Best Airsoft Gun Reviews 2023

Nothing can be more exciting than a match of Counter Strike in the company of your friends, but why don’t you take your experience to the next level? We have several reviews on airsoft weapons such as airsoft shotguns and airsoft rifles, as well as accessories that can provide you tons of fun if you want to play with your friends! For now, let's focus on airsoft guns; we picked 5 excellent ones from some of the best brands out there. You know how they say: "Pick up your weapon and fight!"
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Our Top Choice
Colt 100th Anniversary Licensed Full Metal M1911 A1 Airsoft Gun
Colt specializes in airsoft guns, rifles and accessories for them. The M1911 Pistol is easy to use and it comes at an affordable price.
Available in 2 configurations. Ideal for people with small hands. Fast shooting speed. Lightweight and durable.
Isolated complaints regarding the usage instructions received in the package.
385 FPS
Metallic body
15 rounds
Best Value
Desert Eagle Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Spring Airsoft Pistol
Desert Eagle makes different types of airsoft guns and successfully sells them worldwide. The .44 Magnum pistol is famous and a favorite among airsoft enthusiasts.
Available in 2 colors. Easy to use. Identical replica of the real model. Comes with instructions and accessories. Highly accurate.
Isolated complaints regarding reliability.
240 FPS
Metallic body
Black or silver
25 rounds
Umarex Colt Peacemaker Blued Bb Co2 Airsoft Pistol
Umarex is a famous brand that makes a plethora of airsoft weapons and accessories. The Peacemaker handgun is attractive, easy to use and it will make you feel like Indiana Jones!
Available in 2 colors. Superb old-fashioned design. Durable and easy to maintain. Compact and lightweight.
Very few complaints regarding reliability.
130 FPS
Nickel body
Black or silver
8 rounds
Crosman Stinger P9T Soft Air Pistol
Crosman makes some of the most practical airsoft guns and sells them at affordable prices. The Stinger handgun is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned players.
Easy to use. Super-affordable. Excellent for people with small hands. Comes with accessory rail beneath barrel.
Not available in more color options.
275 FPS
Metallic body
15 rounds
Taurus Millennium PT111 Spring Airsoft Pistol
Taurus specializes in airsoft guns as well as electronic accessories. The PT111 pistol is affordable, durable and ideal for beginners.
Easy to use. Comes with usage instructions. Large capacity magazine. Made from durable polymer. Perfect for people with small hands.
Isolated complaints regarding reliability.
180 FPS
ABS Polymer
20 rounds

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What is the Best Airsoft Gun?

Choosing the right airsoft gun is much easier once you see a couple of products and compare them. After reading the guide, you know the basics and are ready to take a look at our recommendations. Remember to set a budget right from the start, to avoid spending too much money on your airsoft gun!
Our Top Choice
The 100th Anniversary 1911 Co2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol from Colt is available in 2 different configurations and it is a semi-automatic airsoft gun. If you prefer a pistol with an old-fashioned design, then we recommend the limited edition John Wayne Colt CO2 Pellet Revolver.

Colt 100Th Anniversary 1911 Co2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol, 6 mm, Semi-Automatic, Available in 2 Styles

Colt is a professional manufacturer of airsoft guns as well as different types of weapons and accessories such as knifes, camo caps and more. Many of the products made by this brand are Amazon Best Sellers, and if you are interested, Colt also makes superb airsoft machine-guns that are identical replicas of real life ones.

Here are more details about the 1911 Co2 pistol from Colt.
  • Available in 2 configurations
  • Made entirely from metal
  • Shoots using BBs of 20 grams
  • Compact and lightweight
Best Value
The Soft Air .44 Magnum Airsoft Pistol from Desert Eagle is a classic handgun, and you have probably used it countless times in Counter Strike games. Now you can have it in real life, and it comes in 2 different colors! If you want this model in a more sophisticated version, then please go for the Desert Eagle Full Auto Airsoft Pistol.

Desert Eagle Soft Air .44 Magnum Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol, Available in 2 Colors

Desert Eagle is a brand that produces a 1:1 replica of the famous .44 magnum pistol, which is both eye-catching and deadly in combat. These airsoft guns come in various colors and they can provide you with many hours of fun with your friends. You can also buy Desert Eagle branded t-shirts and caps from this brand as well.

Here are the highlights of the famous Desert Eagle pistol.
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Very accurate, can hit a quarter from 25 feet
  • Comes with practice rounds and magazine
  • Shoots at 240 fps
The Colt Peacemaker Air Gun from Umarex is an old-school pistol available in 2 colors which carries a lot of history and tradition. This airsoft gun is made from nickel and it is easy to maintain. If you prefer a more modern and contemporary airsoft handgun, then we recommend the Umarex elite force 1911 tac gen3 airsoft pistol.

Umarex Colt Peacemaker Air Gun - Made from Nickel, Traditional Cowboy-Style Design, Two Color Choices

Umarex is another brand that specializes in airsoft guns. This company actually makes a wide variety of fire weapons you probably have used in first-person-shooter games. For example, you can get high-quality handguns from Umarex as well as sniper rifles, machine guns and even shotguns.

Here are main features of the Peacemaker Air Gun.
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Easy to use and reload
  • Attractive design, made from nickel
  • You can actually speed shot with this gun, just like cowboys do!
The Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit from Crosman is an affordable handgun which can provide you with tons of fun every day. It comes with accessories and it can shoot at a speed of 275 fps. If you want to challenge your friends, then go for the Crosman Airsoft Stinger Challenge Kit which is excellent for shooting practice.

Crosman Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit - 275 FPS, Spring-Powered, Compact and Lightweight

The 4th product in our list comes from Crosman, a brand that manufactures airsoft handguns, rifles, machine guns and even shotguns. You can also buy sticky targets from this company to practice your shooting skills in your own yard. Crosman was founded back in 1923 and it is a company with lots of tradition and experience.

Let's find out the advantages of the Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit.
  • Spring powered handgun
  • It comes with a 15-shot magazine
  • Shoots at up to 275 fps
  • Uses 6mm plastic BBs
The Millennium PT-111 Spring Powered Pistol from Taurus is a lightweight and practical handgun with an ABS Polymer construction. It is ideal for those who want to try airsoft games, but don’t want to invest a lot of money at first. However, if you are a more experienced player, we suggest the pt92 metal slide spring airsoft pistol from the same brand.

Taurus Millennium PT-111 Spring Powered Pistol with 20 Rounds Magazine, Compact Design

Taurus specializes in sports, fitness and electronic equipment, and it is famous for producing excellent airsoft guns. You can also buy accessories for your airsoft equipment such as magazines and sticky targets.

For now, let's discover the benefits of the Millennium PT-111 Pistol.
  • Shoots at speeds of 180 fps
  • 20-shot clip
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to use
  • Durable, made from ABS polymers

How Do I Choose the Best Airsoft Gun?

Airsoft games are very popular these days because, in comparison with first-person-shooter games which can be played on a console or computer, they are much closer to reality and provide more excitement. Wouldn’t you love to chase your friends around in a specially designed area (or your backyard) using your favorite gun and providing instructions to your teammates? Of course you would! If you are a novice when it comes to airsoft games, you have tons of new stuff to learn, and everything starts with getting your first airsoft gun.

The market offers you numerous airsoft accessories to play with such as airsoft shotguns, airsoft rifles, airsoft masks and many others, but we think the wise thing would be to start with a high-quality airsoft gun until you learn the ropes of the game. Once you become more experienced and you are ok with investing more money into this game, you can progress to more menacing weapons and accessories!

Airsoft guns themselves are also very varied, so picking the right one might be a little bit difficult if you are a beginner. We've got you covered on this one as this guide is going to provide you with the necessary tips and tricks to help you buy the right weapon for your needs, so keep reading!
One of the first questions airsoft players ask usually is “how much should I invest in airsoft guns?” Well, the prices vary depending on the type of weapon you are choosing, but usually high-quality airsoft guns can cost between $10 and $120 for a higher end model. The factors which influence the price include the firing speed, materials, how many BBs it can hold and the design of the gun. We will cover these aspects later in the guide.

The market also offers you multiple cheap airsoft guns to choose from and they are usually priced around 5 bucks, but we highly recommend you stay away from them because these products are not safe and they might break down after a couple of uses.
Now that you know what budget to prepare, let's go ahead and find out what the main features of an airsoft gun are.
  • Design - Most airsoft guns are identical replicas of real-life guns, and while some of them have a modern design, others look exactly like the pistols used in old western movies! Today's airsoft guns can come in various colors such as silver, black, grey or a combination of these, but they should always have an orange tip for safety reasons.
  • Firing Speed - The speed is measured in feet-per-second (FPS) and it can be between 150 FPS and 350-400 FPS for really tough guns.
  • Magazine Capacity - Some guns can carry up to 25 BBs while others can hold around 15 BBs. Obviously, the size of the BB is also an important factor here.
  • Materials - Most guns are made from ABS polymers while others have a full-metal construction. Some models are made from nickel and might incorporate wooden elements, particularly on the grip.
If this is the first gun you are buying, sit down and think about what really tickles your fancy. For example, do you prefer weapons with an old-school design or would you rather settle for a modern one? Do you prefer one made from polymers or a metallic one? If you are a girl, metallic weapons are a little bit heavier, so you should hit the gym once in a while to build arm strength. Once you have an answer to these questions, you will be able to make a better decision when shopping for airsoft guns.
Construction and Design
We just mentioned that most guns are made from ABS polymer, and we are happy to report that they are surprisingly durable, according to our research. These guns are also less expensive than metallic ones and are a good investment for people who don’t want to spend a lot on airsoft accessories at first. From what we found, almost all airsoft guns are spring powered and they can feature firing speeds of up to 390 FPS which is impressive!

Certain high-quality airsoft guns include an accessory rail which basically gives you the opportunity to accessorize your weapon in the future. This rail can hold items such as lasers or flashlights, and these tools are ideal when you are playing in the dark or if you want to improve your accuracy. Some guns come with a small carrying bag which is excellent for transporting and protecting your beloved airsoft weapon.

Lastly, you might want to consider the size of the gun in comparison to the size of your hand. If you are buying it for a kid, this should be a priority. For example, if you have rather big hands, pretty much all guns will eventually feel comfortable for you, but those with small hands need to opt for compact guns. A weapon in the right size will make it easier for you to fire repeatedly, hold it still while you fire and change the magazine quickly, so check the size of the airsoft gun before ordering.
Performance and Ease of Use
Not only can airsoft guns can be accessorized with lasers and flashlights, but they can also be disassembled and cleaned when necessary. The package contains cleaning instructions and it shows you how to disassemble the gun to perform the cleaning operation. This usually takes just a couple of minutes and it will ensure that your gun will work flawlessly each time.

Manufacturers also back up their products with warranty periods of 1 year, 2 years and so on. Make sure you look for guns which come with warranty periods, so that you are covered in case of a manufacturing defect. All in all, an airsoft gun is the ideal choice when starting your airsoft career, and as you can see, they can provide tons of fun at an affordable price!

Get the Best Airsoft Gun of 2023!

An airsoft gun is usually the first weapon beginners use when they start playing airsoft games, and if this is the case for you too, make sure you go for a good one! These are some of the best airsoft guns available on the market, but feel free to browse the products from these 5 brands to get inspired and see what else is out there.

Our Top Choice
Colt 100th Anniversary Licensed Full Metal M1911 A1 Airsoft Gun
Best Value
Desert Eagle Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Spring Airsoft Pistol
Umarex Colt Peacemaker Blued Bb Co2 Airsoft Pistol
Crosman Stinger P9T Soft Air Pistol
Taurus Millennium PT111 Spring Airsoft Pistol