Best Adult Diaper Reviews 2023

Determining what brand of adult diaper to buy may be a difficult task, especially for someone new to a situation where it is needed. We have decided to save you that hassle by researching the subject, so that we can give you quality options. In this review, we are featuring five top products from five top brands. These products aren't the only ones these brands have, but for the sake of this review we are only featuring one product per brand. As you read on, feel free to check out other products from these companies if the featured ones do not fit your specifications.
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Size & Weight
Hold Duration
Hold Capacity
Pack Size
Our Top Choice
Tranquility OverNight Absorbent Underwear
The Tranquility Product family provides incontinence products that help in the care of sick, invalid or elderly people and improve the quality of their lives.
The pull-on design makes it easy to wear. The cloth-like outer backing reduces crinkling, making it discreet and less embarrassing for the wearer.
The sizing can be off, so you may need some trial and error to get the right fit.
16 x 16 x 16 inches; 14.4 lbs.
12 hours
32 Oz.
18 per pack - 4 packs per case
Best Value
Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear
Depend makes incontinence products that help men and women reclaim their lives, enabling them to go about daily activities without loss of dignity and confidence.
It fits a woman's shape with a waistband like that of underpants, and leg openings cut in oval shapes. It’s lightweight and absorbs wetness quickly.
It needs one more inch from the crotch to the waist.
Latex-free Lycra
7.4 lbs.
12 hours
Info not provided
60 pieces
NorthShore Supreme Briefs Diaper
NorthShore Care Supply is committed to helping people with incontinence reduce the stress and indignity associated with it. Its products are high-quality and reasonably priced.
It has optimum capacity to absorb liquid, and an anti-odor defense. The thick Microsorb lining allows it to remain soft and dry through the night.
The sizing can be confusing, so you may need help getting the right size.
Plastic backing
23.9 lbs.
All night
32 Oz.
45 pieces
Tena Stretch Ultra Briefs Diaper
Tena is part of SCA Hygiene Products AB, one of the global leaders in incontinence care. Its wide range of absorbent products is designed to meet the specific needs of women and men.
The extra absorbent technology reduces odor and keeps liquids locked in, and the wetness indicator signals when a change is needed.
The backing can be a bit noisy.
Cloth-like exterior
18 x 18 x 18 inches; 18.4 lbs.
19 Oz.
2 bags of 36
Abena Abri-Form Adult Brief
Abena is a manufacturer and distributor of healthcare solutions. It takes pride in offering a wide range of top-quality products that are among the best in the market.
It's designed with plastic backing. It has leak guards and a yellow indicator line that turns blue when it's wet.
The crinkle given off by the plastic backing might be off putting for those who are trying to be discreet.
Plastic (poly) exterior
14.9 x 6.9 x 9.9 inches; 4.2 lbs.
All day
35 Oz.
14 pieces

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What is the Best Adult Diaper?

There is no "best" adult diaper on the market. This is because there are a variety of factors that determine the suitability of any product to an individual. What’s important is that you note the features that are essential in a good adult diaper, as this will determine whether it is the best adult diaper for you.
Our Top Choice
The Tranquility Premium Overnight Absorbent Underwear provides a high level of protection. It absorbs more than a quart of liquid, so that the wearer can sleep uninterrupted for hours. If you are looking for an adult diaper that’s good for daytime, check out the Tranquility Premium DayTime Pull-On Diapers.

Tranquility Premium Pull-On Overnight Heavy Absorbency Adult Diaper - Case of 72

The Tranquility Product Family is a brand of Principle Business Enterprises (PBE), a family business owned by a woman. Its products are intended to tackle the risk dynamics and care procedures that can significantly affect the quality of life for people in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and home care situations.PBE is celebrating more than 55 years of service to the healthcare sector, and more than 30 years as one of the leaders in the growth of superior absorbent tools. PBE specifically employs its technical know-how to develop a wide range of products for fall prevention, wound care, incontinence care, and other consumer products.

The Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear provides a high level of protection; it absorbs more than a quart of liquid, so wearers can sleep for a long time. This helps reduce the stress of daily washing and laundering of bedding and night clothes. It's also a good extended wear diaper. It has other great features that include:
  • Easy wear - The pull-on design makes it easy to slide the diaper on and off. It's also easy to remove because of the tear-away side seams. It has outer backing like cloth that makes it almost unnoticeable and less noisy
  • High quality and breathable material - The fabric is soft and aeratable. It has an adequate, high waist panel and fits comfortably
  • Leakage protection - The inner leg cuffs, known as Kufuguards, help to keep liquids from leaking out of the diaper
  • High performance and comfort - The center has a peach mat that is highly absorbent and guarantees that the skin remains dry. It also provides odor control and neutralization of PH
  • Enhanced protection – The blue leg elastics further enhance long hours of protection
Best Value
The Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear has form-fitting flexibility, allowing for ease of movement for wearers. Do you need an adult diaper for men? We recommend the Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Men.

Depend FIT-FLEX Maximum Absorbency Adult Diaper – Available in 5 Styles & 10 Sizes

Depend is a manufacturer of incontinence products that enable people to go on doing the things they love to do with dignity and confidence. Its products are well-made, form-fitting and comfortable.

The Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear is designed with more flexibility that's form-fitting, allowing for ease of movement for the wearer, unlike some bulky adult diapers. It's an excellent solution for incontinence and related health issues. It has other great features that include:
  • Confidence core technology that enables fast absorption, protects all night and holds in odor
  • Specifically made to fit a woman's shape
  • Made with lightweight material in peach color that’s highly absorbent; it draws the wetness in, leaving the skin dry
  • No addition of latex, fragrance or lotion
  • Slip-on style makes it easy to put it on and also remove
The NorthShore Supreme Briefs provide ample front and back protection, with long, upright leak guards and plastic backing. If you are looking for a lightweight adult diaper, get the NorthShore Air Supreme Briefs.

NorthShore Supreme Briefs Adult Diaper – Available in 5 Package Sizes & 4 Brief Sizes

NorthShore Care Supply is dedicated to helping people reduce the problems associated with incontinence and help them live better lives. It's one of the biggest providers of incontinence products with high levels of absorbency in the U.S. Its world-class absorbency products are sold at reasonable prices. It has a team of knowledgeable and compassionate customer care personnel who are always on hand.

The NorthShore Supreme Briefs is ideal in cases where diapers with plastic backing are the best option. It has front and back protection with long, upright leak guards. These features and many more make it a great solution that keeps users dry and comfortable for long hours. Here are some of these other features:
  • Highly absorbent, with an anti-odor defense
  • Microsorb lining allows it to remain soft and dry through the night
  • Prevents leakage from the side, especially for people who sleep on their sides
  • Latex-free
  • Two indicators that let you know when it's wet and needs to be changed
  • Smooth water-resistant plastic backing
The Tena Stretch Ultra Briefs are fully aeratable and have stretchy sides, providing accurate sizing, proper fit, and comfort. If you want a diaper with higher absorbency check out the Tena Classic Adult Diapers.

Tena Stretch Ultra Adult Diapers Large - Case of 72

SCA Hygiene Products AB provides products and services for healthcare providers and individuals in 105 countries. It has more than 50 years of experience. Under the brand name TENA®, it manufactures a broad range of absorbent products that are designed to meet the discrete needs of women and men. SCA is part of the frontline in the provision of products that reduce the effects of incontinence and help improve the lives of those dealing with it.

The Tena Stretch Ultra Briefs are aeratable and stretch on the sides for comfort and proper fit, with moderate to heavy absorbency capacity. They have more great features, which include:
  • Extra absorbent technology to reduce odor and keep liquids locked in
  • Waterproof lining that protects clothing and bedclothes
  • Color code for selection of product
  • The blue target absorption region gives extra protection where needed
  • Soft, nonwoven backing is gentle and not as noisy as other adult diapers
  • Curved leg elastics for better fit, comfort and protection
  • Wetness indicator to signal the need for a change
  • Refastenable wide hook system that is fast and easy to use, keeping the diaper secure
The Abena Abri-Form Adult Brief is for medium to severe incontinence. It's designed to provide maximum protection against leakage. For those who want larger-sized diapers, we recommend the Abena Abri-Form Comfort Brief Diapers.

Abena Abri-Form Medium Comfort Plastic Backed Adult Diaper - 14 Count

Abena is a Danish, family-owned producer and distributor of health care solutions and allied products. The Abena Group supplies over two hundred and fifty products and is operational in over sixty nations globally. It caters to hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other related industries. It also has many products that cover a wide spectrum apart from incontinence.

The Abena Abri-Form Adult Brief is for medium to severe incontinence. It provides maximum protection against leakage in severe cases. It has more great features which include:
  • Two refastenable tape tabs on both sides that allow for multiple fastenings for a secure fit
  • Designed with poly (plastic) exterior
  • Leak guards that prevent liquids from seeping out of the diaper
  • Yellow indicator line that turns blue when it's wet
  • Comes in a discreet white color
  • Elastic waistband at the back
  • Special system design for a dry surface and fast absorption

How Do I Choose the Best Adult Diaper?

The total or partial loss of control over one's bladder can be a terrifying and unpleasant experience, and it has made some people withdraw and stop being as active as they want to be. Thankfully, there are incontinence products that can help improve the quality of people's lives, and also help them maintain dignity and comfort.

When situations that affect health and well-being arise, one must find innovative means of ensuring that life goes on with as much dignity and ease as possible. There are medical aids that help make aging or disability less stressful, and products that contribute to making mobility easier and helping people be less dependent on others.
Adult diapers are in a class of essential medical solutions or aids that people with incontinence can't afford to be without. Thankfully, they are not out-of-reach commodities. There are many brands on the market, and each has differing features. They also come in different sizes and quantities, in a pack or case, with different absorbency levels. All these affect the cost of the product.

A good adult diaper costs between $18 and $75 (remember, they have different quantities in each pack). In the course of our research, we came across some cheap adult diapers. We didn't deem it necessary to feature them, as they were not up to the standard of products that we felt would serve you well.We are confident that any product you choose based on this review would be a great bargain purchase for you.
Adult diapers are an essential product for people living with incontinence. When choosing what diaper to use, there are some features to note, so you don't end up making a purchase that's not worth it. Some of these features include:
  • Size - The size of the wearer should be measured, and then used to determine the size of the diaper to be bought. Correct sizing affects the level of protection to be derived
  • Absorbency - The level of the user’s daily activity and the severity of the incontinence should decide this
  • Retention of fluids and leakage protection - Be sure the brand has leak guards that won't allow fluid to seep out, and check how long it can hold liquids before it needs to be changed
  • Compatibility with clothing style - Some products are meant for more severe cases of incontinence, while some work well for mild to medium cases. Their absorbence capacity determines how bulky they'll be, so some would not be discreet enough for some clothing styles
  • Design - Determine whether it would be easy and convenient to get on and off, especially after trips to the bathroom
  • Quality and type of material in backing – This determines how well it contains liquids and holds in odor
Construction and Design
Adult diapers come in different sizes, and people have different body shapes, activity levels, and lifestyles. Because of these variables, it’s advised that you start with a sample pack to ascertain whether a particular product is the right fit for you.

There are two types of backings used in the manufacture of adult diapers: plastic backing and cloth-like paper backing. The plastic backing provides more protection by holding in moisture and also prevents odor, but the crinkling sound may be embarrassing when the wearer moves around.

The pull-up designs make for ease of use. They are easier to pull up and down than adult briefs that have to be refastened each time the wearer visits the bathroom. Some people place a booster inside the brief, so that they only have to change the booster on trips to the bathroom while the brief stays put. Whatever option you choose, comfort, efficiency, and ease of use should be considered.
Performance and Ease of Use
Adult diapers have different absorbency, comfort, and convenience levels. While some work well for mild to medium incontinence, others are specifically for severe cases. Premium adult diapers are usually best for severe cases of incontinence, but they are also bulkier and are better worn with tight-fitting underwear if the user wants to wear fitted clothing.

A feature that enhances performance of an adult diaper is a leak guard, which helps to hold the liquids in. If this is absent, the purpose of having the adult diaper may be defeated. While larger-sized diapers offer more protection, a snugger-fitting size would prevent leakage, but this is also dependent on the severity of the incontinence. Always remember that this is the determining factor of what brand, fit and absorbency level to look for.

Get the Best Adult Diaper of 2023!

Now that you have taken the time to read this review, we believe we have furnished you with enough information to make the purchase of the right adult diaper for you, your loved one or your patient.

Our Top Choice
Tranquility OverNight Absorbent Underwear
Best Value
Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear
NorthShore Supreme Briefs Diaper
Tena Stretch Ultra Briefs Diaper
Abena Abri-Form Adult Brief