Best Air Mattress Reviews 2023

A spare air mattress might be the only thing between you or your guests spending a night on the cold, hard floor – so you'd better be prepared! High-quality inflatable mattresses can turn any room into a luxurious bedroom no matter where you're spending the night. The best models are comfy, easy to pump, and even easier to store away. We've searched for five of the best air mattress brands to give you a selection of comfortable options to choose from.
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Pump Method
Pump Time
Our Top Choice
Insta-Bed Inflatable Mattress
Insta-bed creates air beds that rival the comfort of a real bed by including luxurious features – this inflatable mattress is no exception.
Never Flat Pump for all-night comfort. Plush, medium and firm settings. Quiet air pumping. Simple dial operation.
May leak if treated poorly, but the majority of users had no problem.
Never-Flat Pump
Less than 4 minutes
Queen, Twin, Full
Queen - 80" x 60" x 18"
Queen - 25 lbs.
Best Value
SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
SoundAsleep thinks outside the box which is evident in the Dream Series Inflatable Mattress with 1 click pump and Comfortcoil.
Comfortcoil technology. 1-click inflation. Soft top adds comfort and repels sweat and spills. Waterproof.
Smells a bit like plastic, but the smell goes away in a couple days.
1-click internal pump
Less than 4 minutes
Queen, Twin
Queen - 78"x 58" x 19"
Queen - 18.96 lbs.
Serta Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat Pump
Serta creates high quality mattresses – one of which is the high-end raised Serta Air Mattress that’s both comfortable and durable
35 supportive coils. Auto-shutoff pump. Never-flat pump. Soft, durable top.
Smells like plastic initially, but the smell quickly goes away.
Never-Flat Pump
Less than 4 minutes
Queen, Twin
Queen - 80" x 60" x 18"
Queen - 20.56 lbs.
IntexCorp Dura-Beam Elevated Air Bed
Intex is an innovator in home luxury; this airbed uses dura-beam supportive beam structure for superior support and comfort.
Durable fiber-tech design. 1-button inflation.
6 month warranty is shorter than some competitors'.
Internal pump
4 ½ minutes
Queen, Full, Twin
Queen - 80” x 60” x 22"
Queen - 21 lbs.
Fox Air Beds High Rise Air Bed
This ultra-supportive mattress comes in a range of sizes and is made by the high-end airbed maker, Fox Airbeds.
43% thicker vinyl. High rise. Supportive pillow top. Stable surface and edges. Live customer service.
Shorter warranty than many competitors have, but still a reliable mattress.
Internal pump
4 minutes
King, Queen, Full, Twin XL
Queen - 80” x 60” x 25”
Queen - 35.8 lbs.

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What is the Best Air Mattress?

We looked at brands that know comfort as well as those that specialize in high quality, super reliable products. On top of that, we compared prices against convenience when it comes to pumping up each mattress. We've chosen to focus mainly on standard queen-sized mattresses, but most of the brands we've chosen offer a range of sizes. So, go ahead and pick a model that suits your style and budget.
Our Top Choice
The Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress offers a range of comfort settings, automatic inflation and a plush pillow top for total comfort. If you're looking for even more support, check out Insta-Beds EZ Bed with included frame.

Insta-Bed Air Mattress, Pillow Top Queen, Never Flat Pump, 35 coils, 18" Raised – Available in Three Sizes

Insta-Bed believes that an air mattress can be everything a regular bed can be – that's why their products feature luxurious features like pillow tops, headboards and the NeverFlat pump. This Pillow top mattress is easy to use and many users have said you can't even tell the difference between this air bed and a standard mattress once the sheets are on.

Here’s the reason why-
  • The innovative never-flat pump monitors air pressure to silently adjust the air throughout the night so you can stay comfortable.
  • 35 coils keep the mattress firm to provide full support.
  • 3 comfort settings – plush, medium and firm – can be set to easily customize the bed to your liking.
  • This mattress is raised 18" off the floor so you can easily climb in and out without bending the ground.
  • You don't even have to monitor the air pump while it automatically fills this mattress – it shuts off all by itself when the mattress reaches your desired comfort setting.
  • Easily choose your comfort setting with a simple dial.
This mattress comes in twin, full and queen. You also can get the queen size with a headboard or without the pillow top on Amazon.
Best Value
The Dream Series Queen Mattress features innovative comfort and no-fuss inflation, making it ideal for accommodating guests in your home. Or, if you're an avid camper, get the same quality and technology in a shorter, more durable Camping Series Air Mattress that packs up smaller for easy transportation.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Bed, Comfortcoil, 1-Click Internal Pump, Extra Thick - Available in Two Sizes

SoundAsleep goes beyond reliable materials by creating unique and simple features that make their air beds excel in both comfort and convenience. The dream series is about as close as you can get to buying a guest bed for your home, except that you can pack it away in the morning.

Let's see how this air bed stands out.
  • Innovative comfortcoil technology features 40 internal air coils for soft, supportive comfort. These coils keep the bed flat like a regular bed so you can sleep soundly through the night.
  • A patented internal pump makes it easy to inflate this mattress without any blowing on your part – simply turn the dial and wait just under 4 minutes for a fully formed queen bed.
  • The soft top makes this bed comfortable even without a sheet, and also helps to prevent water damage and stains.
  • The bottom is gripped so that the mattress stays in one spot all night without sliding.
  • This air mattress is made with extra thick material to prevent punctures, lost air and any other damage.
  • An included carrying bag makes it easy to take this mattress with you whenever you travel.
The Dream Series also includes a twin sized mattress with the same great features.
The Serta Raised Air Mattress features high-end support along with a neverflat pump to keep this air bed feeling just like a real bed all night long. Looking for something even closer to a real bed? Check out the Serta Perfect Sleeper Airbed with Headboard.

Serta Raised Air Mattress, Never Flat Pump - Available in Two Sizes

Serta needs little introduction – they're well-known for high quality mattresses, but does that quality translate to their air beds as well? As it turns out, it does. Users are consistently impressed with the overall quality when it comes to this Serta Air Bed's comfort and durability.

Let's take a closer look at Serta's take on an air mattress.
  • 35 circular coil keep this mattress from sagging so you get total support.
  • This airbed features 2 pumps: the main pump automatically inflates the bed in under 4 minutes and uses auto-shutoff when the ideal air pressure is reached. The second pump – the neverflat pump – monitors air pressure throughout the night to keep the mattress level and supportive.
  • A soft, durable top covers this mattress to resist punctures and water damage. It also helps to keep your sheets from slipping off the bed!
  • 18" raised height makes it easy to get in and out of the bed without crouching or falling.
This airbed is available in twin and queen size on Amazon. You can get the queen size in blue or with a luxurious pillow top.
The Intex Comfort Plush Dura-Beam Airbed features innovative, lightweight fiber construction and supportive beam structure for superior comfort. If you're looking for something less expensive without sacrificing comfort, take a look at the Intex Raised Downy Airbed.

IntexCorp Dura-Beam Elevated Air Mattress, Comfort-Plush, Fiber-Tech, Flocked Top - Available in Three Sizes

Intex specializes in heavy-duty inflatable spa tubs and airbeds. They use specialized technology to create ultra-strong lightweight inflatables. This Intex Airbed is plush all around, easy to inflate and features powerful strength considering its lightweight design.

Let's see what Intex brings to the table.
  • Fiber-tech construction, designed for heavy-duty use, is made with thousands of fibers for durable, even strength. This type of construction is also lightweight compared to other heavy-duty designs.
  • Folds into a small space for easy storage.
  • The included bag makes it even easier to store away the airbed or take it with you when you travel.
  • Built-in 'fast-fill' pump automatically fills the mattress with just 1 button.
  • The surface and sides are flocked for comfort and full protection against water damage.
  • Easily release or add air to your desired firmness with the dial.
  • 22" height makes it easy to get into this airbed without too much bending.
You can get the comfort plush airbed by Intex in full and twin sizes as well, with different height elevations.

How Do I Choose the Best Air Mattress?

Have you ever received an overnight guest and wondered where they would sleep? You probably ended up showing them the couch, which could be quite embarrassing. It’s a common problem in most homes, mainly because of space constraints and the high cost of purchasing a full bed with a mattress, blankets, and bed sheets. It doesn’t have to be that costly. With a decent air mattress, you can quickly turn any room into a comfy bedroom.

Buying an air mattress for the first time could be a complicated decision to make, especially with the abundance of brands with different features and options on the market. If you’re looking to replace your old air mattress or add an extra mattress to your home, there are so many choices to pick from as the manufacturers continue to introduce new models to the market. That’s why we’ve made your work easier by narrowing down your choices to five of the best brands to look for.

Air mattresses, sometimes referred to as air beds or sleeping pads, are typically made from PVC that is blown up and filled with air as opposed to springs, memory foam, or latex. They can either be low profile (raised or double high) or designed with a stand. Generally, the mattress is inflated using an electrically powered pump, but a manual pump can be used. When set up, air mattresses are as comfortable as standard beds. You can add a bed canopy to keep insects at bay and enjoy a good night sleep.

Air mattresses tend to have better owner satisfaction as compared to innerspring beds, though latex or memory foams still perform better. The advantage with air mattresses is that you can adjust the comfort levels to suit your specific needs making them effective for back pain relief. The beds come in a variety of sizes to fit in most rooms or camp tents. If you’re looking for something more permanent, consider buying a folding bed that can be customized for your space needs.
Let’s examine some features to consider when shopping for an air mattress, and then you can go straight to our top picks.
Air mattresses vary in prices depending on the size, functionality, and pumping mechanism. A good air mattress will cost anything between $70 and $300. Queen sized mattresses designed for indoor use will typically be equipped with internal mains-powered pumps, making them simpler to set up and store. There’s no need for a pump or external air portals or valves to blow it up. For home use, consider mattresses with inbuilt electricity powered pumps for convenience. Be aware that these models as a general rule cost more than camping models.

On the other hand, mattresses designed for outdoor use like camping don’t come with mains-powered pumps. Some may have battery-powered pumps, or you may have to pump them up manually using a foot pump. They are generally made from light materials hence easily portable and also affordable.
There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the right air mattress. Companies that manufacture air mattresses are many, and the options provided are countless. The most common designs are low profile and raised heights. Pump options are also different from one model to the next. Let’s look at these features in further details.

Thickness: Raised Type
    Raised queen air mattresses have different thicknesses and heights, but the raised types are more common. The height is just the same as a normal bed. It’s simply an inflated mattress attached to its own platform, which lifts the user off the ground and exhibits a more natural sleeping experience. The only downside to this style is that it occupies more space when deflated and packed for storage.
Thickness: Low Profile Type
    Low Profile Air Mattresses are thinner since they come without the added base. This makes them slightly cheaper, more compact, and smaller in size. A low profile air mattress is ideal for camping since you can easily deflate it, roll it up, and pack it away in your car trunk. A sleeping pad provides even a better option for camping trips because they are thinner, compact, and lightweight.
Pump: External Mechanisms
    Air mattresses come with two pump types: external or internal. External pumps can be manually operated by foot, mains power, or battery power. Mattresses that require external pumping mechanisms are slightly cheaper that those built with internal pumping mechanisms. The downside with an external pump is that may get misplaced, requiring you to purchase a new one.
Pump: Built-In
    Air mattresses with built-in pumping mechanisms are hassle-free to operate. There’s no worry of losing adapters or the pump itself. The adjustable comfort levels can easily be set to firm, medium, or plush by turning a knob. Since they are battery powered or mains powered, you can inflate the mattress much faster than doing it manually. These models are the most common air mattresses for home use.
Construction and Design
Air mattress technology has advanced in terms of design and construction, and now many temporary air beds have become as comfortable as the contemporary beds costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. This has made air mattresses a must-have choice for overnight guests or family members who may visit occasionally. Again, if you’ve just moved into a new home, you can use a blow-up mattress as you wait for your usual bed to arrive.

The right air mattress can also make your camping trips more enjoyable and comfortable by providing a layer of cushioning between the sleeping pad and the cold ground. These are typically outdoor beds, which means you can enjoy the comfort of your indoor bed while outdoors.

The queen size or twin-size beds are the most common designs, but some manufacturers also produce full or king-size air mattresses as well. These beds can be sized as either single-height or double-height. Most single-height air mattresses measure between 7 to 13 inches high. This height could be a challenge for some people to access. A double-height bed, on the other hand, measures between 18 and 22 inches above the ground, which is much closer to the normal bed height. The extra thickness may require you to purchase deep-pocketed fitted bed sheets, which are not very common and could be more expensive.

Some air mattresses are built with simplicity; you only need to blow up the rectangle and you’re good to go. However, others are built with extra features like raised bumpers and built-in pillows. Many users prefer these models since they keep you safe from falling off the edges, especially if it’s not set up against a wall. Parents with young kids also feel that the bumper adds an extra layer of security for their young ones.
Performance and Ease of Use
Today’s air mattresses are relatively comfortable to sleep on and quite simple to set up. A built-in inflation pump is a handy feature that ensures the inflation time is short and you simply plug your mattress into the mains socket, press a button, and you’re ready to sleep.

Choose a mattress that is easy to fold up and store away. Consider models with stuff sacks where you can easily stack the mattress and put it in a store or your car trunk for a trip. Leaks are not a common problem with today’s air mattresses, but be sure to pick a brand that offers a guarantee on leaks.

The most critical consideration when shopping for an air mattress is the comfort. While air mattresses may not mimic standard mattresses perfectly, many models are very comfortable for sleeping. The construction of the mattress or how well it holds air will determine its comfort level.

Get the Best Air Mattress of 2023!

Pay attention to size, depending on how much storage and floor space you have to spare. Whether you're looking for backup sleeping accommodations or you're an avid camper looking for something more comfortable than the ground, these expert brands have something for you. It’s our hope that you found the best air mattress from our top picks. Even if you didn’t, there are still some awesome alternatives from these reputable brands, so there is something for everyone!

Our Top Choice
Insta-Bed Inflatable Mattress
Best Value
SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
Serta Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat Pump
IntexCorp Dura-Beam Elevated Air Bed
Fox Air Beds High Rise Air Bed