Best Air Hockey Table Reviews 2020

Nothing can replace those priceless moments spent in the family room, playing all sorts of recreational games with your kids and friends. One of those games is air hockey, which is not only fun to play, but also an ideal way of allowing your kids to be competitive in a non-threatening environment. We have reviewed five products from some of the best air hockey table brands that will give you value for money.
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Our Top Choice
Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air-Powered Hockey Table
Gold Standard Games has been producing quality table games for commercial and home use for decades. Their Air-Hockey gives you the real experience on a full-sized table.
Laminate top is wear-resistant for durability. Aluminum rails. Pro-quality puck. Full-size.
Fan can make a loud noise. Put table in carpeted area to avoid this.
Free-standing air-hockey table
Wear-resistant laminate/aluminum
44.8 x 84.8 x 30.5 inches; 450lbs
Electronic scoring w/sound option
1-year "top to bottom" warranty
Best Value
GLD Products Fat Cat 7 Foot 3-in-1 Game Table
GLD Products has been producing family gaming products for over 30 years. Their expertise is clearly evident in the fantastic 3-in-1 air-hockey, billiards and ping pong table.
Great design. All accessories included. Triple fun (3 games in 1). Safe. Reliable. Great durability.
Quite Heavy. No Billiards Ball Return System.
Air-hockey/billiards/ping pong
MDF/laminate/cloth for billiards
84 x 46 x 34 inches; 240lbs
All game equipment included
Interchangeable 3-in-1 game table
Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table
Designed by professionals and approved by the US Air-Table Hockey Association, the Valley-Dynamo Pro Style Table is a fantastic buy for anyone looking for a professional experience.
Has durable and robust construction. Is easy to operate. Puck glides smoothly. Electronic, overhead scoring. Full-sized.
Can be difficult to set up.
Free-standing, full-sized
99.5 x 51.5 x 31 inches; 435lbs
Two mallets & two 3.25-inch pucks
1-Year manufacturer warranty
American Heritage Billiards Monarch Air-Powered Hockey Table
American Heritage handcrafts quality billiards tables, placing rigorous construction standards, which can be seen with their “Monarch” Air-Hockey Table.
Sleek and beautiful design. Sturdy construction for reliability. Includes overhead scoreboard. Big and spacious.
Slightly heavy (200lbs). Strong air flow, but not overwhelmingly powerful. Absence of leg levelers.
Cherry wood and solid aluminum
10 x 86 x 50 inches; 278lbs
4 pushers & 4 pucks included
2-player electronic scorer
Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey
Playcraft is leading in the home recreation market, having built their brand steadily with quality & value in mind. Their Table-Top Air-Hockey is great for kids and easily stored.
Great quality. Doesn’t look “cheap”. Compact size. Easy assembly. Easy storage.
Some reports of the fan blowing the air in the wrong direction.
MDF hardwood
41 x 21 x 4 inches; 19lbs
2 strikers/2 pucks/ABS puck goals
90-day warranty

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What is the Best Air Hockey Table?

By now you are aware that the size of the air hockey table and the efficiency of the power fan are major factors to have in mind before settling for a particular product. Let’s continue looking at more features that will help you make an ideal purchase.
Our Top Choice
Gold Standard Games’ Air-Hockey Table is a great addition to your household, and sure to entertain the kids and adults alike! If air-hockey isn’t your thing, then check out their Home Pro Foosball Table, designed by world champion Mark Robbins, and available in different finishes.

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Air-Hockey Table - Electronic Scoring w/ Sound Option

Gold Standard Games may not be a name you know, but trust us; you would’ve seen their handiwork about. For 50 years they produced coin-operated pool tables that were used worldwide! They then took this expertise and put it into producing high-quality full-sized table games for home or commercial use.

One such high-quality product is their 7 ft. Home Pro Air Hockey Table, a sturdy, durable table made with a high-end laminate top and pro-quality puck for super smooth playing. It could even be said that playing this is better than playing the real game - it’s not cold outside, you don’t need to wear skates and their won’t be any fights!

Here are some top features of the Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table:
  • Laminate top is wear-resistant
  • The puck will always bounce back in pro-form with the aluminum side rails
  • Full-sized 7 foot table for the real experience
  • Legs are made from solid core polymer with leg levelers
  • Full-sized pucks included
  • Electronic scoring with sound option
  • Designed by Air Hockey champion Mark Robbins
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer
With the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table, you can give a makeover to your game room and bring in some intense action with this premium air hockey game table. This air-powered hockey game table features the construction, materials, and durability found in commercial tables.

If air-hockey isn’t your game of choice but you still want the high-quality offered by Gold Standard Games, don’t worry, they also produce pool tables, foosball tables, darts and bubble hockey tables so there’s plenty more to choose from. Also, if your friends are always coming over eating your chips and drinking your beer because you’ve got the best game room, pick up one of Gold Standard Games’ coin-op games and make some of that money back!
Best Value
The Fat Cat 7 foot 3-in-1 Billiards Table is a great option for a family with kids who can never stick to just one game. With this 3-in-1 table they’ll never be bored! If you fancy something a little more luxurious, and which supports billiards only, check out GLD Products’ Frisco Billiard Table.

GLD Products Fat Cat 7 Foot 3-in-1 Game Table with Air Hockey, Billiards & Table Tennis

GLD Products has been producing well-known family game products, such as billiard, air-hockey and table tennis tables as well as home casino products. They produce standalone game tables as well as innovative 3-in-1 tables, such as the Fat Cat Phoenix Table.

The Fat Cat 7 ft. 3-in-1 Game Table is an all in one billiard, air-hockey and ping pong table. No longer do you need to buy three separate tables to enjoy these games; you get it all with this one compact design. Not only to you receive everything you would expect from a full-sized table – a hard and flat surface, appropriate cloth surface for billiards and sturdy MDF wood – but you also receive all the necessary accessories. This table comes with; the full set of billiard balls, triangle, chalk and two pool cues; two air-hockey pushers and two pucks; and two table tennis balls and paddles with the net and posts too. What more could you want for a reasonable $750.

Additional features of the Fat Cat 7 ft. Phoenix Billiard Table include:
  • Blue-felted surface for playing billiards
  • Professional looking slide hockey and table tennis surfaces
  • Large, full-sized, 7 foot table
  • High-end brown wood finish which would not look out of place in any home
  • Space saving design; with three interchangeable game table tops
The 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table has everything to provide plenty of hours of fun for your kids - sturdy wood construction, all accessories included (pucks and mallets included), 1-year limited warranty, and side-mounted LCD scoring system. But if you were concerned about cramped space in your home, check out a space-friendly 7ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table.

Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air-Powered Hockey Table with Overhead Scoring

Valley Dynamo is a trusted brand for home game products. They produce, not only air-hockey tables, but valley ball and foosball too. The Valley Dynamo Pro Style 8ft Air Hockey Table is a fun addition to any game room. Wood is used to construct this air hockey table, which makes it a reliable and robust table. You can enjoy it for years to come.

In addition to this, here are some awesome features of the Pro Style 8ft Air Hockey Table:
  • Tournament-quality aluminum rails ensures consistent and even deflections
  • Easy-to-read side mounted LED scoring display give more game play options for players
  • The side mounted electronic scoring system makes the player focus and enjoy the game more rather than worrying about the scores.
  • The Dyna-Blast blower systems allows for lightning-quick pace.
  • The cabinet that is commercial grade will stand up to years of heavy use.
The American Heritage Billiards 390074 is a modern-style table with an overhead arch, powerful blower, and electronic scoring. However, if you would prefer a more affordable table with regular manual scoring, check out their Panama Air Hockey Table.

American Heritage Billiards Monarch Freestanding Air-Hockey Table with 2-Player Electronic Scoring

American Heritage are known to build world quality billiard tables. They work tirelessly to perfect their design and construction quality for all of their pieces, allowing your family to enjoy American Heritage game room collection for years to come.

The American Heritage Billiards "Monarch" Air-Hockey Table is one of the best class of tables designed for amateurs and for home use. The 390074 Air Hockey Table is a quality table if you are not ready to buy a full commercial one for twice the price. The design is beautiful, the construction is sturdy, and overall, it offers great entertainment for your entire family.

Here are some other great features included:
  • It features a screen-printed starburst design that is as sleek and smooth as the pucks that will glide over it.
  • It has a unique overhead arch with a two-player electronic scorer.
  • Includes four pucks and four goalies.
  • Well-built with high quality materials for durable use.
  • The cabinet, which is cherry finished, has silver caps and manual scorers on each side of the playing surface.
The American Heritage Billiards Monarch Air-Hockey Table 390074 is surely going to provide a lot of fun and entertainment for you and your whole family, making it an ideal addition to any game room.
The Playcraft Sport 40” Air Hockey Table is well-built, has a portable design and all the necessary accessories included. If you would prefer a free-standing table with some bright, cool designs, check out Playcraft’s Sport Shoot Out Plus Air Hockey Table, perfect to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day.

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table-Top Air Hockey Table – with 2 Pucks and 2 Strikers

Playcraft began a humble company founded by Mel and Herb with the vision of creating high-quality, good value gaming products. Steadily, the brand expanded providing products to commercial sectors such as hospitals, government agencies and the military until they quickly began delivery to the home market too. With so many games to choose from, including ping pong, billiards, shuffleboard, pool and more there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Their 40” Sport Air-Hockey Table is a fantastic product if you’re a bit short of space but your little ones still want to be able to play air-hockey. This table-top game is compact and can be brought out whenever you, or they, fancy a game and then stored easily away in a cupboard or play room.

Here are a few awesome features of the Playcraft Sport 40" Air Hockey Table:
  • Strong MDF materials make this product durable
  • All accessories are included - two pucks, two strikers and ABS catchers for a quick puck return.
  • The table is compact in size at a mere 40 by 8 by 20 inches (W x H x D) - small enough to store out of sight.
  • Includes a UL-approved, 100-cubic-foot-per-minute air-powered motor.
  • This CE-certified air hockey table also contains a standard 110V air fan motor for optimal performance.
  • Easy to set up and makes up for a good choice for game rooms, parties, or anywhere you want to gather family and friends for some great fun.
Love air hockey but cramped for space in your home? Look for this 40-inch table top air hockey model, great for tight spaces or younger kids who cannot reach a larger table.

How Do I Choose the Best Air Hockey Table?

What are your favorite childhood memories? Spending endless hours in your room playing on your electric bass guitar and dreaming of being a rock star one day? Or hosting tea parties for your dolls in the backyard? For many of us, the highlight of our childhoods was going to the arcade with our friends to sing on the karaoke machine and play various games, such as air hockey. What if we told you that’s it’s possible for you to re-live your childhood right in your living room by investing in an air hockey table?

Just like a basketball hoop system, an air hockey table is a great addition to your home. Not only does it allow you to have fun with your family, it’s also an inexpensive way of burning calories as you bond with your kids. It creates a competitive environment for your children, which in turn helps shape their character and prepare them for the world out there.

When choosing an air hockey table, consider the space available in your home and get a table that will fit in it. The best air hockey table is powered by electricity, which gives strength to its fans, bringing you close to that arcade experience.
How much will it cost to transform your family room with an air hockey table? For between $380 and $4000, you can get an air hockey table that will fit into your budget. Various factors affect the price of air hockey tables, among them the size and the special features that come with the appliance. The high-end tables come with all types of bells and whistles, among them blower systems that gives you non-stop action.

A fairly priced hockey table will come with an adequate playing surface, and be a convenient size to save space. You will also find cheap air hockey tables that cost much less, but these tables are of sub-standard workmanship, and might even collapse in the middle of a game!
Here are some important features to have in mind as you shop for an air hockey table:
  • Type - Is it an arcade-style table, basic design table, tabletop design or multi-game hockey table? The most ideal type for family fun is the tabletop hockey table, since it is of good size and can be stored away after playing.
  • Materials - Most air hockey tables are made of solid wood with sturdy legs. They should be able to handle the weight of the table, and that of the players as they lean on it during a game.
  • Size - The playing area determines the size of the hockey table. The larger the size, the more expensive the table is.
  • Rink Walls - These can be made of nylon or aluminum, since that gives the table adequate deflection and good rebound when playing.
  • Power - Are the fans powered by electricity or batteries? Electricity-powered tables have more powerful fans compared to those using batteries.
Construction and Design
Air hockey tables come in a rectangular shape, with a surface made of solid wood and legs to support the top. The joints are secured using screws. Some tables may come with base leg levelers, allowing you to put the table on an uneven surface.

The size of the table varies, but a full-size table usually measures 90 inches by 50 inches. This size of table should fit in a standard room with an open space of about 10 feet by 7 feet. Your choice of size depends on how much space you have available in your home.

In order to supply the air necessary to push the ball across the table, air hockey tables come with motors, which should be quiet and not prone to overheating. Some manufacturers have incorporated plenum chambers into their designs, which ensure that air is pushed evenly across your air hockey table. The number of mallets and pucks varies from one brand to another, but most come with pairs of each.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of your hockey table depends on the power of its fans, with those using electricity being more powerful. You should avoid eating or drinking near your hockey table, since food particles may block the air holes and deter the fan's performance.

You can use your household vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the table. Do this regularly to keep the holes from clogging. Clean the corners too. Air hockey tables require assembly when purchased. You may do this yourself, using a manual. Alternatively, you can seek the services of an expert to help you assemble it.

The pucks and the playing surface can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. In order to enjoy many more games on your air hockey table, cover it with a cloth after playing. Once in a while, it’s good to check that the bolts are still tight, so your table doesn't collapse mid-game.

Get the Best Air Hockey Table of 2020!

Hopefully this review has enlightened you and will be of help as you shop for an air hockey table. We hope that among the featured products, you were able to identify one that will be ideal for your needs. If not, these expert brands have many more products that will impress you.

Our Top Choice
Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air-Powered Hockey Table
Best Value
GLD Products Fat Cat 7 Foot 3-in-1 Game Table
Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table
American Heritage Billiards Monarch Air-Powered Hockey Table
Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey