Best Acrylic Paint – Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint Sets for Crafters, Beginner Painters, Students, and Professional Artists

Choosing a good acrylic paint can be a complex task, especially for a beginner. Apart from the fact that there are lots of products out there, there's the issue of budget. Keeping in mind the importance of getting the right value at the right price, we conducted thorough research and came up with a list of five companies who have a good range of non-toxic acrylic paints. To show you the variety of colors available, we featured acrylic paint sets, but you can also purchase both different set sizes and individual tubes and bottles. These brands are tested and proven, so we encourage you to check them out.

When it comes to buying acrylic paints, there are two main quality levels — artist quality acrylic paint and student quality acrylic paint. And then there are three main types — thick acrylic paint in tubes, fluid acrylic paints in bottles and high flow liquid acrylic paint that comes in a bottle with a dropper top. The kind and quality you get will depend upon how you plan on using the paint, and your budget.

When doing our research, we wanted to make sure we had a good mixture of professional acrylic paints, beginner acrylic paints and acrylic paints for arts and crafts — so we had something for everyone. As a result, we ended up with more thick acrylic paints in tubes than liquid acrylic paints. Our featured brand Apple Barrel is a favorite for people looking for acrylic paints for arts and crafts. But we also wanted to save you time and showcase a few more options in case you are here looking for fluid acrylic paints.

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Skill Level
Set Size
Our Top Choice
Liquitex BASICS Tube Acrylic Paint Set
Liquitex opened its doors in 1955, and has continued to team up with artists to develop a wide range of vivid paints and tools.
Thick, creamy consistency and glossy finish. Constant and enduring tints that maintain peaks and strokes of brush. Available as kit with painting supplies. Ideal for printmaking.
Colors are not as vivid as would have been desired.
22 ml tubes
48 colors
Variety of sets from 5 to 48
Best Value
Apple Barrel Matte Finish Acrylic Craft Paint
Apple Barrel is a brand of Plaid, one of the leading manufacturers of art products. It goes to great lengths to make safe products.
Easy to clean with just water and soap. Full, lush tones that dry to delicate matte gloss. Creamy consistency.
The bright blue color has unpleasant smell.
Beginners; students
59 ml bottles
18 colors
Variety of set options or singles
Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint
Since 1832, Winsor & Newton has had a commitment to making top-quality products. It provides artists with novel ways of exploring their talents.
Vivid colors with excellent coverage. Polysemous variants of some typically translucent colors. Creamy consistency retains brush strokes. Available as kit with brush, pallet and more.
It’s a student grade paint set.
20 ml tubes
10 colors
Choice of 6 or 10 pack
Royal & Langnickel Premier Acrylic Paints
Royal & Langnickel has a commitment to excellence and innovation. It listens to feedback from its customers, and endeavors to meet and even surpass their expectations.
Six brushes made to be used with wooden palettes and acrylics. Packaged in a beautifully designed wooden case and with variety of painting supplies. Built-in brush holder.
The box is made in China, not the UK as advertised.
Beginners; students
12 ml tubes
12 colors
Matte and satin
Set of 10 plus supplies
Crafts 4 All Non Toxic Acrylic Paint Set
Crafts 4 All’s mission is to make and supply quality art products that help enhance artwork and free artists to fully express themselves.
Specially developed to highlight the optimum brilliance and clarity of colors. Twelve shades of color. Durable, non-toxic and fast-drying.
Colors are already mixed.
All skill levels
12 ml tubes
12 colors
Set of 12 with brushes

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What Is the Best Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint? Read Our Acrylic Paint to Find the One that’s Right for You!

There is no product that can be classified as the best acrylic paint set. There are many parameters by which a product may be deemed suitable or excellent by a consumer, and they differ from one person to another. As you read this review, please note the important features that you can’t do without, so that you know to look for them when you go shopping for an acrylic paint set.

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Our Top Choice
The Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint 48-Piece Set is specially formulated for artists, students, and beginners who require good quality at exceptional value. Looking for a professional set? We recommend the Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paints. They have a thick consistency for traditional art techniques using brushes or knives, as well as for experimental, mixed media, collage and printmaking applications

Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint Tube Set - Student Quality Acrylic Paints, Available in 12 Different Set Sizes Plus Kits


In 1955, Liquitex was the first company to make water-based acrylic paint. It has continued to work with artists to make sure that it consistently develops and is inventive. It provides a wide range of vivid paints, tools and channels that help artists that work with acrylic paints to constantly try out new things and discover new frontiers. Liquitex achieves this by unrivalled educational and outreach programs for communities under its influence.

The Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint 48-Piece Set is specially formulated for artists and beginners. The colors are uniquely developed to draw out the utmost brightness and purity of every single tincture. It has many great features, such as:

  • Thick and copious body with creamy consistency and glossy finish
  • Constant and enduring tints that maintain peaks and the strokes of the brush
  • Great for learning the theories of color and how to mix them
  • Can be mixed with every Liquitex medium and acrylic color
  • Certified safe to be used for educational purposes, and comes with AP seal given by ACMI
  • Ideal for printmaking
  • Perfect for traditional painting with acrylic, can be used on panel or canvas

While we featured the 48-piece set, please note that this acrylic paint set comes in many other varieties.

Best Value
The Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set is water-based, non-toxic, and has a quick-drying lasting finish. It can be used on any surface that can be painted. This set comes with 18 two ounce bottles? Need more paint? Apple Barrel non-toxic acrylic paint also comes in larger 16 ounce barrel bottles.

Apple Barrel Matte Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set Designed for Beginners and Artists - Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint Works on All Surfaces, Sold in Sets and Singles


Apple Barrel is a brand of Plaid, one of the world's leading manufacturers of arts and crafts products. Its goods inspire creativity and make art less difficult and stressful and more fun. It takes the responsibility of manufacturing non-toxic products seriously, and goes to great lengths to ensure that its products meet safety standards.

The Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set has 18 multi-purpose paint colors that are water-based, and have a fast-drying lasting finish. These paints are appropriate for use on any surface that can be painted. This wonderful acrylic paint set has more great features that include:

  • Easy to clean with just water and soap
  • Applies quickly and smoothly on surfaces, and remains as fine as the day it was applied
  • Full, lush tones that dry to delicate matte gloss
  • Creamy consistency that inspires learners to paint
  • Comes with studio brushes

This acrylic paint comes in 5 different packs to suit your needs.

The Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint Set has high tincture strength, translucence, and durability for professional-looking results. The paints can be used on any paintable surface. If you are looking for a professional paint set, the W&N Artist Acrylic Professional Set is highly recommended.

Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint Set – High Levels Pigment Strength Acrylic Paint Tubes, Available in Sets, Complete Kits and Singles


Two people came together in 1832 to combine their knowledge to help in the innovation of art products and supplies.
William Winsor was a chemist and Henry Newton, an artist. They put together what was needed by people engaged in fine arts, formulating a consistent source of colors that can be depended on. They made the first greatly enhanced watercolors, which they followed with some other inventions such as Chinese white and the first long-lasting translucent white watercolor.

The Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint Set is a set that has high tincture strength, cloudiness, and durability for excellent results. You can use it either straight from the tubes, thinned, or combined with other acrylic gels or products. This set also has:

  • Vivid colors with great coverage
  • Polysemous variants of some translucent colors
  • Creamy consistency that covers easily and quickly and retains brush strokes
  • Glossy surface finish
  • Complies with ASTM d4236 - This shows that it is properly labeled for lasting health hazards according to LHAMA (Labeling Hazardous Art Materials Act)

Although you can get the complete set that contains of acrylic paint, you could also choose to go with the 6 tube set or the 10, 20ml tubes set. Whatever works for you will be fine!

The Royal & Langnickel Premier Acrylic Paint Set provides a fundamental collection of all the tools required for creating works of art. If you want a large set of acrylic paints, packaged in a clear view box, get the Royal & Langnickel Essentials Clear View Acrylic Painting Set.

Royal & Langnickel Premier Artist 24 Piece Acrylic Painting Set with Case and Brushes – Also Available as Oil Painting or Watercolor


Royal & Langnickel is a business that’s owned and operated by a family. It has more than sixty years of experience in making and supplying top-of-the-line beauty and art brushes.It maintains scrupulous quality control measures on all its products, ensuring that they meet international standards. It has a pledge to the principles of green manufacturing, and strongly maintained safety and health authentications.

The Royal & Langnickel Premier Acrylic Paint Set provides a fundamental collection of excellent art tools. It comes with six brushes made for use with wooden palettes and acrylics. The set comes in a beautifully designed wooden case with a twice-hinged cover that includes a built-in brush holder. This is an excellent set for student artists and learners.

Royal & Langnickel has other great art products which include:

  • Royal & Langnickel Acrylic Artist Pack, 9-Inch by 12-Inch - Ideal for artists at any level of expertise, and a good aide for exploration of artistic abilities
  • Royal & Langnickel Medium Tin Acrylic Painting Art Set - Good for novice or veteran artists. It comes with items for painting that anyone can practice with, and has good storage to help you organize your art products
  • Royal & Langnickel Royal Gold Acrylic Painting Box Set - A great set for mobile or itinerant artists. It makes a great gift and is perfect for equipping an art student
The Crafts 4 All 12 Acrylic Paint Set allows you to practice different techniques. The paints let you mix colors for professional results. It's specially developed to highlight the optimum brilliance and clarity of colors. Are you looking for a set that has more colors? Try the Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint 60 Color Pack.

Crafts 4 ALL Acrylic Paint Set - 12 Non-Toxic & Vibrant Colors Perfect for Canvas, Wood, Ceramic & Fabric; Rich Pigments for Beginners, Students & Professional Artists


Crafts 4 ALL makes and supplies some of the best art products. No artist, whether novice or veteran, can create any artistic masterpiece without art products and supplies. This company understands that artists are only as good as their tools, and thus seeks to always provide top-notch materials.

The Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set has the high-quality acrylic paints that you need for all your arts endeavors. It frees your creative juices to flow and enables you to practice different techniques and mix colors to get remarkable results. Here are some of its other great qualities:

  • Highlights color brilliance and clarity
  • Twelve lovely shades of color
  • Creamy texture that makes it easy to mix and blend
  • Durable, non-toxic and fast-drying
  • Certified by EN71-3 and ASTM D-4236
  • Retains peak, brush strokes and palette knife marks for lifelike effects
  • Paints work on any surface that can be painted

Best Acrylic Paint Guide – What to Look For in a Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint Set for Painting Canvas, Wood, Ceramic, Fabric and Crafts

There are many techniques and mediums of art, such as airbrushing, painting, sculpting, and drawing. Each type has supplies that are indispensable; a painter can't do without an artist easel, just as a sculptor can't do without a rasp. It is vital that artists understand and appreciate the tools that bring out the best in their craft.

Acrylic paint is an alternative that some artists employ in place of watercolors or oil paints. Each medium has its advantages and disadvantages; it lies on the artists to determine what results they want.

When it comes to the kids, arts and crafts are good ways of letting them discover and explore their creativity. They can start with using a dry erase board and slowly graduate to the more detailed methods, before they can finally start using these paints. There are plenty of options for beginners, students and professionals alike.

Video: Acrylic Painting Techniques

How to Use Acrylic Paint. | Courtesy of Jennifer Funnell Visual Arts

The prices of acrylic paints vary depending on the quality of the paint, the brand and other features that it offers. You can get a basic acrylic paint set for as little as $20, and a professional set for $70 or more. You can expect the prices to fluctuate based on the above factors, and on other unknown or unforeseen variables.

In the course of our research, we came across some cheap acrylic paint sets, but we didn't feature them because they do not measure up to our standards of quality as the featured sets do.


Painting with acrylics, like every form of fine arts, requires the right supplies to get the best out of it. Before you embark on shopping for an acrylic paint set, there are features that you need to look for to ensure that you get the best value for your money. These features include the following:

  • Consistency – This is also referred to as the thickness or lightness of the body
  • Durability – How long will it last after painting?<//li>
  • Colors Include in Set - This is necessary, so you know what you have to work with
  • Drying Time – The length of time it takes to dry is also key
  • Versatility – What surfaces can it be painted on, and what tools can you use with it?
  • Quality – There are two grades: professional grade and student grade
  • Safety Certification – It is important that the product you choose has EN71-3 and ASTM D-4236 certification
  • Type of Container – Paints can either come in tubes or jars
Construction and Design

Acrylic paints are specialized products, so you shouldn't just stroll into a craft store to buy them if you don't have any knowledge about what you want. Before shopping for a paint set, there are many things to consider. Determine the expertise level of the user. If you are buying for yourself, of course, you'll know your expertise level, but if you are buying as a gift item, it won't hurt to find out the level of the recipient if you don't know.

The quality of an acrylic paint set is categorized by student/beginner or professional/artist. Professional sets have a wider variety of colors that have high pigment integrity and last longer. If you are a beginner on a budget, it's advisable to get the student grade sets. They cost less, though they have lower pigment integrity and durability and have fewer colors. If you don't spend too much money on a set, it frees you to experiment and explore all that's in your imagination.

Once you have graduated to the point where you can place more than sentimental value on them, you have to prepare to spend more on supplies. The professional sets have more vivid colors, and a consistency that makes mixing the colors easier. The colors can also be blended and layered more easily.

One important factor that must not be overlooked is health and safety certification. Paints are chemicals, and you have to ensure that the product you are buying or planning to buy is safe and child-friendly. The seal of authentication for products made in America is ASTM d4236, in compliance with Labeling Hazardous Art Materials Act. You don’t want a product that may trigger or escalate health issues.

Video: Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Thinning Acrylic Paint and Adding Details. | Courtesy of Cinder Block Studios
Performance and Ease of Use

The type of art you want to create will determine the consistency or thickness you'll be looking for in a paint set. If you are doing delicate work, such as stenciling or staining or using some watercolor techniques, look for a paint set that has light or fluid consistency. For work that involves peaks and strokes, you'll want a thick body with buttery consistency that will retain the peaks and brush strokes. There is an in-between consistency, and this can be achieved by mixing in other acrylic mediums to get what you want. Find out whether the product you are thinking of purchasing can be mixed with other acrylic mediums.

Knowing the drying time of your paint is also essential. While some artists like acrylic paints that are fast-drying, others don’t. There are some projects that require slow drying. The problem with having your work dry quickly is that the paint might keep drying out on your brush, and you may also not be able to successfully mix and blend your colors on your palette.

Acrylic paints with thick body usually come in tubes or jars. If you are just starting out as an artist, it won't make much financial sense to buy the jars. You'll need to experiment with different colors and brands, so tubes are a more cost-effective option. As you gain experience, you'll discover which colors you use the most and which brands are your favorite, and you can go ahead and buy paint in jars.

Get the Best Acrylic Paint of 2023!

Now that you have invested your time in reading this review, we are optimistic that you have enough information on what you should look for in an acrylic paint set. You can confidently choose any one of the products that we have introduced to you.

Our Top Choice
Liquitex BASICS Tube Acrylic Paint Set
Best Value
Apple Barrel Matte Finish Acrylic Craft Paint
Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint
Royal & Langnickel Premier Acrylic Paints
Crafts 4 All Non Toxic Acrylic Paint Set

Acrylic Paint FAQs

How to use acrylic paint?
You can use acrylic paint after thinning it to the desired level, then use a paintbrush to apply to a prepped surface. Keep applying different colors of paint until you achieve the figure you want. Check out our review to learn more about acrylic paints.
How to thin acrylic paint?
You can thin acrylic paint using 30 percent of water or as desired. However, the water ratio should go below 60 percent as that can leave you with undesirable watery paint. Besides, too much water will leave the color too thin that it only leaves a glaze when used on the desired surface.
How to get acrylic paint out of clothes?
To get acrylic paint out of clothes, use a detergent in cold water (avoid warm or hot water, making the stain worse). Soak the cloth in water until you are ready to put in the washer or wash it immediately (if that’s possible). With that, you should get rid of acrylic paint stains from your clothes in an easy way.