Best Aerobic Step Reviews 2022

Aerobic steps come in handy when you need to strengthen your core or lower body muscles such as thighs or engage in cardio exercises. With many brands, designs and sizes out there, picking the right aerobic platform can be difficult. We have researched five of the best aerobic step brands on the market, showcasing a platform from each to help you find one that best meets your needs.
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Our Top Choice
The Step Original Health Club Step
The Step was founded in 1989 and popular for its original aerobic steps and weights usable in fitness classes and personal training environments.
The step is ideal for strength and aerobic exercises, has durable construction and the cushioned top is comfortable. The risers are customizable for maximum weight loss.
This aerobic step doesn’t come with a DVD on how to use the platform.
16.5 x 43 x 8 inches/20 pounds
Up to 300 pounds
4 risers included/3 levels
Best Value
Soozier 30-Inch Aerobic Step
Soozier is a subsidiary of Aosom and manufacturer of equipment for health, total fitness and wellness such as gymnastic equipment and massage furniture.
This aerobic step is made of heavy-duty material for durability, and is easy to clean and maintain. It’s also portable, ideal for cardio workouts, absorbs shock and is great for home use.
However, some users reported that adjusting the height of the step once it’s set up is difficult.
31 x 11.4 x 8 inches/10 pounds
Up to 550 pounds
4 risers included/3 levels
Non-slip, non-stick, absorbs shock
Movement God Aerobic Platform
Movement God is an innovative brand that was founded in 1988; it manufactures high quality products such as toys, sporting and leisure equipment, outdoor furniture, etc.
This aerobic step is versatile, adjustable to three levels and supports non-slip use with a capacity of up to 550 pounds. It’s also portable to use on the go.
The platform is more expensive than most standard aerobic platforms.
39.4 x 15.4 x 6.3 inches/20 pounds
Up to 500 pounds
Adjusts to 3 heights
Non-slip, non-stick, absorbs shock
Trademark Innovations Aerobic High Step
Trademark Innovations is a brand with a focus on designing and manufacturing exercise and fitness equipment, outdoor furniture, home décor products, etc.
This aerobic step is easy to store, lightweight and portable, and comes with four removable risers.
Trademark Innovations has limited of aerobic steps to choose from.
42 x 16 x 8 inches/3 pounds
Up to 220 pounds
4 risers included/3 levels
Non-slip, non-stick
Costway Aerobic Exercise Stepper
Founded in 2008, Costway is a reputable brand with presence in North American and Europe, retailing toys, sporting goods, outdoor gear, furniture, health and beauty, animal supplies and hardware products.
This aerobic step is affordable, easy to assemble and lightweight for easy portability. It’s also convenient, durable and usable both outdoors and indoors.
The aerobic platform supports a low weight capacity, so it is not designed for persons weighing more than 220 pounds.
29 x 11.2 x 9 inches/4 pounds
Up to 220 pounds
Adjusts to 3 heights
Non-slip, non-stick, absorbs shock

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What is the Best Aerobic Step?

You’ll want to pick an aerobic step that can support your weight and enable you to diversify your workouts. A good aerobic platform comes in a sturdy construction for durable use. Many good exercise steppers come with risers and levels to ensure you can shed many calories. Find out if one of our recommended aerobic steps is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Step Original Health Club Step is a premium 40-inch non-slip aerobic platform with capacity of up to 300 pounds to help you burn maximum calories. It features four original black risers with three four-, six- and eight-inch levels and increased capacity of up to 500 pounds. If you want smaller 25-inch aerobic step (almost half the cost of our featured product), the Step Original Circuit Step supports a capacity of up to 275 pounds. Opt for it if you want a similar, but cheaper, lower-capacity aerobic step.

The Step Original Health Club Size Aerobic Platform – Includes 4 Original Black Risers


As an original aerobic step company, The Step manufactures aerobic steps and weights for strength and aerobic training. Known for its purple and teal platforms, this American brand has a legacy of designing original aerobic steps. It’s also a leader in continuous enhancement of aerobic platforms for innovative workout solutions. With use in fitness classes and health clubs, the platforms are also ideal for home-use on any kind of floor.

The Step Original Health Club Step is non-slip and USA-made using high-quality polyethylene that’s recyclable and durable. Featuring four original black three-level risers, this aerobic platform comes with a cushioned top for comfort and a maximum capacity of up to 300 pounds. The four risers come with non-skid feet for non-slip use and scratch-free floors. It also comes with a warranty of ninety days. This aerobic step comes in a grey and black color finish and you can choose from circuit and health club sizes.

Here are a few other aerobic platforms by The Step to consider:

  • The Step High Step Aerobic Platform
  • The Step Original Aerobic Platform – Circuit Size,
  • The Step Original Aerobic Platform - Health Club Size
  • The Step 4” Stackable Aerobic Platform
  • The Step Original body Fusion Aerobic Platform and Accessories
  • The Step Freestyle Aerobic Platform – Health Club Size
Best Value
Designed for outdoor and indoor use, the Soozier 30-Inch Aerobic Step is ideal for cardio exercises and strengthening of the lower body muscles. It’s non-slip and offers great traction on any type of floor. If you want a similar, but smaller and less expensive aerobic step with lower capacity, opt for the Soozier 36-Inch Aerobic Stepper Fitness Platform.

Soozier 30-Inch Aerobic Fitness Step with Adjustable Risers


Soozier is a leading provider of wellness and exercise equipment ranging from acupressure tools to massage furniture and gymnastic equipment. The company manufactures various fitness equipment for kids, professionals or even beginner trainees. Home gym, beauty supplies, strength training and home spa products are also designed by this brand.

The Soozier 30-Inch Aerobic Step is made of heavy-duty polypropylene for durability and supports a maximum weight capacity of 550 pounds. It comes with four risers and four-, six- and eight-inch levels for customization. This aerobic step has a non-slip surface and comes in a compact design for easy storage or transport.

Here are a few Soozier aerobic steps to look out for:

  • Soozier Adjustable Aerobic Platform Stepper with Risers
  • Soozier 28” Aerobic Stepper Fitness Platform – Adjustable 6”-8”-10”
  • Soozier 32” Adjustable Aerobic Fitness Platform Stepper – Black, Gray, Light Blue
  • Soozier 27” Adjustable Aerobic Fitness Platform Stepper
  • Soozier 28” Aerobic Stepper Fitness Platform – Adjustable 5”-7”-9”
The Movement God Aerobic Platform features snap-in legs and three level risers of six, eight and ten inches for maximum cardio workouts. Designed for non-slip and non-stick use, you can use this aerobic step on any kind of floor ranging from wood and carpet to tile. If you want something slightly different and less expensive, opt for the Movement God 43” Aerobic Training Stepper. It has a slightly lower capacity of 500 pounds and three riser levels of four, six and eight inches.

Movement God 40-Inch Aerobic Stepper Fitness Platform - Adjustable To 3 Heights


Movement God aims at manufacturing top quality innovative products. With various certifications such as GS and CE. The company boasts a large product portfolio to satisfy the needs of different people. Movement God aims at enhancing the psychological and physical health of its customers spread across the globe through fitness.

The Movement God Aerobic Platform features snaps built into the legs for stable use. Designed for non-slip and non-stick use on all sorts of floors, this aerobic step supports a weight capacity of up to 550 pounds. It comes with 3-level risers of six, eight and ten inches to help you cut off as many calories as possible.

Here are a few other Movement God aerobic steps to consider:

  • Movement God 30” Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper
  • Movement God Aerobic Workout Step – 2 Risers Included
  • Movement God 26.5” Adjustable Step
  • Movement God 28.34” x 14.37” Aerobic Step – 2 Risers Included
  • Movement God High Step Adjustable Step
The Trademark Innovations Aerobic High Step comes with four removable 3-level risers for cardio workouts and strengthening of lower body muscles. Do you want to tone your thighs, calves, glutes and strengthen your core muscles using an aerobic step in a different design? Opt for the square-shaped Trademark Innovations High Step Training Device with a maximum height level of 12 inches and a slightly lower price.

Trademark Innovations High Step Work Out Training Device with Set of 4 Risers


Trademark Innovations is a fitness company that cares about your health. With its range of fitness equipment and sporting devices, you can burn excess calories, improve your body shape and even strengthen your body muscles.

The Trademark Innovations Aerobic High Step comes with four removable risers for cardio workouts. The legs are non-slip for use on various kinds of floors. It comes in a compact design for easy storage in small spaces. This aerobic step comes in a blue and black color finish and rectangular design.

Here are other Trademark Innovation training equipment options to consider:

  • Trademark Innovations Exercise Ball – Pump Included
  • Trademark Innovations Triangular Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells
  • Trademark Innovations 30” Aqua Fitness Swim Bar – Padded Grip
  • Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells
The Costway Aerobic Exercise Stepper is designed for professional and home use with a capacity of up to 220 pounds. The four risers with three levels it comes with supports versatile cardio workouts. Are you looking for a higher end product? Opt for the Costway 27” Aerobic Stepper that supports a higher capacity of up to 440 pounds. It comes at a lower cost, but with only two level risers for cardio workouts.

Costway 29-Inch Adjustable Aerobic Fitness Stepper Platform with Risers


Costway has worked over the last eight years to become a reputable brand manufacturing high quality products for commercial or business, home and individual use in DIY projects.

The Costway Aerobic Exercise Stepper has a non-stcik and non-slip surface for use on different kinds of floors ranging from tiled to carpeted floors. It’s made of polypropylene, supports a weight capacity of 220 pounds and comes with four 3-level risers and an instruction manual.

Here are a few other Costway aerobic steps to consider:

  • Costway 30” Fitness Aerobic Stair Stepper – exercise, risers, 3 levels
  • Costway 31” Fitness Aerobic Step – exercise, 3 levels, risers
  • Costway Aerobic Fitness Step – exercise, air stair climber, resistance bands, new equipment

How Do I Choose the Best Aerobic Step?

An aerobic step is a workout equipment designed for low-impact, high-intensity exercises geared towards strengthening the lowering body and core, as well as improving the cardiovascular system. With regular use of your aerobic step, your endurance improves. Designed to support cross-training, you’ll find this platform useful for your cardio health whether you’re an athlete, basketball or football player, or simply need to keep your body in shape.

You can also use an aerobic platform to enhance your foot agility or coordination. Dancers and tennis players can also benefit from the increased response time that comes with regular use of this exercise equipment. What’s more, the aerobics benefits your entire body; it strengthens the heart, improves the capacity of your lungs and burns calories. With continued use, you are able to maintain your ideal body weight and reduce your likelihood of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

What makes the best aerobic step versatile is the fact that you can easily modify the platform. Adding ankle weights, increasing the heights using risers and incorporating arm motions (with or without dumbbells) are ways you can make your workouts more challenging for increased outcomes. Just like any other kind of exercise, you get many benefits, ranging from improved sleep to reduced levels of stress. Since choosing the right aerobic step, in a market flooded with the same platforms, can be difficult, we’ll help you find one that suits your needs.

Choose an aerobic step that’s light in weight for easy storage and transport. The material used to make the stepper should be strong for durability and easy to clean for maintenance purposes. Also, look for a warranty to protect you from manufacturing faults. For high performance, ensure your exercise step absorbs shock and doesn’t slip - not just to prevent injuries, but to ensure your sessions aren’t disrupted. The risers also improve the performance of your platform.

Another feature to look out for is the weight capacity your exercise step supports. This must be higher than your body weight for ease of use and high performance. The larger the capacity of a platform, the better it is for you. Pick a finishing color of your personal preference.


The quality, material used, capacity supported and specific brand chosen will influence the price of your aerobic platform. You’ll find a good aerobic step in the price range of $20 to $150. Since price alone doesn’t guarantee the quality of your exercise equipment, consider the features discussed in the next section to select the best platform for your cardio exercises.

If you’re working on a tight budget, but need to burn excess calories, you might need to look out for a less expensive model. However, you will want avoid super cheap aerobic steps because the tend to have less solid construction, which could pose a safety risk.


There are many features you must look out for in your aerobic step if you want the best results from your exercise equipment. Ranging from a strong durable material to the right weight capacity, there are many features to look out for in a good exercise stepper.

Here are the important features to look for in your aerobic platform:

  • Adjustable risers and levels
  • A sufficient weight capacity
  • Non-slip and non-stick surfaces
  • Material and product warranty
  • Lightweight platform
  • Shock-absorption

With these features in your aerobic stepper, you’ll not just lose weight and gain a good body shape, but also improve your cardiovascular health. Your platform will also be high performing and easy to use.

Construction and Design

You can easily get in shape and burn excess calories using aerobic steps. A good aerobic platform is non-slip and non-stick to prevent falls while using the equipment, and ensures it doesn’t stick on the floor for easy removable once done with your exercise session. This means your platform should have a rubbery non-slip surface.

Opt for wide platforms to prevent injuries and falls. The weight and construction of the stepper should support stabilized and sturdy use. The best platform also has an adjustable height; it should come with risers and levels to support height adjustability. This makes your exercises more versatile and challenging for maximum results.

Performance and Ease of Use

All Aerobic Steps should be made from strong materials – otherwise, they wouldn’t perform their core function. As a result, cleaning is usually as simple as wiping down occasional with standard household products. Maintenance is equally simple, amounting to taking good care of your equipment.

Consider whether you need to move your step around lots or can leave it in a single location – this will determine whether a lightweight, more portable model is important.

Get the Best Aerobic Step of 2022!

Whether you need to work your core from the comfort of your home or bring your aerobic step to the office to workout with a colleague during your free time, there’s one out there to meet your unique cardio needs. We hope with our review of five of the top aerobic steps, you’ll be in a position to pick the right exercise platform. In case you need something different, check out our adjustable dumbbell reviews. Now, get stepping and enjoy your workouts!

Our Top Choice
The Step Original Health Club Step
Best Value
Soozier 30-Inch Aerobic Step
Movement God Aerobic Platform
Trademark Innovations Aerobic High Step
Costway Aerobic Exercise Stepper