Best Airbrush Kit Reviews 2023

Airbrushing is a great technique that will absolutely make your artwork pop. We’ve researched the best airbrush kit brands that have everything you need to get started and have chosen our top five brands to review for you. Create seamless color blends that will make your work look like it’s floating in mid-air.
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Max pressure
Our Top Choice
PointZero Airbrush Pro Compressor
PointZero is an American family-owned business that adheres to high standards when manufacturing their airbrushing kits.
Featuring an ultra-quiet design at 59 dB, the output pressure is smooth and reaches a maximum of 85 psi. The variable power modes make it suitable for a variety of tasks.
A few customers received a damaged regulator, but customer service is good at replacement.
Twin piston compressor w/tank
13L x 5W x 12’’H, 16 lbs.
85 psi
1/3 HP
Ultra quiet operation
Best Value
GotHobby Mini Airbrush Kit
GotHobby offers tools for those who love to paint. Their product line features airbrush spray guns, airbrush connector adaptors, cleaning pots, and paint jars.
A great, inexpensive choice for small jobs like airbrushing models or nail art, it features a dual-action built-in airbrush with a quiet mini air compressor and 6-ft. hose.
Not for large jobs.
Mini kit w/compressor & gun
5L x 3.5W x 2.3”H, 3 lbs.
35 psi
N/A – hobbies/nail art
Low, medium, & high settings
Grex Airbrush Airbrush Combo Kit
Offering powered hand tools since 1995, Grex has an extensive line of airbrush tools, from single- and double-action brushes, fan spray caps and quick connects, to cleaning and maintenance tools.
Ready-to-go airbrush kit that includes a lightweight, portable mini compressor, black paint, 2 mL, 7 mL, and 15 mL gravity cups, and a piston-style spray gun.
Additional colors must be purchased separately.
Complete airbrush kit
11L x 10W x 11”H, 13 lbs.
60 psi
1/8 HP
Reduces hand fatigue
Iwata-Medea Deluxe Airbrush Set
Iwata-Medea offers lots of options for airbrushing, including gravity-feed airbrushing kits that can help a novice become a professional.
This kit includes a compressor, hose, airbrush, two gravity cups, and freehand template with instructions.
The compressor doesn’t have a regulator.
Complete airbrush kit
8.7L x 2.2W x 6.2’’H, 10lbs.
35 psi
1/8 HP
Includes 10 colors + cleaner
Master Airbrush Dual-action Airbrush Kit
Master Airbrush is owned by TCP Global, an American company that opened their doors in 1974. They offer airbrush supplies for users of all levels.
A great value that includes a compressor, airbrush, 1/3 oz. gravity feed cup, instruction guide, nozzle wrench, 2 cc eye dropper, and a storage case.
The small parts can become clogged, but it’s a very economical airbrush kit.
Compressor & airbrush kit
14.8L x 12.7W x 6.7’’H, 9 lbs.
50 psi
1/5 HP
Includes 1/3 oz. gravity cup

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What is the Best Airbrush Kit?

When it comes to quality airbrushing, you’ll need to select a brand that has experience in crafting superior airbrushing tools. That’s where TopProducts come in. We’ve cross-referenced factors like horsepower, psi, best bang-for-your-buck, and high-quality spray guns to select five of the top airbrushing kits for you. So, now all you have to do is pick the one you favor out of the top five! If you’re not blown away by them, make sure to check out the other kits from these great brands.
Our Top Choice
This PointZero twin cylinder airbrush compressor comes with a 1 gallon air tank, delivers 1/3 HP, and is compact and lightweight at 16 pounds. You may also want to check out the 6 airbrush kit by PointZero. It comes with finely finished stainless steel needles and a foam-lined carry case.

PointZero Airbrush Pro Airbrush Air Compressor Twin Piston with Tank 1/3 HP

A company solely dedicated to providing airbrushing tools that allow just about any customer to produce professional-level airbrushing, PointZero is an American business that is family-owned. They adhere to high standards when manufacturing their airbrushing kits.

Customers love this PointZero airbrush kit thanks to its utlra-quiet design at 59 dB. It comes with two power modes and is a good tool to use for a variety of airbrushing tasks. The output is smooth; after it reaches 60 psi it cycles down to 40 psi, then restarts again.

This twin cylinder airbrush compressor comes with a 1 gallon air tank, delivers 1/3 HP, and is compact and lightweight at 16 pounds. Powered by a standard 120 volt electrical outlet, it’s thermally protected and CE certified.
Best Value
This airbrush kit from GotHobby is offered at a good price and comes with a compressor, airbrush, and a 6-foot hose with a maximum psi of 35. If you’re looking for a larger kit that comes with three airbrush guns, check out the GotHobby 6 Colors Airbrush Kit with Compressor.

GotHobby Mini Airbrush Kit with Air Compressor & Dual-action Spray Gun Nail Art Tattoo

GotHobby offers tools for those who love to paint, including tattoo and nail artists. Their product line features airbrush spray guns, airbrush connector adaptors, cleaning pots, paint jars, and a variety of kits and compressors.

This airbrush kit is great for hobbyists or those who engage in nail art techniques that require airbrushing. It’s small and compact and weighs less than three pounds. The airflow can be adjusted to low, medium, and high settings to accommodate your needs.

The dual action airbrush comes with a 6-foot hose and operates at 5-10 psi with a maximum psi of 35. It’s easy to clean and refill, and the spray gun is made of sturdy stainless steel. This kit includes a mini-air compressor, 6-foot vinyl hose, AC transformer, dual-action air brush, 2 cc eye dropper and nozzle wrench, connector nipple, and a storage case for the airbrush.

It’s a great value for a lightweight and simplified airbrush kit.
This complete airbrush kit by Grex is a terrific choice with an ergonomic piston-style spray gun that reduces hand fatigue. It includes black paint and three top mount gravity cups in variable sizes. If you would prefer a side gravity cup, check out this other complete kit by Grex: the GCK01 Combo Kit with Genesis.XT and AC1810-A Air Compressor Airbrush

Grex Airbrush Airbrush Combo Kit with Tritium.TG3 Airbrush, AC1810-A Compressor, Accessories and DVD

Offering powered hand tools since 1995, Grex has an extensive line of airbrush tools, from single- to double-action brushes, fan spray caps and quick connects, to cleaning and maintenance tools. They also have several options to choose from when it comes to paint feeds, including gravity fed brushes, side fed brushes, siphon fed brushes, and pistol style brushes.

This is a terrific all-in-one kit to get you up and running as soon as you open the package. The portable mini compressor is stylish looking and offers a maximum psi of 60. The Grex Tritium airbrush that comes with the kit is intuitive to use and features an ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue. Precise control of airflow is provided by the Grex G-Mac and the 6-foot nylon hose is made of premium braided nylon.

You can get started with your airbrush kit right away with the 1 oz. jar of Private Stock Carbon Black paint included with this kit. Another great feature is that you can select from three different sized top mount gravity cups: 2 mL, 7 mL, and 15 mL.

To sweeten the deal, Grex has also included an airbrush carrying case and a “How-to Airbrush” DVD that gives you comprehensive instructions on setting up your airbrush and using proper technique.
This is a great deal considering all the included components, including ten differently colored bottles of Medea Com-Art Color and an 8 oz. bottle of cleaning fluid. Another option that is smaller and less expensive is the Iwata Beginner Airbrush Neo Gravity Set.

Iwata-Medea Deluxe Airbrush Set with 10 Bottles of Com-Art Colors & Get Started DVD

Bring your fantasies to life and amplify your tools with professional airbrushes, compressors, and accessories by Iwata-Medea. They offer lots of options for airbrushing, including gravity-feed airbrushing kits that can allow novices to become professionals in a short amount of time.

A great starter kit, this complete package has everything you need to get going, right out of the box. The compressor is an Iwata Studio Series Sprint Jet Compressor that operates at up to 35 psi. This kit also includes an Iwata Eclipse BS Pistol-style Airbrush and offers endless options for artistic expression with ten bottles of Medea Com-Art Colors included with purchase.

You can improve your technique with the Artool Freehand Template, and clean-up is a breeze with the 8 oz. bottle of Medea Airbrush Cleaner. The instructional DVD will help you set everything up and get started with your airbrushing kit.
A compressor and airbrush kit with a working pressure of up to 50 psi, this is a great value that includes a 1/3 oz. gravity feed cup, instruction guide, nozzle wrench, 2 cc eye dropper, and a molded plastic storage case If you want to go all-out with a kit from Master Airbrush, try their Deluxe Kit that comes with 12 colors.

Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Airbrush Kit with 6 Foot Hose and a Powerful 1/5 HP Single Piston

Master Airbrush is owned by TCP Global, an American company that opened their doors in 1974 as a small home decorating store in Lakeside, CA. Since then, they’ve expanded into several different brands that offer art supplies and lots of other products to service online shoppers through their warehouses on the east and west coasts.

This kit is offered at a terrific price at under $100. With that, you get a powerful work-on-demand air compressor with 1/5 horsepower. The lightweight compressor is easy to carry with its built-in handle. It has an automatic start at 43 psi, and an automatic shutoff at 57 psi, which will extend the life of your compressor.

The airbrush offers a gravity feed with a dual-action trigger, and has an internal mix that delivers a fully atomized spray pattern. The gravity feed cup is 1/3 oz. and the tip size of the needle is 0.3 mm.

Airbrush rebuilding kits and replacement needle sets are also available from Master Airbrush. All in all, you’ll get a lot for your money with this airbrush kit by Master Airbrush.

How Do I Choose the Best Airbrush Kit?

Airbrushing is a whole other world when it comes to creating art and can be used for many different things, such as sculptures, paintings, and even nail or body art. If you know what you’re doing, airbrushing can give you so much control; it gives you the ability to quickly change from sharp, precise lines to a natural fade to create a beautiful vision.

Everyone has their own favorite practices; whether that’s with the type of paint you use from water-based to acrylic paints or it’s the calming set up that you have in your studio with an easel or work bench. It’s important to have what you need to unleash the creative juices. Once you’ve got your technique down with your new airbrush kit, you’ll even surprise yourself with the new art you create!
Airbrush kits come in all shapes and sizes and the price range they cover reflects that. From our five featured kits, you can spend anything between $80 and $450. The power, psi, and attention-to-detail features that make creating more enjoyable all affect the price of the airbrush kit. You can still get a good quality set for under $100, but the compressor will no be able to reach the same psi as others. Even if you’re shopping on a budget, try to stay away from really cheap airbrush kits. Airbrushes aren’t a simple thing, and, by cutting corners on the price, the airbrush will probably cut corners on your artwork. Your final product is not likely to end up being the standard that you were aiming for.
If you’re new to airbrushing, it can be overwhelming trying to work out which airbrush to get. Well, we’ve simplified it and broken it down into a few important features to think about before buying anything.

Here’s what we think are the important things to consider before shopping:
  • PSI - Pounds per square inch
  • Power - Represented in fractions of horsepower
  • Paint Capacity - The amount of paint the feed cup can hold
  • Trigger - Single action/ double action
  • Feed System - Gravity feed/ bottom feed/ side feed
  • Mixing Point - Internal mix/ external mix
  • Extras - A jar of paint to get started immediately/ template/ instructional DVD
If you’re not sure what some of this means, we have explained everything in more detail below. So just keep reading!
Construction and Design
There are three main things to consider when you’re purchasing an airbrush kit and they are PSI, power and mixing point. Here’s some more detail on these important aspects.

PSI – Pounds per Square Inch

This describes how much paint will come out per square inch, the higher the number the more paint. To give you an idea of what you need, 100psi is generally used for painting cars and vehicles. Our highest product goes up to 60psi which is plenty when it comes to creating art and models. Our smallest is 35 psi which is appropriate for nail art and intricate designs.


The power you need really depends on the area you want to cover and how quickly. If you are doing smaller, detailed art then a huge amount of power would be wasted. It can go from around 1/8 horsepower to 1/3.

Mixing Point

Internal mixing airbrush mixes the paint at the tip of the brush which creates a finer, mist affect when the paint lands on the surface. External mixing means that the paint doesn’t mix until it has left the brush and can create a slightly harsher look to it. External mixes tend to cost a bit less and are better suited to cover bigger areas.
Performance and Ease of Use
The paint capacity, trigger, feed system, extras and warranty will all affect the overall performance and ease of use of your airbrushing kit. Let’s take a look at the reasons why they’re so important.

Paint Capacity

Each airbrush has a section for the paint to go in before jetting it out with air. The amount of paint you need your brush to hold is all dependent on the type of work you are doing. If you are doing nail art, and you won’t use much paint for each creation, the smallest capacity would suffice. You can get cups that hold up to 15ml at one time before you have to refill.


Single action has one control function and that is to let you control how much air is coming out of the brush by how far you push the lever down. The color flow can sometimes be changed manually by tightening the tip or loosening it, but you would have to do that in between painting.

Double or dual action gives you more control whilst you are creating. You can push down to release the air and then pull back to release more paint. This way you can play around with the different effects on the surface in front of you as you go.

Feed System

Gravity feed does what it says on the tin; it uses gravity to pull the paint down into the pen to be blown out onto the surface for your vision, but this restricts you to only painting what is below your hand. Bottom and side feed usually come with lids on the cup holding the paint, meaning you can move about and paint an object that isn’t a flat surface below your brush.


Depending on where you are in learning about airbrushing, or what type of airbrushing you intend to do, different extras will be of much more value to you. Some kits come with a jar of paint to get you started straight away. There are some with DVDs to show you step by step how to do it and different techniques to try so you can learn easily and be up and running in no time. There are also ones that come with cleaning liquid which is very helpful, especially if you know you will want to swap colors often.


It’s important to get yourself an airbrushing kit with a lengthy warranty. This way you are protected in the event that there is some kind of manufacturing issue.

Get the Best Airbrush Kit of 2023!

Showcase your superior painting skills by purchasing one of these airbrush kits from top brands in the business. They’ll take your artwork to the next level.

Our Top Choice
PointZero Airbrush Pro Compressor
Best Value
GotHobby Mini Airbrush Kit
Grex Airbrush Airbrush Combo Kit
Iwata-Medea Deluxe Airbrush Set
Master Airbrush Dual-action Airbrush Kit