Best Adult Nightlight Reviews 2023

When we say “adult nightlight” we are referring to ones that aren’t specifically designed for a young child’s room, ones that can be used by anyone – not just adults. Another difference is that some of them are designed to be used in any room, not just the bedroom. If you search the Internet, you'll see a lot of adult nightlights that are touted as high-quality and high-performance. It can be hard to make a choice. To help make your task easier, we have carried out extensive research and have narrowed down your search to a list of five top adult night light brands, featuring a product from each one.
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LED colors
Our Top Choice
Amir Motion Sensor Night Light
Amir International makes top-quality lanterns and emergency lights. Its products are affordable, and it offers excellent customer care.
Best seller. 3 lights in the package. Portable and lightweight. Easy to install. Cordless as it works with 3 AAA batteries.
The light sensor won't let it come on if there's a glimmer of light anywhere near it; it functions only in total darkness.
LED light
Motion & light sensor
1.5 x 3.6 x 3.5 inches
Best Value
Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light
SYCEES Industrial Co., Ltd is a veteran maker of electronics that insists on high-end products and efficient service, for the satisfaction of its customers.
Turns itself on or off automatically at dusk or down. Compact and lightweight. Best seller. Available in 2 colors.
Some customers found the light sensor to be a bit oversensitive.
LED light
Power outlet
Light sensor
7 x 3 x 2.5 inches
Daylight white; warm white
LBell Ocean Wave Projector Night Light
LBell makes electronic accessories and gadgets, tools and home improvement items. It has a range of products that are user-friendly and affordable.
Comes with 7 changing colors. Built in speaker with 4 presets, or connect to external device. Available in black or white colors. Built-in TF card slot. Good for almost any room.
The motor is noisy, and the buttons are loud when you press them.
LED projector w/ speaker
USB cable
Manual or preset timer
5 x 4.1 x 5 inches
7 LED colors
SOAIY Rotation Aurora Night Light
SOAIY is an expert in manufacturing speakers and other electronic products. It provides goods and services with high performance and budget-friendly prices.
Built-in speaker with adjustable volume - connects to smartphone and Mp3 players. 8 light projection modes. Auto shut-off after 1 hour to save energy.
It doesn’t have a dimmer function.
LED projector w/ speaker
Power outlet
Manual with 1 hour auto shut off
4.7 x 5.7 x 4.7 inches
8 LED colors
AmerTac Geometric Motion-Activated LED Night Light
AmerTac is a manufacturer of consumer electronic gadgets. It's dedicated to the principles of quality products, good value, and excellent customer care.
Available in multiple package quantity options. Good for bedroom, bathroom or other rooms. Incorporated light sensor.
It's best used in an upright position, which may be a little inconvenient.
Decorative LED light
Power outlet
Motion & light detector
2.5 x 3.2 inches
White .

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What is the Best Adult Nightlight?

There is no single adult nightlight that can be said to be the best for everyone. This is because there are many designs of nightlights with differing features that appeal to different people. Note the features that suit your preferences, so you know what to look for when you go to get your nightlight. This will help you get the best adult nightlight for you. Let’s take a look at our top picks.
Our Top Choice
The Amir Motion Sensor Night Light is bright enough for night vision and also alerts you to movement. It's ideal for people who live alone and it is currently a bestseller. If you’re looking for a light for night camping, we recommend the Amir Patio Umbrella Light which is also a bestseller.

Amir Motion Sensor Light - Cordless, Battery-Powered LED Night Light, Pack of 3

Amir International Trading Company was founded in 1977. It specializes in the production of quality lanterns and emergency lights, with factories in China, Taiwan, and Egypt. Its products are all patented and CE, GS and ISO 9001 quality system certified.After more than forty years of commitment and hard work, it has a reputation in the Middle East market as a company that delivers good quality products and customer satisfaction, thus gaining the trust of its customers. It takes pride in providing dependable items at budget-friendly prices, coupled with excellent after sales and customer care service.

The Amir Motion Sensor Night Light is bright enough to ensure that you won’t trip in the dark. It's also good for children who are afraid of the dark, so that there’s light for them whenever they wake up and need to use the bathroom. It's also a security device, as it can alert you to the presence of someone else in your home, especially if you live alone.

This light's great features include:
  • Passive infrared sensor and light sensor - Comes on when it senses motion within ten feet and goes off twenty seconds after motion ceases
  • Easy to install - All you need is 3M adhesive tape and screws to stick it on any surface you like, or the built-in magnet to stick it to a metal surface
  • Battery operated - It's powered by three AAA batteries (these are not included with purchase) for cordless setup, so it can work in spaces where you may have limited or no access to electricity
  • Portable and lightweight - Compact shape and design
Best Value
The Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light is ideal for areas where you need to have some illumination without turning on the main lights. This model is a bestseller and available in 2 colors. Need an entertaining nightlight for children? Try the Sycees 3-in-1 Star Projector & Colorful Night Light which comes with a remote control and auto-off timers.

Sycees 0.5W Plug-In LED Night Light - Dusk to Dawn Sensor, 2 Colors and 2 Package Options Available

SYCEES Industrial Co., Ltd is a veteran maker of power inverters, flashlights, LED lights, car chargers, and related products. Its technical team is made up of professionals who insist on great products and efficient service. Its priority is always to have the best quality available, with customer satisfaction and honest service.

The Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light comes in a pack of six, and is ideal for bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, kids' rooms, living rooms, nurseries, or any area where you need some light without having to turn on the main lights. It saves you the hassle and danger in having to shuffle and stumble looking for light switches when you or your kids wake up at night.

It has many great features that include:
  • Gives you the exact brightness needed for night vision (neither too bright nor dim)
  • A sensor that automatically turns it on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Available in 2 colors such as daylight white or warm white and it can be bought in packs of 4 or 6 lights
  • Won't block the second outlet on your wall; you can always plug in something else beneath or above it
  • The four-piece LED doesn't require bulb replacement. It burns at 2.2 kilowatts for twelve hours each per year, a negligible reading on your power meter
The LBell Ocean Wave Projector Night Light is an LED ocean wave projector light that comes with a mini speaker. It has a relaxing and tranquilizing effect on the environment and it comes in 2 colors. If you want a solar-powered motion sensor wall light, the LBell 16LED Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light is highly recommended.

LBell Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector Night Light - 12 LEDs, 7 LED Colors, Auto-Off Timer, Available in Black or White

LBell is a manufacturer of electronics, tools and home improvement products. Its items help to reduce stress and make daily life easier for their users. It always seeks to make its products user-friendly and also affordable.

The LBell Ocean Wave Projector Night Light is an LED ocean wave projector light that changes color and comes with a mini speaker. It helps you relax after a hard day. This light has a tranquilizing effect and helps to set the mood for you and your loved one, or help to lull your baby (and even you!) to sleep. It can be used to create different effects at different occasions.

Its other great features include:
  • Equipped with a TF card compartment; there are four lullabies attached, but you can always play your choice of music when you insert your TF card or connect it to an external audio source (TF card not included in purchase)
  • Light can also connect to smartphones, MP3 players or tablets for even more music choices.
  • Lights can change into seven colors and the lamp itself comes in black or white colors
  • Remote control and touch sensitive keys for easy and convenient operation
  • Lamp can be slanted at an angle of 45 degrees to point in desired direction
  • Three built-in auto off timer options to switch the lamp off at a pre-set time
The SOAIY Rotation Aurora Night Light is a dual functional device. It can be a little lovely nightlight, or a projection light show equipment that creates a pleasant, soothing environment. If you’d rather have this nightlight in black color, check out the SOAIY Aurora Projection Night Light.

SOAIY Rotation Color Changing LED Projection Night Light - Built-In Speaker, Auto-Shut Off, Adjustable Display Angle

Soaiy Technology Co. Ltd was established in 1996 and is an expert in making electronic products. With dedication and continuous innovation, it has become one of the top production centers of high quality speakers and one of the leading manufacturers of electronic devices. It is committed to providing consumers with groundbreaking original equipment manufacturer (OEM) goods and services with high performance and affordable prices.

The SOAIY Rotation Aurora Night Light is a pretty night light when the dome cover is on. When you take off the dome cover, it becomes a projection light show that casts lifelike auroras and reflective lights on walls or ceilings. It creates a pleasant and soothing bedtime experience for kids and lulls them to sleep. It's also good for adults, as it has a calming effect and reduces tension, also helping them fall asleep better. (It's a great help for an insomniac).

Other features of this light include:
  • Eight light projection modes to choose from depending on your mood
  • Built-in speaker with adjustable volume; you can plug in your device and play lullabies, soothing music or meditation music as you watch the light patterns
  • Automatically shuts down after one hour
  • Adjustable display angle of 45 degrees, which allows you to project the light in different directions
The AmerTac Motion Activated LED Night Light provides soft illumination during the night, so you can get around without bumping into things. It can be bought in multiple package quantities. If you want a glowing nightlight, check out the AmerTac Forever-Glo LED NiteLite. This model comes with a cool blue light and it includes 4 lights in the package.

AmerTac Geometric Motion Activated LED Night Light - 6 Package Options Available, Built-In Light Sensor

AmerTac has a full assortment of unique ornamental home improvement products, such as money-saving LED Nite Lites™, innovative lighting for under cabinets, stylish wall plates, expedient LED battery-operated lights. It also offers more practical products, such as dimmers, energy-saving timers, and lighting controls. It makes a wide array of electronic gadgets for homes and offices. The parent company, known as American Tack Company, opened in 1937. Its name changed to AmerTac, but it remains dedicated to top quality products, good value, and excellent customer care service.

The AmerTac Motion Activated LED Night Light gives off a soft illumination during the night that lets you find your way around without turning on the main lights or bumping into things. It’s a safe, child-friendly device that remains cool to the touch at all times.

This light also has:
  • Light sensor that doesn’t allow it to be activated during the day
  • Automatic motion activated sensor that turns the light on if it senses movement close to 25 feet away within a 100 meter radius, and shuts it off one minute after motion stops
  • Can be bought in different package quantities, from 1 up to 6 lights
  • Energy saving LED bulb that is ETL listed and does not generate heat like other nightlights
  • Decorative design that blends in well with other fittings and decor

How Do I Choose the Best Adult Nightlight?

It is generally assumed that children are afraid of the dark, but some adults and teens also cannot sleep in total darkness. Since it’s not economically viable to leave your lights on all the time, nightlight saves the day - but of course adults wouldn't want ones that look they came right out of a children's nursery. There are useful type of lights such as nightlights which you can leave on all night and they will just cast a warm glow, without being glaringly bright.

Another use for an "adult nightlight" is to provide a dim light in areas of the home such as bathrooms and hallways, so you don't have to turn on bright lights if you get up in the middle of the night. Similarly, other types of lights such as LED candles produce a diffuse light which creates a warm and even more romantic atmosphere. These lights look like candles, but they are actually powered by LEDs and your main advantage is that they don’t melt after a couple of hours!

If you also need night lights for your patio or yard, solar spotlights are the most trendy these days because they reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint at the same time. Also, a birdie told us that a man who uses eco-friendly products is 25% more attractive for women, so maybe now it is the right time to undertake minor home improvements!
There are many factors that affect the price of any product. They include the brand, the material, and the features and performance level. Some brands are known for high-end products, while others are known for functional products. Cost does not determine functionality or best quality, but these features will affect cost. A good adult nightlight can be obtained for anywhere from $8.40 to $89.99.

When we were carrying out this research, we came across some cheap adult nightlights, but such products are usually made from poor-quality materials and they don’t cast a sufficiently bright light. It is wiser to spend a couple of bucks more and be sure that you have bought a durable and practical night light which can be used for several years.
When you wake up to get a glass of water or use the bathroom in the middle of the night, you probably don’t like to put on the main lights. This is where an adult nightlight proves its worth, by helping you find your way around. Nightlights have many features; some are essential, while others are extras. Note the ones you need, so you'll would know whether a particular nightlight is the best one for you.

Here are some of those features:
  • Ease of Installation: Consider where you want to install the light and how easy and convenient it would be to install it in that position
  • Power Source: Battery-operated or plug-in
  • Energy Efficiency: Including the kind of bulb
  • Level of Brightness: - Nightlights have different levels of brightness
  • Design: Some people might be concerned about maintaining the overall ambiance of the home, so the design of the nightlight would be a consideration
  • Accessories: Some lights have built-in speakers and TF card slots so you can listen to music while trying to fall asleep
  • Versatility: Some nightlights are dual functional as nightlights and projector light show devices; you can use them to set different moods in different locations
  • Ease of Operation: Ones with remote controls are easier to use, and allow you to set the light mode and timer
  • Type of Sensor: Some have both light and motion sensors, while others have only motion sensors
Construction and Design
There are lots of adult nightlight designs, each with different features. If all you want is a soft glow at night to illuminate your surroundings when you need to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water, you don’t need a complicated design. Just look for a nightlight that is motion-activated, so it comes on and then goes off after motion ceases (not more than 90 seconds after).

For those who want a nightlight that the whole family can use, or one that would both lull babies to sleep and help parents to relax, there are lights that double as nightlights and projector light shows. They cast a kaleidoscope of light patterns that are soothing. Some come with speakers and TF card slots so you can play meditation and relaxing music (some even come with a number of lullabies). These lights are a good deal for insomniacs or people who work in high-stress situations.

One important consideration is the ease of installation of the light. Look at the design and how best it can be installed, then look at your home and determine where you want to place the light. Some lights just need some heavy-duty tape to hold them in place, or a metal surface where the built-in magnet can attach. Some others are screwed on just like other light fixtures. Whatever design you choose, remember that you don't want to have to be re-fixing the light every other day or week.
Performance and Ease of Use
A number of adult nightlights come with remote controls. This makes life easy for the user, as you can set the light mode that you want, the off timer and other features remotely.

The light sensor in some nightlights ensures that they stay off once it's daylight, or any other light is on. While this is a good feature, some people have found it a bit inconvenient, as these lights may not come on if there is any glimmer of light around. Motion-activated lights are great to consider if you need to occasionally light up very dark areas such as cabinets, pantries and such spaces. The motion-activated nightlight can also serve as a security device, especially for people who live alone, as it will alert you to the presence of any person or living objects (stray animals and the like).

Battery-operated nightlights save you the stress of looking for an electric outlet. You can place these lights anywhere you want without adding to your electricity bill. On the other hand, most electric nightlights come with LED lights, which are energy-saving and do not run up substantial electricity bills. They do not generate as much heat as other nightlights, and save you the hassle of remembering to replace dead batteries. They are also child-friendly, as they remain cool to the touch at all times.

Get the Best Adult Nightlight of 2023!

We are glad that you took the time to read this review, and hope that it has provided you enough information to help you make the right purchase for your needs. Keep in mind that the brands we have featured offer other nightlights as well, so you may want to look at the additional options available.

Our Top Choice
Amir Motion Sensor Night Light
Best Value
Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light
LBell Ocean Wave Projector Night Light
SOAIY Rotation Aurora Night Light
AmerTac Geometric Motion-Activated LED Night Light