Best Adult Tricycle Reviews – 3 Wheel Bikes, Folding Trikes and Electric Tricycles for Adults

Adult trikes are a great way to relive all those childhood memories of pedaling wherever you can imagine with the wind in your hair, not having a care in the world! With so many different designs today that cater for a variety of needs you are sure to find an adult trike that’s ideal for you. To lend you a helping hand, we have selected 5 of the best adult tricycle brands available today with a featured product from each to give you a better feel for what each brand has to offer.

Before we get to our featured brands, we want to mention the fact that we intentionally chose adult 3-wheel bikes that cost less than $500, with most at around $300. However, for those of you who are looking for an electric adult tricycle that’s built to last, you will have to spend quite a bit more. And we are talking in the thousands of dollars range. If that’s what you are looking for, we did some research and found some options to get you started.

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Max Load
Our Top Choice
Mobo Cruiser Triton Pro Adult Tricycle
Mobo Cruiser provides customers with luxurious three-wheeled cruisers to inspire the whole family to have fun and live a fit, active lifestyle.
It helps to boost the cardiovascular rate, even during an easy ride.
The fixed gear ratio puts a cap on your speed, which may be inconvenient for a more intense rider.
20" front / 16" rear
Up to 250 lbs
Blue / red / orange / silver
Best Value
Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle
Schwinn makes products that maintain the thrill and excitement that you get when riding a bike, no matter what your age!
The basket on the back is convenient for carrying your groceries home, or packing up all the necessities needed for a day at the beach.
Although they look fabulous, there is some negative feedback saying the fenders are a bit too flimsy for some customers' liking.
Alloy / stainless steel, 26”
Depends on model
Six options
Razor DXT Drift Full Size Trike
Razor, the brand that brought you that legendary A model kick scooter that everyone had to have in 2000, now has a complete line of thrilling products.
It may look flashy, but this trike is still incredibly affordable and from a brand we all know and trust.
It was hard to find faults in this beauty, but there were some isolated issues with missing pieces upon delivery for some customers.
Drift trike
20” front, 10” rear
Up to 198 lbs
Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle
Kent International is a family-owned and operated business that makes producing bikes of high quality and safety standards its top priority.
The suspension fork on the frame softens the hard blows of potholes and speed bumps and leaves you with a smooth and comfortable cruise.
There have been isolated reports from customers that this product had a lot of cosmetic damage upon home delivery.
Alloy, 20"
Up to 220 lbs
Blue / blue & silver
Worksman Port-O-Trike Adult Tricycle
Created in 1898, Worksman manufacture bicycle and bicycle accessories that are affordable, durable and pretty stylish too! Today, they are one of the biggest manufacturers of bicycles in the world.
The Worksman Port-O-Trike is easily foldable and storable. It can also fit in most vehicles making it ideal for days out at the park or on the beach.
Unfortunately, this bike is only available in one color.
20” front/10” rear
Up to 220 lbs.

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Hopefully after reading through our buying guide below you have a better idea about what specific trike style you’re after and what features mean the most to you. This will make it easier to narrow your options down and help you find your perfect trike easily and quickly too! So, let’s get looking at our top 5 picks!

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Our Top Choice
The Mobo Cruiser Triton Pro's interesting steering system helps to boost the cardiovascular rate, giving you an awesome workout, even during a relaxed ride! This tricycle's ability to easily adjust to fit adult and youth riders makes it ideal for multi-person use within one family. And for the younger members, parents will love the tilt-proof, super safe rear wheel turning and dual joystick steering of the Mobi Trikes for kids and toddlers!

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women - Beach Cruiser Trike, Pedal 3-Wheel Bike Available in 4 Colors


Mobo Cruiser is a special collection brand by Asa Products. It creates recumbent-style tricycles that promote a healthy and active lifestyle for the whole family. Asa Products lives by its mission to “WOW, WOW, WOW” in all aspects of business, including customer satisfaction, employee happiness and community relations.

The Mobo Cruiser Triton Pro has a unique steering system that increases cardiovascular function and leads to more of a workout for the rider. The recumbent design helps to reduce pressure and strain on the back and shoulders, and allows for one of the most “laid back” workouts you can ask for. This design is also beneficial for hand-eye coordination and building up buff leg and arm muscles. The frame is extremely sturdy and adjustable to suit riders between 4’-6’3”, so the whole family can make use of this great tricycle.

Best Value
The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is a retro-style tricycle with a padded saddle seat for comfortable riding, full wrap fenders and six separate color options! In addition to your choice of colors, speeds or the Schwinn Meridian Ebike Trike version, you can also choose from a variety of basket styles.

Schwinn Meridian Full-Size Tricycle - Three Wheel Cruiser Bike, Available in Your Choice of Color, Speeds or Electric Adult Tricycle


Schwinn produces high-quality bikes that are sold around the world. It's committed to instilling the love and joy of riding a bike in everyone, and working to create the best bikes available on the market.

The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is a single-speed cruiser with a lightweight aluminum frame and a choice of six awesome colors. It has a super-comfortable cruiser saddle seat that is not only padded, but spring-loaded for a smooth ride. The alloy rims keep the weight of this tricycle down and are accompanied by durable stainless steel spokes. Don’t stress about stopping once you're cruising along, as it has both a rear hand and front linear pull brake for safety. The added folding rear basket is wonderful and practical for carrying groceries or transporting other belongings.

You won’t be able to just “cruise” on the Razor DXT Drift Trike. It's made for drifting corners, going fast and popping 180s. Extreme sports enthusiasts will love this product! If the thrill seeker in you isn’t satisfied just quite yet, we suggest taking a look at Razor's line of electric trikes!

Razor Adult DXT Drift Trike - Full Size Tricycle for Ages-14 and Up, Great for Downhill Drifting


Razor was founded in 2000 and started by providing customers with its ever-so-popular scooter. Today, it has branched out to provide products for a wide variety of action sports, such as motocross, BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding and even surfing!
The Razor DXT Drift Trike takes cruising on a tricycle to a whole new level of extreme! This product was made for the thrill seekers who want to not only go fast downhill style, but also drift corners, throw fishtails or pull fast 180s!

Features of this moto-style trike include:

  • Moto-style flat bar
  • Two-piece welded steel frame
  • 20” pneumatic front tire wheel
  • Rear 10” diameter cart-style wheels
  • Soft rubber, pro-style grips
  • Adjustable bucket style seat
  • BMX style platform pedals
  • V-style brake
The Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle is great for anyone with a lack of storage space, or on the go a lot, as the frame is foldable and makes the tricycle very compact! The folding feature on this product is extremely convenient, but it can only handle up to 220 pounds. If you need a bike that can carry up to 350 pound load, consider the MOPHOTO 7 Speed Adult Tricycle Cruiser Bike available in 15 colors and designs.

Kent Folding Adult Tricycle – Single Speed Three-Wheels Trike Bike Cruiser with Large Basket


Kent International is a family-run company producing bikes and biking accessories that are up-to-date but still affordable. It focuses on providing top-quality products and giving excellent customer service, but most of all, it values safety. This is first and foremost in all its design and manufacturing of bikes and other products.

The Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle has a handy folding mechanism engineered into the steel frame. This means your trike will take up much less space when you're storing it in the garage or packing it in the car! The frame engineering also incorporates a suspension fork, which helps keep your ride as smooth as possible by cushioning the impact of potholes and bumps. The handlebars are adjustable, so you can find the most suitable position for you, and the seat is extra wide and incredibly comfortable for those longer journeys. The cargo basket allows you to transport a fair amount of stuff when riding your trike to and from work, the grocery store or a farmers' market!

If you are after a fun and stylish way of getting around then Worksman’s Port-O-Trike Tricycle is definitely the product for you! If you are in search of an adult folding tricycle, then we recommend taking a look at the PEXMOR Foldable Adult Single Speed Three-Wheel Trike Bike Cruiser with Large Basket.

Worksman Port-O-Trike Three Speed Adult Tricycle in Cranberry


Founded in 1898, Worksman specializes in creating heavy duty bicycles and tricycles. Founder Morris Worksman believed that well designed three-wheeled bicycles could provide a reliable and less expensive way to get people around, and he was right! Today, Worksman products are used by customers and businesses the world over.

We wanted to feature Worksman’s Port-O-Trike Adult Tricycle due to the brands overall popularity and its stylish design. This full size tricycle is foldable for easy storage and has large 20” wheels for a stable and smooth ride. The bike’s seat is padded for comfort has dual front brakes on both the rear and front wheel, and even a basket in the back! Worksman’s bike will fit in most SUV’s, minivans and station wagons, so it’ll be easy to take it along with you on any family outing.

Best Adult Tricycle Buying Guide - What do you Prefer? Electric Vs Folding Adult Tricycle

Have you ever found yourself staring in envy at your child’s tricycle, wishing there was a similar product built for adults? Well wonder no more! Step forward the adult tricycle. If you haven’t guessed it by now, an adult tricycle is a tricycle especially built for adults and a larger frame. Unlike standard bikes, tricycles are built with three wheels instead of two. This makes for an easier and safer ride that gives you more control of the bike. That being said, however, you still may want to invest in a bike helmet, especially if you are new to the wonderful world of tricycle-ing!

Adult tricycles are also becoming increasingly popular for riders that are selling goods such as food, as well as for riders who just want to get around town. Elderly riders or those with disabilities also enjoy using adult tricycles as they are easier on the joints and simpler to maneuver. Many models these days also come with large-sized cargo baskets that are ideal for carrying groceries or books. Adult tricycles come in TONS of different designs and colors so you are guaranteed to find a style that fits your tastes perfectly, be that bright and bold, old-school vintage or chic and stylish.

When it comes to choosing the best adult tricycle for you there are a few things you will want to have a little think about first. There are several different styles of tricycle to choose from, which include;

Upright Trikes:

    Also known as a traditional trike, this style is a great choice for those looking for a bike to ride around the neighborhood with. Its upright design can easily hold onto a rear cargo basket, making it perfect for those looking for a trike for delivery or transportation purposes. These trikes tend to have two gear options (single or three speed). The three speed models tend to be a little bit pricier but are easier for those who will be riding on a variety of terrain or for hill climbing. Upright tricycles are also a good little workout due to the fact you have to use both your arms and legs to ride. So, if you’re looking for a full-body workout then an upright trike could be just what you’re after!

Recumbent Trikes:

    Thee trikes differ from upright trikes in that they are built lower to the ground and tend to have elongated frames. This means that when riding a recumbent trike you must sit in a reclined position with your legs stretched out in front in order to use the pedals. This is perfect for anyone looking to workout their hamstrings or tummy muscles as well as anyone who wants to give their back a break. If you plan on riding your trike for long periods of time then a recumbent trike may be more suitable.

Tandem Trikes:

    You may have already guessed this one but a tandem trike is a trike specifically built for two riders at the same time. If you are after a trike for the whole family or for fun days out then this may be the model for you. Tandem trikes come in two styles, either two seats in the front and back or side to side; the choice is totally up to you. They ae great little space savers and will also cost less than two individual bikes too!

Folding Trikes:

    This type of trike is ideal for those who have limited space or plan on taking their tricycle with them when travelling. They are foldable for easy storage, whether that’s in your garage or the back of your car. They are also specifically designed to be lightweight and easy to carry too.

Electric Trikes:

    If you’re planning on using your trike for long journeys or steep inclines then an electric trike may be just what you’re after. Most electric trikes have the option to use an electric motor or pedals so it’s like having two bikes in one! This is particularly useful if you like peddling but need to take a little break now and again.

Video: Trikke Riding Tips for Beginners

Improve your Riding Skills. | Courtesy of Andrew Kung

When it comes to the cost of your new adult trike this is going to completely depend on what style of trike you go for and how many features you want included. Standard drift or upright trikes will usually set you back between $100-$250 dollars depending on how many features and accessories it contains. Electric tricycles are usually the most expensive option and will be priced between $300-$400. Although quite a bit pricier, these bikes tend to last longer and have a more durable build. They also tend to include more accessories such as a cargo basket or headlights. More affordable adult tricycle options are available ($100 or lower) but be aware that these bikes usually don’t last as long and won’t include as many safety features as other, more expensive bikes.


As there are several types of adult tricycle to choose from, the features in each product will vary quite a bit. There are a few features, however, that we suggest looking out for in all adult tricycle products.

Here are some important features to look out for:

  • Adjustable seat
  • Non-tipping
  • Headlight
  • Rear step
Construction and Design

We recommend selecting a product that has adjustable seating as seat position will play a big role in how easy it is to reach the pedals. If your knees are bumping into the handlebars then you won’t be able to maneuver the bike accurately or use the breaks efficiently either. This is also ideal if the bike is going to be used by several people.

A non-tipping model is also important if you don’t fancy falling over, which I’m pretty sure is most of us right? Some trike models are specifically designed to prevent the front wheel of the bike from turning right to left too fast or hard. This stops the bike from turning more than 90 degrees and therefore flipping over.

A headlight is also a handy little feature to have, especially if you find yourself riding your trike in poor light or at night. Headlights are usually battery operated and are built into the frame so are easy to replace and add a level of safety too.

You may also want to consider purchasing a trike with a rear step option too. This will offer easier access and allow you to mount the seat comfortably and quickly.


Video: Trike Drifting - Bombing Mountains on Adult Big Wheels!

Experience Trike Drifting in 360°. | Courtesy of Kuma Films
Performance and Ease of Use

When it comes to caring for your new trike it actually isn’t all that difficult or dissimilar to how you would care for a standard bike. Most tricycles come already assembled so you shouldn’t have to worry about this aspect too much. If you HAVE purchased a trike that requires some assembly then don’t panic! Almost all trike products come with a handy ‘how-to’ guide that will guide you through the process. It shouldn’t take you longer than 20 minutes to be up and running!

When it comes to maintenance, dirt and sand are going to be the main culprits in messing up your trike. Dirt and sand can get easily stuck in the moving parts of the trike and can cause wear on the product. To make sure this doesn’t happen we recommend giving your bike a hose down now and then with warm water to remove this dirt. Another thing we suggest is spraying your chain and gears from time to time with solvent and an old toothbrush. This will also remove any dirt that can cause the chain to lock up. If you find yourself triking through woods and fields then your tires may take a bit of a bashing too. If this is the case then make sure you clean your tires using a scrub brush as this will prevent damage or punctures. It’s also important to check your tires for any damage as well as pressure before riding your trike, as this can be a safety issue.

For those of you looking for the highest possible quality in your new trike then we suggest keeping an eye out for a trike with handlebar grips too. This will make steering easier and more comfortable and (usually) won’t add any extra cost to the product. You may also want to look for a trike that has pneumatic, inflatable tires as they will be suitable for a variety of terrain, including uneven surfaces such as gravel or grass.

Get the Best Adult Tricycle of 2022!

So by now we are hoping you have found your ideal adult tricycle and are currently planning your next day out with the family. If this ISN’T the case then don’t lose hope! We have purposely selected brands that have multiple adult tricycle options to choose from. Simply browse through their other collections to find something that works for you!

Our Top Choice
Mobo Cruiser Triton Pro Adult Tricycle
Best Value
Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle
Razor DXT Drift Full Size Trike
Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle
Worksman Port-O-Trike Adult Tricycle

Adult Tricycle FAQs

How to ride an adult tricycle?
For you to ride an adult tricycle, you should start by placing it on a flat surface, after sitting on the seat, place hands on the handlebars and feet on the pedals. The idea is to be in an upright position even before you start pedalling. Slowly pedal the tricycle and use the handlebars for steering. When you need to slow down or to stop, apply the brakes.
How do I secure my adult tricycle in an apartment?
You can secure your adult tricycle in an apartment in various ways. For example, you can hide it under the stairs, on a shelf, a rack, and so on. What matters is that the tricycle is completely out of sight. Others recommend handing a tricycle so that it does not interfere with the goings-on in your home.
Where can I buy adult tricycle?
You can buy an adult tricycle in any online store, including Amazon. Such sites not only stock bikes from the best brands, but they also have great prices with periodical promotions. If you are looking for an adult bicycle to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.