Best Adult Bib Reviews 2022

If you have a senior citizen, a person with disabilities, or a sloppy diner in your care, you’ll appreciate the importance of an adult bib because you know how much time and energy it takes to wash soiled clothes. Choosing the right adult bib brand may look like a small task to you, but some people may want help deciding which product would serve them best. So, we’ve carried out hours of research to narrow your choices down and make the selection process easier for you. We’ve compiled our list of five top products from five top brands, and are featuring one product from each. As you read this review, feel free to check out other products by these brands if the featured ones don’t appeal to you.
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Our Top Choice
Duro-Med Industries Adult Bib
Duro-Med Industries makes aids for seniors’ daily living and people with disabilities. Its products help to provide maximum comfort, independence, and dignity to the user.
Waterproof. Has Velcro closure that makes it easy to put on. Can be hand or machine washed.
It has only floral design.
Velcro neck opening
17.8 x 36 inches; 0.35 pounds
Poly-cotton material
Waterproof; fade/stain-resistant
3 colors available
Best Value
RMS Reusable Waterproof Adult Bib
Royal Medical Solutions (RMS) provides high-quality home medical equipment that are made both by it and many other renown manufacturers in its industry, at affordable prices.
Well-designed cotton front. Soft but durable. Water-resistant back barrier that protects clothing.
The neck hole is too wide, and the small Velcro piece for closure cannot be adjusted.
Velcro neck opening
34 x 18 inches; 0.4 pounds
Cotton; vinyl
Waterproof back barrier
6 colors available
Utopia Towels Adult Bib Set
Utopia Towels, Inc., aims to always provide customers with top-quality products at budget-friendly prices, so that every home can afford high-quality products.
100% ring spun cotton. Comfortable and of durable quality. Soft, absorbent, versatile. All-natural.
The fabric on the back isn’t waterproof.
3-pack; Velcro closure
18 x 30 inches; 1 pound
100% ring spun cotton
Highly absorbent
Bella Kline Deluxe Adult Bib
Bella Kline is a manufacturer of a line of quality products that provide comfort and convenience for households, hotels, and hospitals. Its products are affordable, too!
Terry material that’s highly absorbent. Velcro closure. Specially made to resist shrinkage and minimize lint.
The neck opening is wide, making the bib slide around.
6-pack; Velcro closure
18 x 30 inches
100% cotton terry
Absorbent; catches stains
Priva Extra Long Adult Bib
Priva’s products are trusted and used by many hospitals and assisted living facilities to provide a level of comfort, convenience, and independence at affordable prices.
Soft top that absorbs spillage. Vinyl backing that's water-resistant. Extra-long design protects chest and lap. Machine-washable.
The snap closure isn’t easy for the elderly to close.
Extra-long; snap closure
35 x 18 inches; 0.5 pounds
Poly/Rayon; vinyl
Absorbent; waterproof
2 colors available

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What is the Best Adult Bib?

No adult bib can be described as the best adult bib. There's a wide range of products in the market, but only one is the best fit for you. As you read this review, it would serve you well to note the features listed and the ones that are pertinent to your needs; those are the ones to look out for as you go shopping for your next batch of adult bibs. So, let’s get on with the reviews.
Our Top Choice
The Duro-Med Industries Adult Bib, though a bib, looks more like an apron and helps the wearer feel more confident, comfortable, dry, and clean all the time. If you want a terry cloth bib, the Duro-Med Terry Cloth Adult Bib is highly recommended.

Duro-Med Industries Adult Bib - Available in 3 Colors

Duro-Med Industries, a brand of Briggs Healthcare, has more than 35 years’ experience in the manufacturing of aids for the daily lives of seniors and those with disabilities. Its products are specially tested and made to assist people to sit, reach objects, and sleep comfortably; its aim is to help to maintain the comfort, dignity, and independence of the end-user.

The Duro-Med Industries Adult Bib is more like an apron than an adult bib, and it covers from the chest to the lap with dimensions of 17 ¾ by 36 inches, and weighs 5.6 ounces. It helps the wearer have the best mealtime experience they can. It has great features which include:
  • Gives the wearer more convenience to carry out activities that could result in spills
  • Has Velcro closure that makes it easy to put on as there are no buttons or hooks to be fastened
  • It's an absorbent, waterproof poly cotton material that's easy to clean
  • It's a stress-free, long-lasting material that won't wrinkle, stain, or fade
  • It can be hand or machine washed
  • It's easy to adjust
Best Value
RMS Reusable Adult Bib provides clothing protection without sacrificing style, as the beautiful floral pattern shows. If you want a pack with fewer bibs, you can check out the RMS 3 Pack Adult Bib.

RMS Washable Waterproof Adult Bib for the Elderly - Available in 6 Colors

Royal Medical Solutions (RMS) is one of the leading online retailers that provide products made both by it and many other renowned manufacturers in its industry (the Home Medical Equipment) industry. It’s confident in and can vouch for the quality of products that it designs and produces, and also that of the other manufacturers that it features. For this reason, its products come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. It’s able to offer premium quality goods at affordable prices because it has a special partnership with major manufacturers of home medical equipment.

The RMS Reusable Adult Bib provides clothing protection while still looking classy. The beautiful floral pattern doesn’t only look nice, but also helps to hide stains. It has more great features which include:
  • Velcro fasteners that help it fit comfortably
  • Well-designed front with top-quality cotton fabric that’s soft but durable
  • Has dimensions of 34 by 18 inches and weighs 6.4 ounces
  • Can be machine washed and tumbled dry (use of bleach not recommended)
  • Water-resistant back barrier that protects clothing from spills and stains
The Utopia Towels Adult Bib is a set of three cotton terry adult bibs that’s ideal for protecting your clothes during meals or other tasks. If you want a different color of this bib, check out other Utopia Towels Adult Bibs – there are more colors available!

Utopia Towels Cotton Terry Adult Bib

Utopia Towels, Inc., is an inventive retail business that provides a range of lifestyle goods to highly distinct groups of customers. Its goal is to make available a variety of products and a milieu so unique that its customers easily build a connection with the brand and put trust in it. It also seeks to provide retail customers with top-quality products at budget-friendly prices to ensure that every home can afford the products they need.

The Utopia Towels Adult Bib set comes with three cotton terry adult bibs. It will give you good value for your money as it’s ideal for protecting your clothes no matter the task. It has more great features, some of which are listed below:
  • It’s made from 100% ring spun cotton that’s comfortable and of a durable quality
  • Can be machine washed and tumbled dry on low (it's recommended to be washed separately to minimize lint on other clothing)
  • It's made from organic materials and toxin-free, so it's safe for human use
  • It's soft, absorbent, and versatile; remains soft even after washing and drying
The Bella Kline Deluxe Adult Bib is a great product for several places of hospice, and can do the job for just about anyone! If you want a pack with fewer bibs, you can check out the Bella Kline Adult Terry Cloth Bibs.

Bella Kline Deluxe Adult Terry Cloth Bib

Bella Kline is a manufacturer and supplier of a line of top-quality products such as cloth protectors, beddings, mattress covers, table clothes and linens, towels, and so forth. Its products are of premium quality and are reasonably priced. It consistently aims to provide end-users with products that add comfort, convenience, and style to their daily lives.

The Bella Kline Deluxe Adult Bib is a great product for anyone in need of some extra cleanliness during meals! It’s 18 by 30 inches (plenty big enough for most people’s needs!) and even comes with a 30-day refund. It has many great features which include:
  • It's made of terry material that’s highly absorbent
  • It can be machine washed and dried
  • It’s specially made to resist shrinkage and minimize lint
  • It has a Velcro closure that makes it easy to use
The Priva Extra Long Adult Bib is an advanced water-resistant mealtime guard that protects clothing from spills. It’s great for the elderly and people with disabilities. If you would prefer a terry cloth bib, we recommend the Priva Extra Long Terry Adult Bib.

Priva Extra Long Floral Waterproof Adult Bib - Available in 3 Colors

Priva is a brand under Fiberlinks Textiles, Inc., that provides quality beddings, cloth protectors, and other products for everyday assisted living. Its products are trusted and used by many hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. It prides itself in helping the elderly, invalids, or people with disabilities find a higher level of comfort with its products that they wouldn’t have had without these products.

The Priva Extra Long Adult Bib is an advanced water-resistant mealtime guard that protects clothing from spills. It has many great features, some of which are listed here:
  • Soft top that absorbs spillage of any kind
  • Vinyl backing that's water-resistant
  • Extra-long design that fully protects the chest and laps
  • Has dimensions of 35 by 18 inches
  • Easily adjustable snap closure that's comfortable and keeps the bib in place
  • Machine and dryer safe
  • Guaranteed to last for over three hundred washes

How Do I Choose the Best Adult Bib?

Growing old is an inevitable part of every life; it can either be filled with the joy of sitting on your rocking chair and watching your grandkids romp and play, or the struggle of trying to adjust to being dependent on people for things you did by yourself in years gone by. Whatever the scenario, every human being prays to age gracefully and with dignity.

There are many products that promise to slow down the aging process, but none can promise to keep you young forever; one day your age will catch up with you, and you’ll need someone to take care of you. When this happens (or you are the one who has an elderly parent or relative to take care of), you want to have premium-quality products that won’t reduce the self-esteem of your loved ones.

The adult bibs featured in this review are products that help to provide comfort, convenience, and dignity to the elderly or people with disabilities who may be prone to spills or getting messy at mealtimes.
Adult bibs are an essential accessory of any hospice, assisted living facility, or household with seniors or sloppy diners. They’re not expensive items as they are available in packs of three, six, twelve, or more at moderate prices. Depending on the material it's made of, and the number of bibs contained in a pack, adult bibs sell for around $12 to $18.50.

During our research, we saw some cheap adult bibs but decided not to feature them because some of them weren’t made from good quality materials, while others don’t deliver as advertised. Rest assured, however, that whatever product you choose based on this review will give you good value for your money.
In choosing an adult bib, there are features that you need to consider. As simple as an adult bib may appear, if you don’t take into cognizance these features, you might end up wasting your money on a purchase that doesn’t serve its purpose, or serve it very long. While only one product won’t have all the listed features, you still need to note them so that you know what to look out for when you go shopping.

Here are some of these features:
  • Size and length - The size and the length of the bib determine the extent of protection it provides for the user.
  • Stain resistance - How well can the material deal with stains; does it hide stains or are stains visible on it? Can the stains be easily removed or not?
  • Type of closure - The type of closure that the bib has determines the ease of use.
  • Color and design - Though some might consider this trivial, it may affect the self-esteem of the wearer.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance - determines whether you want the disposable, wipe down, hand wash only, or machine washable type.
  • Quality and type of material it's made of – This also determines how many spills it can take and (usually) the durability of the bib.
  • Extra features - Some bibs even come with catch pockets!
Construction and Design
Adult bibs have different types of neck closures; some have Velcro closures, some have hook and loops, others are snap closures, and still others are tied. It's necessary to consider the physical condition of the user and how easy it will be for them to reach up and fasten whatever type of closure the bib has. Bibs with a cast neck ring that don’t need hooks, snaps, or ties are best for people that have limited flexibility in their upper body.

Adult bibs come in different sizes, but the standard size is 18 by 30 inches, which covers from the chest to the lap and provides the most protection. Look out for this as it wouldn’t do to buy a bib that doesn’t properly cover the user’s clothing.

The material of the bib is also important because it determines how much spillage it can take which, in turn, determines how many times you’ll have to change and wash the bibs. The best options are the ones with waterproof backings and absorbent fronts that take a lot of spillage without soiling the wearer's clothing.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bibs that have patterns or designs are usually best at hiding stains, while those made of water-resistant materials are usually easier to clean. Many of the bibs on sale these days are machine-washable and can be tumble dried low or medium, which makes it easy to clean and maintain them.

The Velcro closure is the most common closure style that's available, and this is because it's easy to open and close; people with incomplete mobility in their upper extremities can close it. Ensure that you stick the Velcro closure together properly before washing so that the fasteners don’t stick to other clothing or the bib itself and pull - if this happens, the closure will lose its ability to close after a while.

Bibs with snap closure require a level of dexterity to close it, and this might not be possible for some seniors due to some diseases that limit mobility. However, snap closures last longer than Velcro closures because they don’t pull on stuff when they’re being washed.

Some seniors don’t like the idea of wearing a bib, especially in public; that’s why the ones with fanciful designs or patterns are a good option. They don’t immediately scream "bib" – they rather look like a fashion statement.

Get the Best Adult Bib of 2022!

Having studied this review, we’re optimistic that you’ve received adequate information to make the right choice of which adult bib is right for you, and you can now confidently go and make your purchase.

Our Top Choice
Duro-Med Industries Adult Bib
Best Value
RMS Reusable Waterproof Adult Bib
Utopia Towels Adult Bib Set
Bella Kline Deluxe Adult Bib
Priva Extra Long Adult Bib