Best Address Plaque Reviews 2022

Having an address plaque that’s visible during the day and night is essential in today’s modern homes. During deliveries or emergencies, your house can be located with ease. But finding the right plaque suitable for your home can be a challenge considering the numerous options available. We combed through some of the best address plaque brands on the market, and reviewed five unique ones to help your search for the perfect plaque.
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Our Top Choice
Clarus Crystal Engraved Stone Address Plaque
Clarus Crystal specializes in designing custom displays. It excels in offering quality address plaques made with the aid of cutting-edge programs. Creativity and precision set this brand apart from others.
Easy to personalize according to your preferences, easy to read, and very durable. Pleasing design makes it an excellent housewarming gift.
Some customers believe that this plaque is a bit too heavy.
Classic address plaque
12 x 0.4 x 12 inches
2 styles available
2 fonts available
Best Value
Whitehall Fast & Easy Arch House Numbers Plaque
Whitehall has over 75 years of experience in producing a wide range of uniquely crafted and personalized address plaques, mailboxes and garden accents.
The Whitehall Fast & Easy Arch Numbers Plaque has a classic design and fits most houses well. It comes in two color choices, bronze or gold, and displays the numbers with clarity.
Unfortunately, this plaque can only hold up to four digits. However, other signs from this brand can hold more than four digits.
Arched address plaque
12 x 0.2 x 7.2 inches
4 colors available
Recycled aluminum
You can add 5 numbers to plaque
Address America Boardwalk Reflective 911 Home Address Sign
Address America has designed address signs since 1992. It can make highly visible signs, thanks to its excellent reflective techniques. Customers are 100% satisfied and positive reviews are plentiful.
The Boardwalk Double Sided Super Reflective Address Sign has two reflective sides and a vintage style. It is highly visible even in extreme weather conditions, and it will never rust.
Some customers feel that this sign is a bit too decorative for their tastes.
Reflective address sign
48 inches tall
Steel and aluminum
Acrylic Master LED Elite Combi Solar Powered House Number Plaque
Acrylic Master offers an assortment of custom-designed business signs and house numbers to enhance the looks of any place with style and increased visibility.
The Acrylic Master Solar House Number Sign has a wonderful design that will add appeal to any place. It has a dusk-to-dawn light sensor that will turn it on and off automatically.
Some customers have had questions about the screw-in method of installation.
Solar-powered address sign
5.1 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches
Bright LED lights
Designer's Choice Contemporary DIY Address Plaque
Designer's Choice makes a variety of products that are practical in every household, such as trash bins, address plaques, embroidery scissors and more.
The Designer's Choice Do-It-Yourself Contemporary Address Plaque Kit is easy to use. It has a modern design, 36 self-adhesive numbers and a waterproof plastic frame.
Available in black only.
DIY address sign
17.5 x 1.5 x 12.5 inches
Weatherproof frame

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What is the Best Address Plaque?

Having a visible address is vital for any home. You receive deliveries and direct people to your home, so you need a clear sign to help them locate it. The best address plaque is one that people can see during both the day and at night. Our guide teaches you how to find just the one that best suits your house. Check out the five unique plaques we’ve reviewed.
Our Top Choice
The Engraved Stone Address Plaque from Clarus Crystal features two different fonts and two design styles. It is 12" high and 12" wide, making it ideal for most houses. If you'd like a different design, try the Clarus Crystal Engraved Crystal Address Plaque, which also comes in two different styles.

Clarus Crystal Engraved Stone Address Plaque, Available in 2 Letter Styles

Clarus Crystal specializes in engraved products. It makes custom restroom signs, family name plaques, and custom-engraved Bible verse plaques. Whatever you want engraved, Clarus Crystal can do it easily and beautifully!

The Clarus Crystal Engraved Stone Address Plaque has a nice design. It can improve the appearance of your home, and the plaque won't be damaged by weather in the long run. You can choose from two types of fonts, "Futura" and "Trajan," and the address plaque is easily visible from a distance.

Here are some more interesting address signs from this brand:
  • Engraved Glass Family Name Plaque – you can use any text you want and it will be deeply carved in crystal
  • Paperweight Engraved in Crystal – excellent for messages such as "Thank You!" or "Happy Birthday!"
Best Value
The Whitehall Fast & Easy Arch Numbers Plaque is made from durable materials. It's a customized address plaque that weights 1.70 lbs. and is created from recycled aluminum. If you'd like a slightly different design, look at the Whitehall Fast & Easy Rectangle Numbers Plaque.

Whitehall Fast & Easy Arch Numbers Plaque, Available in 4 Colors, Made from Recycled Aluminum

Whitehall currently sells more than 2000 products on Amazon, and many of them have numerous positive reviews. This brand specializes in custom address plaques, and its craftsmanship is highly appreciated by the general public. You can even buy a decorative bell for your house from Whitehall!

The Whitehall Fast & Easy Arch Numbers Plaque displays your house's number clearly, and it comes at a reasonable price. It is also available in different colors for you to choose from, and you can use this feature to improve the exterior aesthetics of your property. This plaque is made from recycled aluminum (popular among eco-friendly people), and it is obviously weather-resistant.

Whitehall makes more exciting products. Here are just a few of them:
  • Williamsburg Two-Line Address Marker Sign – this one features a classic and elegant design with characters in capital letters
  • Personalized Cast Metal Vertical House Number – if you need a vertical sign, this might be exactly what you are looking for!
  • Wall Mailbox in French Bronze – attractive, eye-catching and seriously durable
The Boardwalk Double Sided Super Reflective Address Sign uses reflective materials to make the numbers visible, even during rain or snow. If you prefer a different layout, check out the Boardwalk 48" Reflective Nightvision Address Sign, also made by Address America.

Address America Double Sided Super Reflective Address Sign 48" with Personalized Nameplate, USA Made

Address America makes a wide variety of hand-made address signs for residential and commercial use. This company's products stand out from the crowd because they have special reflective materials to make the letters and numbers visible from long distances and in any weather. Your friends will definitely find your house quickly next time they visit you!

The Boardwalk Double Sided Super Reflective Address Sign is made from durable materials that last for years, and we think that it is a great addition to any house. What makes this one so special? The answer is simple: its reflective qualities. The sign is specially treated to reflect most of the light it receives, so it will be easily visible during the night or on foggy days. This address sign from Address America is dual-sided, and it will last for many years thanks to its powder-coated finish.

Let's not forget about the other exquisite address plaques made by Address America:
  • Excalibur Reflective 911 Yard Address Sign – 48 inches tall and featuring ornamental motifs
  • Camping RV Sign – never get lost in a campsite again thanks to this sign made from steel and aluminum
  • DIY Boardwalk Reflective 911 Home Address Sign – available as a 30-inch or 60-inch post
The Acrylic Master Solar House Number Sign comes with high-quality solar panels with bright LED lights and without wires. If you prefer an address plaque in a more traditional design, consider the Acrylic Master Modern Acrylic Address Plaque.

Acrylic Master Solar House Number Sign – Combi with Dawn to Dusk Sensor 

Acrylic Master specializes in engraving in acrylic materials to produce stunning address plaques, number signs and other types of attractive displays. It also uses solar energy to make its address plaques more visible, eye-catching and stylish.

If you have always wanted a stylish address sign that recharges on its own thanks to solar panels, you have definitely found the ideal choice. The Acrylic Master Solar House Number Sign doesn’t need batteries. It takes its energy from the sun and casts a soft glow on your family name or street number, making it visible 24/7. The sign is easy to install, and you can even pick from a series of stock fonts when you place your order. This type of address sign will definitely wow each and every one of your friends, neighbors or family members!

Do you like the products from this brand? Here are some more that will spark your interest:
  • LED Britesign – available in 3 sizes, comes with LED clamp
  • LED Light Acrylic Designer House Number Plaque – you simply have to see it and you'll instantly like it!
  • Executive Acrylic Address Plaque – excellent for office buildings or commercial properties
The Designer's Choice Do-It-Yourself Contemporary Address Plaque Kit has a reflective background and comes with 36 numbers in the package. If you would like a different shape for your address plaque, take a look at Designer's Choice DRMNDIY Do-It-Yourself Roman Address Plaque Kit.

Designer's Choice Do-It-Yourself Contemporary Address Plaque Kit with Reflective Background

Designer's Choice manufactures multiple useful household products, but it specializes in address signs. A lot of people like the idea of creating their own address signs, and this is exactly what Designer's Choice provides. The products made by this company are backed up by warranty, and they are super-affordable.

If you have always wanted to do your own address sign and assemble it in a matter of minutes, you have found the right product! The Designer's Choice Do-It-Yourself Contemporary Address Plaque Kit comes with 36 self-adhesive numbers, which can be applied on the address sign by hand. The numbers are easily visible from a distance, and the whole kit comes with a warranty period of one year. There is an instruction manual included in the package, so you won't be left alone in the dark!

If you like this idea, check out the LED modular house numbers made by this brand. Just imagine having your own house number lit by a powerful LED and being visible all night long.

How Do I Choose the Best Address Plaque?

Giving directions can be easy if you have the appropriate markers to use as points of reference. We direct many people to our homes often for various purposes. Instead of having to pick up our visitors at bus terminals, we can simply give them an address and have them find their way. Other than visitors, you’ll need to direct people like your laundry guy, police officer, or firemen in case of an emergency. That’s why you need to have your house clearly marked.

Apart from hanging your plaque on your door or wall, you can also have a customized one on your mail box. And speaking of mailboxes, we came across some interesting choices like the Hummingbird horizontal mailbox and the Gibraltar woodlands wall-mount mailbox. You can include a small inscription on these boxes just for confirmation purposes.

Most solar lit plaques can be limiting in design and size, but the Paradise solar LED light won’t hold you back. It’ll illuminate any sized plaque at night, making it easier to see. Whichever you choose, just make sure it’s visible.
Address plaques range from $20 to $100, with just a few above $100. The difference in price is due to the construction materials, potential customization, and extra features like LED lights and solar panels. Those with unique designs customized to your liking are made from high-quality marble. Ones with LED lights and solar panels cost more than the simple plaques with just an address. There are, however, some cheap address plaques made from low-quality materials. These fade very quickly, especially in harsh weather conditions. Some even have the numbers and letters peel off! It goes without saying that you should avoid these.
Having the right address plaque is extremely important, especially in emergency cases. You must consider its visibility at any time during the day and night. You may want to check the size of the numbers and letters, their colors, and the mode of illumination at night, too.

Here are a few other important features to think about:
  • Material - You’ll find plaques made of polythene, marble, mashed stone, and other materials. Just make sure your address is marked clearly on whichever material you choose
  • Shape - The most common are rectangles and squares, but there are a lot of customizations.
  • Color - Ensure that the color of the letters contrast with the background so they can be seen clearly
  • Size - Regardless of where you place your plaque, it should be large enough to be seen from a distance. The letters and numbers should also be large enough
  • Extras - Check if your plaque comes with LED lights. The lights are especially important for illumination at night. Some plaques are also customized to make them more attractive and specific
Construction and Design
Address plaques are simple sign posts indicating specific home addresses. Most are made from stone blocks, but you’ll find a few made from polythene, recycled aluminum, and marble among other materials. Numbers and/or letters can be printed or engraved on them. Plaques also come in various shapes, but the most common are rectangles and squares. A few have LED lights with small solar panels.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you want that pizza delivery guy to find you with the pizza still hot, make sure your address plaque is visible enough at any time of the day or night. You’ll need to have clear and large letters that people can see from a distance. The letters/numbers’ color should contrast with the background to stand out. Preferably, have a dull background with bright writing. It’d be great to have some form of illumination at night, otherwise an ambulance might just whizz past your house in case of an emergency. Get one that either illuminates at night or has LED lights to let it be seen. Lastly, please note that not everyone is familiar with the street you live on. You may want to have plaques on either side of the house to ensure that one can see them regardless of the direction they approach your house.

Get the Best Address Plaque of 2022!

We hope we’ve helped you mark your home with the right plaque. If you haven’t identified one from our selection, then consider checking out other options from these top brands, as they have some of the best address plaques around.

Our Top Choice
Clarus Crystal Engraved Stone Address Plaque
Best Value
Whitehall Fast & Easy Arch House Numbers Plaque
Address America Boardwalk Reflective 911 Home Address Sign
Acrylic Master LED Elite Combi Solar Powered House Number Plaque
Designer's Choice Contemporary DIY Address Plaque