels – Available in 3 Colors

In operation since 1940, South Shore Furniture needs only the briefest of introductions. Over the years, the company has grown to a top brand offering various types of furniture to cater to all in society. Through putting people first, the company has emerged as a go-to brand when it comes to trendy furniture for both adults and children.

The South Shore Clear Acrylic Office Chair with Wheels is a magnificent office chair that makes an office look trendy and modern. It comes in three different colors providing a wide range to choose from. Made with a chrome base and plastic wheels, this chair makes moving around the office much easier.

Here are some features that shows why you need this chair in your office:
  • Available in three colors
  • Chrome base making it stable and strong
  • Adjustable height
  • Plastic wheels making it easy to move around the office
  • Easy to assemble
The Poly and Bark Louis Ghost Style Arm Chair is designed to give your living space a sleek and modern touch. If you’re looking to revamp your living spaces but are also interested in saving more space, have a look at the Poly and Bark Lucent Dining Side Chair, since it has no bulky armrest.

Poly and Bark Louis Ghost Style Arm Chair – Available in 3 Pack Sizes

For many years Poly and Bark has been a trusted brand for home and office furniture. The company provides a wide range of furniture allowing the company to enjoy the trust and loyalty of consumers all over the country.

If you have a taste for style and elegance in furniture, this is the chair that provides the perfect combination. The Poly and Bark Louis Ghost Style Arm Chair is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Made of polycarbonate material, this chair gives you sturdiness and durability

These are some of the features to help you make your decision:
  • Used for indoor and outdoor
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Stackable up to five high making it easy to save space
  • Made of polycarbonate material making it durable
  • Clear color making it easy to blend with any decor
The Flash Furniture Ghost Side Chair in Transparent Crystal is a polycarbonate modeled chair that can blend with any color décor. It can also be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Looking for an adjustable swivel seat? Then check out the Flash Furniture Contemporary Transparent Acrylic Task Chair.

Flash Furniture Ghost Side Chair in Transparent Crystal – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

Flash Furniture is a force to reckon with in the furniture industry. Offering high quality office chairs and other furniture for affordable prices, the company is one of the most trusted brands in America. With a vast experience in design and innovation, Flash Furniture provides a wide range of products to customers.

The Flash Furniture Ghost Side Chair in Transparent Crystal offers a magnificent and unique design that evokes modern style and elegance. Its transparent crystal finish is ideal for anyone with taste. It has protective rubber floor glides which protects it from tear and wear, enhancing its durability.

Below are some of the features that make this chair stand out among the rest:
  • Transparent crystal finish making it blend with many decors
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Protective rubber floor glides making it strong and durable
  • Contoured seat making it comfortable
  • Stackable up to seven high saving more space
  • Polycarbonate Molded Structure making it water resistant

How Do I Choose the Best Acrylic Chair?

One of the most crucial furniture pieces for your outdoor and indoor space is a stylish and comfortable chair. While you may opt for the more traditional office chair, with acrylic chairs you can transform your ordinary living room or place of business to something much more modern and futuristic. There are plenty of furnishing options available, and choosing the right set for your specific needs may be somewhat overwhelming, but below are some compelling reasons to consider buying the best acrylic chairs.

What’s great about these chairs? The clear appearance renders them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They’re less dense but very sturdy; thus, unlike glass coffee tables, acrylic chairs won’t break, making their use very functional in any given space. They add a stylish, modern, striking, and unique look to your living room or office, creating a tremendous difference. Acrylic is very transformational - you can easily accent an ordinary futon or rocking chair with acrylic legs or armrests to an attractive dining set or decor. Crystal clear acrylic chairs give the illusion of light and space in a smaller room; moreover, you still have an option to change your décor’s color as you see fit.
With an extensive choice in style of acrylic chairs, price becomes a major determining factor when buying the best chair for your décor. The prices can range from $55 to $240 depending on the style and size of acrylic chair you choose. But, what really makes one chair expensive over the other?

You will expect to pay considerably higher for any chair that’s of amazing quality and with an outstanding design. Chairs in this price bracket typically feature sumptuous cutting-edge designs and detailing. However, the bright colors and fine finishes render more economical acrylic chairs best for homes with young ones.
Although the style of your acrylic chair depends on your personal preference, there are several important features you should look out for when you’re shopping for the best set. We break down these factors for you here.
  • Height - Ensure that the chair is of appropriate height, where your feet can rest flat on the floor without compressing the back of your thighs.
  • Seat depth - If the seat depth isn’t adjustable, it should at least allow you to sit right at the back of the chair without pressing the backs of your knees. You need to sit right at the back of the chair to use the backrest correctly and support your lumbar.
  • Backrest support - The chair should have a backrest with the right size and shape to help you maintain the right posture while seated without limiting either your arm or shoulder movements.
  • Armrests - If you spend a lot of time sitting, you may want to invest in a chair with armrests to support the arms’ weight. Chairs with fixed height armrests are okay for occasional use, while adjustable ones are best for extended use. Additionally, choose a chair with an adjustable width between armrests to suit your body width.
  • Swivel - You may also want a chair that swivels, allowing you to reach other parts of the table or desk with minimal hassle.
Irrespective of the style you’re trying to achieve, the additional information is meant to help you find the perfect acrylic chair for your outdoor and indoor space.
Construction and Design
Acrylic chairs’ exceptional design has taken the furniture realm by storm and is actually the newest trend in furniture designs. These chairs have eliminated the barriers between seating for pleasure and business. They’re usually very durable, which is mainly because of their scratch resistant qualities. They’re designed with a sturdy base and thus promise an extended period of use.

Acrylic chairs are offered in a broad range of sizes, and some of the models allow for the addition of accessories such as a beautiful vase or photo frames. The acrylic chairs give a transparent but elegant look and are available in different colors, giving you a unique look and feel. They’re also designed to be portable; thus you can easily fold them for storage.
Performance and Ease of Use
Acrylic furnishings have gained great popularity among a good number of people, not only because of their scratch resistance, but also due to their decorative features that give a house its contemporary and edgy look. Although they look very delicate and sophisticated, acrylic chairs are incredibly easy to clean as well as maintain.

You can easily maintain its shiny look, for example, by wiping off any dust or fingerprint marks using a clean flannel cloth; you don’t need to use any harsh chemical cleaners to retain its luster and shine. Despite its lightweight nature, acrylic chairs are usually very sturdy, making them more durable than chairs made of other materials such as wood. If you’re looking for chairs with a more modern finesse, why not invest in these acrylic chairs?

Get the Best Acrylic Chair of 2023!

At the end of it all, picking an acrylic chair is all about what you want, and what you can afford. However, we hope that our review has helped you move a step closer to better and stylish indoor/outdoor furniture. In the rare chance that none of the five did it for you, feel free to have a look at all the other acrylic chairs offered by the above manufacturers.

Our Top Choice
Modway Dining Armchair
Best Value
Jersey Seating Acrylic Bar Stool
South Shore Acrylic Office Chair
Poly and Bark Clear Arm Chair
Flash Furniture Transparent Chair