Best Air Horn Reviews 2023

Welcome to the house of fun where we have a range of sirens for you to honk your horn about. From lightweight and portable ones, to fun sounds or permanent sturdy fixtures on your vehicles, choosing an air horn can be more work than you first thought! Worry not though, we have searched through the best air horn brands out there and have chosen five top picks to toot our trumpets about! We’ve picked one product from each of these fantastic brands, so you can get an idea of what they’re all about. But, if you don’t find the right horn for you, feel free to check out the other horns these brands offer.
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Sound level
Our Top Choice
Wolo 12-Volt Fun Horn
This fun horn will make you stand out in traffic. With the noisy, old-school horn sound no one will miss you when driving by.
This easy-to-install, old-school sounding horn is made with durable materials so you’ll be beeping it for many years to come.
A small minority of customers weren’t completely satisfied with the noise and they found it shorter than the original horn sound.
Electric w/ click activate button
12.3 x 6 x 4 inches, 2 lbs
High quality, durable materials
114 db
Easy installation / User manual
Best Value
Falcon Super Sound Horn
Falcon produces gas-compressed products such a signal horns, and show their dedication to the environment by creating safe and environmentally friendly products.
Small and compact horn that creates a loud sound that travels up to a mile over sea, with a non-corrosive diaphragm and 100%-ozone-safe-non-flammable.
Many customers found it to be much smaller than expected and therefore not suiting their purpose.
Compressed Gas
1.5 x 5.8 x 7 inches, >1 lb
Stainless steel
112 db
Ozone safe / Non-corrosive parts
MPC 2-Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit
MPC Auto manufactures products for vehicles, making everyday travel a new experience.
All-metal construction horn for good reliability; all the elements are included with the purchase of the horn to immediately set up.
Minimal reports of customers buying extras to modify the horn for their perfect use.
Air system with 4 liter air tank
30 x 20 x 9 inches, 22 lbs
All metal construction
152 db
Comes with wiring kit
Vixen Horns Loud Trumpet Train Air Horn
Vixen Horns are a well-known horn manufacturer for sirens and horns for all types of vehicles.
The three-trumpet design creates 135 decibel volume. It comes with a 12V/24V air valve for easy control with the electric system.
Isolated reports of some customers not being satisfied because the horn creates a train horn sound.
12V/24V electric air valve
12.4 x 6.7 x 6.3 inches, 3 lbs
Metal chrome trumpets
135 db
Plastic hose / Mounting hardware
Shoreline Marine Air Horn
Shoreline Marine manufacturers are boating accessory specialists and manufacture a range of products that are great for when you’re out on the water.
120db sound will reach for up to a mile and is easy to create without set-up. It is a small, portable, and non-flammable horn.
Minimal reports of the horn malfunctioning in cold weather conditions.
Push Button, Handheld
7.5” tall, >1 lb
Metal Canister
120 db

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What is the Best Air Horn?

To decide what the best air horn is, the first thing to do is figure out what purpose you’re buying it for. If you need it to have a certain volume or to be heard for a certain distance, make sure the horn you pick can deliver that. Or choose a sturdy, portable design if you’ll be out in the elements a lot of the time. But it doesn’t all have to be serious adult-talk; we also have some with unique and funny sounds to inject some fun into your day and get laughs and giggles in your direction.
Our Top Choice
Wolo 330 Fun Horn will add a bit more humour in your life with the chirpy, traditional horn sound. If you want a smaller version, then try out Wolo 497 iHorn Mini which can be handheld and used straight away with no installation.

Wolo 12-Volt 114-Decibels Fun Horn with Distinctive OOOGAH Sound

Wolo Manufacturing creates products for all types of vehicles to keep people safer and better protected from accidents.

Wolo (330) Fun Horn creates an old-school car horn sound for attention. Easily installed into 12 volt vehicles, this horn is powered by a heavy duty motor and produces a loud sound to quickly communicate with other drivers. It is easy to set up with two connection points and a user-manual you will be up and running with the traditional horn sounds in no time.
Best Value
Falcon Safety Super Horn will shock you with the sound such a small thing can produce! Portable and safe, this is a great choice of horn. If you need something made for going out at sea, take a look at the Falcon Safety Aqua Blast Personal Watercraft Horn which floats on water.

Falcon Safety Super Sound Horn – Ozone Safe

Since 1953, Falcon has specialised in creating environmentally safe compressed-gas products such as cleaning dusters and horns.

Falcon Safety Super Sound Horn will let you be heard for up to half a mile over land at just the touch of a button. With a non-corrosive diaphragm and non-flammable safety precautions you won’t have any concerns using this horn to get attention. It meets U.S Coast Guard recommendations for boats and doesn’t rely on batteries to signal for attention.
An all-metal horn that produces a sound that will certainly get you the attention you want. However, if you want something less complicated, MPC Auto have the One-Piece Chrome Motorcycle \/ Car Air Horn which is easy to install.

MPC 2-Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit with 12-Volt System

MPC Auto manufactures products for vehicles, making everyday travel a new experience.

This all-metal horn creates a deep, rumbling sound to get attention over long distances. This sturdy structure comes with everything you need: separate mounting brackets for each horn, a 4-liter air tank, a pre-wired pressure switch, and more so you can install the horn when it arrives. The pressure switch enables you to honk the horn at ease when needed.
Vixen Horns Three-Trumpet Horn is loud and clear for all to hear with 135 decibel volume. However, if 135db is just not enough for you, Vixens Horns Loud 149db Quad Black Trumpet Train might just do the trick with the extra trumpet.

Vixen Horns Loud Trumpet Train Air Horn with Electric Solenoid – Available in 10 Sizes

Vixen Horns manufactures sirens for a wide variety of vehicles from cars to trucks as part of the Aftak Corporation.

Vixen Horns Loud 135 db Triple Trumpet is chrome-plated with a metal finish and painted black enamel base, making this horn more both stylish and practical. The triple-trumpet train air horn creates a loud, resonating sound to communicate over long distances. It comes with a 12V/24V electric air valve and the mounting hardware so you can install your horn as soon as it arrives.
Shoreline Marine Air Horn makes it easy to get attention when you need it, at the press of a button. If you already know you’re going to get lots of use from your Shoreline Marine Air Horn, don’t forget to purchase a Shoreline Marine Air Horn Canister now!

Shoreline Marine Air Horn – Available in 3 Sizes

As out-at-sea specialists, Shoreline Marine manufacturers make boating and marine parts and accessories for every part of the boat.

Shoreline Marine Air Horn is a well-designed portable air horn suitable for use out on the water or sporting events and graduations. The small size is 3.5 ounces so it can be easily handheld and used in a variety of places. The 120 decibel sound can be heard by boat motors or crowds and can reach up to one mile.

How Do I Choose the Best Air Horn?

The sharp, jolting noise broke through the silence and rang in the ears of a young girl waiting intently with her knees slightly bent just before the starting line. As the sound ran through her body, she pushed off with her left foot. Her running shoes cushioned each foot as it landed, ready to push off again. As Keisha flew over the finish line in first position, with a competitor hot on her heels, she thanked her split-second reactions when the loud signal rang out.

Loud signals can make all the difference in critical situations, from 100m sprint finals to getting someone’s attention over a long distance. If you’re in need of urgent help when out on the water, the horn has to project its sound over the noise of a boat motor and fierce waters. In situations like these, it’s only something as loud as a horn that can attract the attention you need. Can you imagine needing to stop a passer by to help jumpstart your car, or warning someone of a danger on the road, and only having your voice to carry the message above the sounds of traffic? Well, save your voice from shouting and screaming and purchase an air horn instead!
An air horn comes in all shapes and sizes and at different prices. Our featured horns start off at around $15 and go up to around $280. It’s important not to skimp out on a few bucks because that will result in you purchasing something that doesn’t do what you need. You also don’t want to go all out and spend money on features that you won’t ever actually use! At the lower end of the price range, you will get a compact, portable horn that can send a powerful hoot across a mile distance. The simple designs are easy to use and don’t usually have much of a set-up regime for you to perform prior to using.

For the big price label, the horns are much bigger in size and sound. They tend to be made from strong, durable metal and come with the equipment to secure it safely to your chosen structure whether that be a car or boat. If you know you will need to project the sound over strong weather conditions or other vehicle’s sounds, then going for a horn that promises a longer distance covered is important.

Although it’s tempting, don’t be fooled by cheap air horns. Made from cheaper materials, they won’t be of much use in critical situations and will be a disappointment when you have trusted them to get a job done.
There are a few things to think about, so we’ve made a list to ensure you don’t miss anything important.

Here are the important features to keep in mind when shopping for the right air horn:
  • Distance Covered/ Decibels - Check the distance the manufacturers claim the horn can cover and the decibels of the sound produced.
  • Horn Operation - Some are simple hand horns and others have more complex mechanisms.
  • Set-up - Take a look at how to set up the horn and how much DIY and preparation goes into each hoot!
  • Safety Precautions - Look for warnings and labels such as: non-flammable, ozone layer-safe, or position to hold the horn when using.
  • Type of Sounds - Different tones and sounds stand out to different people, and horns can be high to low pitched or use funny, unique sounds to get attention.
Still not sure what would be best for you? We’ll talk about the features in more detail below.
Construction and Design
There’s not too much to look at when it comes to buying an air horn but you should consider the distance covered/decibels, type of sounds and any safety precautions you should take.

Distance Covered/ Decibels

Our five featured horns range from 112 decibels to 152. 112 decibels can be heard for up to a mile over land or a mile over water. The horns producing higher decibel sounds don’t always project over a bigger distance as the tone can be much deeper or produces a particular sound. So make sure you look at each horn carefully before choosing.

Type of Sounds

From a loud, high-pitched warning sound, to imitating a train horn or a loud distinctive “oohgah” sound to get a few giggles when you’re out and about, the type of sound your horn produces really comes down to what you want and what you will be using your horn for.

Safety Precautions

The horn using high-pressure to release a short, loud sound will have labels and warnings on to put your mind at rest. Often they are non-flammable, safe for the ozone layer, and tend to be built with a non-corrosive diaphragm. Ensure to read the instructions carefully before using the horn you buy as some can only be used upright or have certain procedures to make sure you are completely safe.
Performance and Ease of Use
The horn’s operation and set-up are really the only things you need to worry about when it comes to the performance and ease of use of your air horn. Let’s take a look at these in some more detail.

Horn Operation

Depending on the design and how the horn is powered, there are different ways of blowing everyone around you away. The horns that are wired up to a motor or your car, for example, often have a switch or button to release the horn. Horns that use a pressure can are more likely to be hand-operated but can still be as easy to use.

Set up

The bigger, more permanent horns should come with mounts or other equipment needed to set it up and secure it onto your vehicle, so it’s ready to use at a moment’s notice. Smaller horns are more likely to be handheld or designed to use on a more temporary basis, so they won’t come with such a big set-up operation. Some you just have to unpack and press the button and everyone around you will jump out of their skin!

Get the Best Air Horn of 2023!

Whether it’s a portable handheld horn you decide on or a triple trumpet train horn, I hope we’ve helped lead you to the right one for you. So there’s nothing left to do now except make some noise!

Our Top Choice
Wolo 12-Volt Fun Horn
Best Value
Falcon Super Sound Horn
MPC 2-Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit
Vixen Horns Loud Trumpet Train Air Horn
Shoreline Marine Air Horn