Best Airplay Speaker Reviews 2022

Airplay speakers come in handy when you want to listen to your favorite songs via a standalone speaker. Most of the wireless speakers that are compatible with Airplay can also connect to Android devices or through Spotify Connect. To help you figure out which speaker would suit your lifestyle best, we’ve picked 5 devices from some of the best airplay speaker brands out there. Check them out!
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Our Top Choice
Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Airplay Speaker
Bowers & Wilkins is a world leader in acoustics that specializes in speakers, headphones and car audio systems.
Elegant single speaker. Reinforced cabinet. 4 speakers and a subwoofer. Streams by Spotify Connect. Easy setup. Wireless connectivity.
Some difficulty connecting it to Android device.
Portable & Wireless
4 speakers + 1 Subwoofer
4 x 25W + 1 x 50W
AirPlay, Bluetooth, Spotify
Black or White
Best Value
Libratone ZIPP Portable Airplay Speaker
Libratone was founded in 2009 and its purpose is to expand the home listening experience through its speakers.
Large and powerful. Deep bass. Crisp highs. Fills an entire room. Streams all audio and video apps. Portable and lightweight. 10+ hours of battery power.
It’s not waterproof.
Portable & Wireless
2 Tweeters + 2 Radiators
Airplay, Bluetooth, Spotify
Gray, Black, White and More
Naim Audio Mu-So Qb Airplay Speaker
Niam manufactures speakers that are designed entirely in service of the sound and to offer its customers a pure music experience.
Streams music from PC, Mac and smartphones. Internet Radio. Alarm clock. Built-in stereo jack. Multi-room connectivity. Digital input.
Colorful grills cost extra if you don’t like the standard black.
4 Speakers + 1 Subwoofer
Airplay, Spotify and More
Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 Airplay Speaker
Bang & Olufsen manufactures products that are highly intuitive and portable such as speakers, headphones and other accessories.
Controlled through Beoplay app. Tactile interaction. Multi-room technology. Three evenly distributed speakers. Powerful subwoofer.
The bass may be a bit heavy for some.
Portable & Wireless
4 Speakers + 1 Subwoofer
300W + 160W
Airplay, Bluetooth and More
Natural or Black
GGMM M3 Wireless Digital Speaker
GGMM was founded more than 15 years ago as a design house but in 2008 it started specializing in manufacturing digital technology solutions.
Good built quality. Leather cover. Multi-room play. Integrated DAC for good sound. Deep bass. No sound or signal loss.
The connectivity is a bit difficult without the app.
Portable & Wireless
4 Speakers
Airplay, Bluetooth and More
Black, Red, Caramel and More

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What is the Best Airplay Speaker?

Before buying an airplay speaker, check to see if it has the features you’re looking for and if it’s powerful enough for your needs. Similarly, if you want to take it with you when travelling, determine whether it’s portable and easy to use outdoors. Most airplay speakers are controlled through a dedicated app on your smartphone.
Our Top Choice
The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Airplay Speaker allows you to stream music from any iOS and Android device and also through Spotify Connect. It comes available in 2 colors and can be bought with or without an Echo Dot. On the other hand, if your budget is somewhat smaller, check out the Bowers & Wilkins White Wireless Music System which is also available in black and which creates a natural and amazing sound!

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Airplay Speaker - 2 Years Warranty, Available in 2 Styles and 2 Colors

Bowers and Wilkins was founded back in 1966 and manufactures speakers that you can find in homes, buildings and even in the music industry. Its range of products consists of home speakers, theatre solutions, computer speakers and multiple editions of wireless speakers. It also sells car audio systems for BMW, Maserati, McLaren and Volvo so if you own such a car you should check out its high quality speakers. It’s also said that in the leading recording studios, any song that might become known around the world is first heard on Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers.

The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Airplay Speaker is available in white or black and will enhance your experience with music. It’s also available in other buying options, such as an echo dot that’ll help you control it and organize various media. If you go for the speaker on its own, you still needn’t worry as you can control it through a dedicated app on your smartphone. It has 2 double dome tweeters, two midrange drivers and a powerful subwoofer that can play music at an impressive volume. Its design is sleek and appealing and will improve the appearance of any home.
Best Value
The Libratone ZIPP Portable Airplay Speaker is available in 5 colors and features a deep bass together with 360° FullRoom acoustics. If you’re looking for a splash proof wireless speaker to take it to the seaside, check out the Libratone TOO Bluetooth Speaker; it’s available in 4 colors and features an intuitive touch control interface!

Libratone ZIPP Portable Multi-Room Wireless Speaker - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 360 Degree Sound, Available in 5 Colors

Libratone believes great music makes great moments and this is why it designs speakers that have amazing and balanced sound quality and the ability to convey it from all directions. All its speakers are available in multiple colors to match the tastes of all its customers. This brand also thought about those of you who like traveling and do it a lot, which is why it also manufactures airplay speakers in compact sizes that can be paired with up to 6 other speakers for a greater sound experience.

The The Libratone ZIPP Portable Airplay Speaker is available in multiple colors, including blue, green, red, gray, purple, yellow, gray and black. It’s powerful and fills any room with clean and clear music and features an intuitive interface for volume, play, pause and skip forward / back. It also streams any app natively such as Apple music, Netflix, YouTube and multiple others. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for more than 10 hours and even has a carrying handle, which makes this airplay speaker highly portable for those of you who like to listen to music anywhere and at any moment.
The Naim Audio Mu-so Qb Airplay Speaker is simple to control and connect and can stream music from Airplay, Bluetooth, Spotify, USB and more. Looking for a more powerful airplay speaker? Check out the Naim Reference Wireless Music Speaker that features six 75-Watt amplifiers and looks as good as it sounds!

Naim Audio Mu-So Qb Wireless Music System - 300 Watts of Power, Bluetooth, Available in 2 Setup Options

Naim pays a lot of attention to the manufacturing of its speakers. When in the design phase its main purpose is to reduce any interference between the listeners and the intention of the artist, and this is why it always tries to improve its products and to create new technologies. It makes no compromises when it comes to the purity of the sound and uses only high quality materials for its speakers. Naim wants to take any listener deeper into its music experience and allow them to hear every single note clearly.

The Naim Audio Mu-so Qb Airplay Speaker is compact yet powerful. It allows you to boost audio from almost any source such as TVs, set up boxes, CD players, PCs, Macs, iOS and Android smartphones and more. It features five drivers such as 2 dome tweeters, two mid drivers and a custom-made woofer with a 100W amplifier. All these together can generate music at 300W which is pretty darn loud. The audio experience is refined, with no distortion and increased accuracy. It also features an alarm clock that can be controlled through the Naim app.
The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 Airplay Speaker is available in 2 colors and supports multiple technologies and features a responsive touch control and 360° sound. Looking for a larger airplay speaker? Check out the Bang & Olufsen 2 Home Wireless Music Speaker that has a conical shape and streams music from multiple devices!

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 Wireless Speaker - Multi-Room Enabled, Bluetooth, Available in 2 Colors

Bang & Olufsen was founded more than 90 years ago and manufactures innovative speakers and headphones. It wants to deliver to its customers products made of quality materials with intuitive designs that deliver professional performance and that stand the test of time. Another important aspect for this brand is the humanization of all its devices as it adapts them to fit its customers’ needs, not the other way around. Its products transform the listening experience into one with a better sound and a better acoustic.

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 Airplay Speaker is compact but powerful. It features 3 evenly distributed tweeters, a front mid-range driver and a powerful subwoofer. It’s available in natural or black colors and features a crafted aluminum top with tactile interaction. You can connect to it through Airplay, Bluetooth and DLNA devices and listen to your favorite music around the house or outdoors as this speaker is lightweight. The sound it emits is evenly projected around the room and can be connected to other speakers from Bang & Olufsen.
The GGMM M3 Wireless Digital Speaker comes in 4 colors and connects via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AUX. You can also connect it to as many as 16 devices at once. If you prefer a different design that’s even simpler to connect, check out the GGMM E3 Smart Speakers System that features an LED clock and is compatible with Airplay, Android and Spotify!

GGMM M3 Retro Wireless Speaker - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Leather Cover, Multi-Room Enabled, Available in 4 Colors

GGMM started in 2001 as a design house but, because of the high demand for innovative products it used to receive from its customers, it decided in 2008 to start manufacturing its own products in digital technology solutions. Its main purpose is to create elegant yet functional products with a high level of practicality. All its products get tested and controlled before they go on the market in order to meet and to exceed the expectations of its customers. Apart from airplay speakers, this brand also sells earphones and other accessories.

The GGMM M3 Wireless Digital Speaker is available in black, red, camel and coffee colors. It’s covered in leather so it has a nice, stylish design that can improve the appearance of your house. It can be connected to other speakers from different rooms; you can play either one song in all of them at once or different songs just by controlling them through the dedicated app. It’s portable and lightweight so it can be used both indoors and outdoors for a good sound experience for you, your friends and your family.

How Do I Choose the Best Airplay Speaker?

Lately, almost everything has become wireless: wireless charging, wireless mice and keyboards, wireless headphones and more. It’s no wonder, then, that speakers have come to be wireless as well. When it first appeared, this type of device had a lot of minuses such as poor sound, low autonomy, distortions etc. But in a few years, wireless speakers have had a small revolution. Manufacturers began releasing units capable of playing songs with tremendous quality, that have battery autonomy of over 10 hours, and some that are even waterproof! Today, you can even get bluetooth alarm clocks that will play music from your mobile devices.

If you own an iPhone and you’re looking for a wireless speaker, you may want to go for airplay speakers that are especially designed to connect easily to your phone and allow you to listen to your favorite songs. They have incorporated multiple speakers and a powerful subwoofer, so your listening experience will be sure to be a pleasant one.

Apart from being able to connect the airplay speakers to your iPhone, most of them can also sync with other devices such as LED TVs, PCs, Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and more.
Airplay speakers are considered a bit expensive by the vast majority of users, but the features they come with and their innovative design are truly thrilling so they’re well-worth the money. Still, airplay speakers can cost as low as $150 for the entry-level models, but they can also go as high as $2500 for the more powerful units.

There are also cheap airplay speakers on the market, but we advise you not to be lured in by their low price tag because, in addition to a greater likelihood of their breaking down, these types of speakers don’t deliver a great sound experience and won’t have the autonomy a quality airplay speaker has.
Airplay speakers work on batteries and you can take them with you everywhere go; if you want to listen to music as you climb a mountain, provide a picnic with a relaxing musical ambiance, or have a small party outdoors with your friends, you can easily do so. These devices can be connected to your iPhone or Android devices, so you don’t have to worry that your party will be lacking the main ingredient — the music.

Here are the main features to look for when buying an airplay speaker:
  • Compatibility — Check out the list of devices you can connect to your airplay speaker to. Most of them can be connected to iOS & Android devices, TVs, PCs and more
  • Sound Quality — Is supported by the built-in amplifiers. It’s also one of the most important aspects and it also depends on where the speakers are being used
  • Dimensions — Can range from very large items, suitable for indoor tables, to some small and compact ones that fit in your pocket
  • Power — The power of the airplay speaker is also important. If you want to listen to loud music, get one that has over 300W power
Now that you know what features to look for, let’s see the construction and design characteristics of airplay speakers.
Construction and Design
Airplay speakers have stunning designs that can improve the appearance of any room. They’re compact and attractive and will certainly be admired by anyone if you decide to take them out. They usually come in different colors such as black, red, blue, green, purple and more, and we also came upon some leather covered airplay speakers which were the definition of elegance.

The fact that airplay speakers can be used anywhere gives no certainty that they can be protected from natural hazards. When used outdoors, they must be compact enough to withstand the weather, but large enough for the bass to be heard. Furthermore, if you use them around the water, make sure that they’re water or splash-resistant, but also that they’re provided with a casing or a metal grille, if there’s sand around. There are elements that make the speakers shielded from dirt and humidity, as well as submersible models that’ll resist diving. Of course, in such cases the sound quality might be affected.

Airplay speakers can also be great in a presentation at the workplace, but if they’re too small and can’t fill an average-sized room, then they won’t help you much. So, although portability is another key element of these items, you probably want to keep in mind your needs so you can enjoy the product properly.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to the performance of airplay speakers there’s not much to say. They’re usually powerful and offer a high quality sound. They’re easy to use by anyone, especially the models which come with a dedicated app that you can install on your smartphone, while others connect natively to any app such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify Connect and more. Also, for iPhone owners, in order to send streaming audio with Airplay, both devices should be connected to the same wireless network.

Get the Best Airplay Speaker of 2022!

Most airplay speakers have stunning designs and features. It’s important to pick the one that’s suitable for your needs as you’ll likely have it for a long period of time and you’ll soon be relying on it to enhance your home music experience. We hope that our review of some of the best airplay speakers around today has helped you find something you like, but if not, there’s plenty more where these came from, so check out these great brands to see what else they have!

Our Top Choice
Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Airplay Speaker
Best Value
Libratone ZIPP Portable Airplay Speaker
Naim Audio Mu-So Qb Airplay Speaker
Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 Airplay Speaker
GGMM M3 Wireless Digital Speaker