Best Adult Onesie Reviews 2023

As an adult, looking for a onesie for lounging around at home, or even as a Halloween costume, isn’t the easiest task out there. But because we know the trouble you could go through in picking the right onesie, we’ve gone ahead and looked at some of the best adult onesie brands and prepared a shortlist of five top-quality models so you have an idea of what each has to offer.
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Our Top Choice
SkylineWears Women’s Zipper Onesie
SkylineWears is known for making attractive clothing for people of all ages and sizes. This comfortable onesie for adults keeps you looking stylish and warm.
Thick material makes it super comfortable. Great fit. Perfect for cold nights. Nine different colors to choose from.
Incorrect sizing.
Ladies Jumpsuit
50% cotton / 50% polyester
Burgundy/2 Kangro front pockets
Available in 5 sizes
Info NOT provided
Best Value
iNewbetter Costume Penguin Onesie
iNewbetter makes wonderful pajamas for everyone, and its Penguin Onesie is no exception. This onesie comes in different sizes and colors and serves you well even on cold nights.
Super soft. Keeps you warm.
Can cause static electricity.
Costume pajama
Info NOT provided
Available in 4 sizes
Info NOT provided
Forever Lazy Unisex Footed Onesie
Forever Lazy provides great adult onesies for adults of all sizes at great prices. An example of such quality is its Unisex Footed Onesie which is ideal when you just want to relax.
Comfortable and soft. Affordable.
Material is a little weak.
Unisex footed pajama
100% polyester; anti-pill fleece
Black/ Double-pull front zipper
Available in 7 sizes
Info NOT provided
Just Love Adult Animal Onesie
Just Love makes onesies for adults who love to feel young and comfortable while lounging at home on a cold day. The Just Love Adult Onesie/Pajamas brings out the child in you.
Quality fleece material. Great sizing.
Doesn’t have a footie.
Hooded pajama
Ultra-soft synthetic material
Available in 6 sizes
Normal wash.
Silver Lilly Unisex Adult Pajamas
Silver Lilly makes onesies for use as Halloween costumes, pajamas or for cosplay. Silver Lilly Unisex Adult Pajamas can be hand washed and dried easily.
Made from quality material. Comfortable.
Could be a little too short for some people.
Unisex hooded animal costume
100% polyester
Full animal design
Available in 3 sizes
Hand washed and laid flat to dry

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What is the Best Adult Onesie?

Depending on your body size and preferences, the “best” will differ from person to person. We have looked at trusted brands – so you won’t have to worry about low-quality models. We have compared the price tags against material, size, design and other features for comfort. After learning about these factors in our guide, go through the features listed under the products we selected and choose the one that appeals to you the most.
Our Top Choice
If you’re looking for a great onesie, SkylineWears has got you covered with its beautiful Women’s Zipper Onesie that keeps you comfortable and warm. But if you’re a guy looking for something nice and comfortable, SkylineWears Men’s Fashion Onesie Jumpsuit should do just fine.

SkylineWears Women's Onesie Fashion Printed Playsuit Ladies Jumpsuit - Available in 23 Colors & 5 Sizes

SkylineWears manufacturers comfortable clothing for men, women and children! Their products include casual wear such as shorts, t-shirts and onesies as well as winter coats and exercise clothing. Whatever it is they are selling, their main goal is Customer Ultimate Satisfaction. Good to hear, ey?

Looking for something cute but warm to wear indoors on a cold day? SkylineWears Zipper Onesie for Women allows you to snuggle up while you enjoy yourself at home. Features of this beautiful onesie are:
  • Knitted fleece cloth 50% cotton/50% polyester
  • Two kangaroo pockets in front and pockets on left and right side of trouser area
  • Ribbed cuff and stretchable elastic at the bottom
  • Quality plastic zipper at the front
  • Quality cuts, forms and colors combined with fine fabrics in highest workmanship
This adult onesie comes in nine attractive colors, giving you a number of color options to pick from.
Best Value
Pajamas from iNewbetter are durable and affordable, including the Costume Penguin Adult Onesie. iNewbetter also has quality onesies for your child, so you can try the iNewbetter Children’s Pajamas Animal Onesies to keep your child very comfortable and warm even on very cold nights.

iNewbetter Costume Cosplay Homewear Lounge Wear Kigurumi Onesie Pajamas Penguin – Available in 4 Sizes

We chose iNewbetter because of the quality of its pajamas and onesies. In addition, these onesies come in different sizes and are quite affordable.

The iNewbetter Costume Onesie comes in a simple yet attractive design that keeps you feeling comfortable because of the soft material. Although this onesie retails at $39.52, you could snatch up a bargain over at Amazon.

Features of this onesie include:
  • Simply designed
  • S fit for height 57” – 61”, M fit for height 61” – 65”
  • L fit for height 65” – 68.8”, XL fit for height 68.8” – 72.8”
  • Slippers sold separately; comfortable and can be worn around the house
Forever Lazy has comfortable unisex onesies that let you relax properly like the Unisex Footed Adult Onesie, which is ultra-soft and baggy to enhance your lazy lounging. If you don’t like your onesies footed, the Forever Lazy Unisex Non-footed Adult Onesie should do the trick.

Forever Lazy Unisex Footed Adult Onesie – Available in 16 Colors & 7 Sizes

Forever Lazy combines comfortable fleece fabric with innovative design in producing its onesies. They were born out of love. Love for comfort and laziness of course! And back in 2009, when they couldn't find a good quality onesie that fitted well, they decided to take it upon themselves to bring the world what they wanted; the ultimate onesie.

The Forever Lazy Unisex Footed Onesie can be personally embroidered and allows you to enjoy a lazy day in with friends or family.

Its features include:
  • 100% polyester, anti-fleece
  • Ultra-soft, baggy but has relaxed fit for lazy lounging
  • Unisex sizing (XXS – XXL)
  • Comes with deep side pockets
  • Double-pull front zipper opens from top and bottom
  • Concealed drop seat rear zipper lets you use the restroom without having to take off the entire onesie
  • Hood keeps your head warm and lazy
  • Footed to keep your feet warm
Just Love has great designs to offer with their onesies. Just take a look at the Just Love Adult Women Animal Onesie with its fun prints and vibrant colors. If you’re a guy looking for adult animal onesies, you can check out the Just Love Adult Unisex Onesie.

Just Love Animal Pajamas / Onesie – Available in 8 Different Animal Designs & 6 Sizes

Just Love is a great brand for adults looking to feel like kids again (in onesies). With great customer service, its products are widely loved by many customers.

With the Just Love Adult Women’s Animal Onesie, you’ll never have to feel jealous when you see a child running around in his little cute onesie. Some of this onesie’s features include…
  • Easily cleaned – doesn’t shrink or lose color after any cycle
  • Made with ultra-soft synthetic material making it super warm and snug
  • Fits true to size
  • Comes in fun prints with vibrant colors
  • Lock-stitched seams for extra durability
Silver Lilly, maker of onesies with stellar reviews on Amazon, has outdone itself in the Silver Lilly Unisex Adult Pajamas, an adorable piece that customers really love. Your kids will also love the Tiger Animal Onesie from Silver Lilly which can double as pajamas after Halloween.

Silver Lilly Adult Kangaroo Plush One Piece Animal Cosplay Costume Onesie – Available in 4 Sizes

Silver Lilly manufacturers onesies intended to be comfortable and snuggly but still fun and a great fancy dress outfit too! They encourage you to channel your inner animal, get dressed up and go on an adventure! Sounds good to us!

The Silver Lilly Unisex Adult Pajamas allows you the freedom of flexible movement while maintaining comfort and style. It’s also an affordable and eye-catching kangaroo onesie that everyone will love. Some features to note include…
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Details such as a hood with eyes, teeth and nose on this animal onesie
  • Should be hand washed and laid flat to dry
  • Button up closure allows you to quickly get dressed
  • Two front pockets for ease

How Do I Choose the Best Adult Onesie?

Today, we all agree that onesies aren’t just meant for babies. Adults have come to appreciate that these loungewear suits are not only comfortable but also easy. Love them or hate them, adult onesies are the pinnacle of fashion cool. A onesie, righteously rocked, will make you feel sexy and confident.

Just like a bathrobe, a onesie is a relaxing choice for those lazy days at home enjoying a movie on a stylish smart TV and chowing down on some crunchy popcorn.

Onesies make life easy. A onesie saves you the hassle of finding a matching top and bottom, or the time wasted in locating the missing half of your pajamas. This is a one-piece-only deal -- just slip it on and you’re set!

Onesies come with lots of comfort. Unlike nightgowns, well-fitting onesies don’t require regular adjusting. Even better, they’re designed to make you look cute. Onesies are super trendy, and with the right fit you’ll elicit that ‘stop and stare’ response in the streets.

However, with so many varieties to choose from, getting the right one can be a challenging task. Read through our guide and understand the factors to consider before adding a onesie to your wardrobe.
A good-quality onesie is priced between $10 and $50. The price depends on features such as material, brand name, and design, among others. For instance, you’ll pay more for models made of high quality cotton than for those made of polyester. Similarly, unisex designs are more expensive than onesies meant for one gender only.

Be cautious when you come across cheap adult onesies, as most of them are made of low quality materials that don’t last. You don’t want to use your hard-earned dollars on substandard items.
One of the main features to consider before purchasing a onesie is the material. Get a onesie that is made of high-quality material for longer life. If you need a warm onesie, check out the thickness and the type of fabric. Whatever fabric you decide on, make sure you’ll be comfortable in it.

Here are the important qualities to look for before purchasing an adult onesie:
  • Type (men’s, women’s, or unisex)
  • Material (cotton, polyester, fleece, etc.)
  • Fit and size
  • Design (hooded, open or closed feet, flap, or animal design)
  • Color options
  • Hand- or machine-washable
Now, let’s examine these factors in detail.
Construction and Design
Various brands offer different onesies targeting different groups. For example, onesies for men tend to be large and dark-colored, while women’s are smaller and brighter. Unisex onesies are mostly medium-sized and available in many colors. Choose the type and color that inspire and complement your lifestyle. Donning a onesie in your favorite color can make you feel elegant, confident, and comfortable.

Consider the material of the onesie before purchasing it. Common materials are cotton, polyester and fleece. If you’re looking for a onesie that will keep you warm, fleece or polyester will work for you. Fleece is ideal in cold weather, but might be uncomfortable for sleeping. Polyester might keep you warm, but probably won’t last long. On the other hand, cotton onesies are ideal during the summer.

Onesies come in different designs with divergent features. For example, do you want a footed or footless design? If you’re looking for extra warmth, a footed design will work for you. However, if you like to wear shoes or slippers, you would be better off with a footless version. Do you want a hooded or hoodless onesie? Having a hood really brings no drawbacks; you can choose to wear the hood or leave it depending on the weather conditions. If inconvenience in using the restroom bothers you, consider a onesie with a back flap.
Performance and Ease of Use
Consider how easy it will be to keep your onesie clean: is it hand- or machine-washable? Also, if you’re looking for an outdoor model and are concerned about the hems getting dirty and wet, a footless model will be ideal for you.

Be sure you’ve thought about the weather when you’ll be wearing your onesie. You don’t want material so thick it will make you sweaty in hot sun, or so thin you’ll shiver when the snow falls. Make sure you will be comfortable in your onesie, whenever and wherever you wear it.

Get the Best Adult Onesie of 2023!

We hope we’ve helped you to decide on something you really want, but if nothing caught your eye, no problem! These products are just a sampling of what these brands have in store for you. Have another browse at the options above and choose the right onesie for you. Happy snuggling!

Our Top Choice
SkylineWears Women’s Zipper Onesie
Best Value
iNewbetter Costume Penguin Onesie
Forever Lazy Unisex Footed Onesie
Just Love Adult Animal Onesie
Silver Lilly Unisex Adult Pajamas