Best Adult Disney Costume Reviews 2023

While there are no set rules for costuming, Disney characters are globally popular, and getting an adult Disney themed costume means that people, including kids, already know the character you're assuming. Whether it’s for a Halloween party, a comic convention in the spring, or simply a themed birthday party for your kid, getting the best adult Disney costumes for the occasion can be complicated. That’s why we've done the stressful part for you by compiling a list of five brands with five different great adult Disney costumes. These brands also have more Disney-themed costumes if the featured costumes don’t suit your taste.
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Our Top Choice
Disguise Disney Maleficent Adult Costume
Disguise designs and manufactures trendsetting costumes and accessories under some of the world's licensed brands, such as Disney, Nintendo, and Hasbro.
Quite realistic. Well-made. Hand washable. Fits comfortably.
The staff isn’t included.
Brooch, head gear
100% polyester
4 sizes; small - X-large
Hand wash
Best Value
California Costumes Snow White Costume
California Costumes is a global manufacturer of trendy and creative fancy dress and Halloween costumes, masks, wigs, and other accessories.
Multicolored fabric. 100% polyester. Well-designed. Price friendly.
May be wrinkled on arrival.
Snow White
Hair ribbon, stand-up collar
100% polyester
5 sizes; X-small - X-large
Dry clean
elope Mad Hatter Tea Party Replica Costume
elope is well-known for creating exceptional costumes that spark imagination, inspire a sense of adventure, and make people happy.
Well-made. Realistic. Authentic. High-quality. Durable.
A bit expensive.
Alice in Wonderland
Hat, bow tie, sash, kilt pin
Polyester, cotton
2 sizes; small/med or large/XL
Hand wash
Leg Avenue Men's Prince Charming Costume
Using only the best quality materials and craftsmanship, Leg Avenue creates costumes and accessories that leave the wearers feeling happy, confident and smart.
Impressive replica. Long-lasting. Colorfast. Price friendly.
Arrives wrinkled and requires ironing.
Prince Charming
Sash, belt
100% polyester
2 sizes; medium or large
Hand wash
Forum Queen of Hearts Adult Costume
For more than 3 decades, Forum Novelties has been in the business of designing and creating quality adults' and kids' costumes for different themes and occasions.
Well-made. Good quality. Glittering costume. Quite believable. Price friendly. Standard size available.
Crown and scepter aren’t included.
Queen of Hearts
100% polyester
5 sizes; small - X-large
Hand wash

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What is the Best Adult Disney Costume?

Disney costumes for adults are quite numerous, and selecting the option that suits your style and taste could be quite tasking. But if you’ve taken time to read this buying guide, selecting the right one, with consideration to quality, size, cost, and care should be quite easy.
Our Top Choice
Looking for a Halloween costume? The Disguise Disney Maleficent Adult Costume for women works perfectly. It's a well-made polyester dress that can also be used as a birthday party costume. If you'd rather have a men’s adult Disney costume, the Disguise Men's Olaf Deluxe Adult Costume with a headpiece, tunic and gloves works just as well.

Disguise Disney Maleficent Adult Costume – Available in 4 Sizes

When it comes to innovative costumes and accessories that are realistic and trendy, Disguise is a world apart from its peers. It has a gifted team that is made up of sculptors, designers, graphic artists, and stylists with distinctive creative backgrounds. With San Diego as the location of its headquarters, Disguise designs and manufactures various costumes and matching accessories under some of the world’s top accredited brands, including Hasbro, and Nintendo, Disney. With over three decades of manufacturing experience, Disguise has fast become one of the leading dress-up and costume companies in the global costume industry.

If you’ve got a Halloween costume contest or a comic book convention coming up, why don’t you turn heads by rocking the Disguise Disney Maleficent Adult Costume? This dress is made of 100% polyester. The polyester fabric is strong and doesn’t wear down quickly. It is also flexible and resistant to shrinking and wrinkles, unlike other fabric types. This adult costume dries fast and can be worn during cold weather. It is available in four sizes.

To make it more realistic, it is accompanied by a character headpiece that’s made of polyester and polyurethane foam. There's also a detachable brooch that can be attached on the neck region to improve the appearance. This dress is quite lightweight, weighing only 1.1 pounds. Please note that this package doesn’t include the custom staff, so it should be purchased separately. Care and maintenance of this costume includes hand washing with mild detergent and sun drying. This material is temperature sensitive and should only be ironed with low dry heat.

Other adult Disney costumes available from Disguise include:
  • The Disguise Women's Disney Sleeping Beauty Costume: Comes with a full-length tunic, an attached collar, and a foam hood to make it more realistic. It can be worn during Halloween and birthday parties
  • The Disguise Men's Disney Pixar Toy Story and Beyond Woody Adult Costume Kit: With a custom hat, bandana, star, and vest. It is made from polyester and requires handwashing
  • The Disguise Women's Disney Snow White Evil Queen Deluxe Costume: Includes an attached cape, crown, collar, hood, and gold cord sash. It works for any event requiring dressing up, including birthday parties
Best Value
The California Costumes Snow White Adult Costume is a well-designed, multicolored polyester outfit that’s recommended for those looking to be a princess for Halloween or any other occasion. For a Disney themed costume for men, get the Men's Dark Mad Hatter Costume by California Costumes. It is also 100% polyester and price friendly.

California Costumes Snow White Adult Disney Costume – Available in 5 Sizes

California Costumes was established to supply the costume and dress-up industry with quality, affordable fancy dress and Halloween costumes. Along with doing just that, California Costumes also designs and manufactures custom wigs, masks and accessories that are trendy. Proprietary designs by California Costumes are created in such a way that the style, taste, and expectations of its consumers are met and exceeded. With an outstanding team dedicated to delivering only the best goods and services, California Costumes is fast establishing itself as a global industry leader.

It is possible to stand out as a princess without having to pay through the nose. For a princess costume that combines good quality and affordability, it doesn’t get better than the Snow White Adult Costume from California Costumes. It is made from polyester and is quite strong and durable. It also comes with a red hair ribbon and a custom stand-up collar. However, the wig and shoes are not included and can be purchased separately. This fabric can easily be dry cleaned and ironed with low heat. It is available in five sizes, from extra small through to extra-large.

Here are some other Disney themed adult costumes from California Costumes:
  • The California Costumes Women's Classic Cinderella Dress: With a pair of glovelettes, hair ribbon, and choker. It is also made of 100% polyester and can be easily dry cleaned
  • The California Costumes Men’s Storybook Beast Disney Prince Costume: Comes with a faux fur mask, to bring the beast alive. It is a classic Halloween costume and is available in two colors and four sizes
  • The California Costumes Women’s Cruel Diva Disney Cruella De Vil Costume: Available in four sizes, made of polyester, and comes with the fur stole and fur cuffs
You can be the star of any costume party by rocking this authentic and realistic recreation of the Mad Hatter outfit worn by Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland. If you'd rather have a Disney-themed costume for women, check out the elope Women's Sulley Deluxe Costume Kit Adult. It’s a recreation of Sulley’s outfit from Monsters University.

elope Men’s Mad Hatter Adult Disney Costume – Available in 2 Sizes

elope is a global manufacturer of costumes and accessories that are designed to tell stories. For more than 25 years, it's been equipping the public and the cosplay industry with outstanding hats, headwear, costumes, and accessories for different themes and celebrations, including birthdays, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. elope also ensures that its costumes and accessories are made using only premium materials and excellent craftsmanship, to surpass the expectations set by consumers.

If you want the fun of attending a costume or birthday party looking like Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, you’ll need the right costume, and the elope Men’s Mad Hatter Adult Costume is as realistic as they come. The faux suede jacket is made of 100% polyester and finished with some remarkable details, such as the custom-molded fox buttons, lace cuffs, two welted hip pockets, and fringe edging on the lapels. A double-breasted vest with patched velvet trimming and full satin lining is included.

A signature Mad Hatter hat which has two secret pockets and can be size adjusted by Velcro is also part of this costume. More accessories include a bow tie with an easily adjustable clasp, a satin sash measuring 36 by 16 inches and a kilt pin with multicolored ribbons. This costume also comes with striped embroidered trousers with an adjustable waist. For care and maintenance, the jacket and pants should be dry cleaned, as handwashing may lead to color bleeding and fabric shrinkage.

elope has other Disney costumes and accessories you can check out, such as:
  • The elope Snow White Evil Queen Crown: Made of 25 percent cotton and 75 percent polyester. The crown has a Velcro size adjuster and fits both kids ages eight and up, and adults
  • The elope Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Hat: Lead-free and has an elastic sweatband. It is made from distressed faux leather and is an authentic tricorn hat
  • The elope Maleficent Headdress: Made from velvet, sized for adults, and has a deep purple trim. The Velcro size adjuster ensures it fits just right and is capable of bringing out your evil queen side
The Leg Avenue Disney Prince Charming Costume is an impressive replica of a prince’s outfit and has the ability to transform you into the prince that every princess dreams of. For a women’s Disney costume for a themed party, consider the Leg Avenue Disney Rapunzel Peasant Dress Costume. It is purple and available in three sizes.

Leg Avenue Men's Disney Prince Charming Costume – Available in 2 Sizes

Leg Avenue is a reputable manufacturer of quality costumes and accessories that have found their way into the costuming industry. From women’s themed costumes to men’s themed costumes and accessories, Leg Avenue ensures all its product are made using excellent craftsmanship and only the best materials. Leg Avenue is licensed to replicate under popular brands, and is fast becoming a go-to brand for trendy and popular costumes.

The first step to finding the princess you desire is by dressing the part of royalty, and nothing gets you closer than the Leg Avenue Disney Prince Charming Costume. It is a four-piece replica costume that consists of a Prince Charming jacket with fringed epaulettes. It also comes with a sash, a custom belt, and a pair of trousers in the same color as the sash. It is completely made of polyester, and is quite durable. This costume can be hand washed and requires low heat for ironing.

Here are more adult Disney themed costumes by Leg Avenue:
  • The Leg Avenue Disney Princess Jasmine Costume: Part of the Disney princess collections, and 100% nylon. It can be paired with the Princess Jasmine wig and consists of the off-shoulder top, head piece, and harem pants
  • The Leg Avenue Disney Princess Belle Costume: A 2-piece adult dress that can be worn to any princess-themed event. It has a satin dress with an off shoulder and a headpiece. It is made of 94% polyester and 6% spandex, making it quite strong and durable
  • The Disney Princesses Classic Snow White Costume: The classic Snow White dress with a stand-up collar and a bow headpiece. It is available in three sizes and is made of 100% polyester
  • The Leg Avenue Women's Disney Maleficent Costume: Comes with horn-shaped headpiece and stand-up collar to make it look more realistic. The dress is made of 100% polyester and also has a long slit in front and a mesh cape
With its pretty heart dress and realistic red corset, the Forum Novelties Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Adult Costume transforms you into a great-looking villain. If assuming the character of a heroic, highly skilled archer and outlaw is your thing, order the Forum Fables and Fairy Tales Robin Hoodie Costume.

Forum Novelties Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Adult Costume – Available in 5 Sizes

Forum Novelties is well-known for providing the costume and dress-up industry with beautiful and quality Disney costumes for different themed party and occasions, including Halloween. For over three decades, it has consistently supplied its customers with affordable costumes and superior quality. Forum Novelties pays attention to even the smallest details, and that’s why its costumes are a favorite amongst cosplayers and those that love to dress up for fun.

Replicating a frightening but funny look for Halloween or any other themed event isn’t always easy, but with the Forum Novelties Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Adult Costume, you're definitely on the right track. With the push-up corset and plunging neckline, this costume will have all eyes following you round the room. It is made of polyester, making it durable and fast-drying. The dress glitters, and the glitter doesn’t come off easily. Although the crown and scepter aren’t included, this costume is still believable. It is available in five sizes, and the standard size for adult can fit those with dress size 14 or those with up to 42 inches chest size. This costume requires hand washing and should be sun dried after washing.

Here are more Disney costumes and accessories for adults by Forum Novelties:
  • The Forum Novelties Men's Mad Hatter Costume Hat: A one-size hat that can be used by magicians, and that goes well with other Halloween costumes. It is made of polyester and has a red ribbon at the base
  • The Forum Novelties Men's Mad Hatter Costume Wig: Improves the look of the Mad Hatter hat and costume. It is lightweight and can be easily hand washed if the need arises
  • The Forum Novelties Men's Designer Collection Robin Hood Costume: Includes a hat with feather, shirt, pants, belt, and boot tops. It is available in four sizes and is made of polyester

How Do I Choose the Best Adult Disney Costume?

In a world where adult responsibilities are the order of the day, a break from the norm is okay. What other way to feel young again than by getting one of the numerous Disney-themed costumes available for adults and releasing the inner child in you? The best part of owning an adult Disney costume is that it is not limited to one theme or occasion, and because Disney characters are quite popular, people don’t need to be reminded about the character you're portraying. You can only guess how frustrating it would be if people didn’t recognize the character you're supposed to be emulating and kept asking who you're supposed to be.

Getting a Disney-themed costume for adults used to be a challenge, but now buying one is literally a click away. There are numerous collections for both men and women, and different themes too. If you're female, you can choose to turn heads at a costume party by going dressed like Snow White, or become the Prince Charming princesses dream of by wearing a custom replica of a Disney prince costume. Halloween is not left out. If kids can rock scary costumes for Halloween, so can you. All you’ve got to do is let the Maleficent or Mad Hatter costumes do the talking for you.

Now that you know that dressing up can be fun for adults too, don’t leave your kids out of the fun. Loop them in by getting them their own Disney costumes for kids. You can also check out our review for a Halloween costume for pets, if your family has pets too.
The prices of Disney costumes for adults may depend on certain factors, such as the sizing specification and accessories included. For example, a Mad Hatter costume with the signature hat and hair will cost more than an alternative without the hair and hat. Similarly, a Maleficent costume without the staff will cost considerably less than one that comes with the staff. Depending on the brand, when it comes to sizing specifications, a small or medium-sized costume may cost less than a large or an extra-large sized costume, for obvious reasons. However, this is not peculiar to all brands, and the cost may remain the same, regardless of the size.

During this research, we came across several adult Disney costumes with different prices. Based on the quality and how realistic they appeared, we were able to narrow them down to within the range of $50 - $200. While we also found cheap adult Disney costumes, we decided not to feature them because of their poor quality.
A good adult Disney costume should be of good quality, fit the intended user properly, and depict the Disney character in question well. With that in mind, these are the important features that should be considered before selecting a costume for purchase:
  • Disney Theme – for men and women
  • Sizing Specification
  • Accessories
  • Costume Materials
  • Care and Maintenance
Construction and Design
Just as there are many Disney characters, so are there many Disney-themed costumes. Due to the increased number of characters, the trick here is to decide which character you would love to be. The type of event the costume is to be worn to will also play a great role here. If it's Halloween, the Maleficent costume from the movie Maleficent or the Mad Hatter outfit from Alice in Wonderland would be a good place to start. For comic conventions, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes work well, while for birthday parties, any Disney princess or prince costume such as Snow white, Princess Aurora, or Prince Charming would work.

After the theme of the costume has been selected, the next important factor is the fabric used in the costume. The most popular fabric used in designing Disney costumes is polyester. This is because polyester is quite durable and strong and will take longer to fade. It also costs less than most fabric types, dries fast, and doesn’t wrinkle as easily as other materials. However, in some costumes, other fabric types such as linen, cotton, or leather may be used. For example, a prince ensemble may consist of polyester jacket, linen vest, and leather belt.

For sizing specification, a size chart is needed. It is important to know that different sizes exist, and for a costume to look nice on you, it should fit up to 70 percent at least. For men, it is important to know your chest and waist measurements. For example, a medium-sized costume has a chest length of 38 to 42 inches and a waist length of 30 to 34 inches. For women, the dress size should be taken into consideration, including the bust, waist, and hip measurements.
Performance and Ease of Use
The aim of wearing an adult Disney costume is to look as close as possible to the Disney character in question. Sometimes, the costume itself doesn’t do it and may require some accessories to complete the look. For example, is a princess without a crown truly a princess? That’s the importance of accessories. They make the character more believable and beautiful. Before purchasing a costume, check whether it comes with some accessories that can enhance the character. Such accessories may include masks, wigs, crowns, vests, buttons, or hats. Some accessories may cost the general price of the Disney costume to increase.

Care and maintenance of the adult Disney costume is important, as it contributes to the longevity of the costume. You don’t want to buy a costume today and, after using it a few times, have it become unwearable due to the condition it is in. To avoid that, spot clean where necessary, and use only mild detergents if washing is required. Some costumes may require dry cleaning, because hand washing them may cause them to fade after washing. Others are best hand washed. To be on the safe side, read the care instructions carefully and do as instructed. After washing and drying, if ironing is required, use low temperature heat on polyester fabric to avoid melting it.

Get the Best Adult Disney Costume of 2023!

Now that we've ruled out guesswork by supplying you with the necessary information, why don’t you show your inner child to the world by picking a suitable adult Disney costume?

Our Top Choice
Disguise Disney Maleficent Adult Costume
Best Value
California Costumes Snow White Costume
elope Mad Hatter Tea Party Replica Costume
Leg Avenue Men's Prince Charming Costume
Forum Queen of Hearts Adult Costume