Best Adjustable Bed Reviews 2023

Adjustable beds are useful in multiple situations, and they can have multiple functionalities. Such beds offer superior comfort and can help you experience more rejuvenating sleep. For this review, we analyzed multiple beds from the market and picked five good ones from some of the best adjustable bed brands out there. Let's take a look at them.
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Our Top Choice
Sealy Ease Adjustable Base
Sealy has been producing sleep and relaxation products for over 130 years, bringing comfort and support into people’s lives.
It allows you to raise head and feet separately. It's easy to access its functions because it has a user-friendly wireless remote.
One complaint that it is heavy.
5 sizes available
Metallic frame
15 years for frame
Remote control possible
Best Value
Serta Motion Essentials Adjustable Bed
Serta is the world innovator in mattress producing industry. In the United States, it is known as the top mattress manufacturer, and it's a worldwide renowned brand.
It fits easily into platform frames and can be installed with or without legs. You can control the lifting of the head and feet of the bed with a four-button wired remote.
One complaint that it is a bit high.
Metallic frame
10 years
Capacity of 650 pounds
Reverie 7S Adjustable Foundation
Reverie was founded in 2003 and distributes in Michigan and New York. It provides comfortable mattresses and power bases for the ideal comfort and support system.
You can wake up in the morning with one of the 10 different massages it features. It can be controlled through a smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity.
One complaint that the night light is concentrated more under the bed.
Cotton, steel
20 years
Bluetooth connectivity
Primo International Platform Bed
Primo International is a family business that offers its customers great bedding products and affordable prices.
It has a beautiful modern design with gray upholstery and buttons. It is controlled by a wire remote.
One complaint that it is not very high.
Queen or twin XL
Wood and metal
2 years
2 electric motors
Classic Brands Comfort Adjustable Bed Base
Classic Brands started producing memory foam and latex mattresses in 2002, after more than 30 years of producing waterbeds as Classic Corporation.
It reduces back pains and also prevents them. It has USB ports where you can charge your smartphone or tablet.
One complaint that it should have had a pocket for the remote.
3 sizes
Metallic frame
3 years
USB charging ports

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What is the Best Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is a large piece of furniture that you will have to live with for a decent stretch of time, so it's a good idea not to rush when buying one. Set a budget and look for different bed frames in different sizes. Weight capacity is also important, as is the quality of the mattress. For now, let's take a look at our five choices and see which one fits you the best.
Our Top Choice
The Sealy Ease Adjustable Base offers comfort in your home. It comes in five different sizes and can hold up to 650 pounds. If you would like a platform style design, check out the Sealy Reflexion UP Adjustable Base Foundation, also available in five sizes. With both of these beds, you have the option of putting two Twin XL or two Split Kings together to create a super roomy California King.

Sealy Adjustable Bed, Made in USA, 15 Year Frame Warranty, Available in 5 Sizes

Tempur Sealy International is the world’s top bedding provider. It produces mattresses, adjustable bases, pillows and other products for sleep or relaxation. The company has some of the most highly recognized brands in the bedding industry: Tempur, Tempur-Pedic, Cocoon by Sealy, Sealy, Sealy Posturepedic, Optimum and Stearns & Foster. For over 130 years, Sealy has delivered comfort and support into people’s homes. It also has lots of products available on Amazon.

The Sealy Ease Adjustable Base supports you in your ideal position to read, watch TV or sleep in complete comfort. You can control all its functions with the user-friendly wireless remote. It has an adjustable base that allows you to raise head and feet independently. It is available in five sizes, from Twin to Twin XL or Split King.

Its other features include:
  • It can be installed on a bedframe or on the floor (it has metal legs included)
  • Adjustable base
  • Can hold up to 650 pounds
Best Value
The Serta Motion Essentials is a queen-size adjustable bed that can hold up to 650 pounds on each base. If you prefer a bed in a divided-king size, we recommend the Mattress Motion Perfect III from the same brand. This bed comes with a massage system with 6 levels to relax you completely!

Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Foundation, Holds up to 650 Pounds, Smooth Lifting System

Serta introduced the first Perfect Sleeper mattress to the world in 1931, and it has been continuously revolutionizing the bedding industry ever since. Today, Serta is the top mattress manufacturer in the United States, and a leading brand in the world. Serta is eager to deliver exceptional comfort, and responding to customers’ questions is its top priority. Its products are also available on Amazon at reasonable prices.

Serta's Motion Essentials Adjustable Bed gives you the experience of a customizable bedroom. It allows you to sit in the ideal position for comfort and support, whether you want to sleep, watch TV or read in your bed. You can adjust the head and foot of the mattress with a wired remote.

Check out its product characteristics:
  • Can hold up to 650 pounds on each base, including the mattress
  • Smooth power lifting system
  • Comes with a four-button wired remote
  • Fits easily into platform frames (with legs or without)
  • Queen size
The Reverie 7S Adjustable Foundation has Bluetooth control and 10 different massage types. This bed is available in Queen size, however, if you prefer a similar bed but available in more size options, you should check out the Reverie 3E Adjustable Power Foundation. This piece of furniture is available in 5 sizes and it comes with a remote control.

Reverie Adjustable Bed From The Makers Of The Tempurpedic Ergo W/ Bluetooth Option

Reverie believes that sleep is essential for being at your best during the entire day. It provides people with support systems consisting of a comfortable mattress and a power base, which make the ideal adjustable bed. Reverie was founded in 2003, and its products are produced and distributed in Michigan and New York. Customers can also find Reverie products on Amazon.

The Reverie 7S Adjustable Foundation has pre-set memory positions and comes with a massage property. With this adjustable foundation, your head and feet can be lifted in any angle. You can set the bed in the position you want with the remote, which allows two programmable memory positions. It is initially set with two positions: Zero-Gravity, which eliminates pressure on the limbs, and Anti-Snore, which reduces snoring by slightly lifting the head and opening the airways.

Here are some other features of this bed:
  • Made of cotton
  • You can control the bed via smartphone or tablet through the Bluetooth Mobile Module
  • Comes with headboard brackets
  • 20-year warranty
  • 10 levels of massage
The Primo International Gemma Adjustable Bed comes in two different sizes and has a remote control. On the other hand, if your budget is lower, you can confidently go for the Azalea Adjustable Bed from Primo International. This bed is also available in 2 sizes and it features 2 electric motors.

Primo International Gemma Adjustable Bed with 2 Electric Motors, Available in Queen or Twin XL Sizes

Primo International is one of the top Canadian importers of mattresses, upholstery, casual dining items, and furniture. It is a family business, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, and its mission is to stay loyal to its customers. It provides quality products at affordable prices. Customers all around the world can find Primo products on Amazon.

The Primo International Gemma Adjustable Bed has a beautiful design with an amazing-looking headboard. It also has a massage function and contains two electric motors. You can adjust your position by staying in bed and just pressing the button on the remote.

Check out all its features:
  • Its frame is made of wood and metal
  • Contains two electric motors that adjust the head and the foot of the bed
  • Controlled by a wire remote
  • Gray upholstery with button design
  • Two sizes available: Twin XL and Queen
The Classic Brands Comfort Adjustable Bed Base comes in three sizes and has a three-year warranty period. It also comes with a wireless remote. If you want just the adjustable bed frame without the mattress then we recommend the Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame from the same brand. This frame is available in 6 different sizes.

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Bed Base with Wireless Remote, USB Port and Massage - Three Size Options

Classic Brands started selling waterbeds as Classic Corporation in 1971. It started its business in the memory foam and latex mattresses industry in 2002. Classic Brands brings innovation and quality into the bedding market, delivering comfort at affordable prices. Lots of its products are available on Amazon, and this company is proud to use stylish designs and premium materials.

If you have back pain, the Classic Brands Comfort Adjustable Bed Base is the ideal one for you. It also improves your blood pressure and has a massage function for even more comfort. It is available in three different sizes: Twin XL, Queen and Full.

See more of its characteristics:
  • Controlled by a wireless remote
  • USB ports to charge your smartphone or tablet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds up to 650 pounds
  • Six-leg base
  • Three-year warranty

How Do I Choose the Best Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds offer a plethora of benefits similar to memory foam mattresses. They not only look good—especially when wrapped with an attractive bed skirt—but accelerate recovery for several different ailments including insomnia and back pain. The first and most important factor to consider when shopping for the best adjustable bed is the size you need. The common sizes available are queen, king, and extra large. Apart from the size, you should ensure that the respective adjustable bed can handle the weight that will be resting on it.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to check out the design and color of the bed to ensure it fits in well with your existing décor. And since an adjustable bed—or any bed for that matter—is not something you buy often, you should invest in a bed that’s backed by some level of warranty—especially on the frame—for a minimum of two years. Add a memory foam pillow to your purchase, and you will rest (pun intended) assured that you have made a good decision.
Let’s be truthful here. Adjustable beds can be big ticket purchases, but that is the price you pay in order to experience the best of both worlds: superior durability and comfort. You can always scrimp out on the price in lieu of a cheap adjustable bed, but, if you expect comfort and longevity, these will likely disappoint. Apart from the construction material, the features of an adjustable bed can increase the price. For example, some adjustable beds offer Bluetooth connectivity to control certain features. But, if you like a good old-fashioned remote control or you wish to take a break from your smartphone, it doesn’t make much sense to pay for these premium features.

To give you a rough idea of prices you can expect to pay for an adjustable bed, they range between $400 for one that offers simple yet high performance to upwards of $900 for one that comes with a ton of bells and whistles.
Adjustable beds come in several different shapes, styles, and sizes, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed on the shopping trail.

But here are a few factors to consider when shopping for the best adjustable bed:
  • Size –Common sizes include queen, king, and extra large
  • Material –Adjustable beds are most commonly made from steel, metal, and wood
  • Weight/Lifting Capacity –This is the maximum amount of weight a respective bed can handle both when elevated and flat
  • Compatible Mattress –The bed you choose should be compatible with the mattress you buy because you can’t have one too big or too small
  • Control –Some beds can be controlled using your smartphone, but others use a remote control
  • Ease of Assembly –Most high-quality adjustable beds are easy to put together with the included manufacturer instructions
  • Design –Since they will most likely accentuate your overall décor, look for an adjustable bed frame that doesn’t look out of place
  • Extra Features –Options include Bluetooth connectivity and built-in massagers, among others
  • Warranty –Given that they can be a significant investment, you should be looking at beds that are backed by some level of guarantee on the frame at the least
Construction and Design
Adjustable beds can be had in a wide spectrum of colors, sizes and designs, but what matters the most is the structure underneath. This usually consists of a steel or wooden frame with rails attached to the deck surface. Most high-quality adjustable beds are crafted from robust materials such as metal or a combination of wood and metal. Furthermore, the lifting capacity is the maximum amount of weight of the mattress and the person that a respective bed can lift on a daily basis. If you aren’t sure of the lifting capacity that’s right for you, twin and full-size beds have a lesser handling capacity compared to king or queen-size beds.

The rollers are yet another important component of the bed frame and do two things. They help support the mattress and move it simultaneously. They can be made from metal, nylon, or wood. Nylon tends to last the longest and wood and metal may get squeaky until they adjust themselves into place. The most powerful component “under the hood” is the motor, which propels the bed in the positions you desire.
Performance and Ease of Use
Entry level adjustable beds offer basic movements such as moving the head and foot of the base. Others offer split adjustable movements, meaning you can adjust each side of the bed separately. Then there are adjustable beds that you can literally splurge on, but are well worth it considering the premium features they come with including enhanced neck support, highly adjustable power bases, and variable massage levels.

When it comes to controlling an adjustable bed, it really boils down to two options: remote control or smartphone app. It is wise to pay attention to how easy the bed is to put together. Some can be done yourself, but others will require professional expertise. Since they can be a big ticket purchase, it makes sense to buy a bed from a reputable brand. It also makes sense to purchase one with some level of warranty, especially on the motor and other crucial components.

Get the Best Adjustable Bed of 2023!

Adjustable beds are modern, spacious, and comfortable, so they will ultimately help you experience more relaxing sleep. Humans spend a third of their lives sleeping, so it is a good idea to invest in something which will improve this experience. Pick your favorite adjustable bed and see the difference!

Our Top Choice
Sealy Ease Adjustable Base
Best Value
Serta Motion Essentials Adjustable Bed
Reverie 7S Adjustable Foundation
Primo International Platform Bed
Classic Brands Comfort Adjustable Bed Base