Best Airsoft Mask - Half Face and Full Face Mesh Masks and Tactical Protective Masks for Airsoft and Paintball

Whether they are masks for Halloween, paintball, airsoft, military, hunting or you name it, that rush of excitement is always there when you must conceal your identity or feel the need to protect your face properly. Therefore, you should get the right kind of mask to match your thrill. This is the very reason we have taken out time to review a wide range of mask manufacturers and their products to pick five of the best airsoft masks. We included a mixture of cheap airsoft masks and higher end airsoft face masks, to make sure their is something for everyone!

Please note that beyond the listed products, these top brands have other air soft mask that can match your interest as well. Do take out time to check them out. We also want to give a shout out to ATAIRSOFT and NINAT who both have some cool looking tactical, airsoft and paint ball masks. And for those of you who were specifically looking for a replica airsoft gas mask, we went ahead and showcased a few of our favorites.

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Our Top Choice
Empire Paintball E-Flex Paintball Mask
Reliability is what you get from Empire, and the Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask not only depicts this but also comes with clear stock lens and detachable bottom.
Very light. High visibility.
May sometimes fog.
Half face
ProFlex face foam
Vents quick change lens system
Chin strap
Best Value
Coxeer Full Face Airsoft Mesh Mask
Coxeer’s dedication to quality and perfection surely speaks in the Tactical Hunting Airsoft Full Face Protective Mask, a mask that makes breathing easy.
Elastic band. Easy to adjust.
Can be bulky and a bit uncomfortable.
Full face
Low-carbon Steel
Mesh venting
Wire mesh
Fully adjustable strap
Virtue Paintball Thermal Airsoft Face Mask
Innovative and stylish, Virtue Paintball claims to offer the most comfortable paintball mask that makes room for easier talking and quick lens change.
Improved visibility. Does not fog
None reported at the time of writing this review.
Half face
Dual Material; Foam
Full vent with quick change lens
Enhanced strap
Invader King Protective Airsoft Mask
Invader King’s stand for quality and unique designs is revealed in the Invader King Protective Airsoft Mask with soft inside cushion for good comfort.
Strong for battles. Fits well. Many designs and style options.
It fogs.
Full face
Mesh vent
Adjustable lock straps
Coofit Mesh Half Face Airsoft Mask
Coofit is a brand that produces a wide range of quality products at competitive price. The Coofit Mesh Half Face Airsoft Mask is well-vented to reduce fogs.
Good build. Fits well.
Not very comfortable.
Half face
Wire mesh
Vented mesh
No eye protection
2x elasticated straps

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What Is the Best Airsoft Face Mask? Read Our Cool Airsoft Mask Reviews!

In choosing the best mask for you, you may want to consider variables such as how comfortable it is and if it is stylish or easy to use. So, keep in mind what you would like about a mask while reading our review of individual brands/products to choose the perfect airsoft mask for you.

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Our Top Choice
Empire’s drive for reliable products is delivered in the Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask which gives fantastic visibility and is very light in weight. You can also checkout the Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle, which fits comfortably and does not fog.

Empire Paintball E-Flex Paintball Airsoft Goggle System – Available in 9 Colors


Empire is a brand poised to ensure customer satisfaction through the making of products that are very reliable. Its over fifteen years in the industry surely gives credence to its mission of reliable products at best prices.

The Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask is reliable and affordable. Check out its features:

  • Comfortable
  • Vents system for rapid lens exchange
  • Thermal anti-fog clear lens
  • Very light weight
  • Improved breathability
  • Very soft and flexible face skirt
  • Reduced silhouette

The mask has good ear protection and fits well.

Best Value
Coxeer is all about quality and perfection, which delivers exceptional customer satisfaction. The Tactical Hunting Airsoft Mask is military-like and gives full face protection. Prefer a half face mask with goggles? Check out the Outgeek Lower Steel Mesh Protective Half Face Mask. It’s a cheap airsoft mask that comes with UV protection glasses.

Cool Airsoft Mask - Full Face Steel Mesh War Game Protective Mask for Airsoft and Paintball – Available in 3 Colors


Coxeer’s resolve to ensure customer satisfaction through quality products with best prices surely makes them a top brand in the mask making industry.

Coxeer’s Mesh Full Face Airsoft Mask offers good protection and comfort to users. It is so comfortable and fits well even with an eye-glass on.
Here are some other features:

  • Mesh fabric absorbs shock
  • Unbreakable on the battle field
  • All-around protection, including ears and mouth
  • Light weight
  • Easy to adjust

This mask makes you feel comfortable all the way.

Virtue Paintball is committed to making very stylish masks that are not just comfortable but affordable. The Thermal Paintball Goggle is stylish and enhances easier talking. You can also check out the Virtue VIO Extend Chromatic Thermal Paintball Mask with many customizations.

Virtue Paintball VIO Contour Thermal Paintball and Airsoft Mask with Goggles – Available in 28 Colors


Virtue Paintball is well known for its stylish and innovative products that are not just comfortable and easy to use, but are also affordable. The Virtue Paintball Thermal Goggle with stylish design offers easy breathing and talking.
Find below some of its other features:

  • Light weight makes it easy to carry about
  • Wide range of customizable configurations
  • Does not fog
  • Great venting system

This mask is also said to fit nicely to your face.

Invader King is known for quality and unique designs, and the Invader King Protective Airsoft Mask makes you feel comfortable and safe in battles. If you like the look of skulls, the ATAIRSOFT Tactical Protective Adjustable Skull Full Face Mask for airsoft and paintball comes in several styles and colors.

Invader King Airsoft Mask Army of Two Protective Gear Outdoor Sport Fancy Party Ghost Bb Gun Masks – Available in 14 Colors


Invader King is home for quality products. It prides itself in the production of high quality masks through the use of quality fabrics and fiberglass that is handmade. It has unique designs that ensure space between nose and mouth while offering all around protection.

The Invader King Protective Airsoft Mask is strong and comfortable. Here are some other interesting features of this mask:

  • Soft cushion
  • Handmade fiber glass
  • Easy to adjust
  • Can be used for all seasons
Coofit defends its mission of producing quality and competitive products at great prices, and the Coofit Mesh Half Face Airsoft Mask with strong build attests to this. Prefer camo? The Fansport Tactical Mask and Goggles Set is a half face mech airsoft mask. There are 3 camouflage options.

Coofit Half Face Skull Mesh Airsoft Mask with Googles - Cheap Airsoft Mask in 2 Color Choices


Coofit is geared towards ensuring product quality in every aspect. It has great designs and solid builds for its products while keeping customers satisfied always. The Coofit Mesh Half Face Airsoft Mask is quite affordable and easy to use. It has good vent placing. See some of its other features below:

  • Easy to breath
  • Allows for easy talking
  • Adjustable straps to fit on
  • Compatible with eye-glass

It is perfect for paintball, hunting and military purposes.

Best Airsoft Face Mask Guide – What to Look for in an Airsoft Helmet or Airsoft Mesh Mask

The tragic story of Brandon Lee explains a major reason “airsoft” and all the gear related to it remain a welcome development. The actor was accidentally shot on set of the movie “The Crow.” His death could have been prevented if an airsoft rifle or airsoft shotgun was used instead of a real gun. However, just because an airsoft gun isn’t deadly, it doesn’t mean it can’t cause injury without proper protection. This explains why airsoft masks are gaining worldwide popularity and acceptance among players of the game and other enthusiasts.

Even though playing with an airsoft offers protection up to a point because you're not handling a real gun, you still need an airsoft mask for enhanced security. If you are like most people, you must have discovered it’s not easy to come up with an airsoft mask that can endure the ruggedness of reality gaming, hunting, or any other use you have for it. You need an airsoft mask that can hold up under all that running, hiding, hitting, aiming, moving, and pressure without putting your face in any danger.

Thus, when you choose an airsoft mask, there are important points to consider, the most basic of which being ventilation. You don’t want a mask that will choke you up whether you are wearing it for a long or short time. Therefore, you should opt for a well-aerated airsoft mask. The options we reviewed have different kinds of ventilation systems including mesh venting, full vent, and the opportunity to change lens systems.

Next, consider the type of field you would be playing at. Since the impact of a projectile at close distance is different from that from a far distance, you must ensure that the airsoft mask can protect you throughout the distance covered by the field of play. This also determines the degree of sophistication that your vision should have. For example, an indoor use would require less site picture compared to outdoor use.

Other features to look out for include eye protection, strap, and the type of material the mask is made of. While it doesn’t make much difference, or affect the quality of the material, you have the option of choosing a full-face airsoft mask or a half-face airsoft mask. A full-face mask comes with inbuilt goggles, while for the half-face, you will have to buy the goggles or visors yourself. Since eye protection is a necessity, people who buy a half-face airsoft mask do so primarily because it offers them the opportunity for customization.

Video: How To Start Airsoft

Complete Guide for Beginner Airsoft Players. | Courtesy of RWMilSim

Different types of airsoft masks have different features, but you can be assured that the options we present to you are among the best in the market today, and the brands that produce those options have other variations that offer other features and benefits. The price range of an airsoft mask can vary a lot depending on features, from anywhere between around $7 to $135. Airsoft masks prices differ because of the materials used in production, the unique features each product has, the protection it offers, how popular the brand is, among other reasons. If you want a cheap airsoft mask, there are some around, although they won’t offer the same protection as a top-quality investment.


The way you intend to use the mask determines the features you need to look for when searching for the ideal product for you. Here are the features you should look out for if you want to buy an airsoft mask:

  • Venting system - including the size of the vent
  • Type - half-face or full-face
  • Material - steel, mesh, or plastic
  • Eye protection - goggles, visor, wire mesh eye protection
  • Straps – adjustable, elastic and chin straps

Here are the ways these features affect the choice you make…

Construction and Design

Whatever your reason for needing an airsoft mask, there is one unquestionable expectation, and that is to have fun - lots of it! You want to taste the thrill and feel the adrenaline surge as you aim for the hit. You want to be in charge as your opponent docks and dodges for cover. You want power, real power, and you want to ride on your excitement till it’s time to quit for the day. If you do not pay attention to the venting system of your airsoft mask, you may become the victim rather than the protagonist. You must ensure that the ventilation holes of your mask are smaller than the size of the BB or airsoft projectiles, which are often about 6mm. This is to prevent shrapnel and fragments from penetrating the mask and causing injury to your face.

Whether you need an airsoft mask for Halloween, hunting, military, paintball, or airsoft, you should pay attention to the type of airsoft mask you buy. If you are using a half-face airsoft mask, you may have a more natural feel since you would be able to choose the goggle by yourself. However, a full-face mask already comes with these features, thereby eliminating the need for other side expenses.

The material an airsoft mask is made of is an important factor that affects its durability and ruggedness. Most are made of steel, fiberglass, foam or plastic, while some combine materials. Users who choose plastic airsoft masks do so because plastic offers overall protection, won’t easily shatter, and will not allow fragments to pass through to the eyes.

The straps determine how adjustable an airsoft mask will be, and it is important to choose a suitable one. The right strap will ensure that the mask stays in place if you must make sudden movements or take to your heels. Without fitted straps, the mask may fall off the face consistently or allow projectiles to hit spots that should have been otherwise protected. Straps can be elastic or enhanced, they can be chin straps, and some are adjustable. It is important you select a product that allows you to tighten or loosen the mask beyond the comfortable spot.

Video: 5 Useful Airsoft Attachments

Airsoft Attachments That You Must Have. | Courtesy of USAirsoft
Performance and Ease of Use

To get the best protection from your airsoft mask, you should run it through this test; try forcing a BB or projectile through the vent of the preferred product. If it doesn’t tear apart with little forceful application, then you are safe and can buy it.
Apart from that, there are basic maintenance measures you can take to prevent fogging, especially if you don’t plan to buy an anti-fog mask with thermal lenses, and that is by using anti-fog spray or anti-fog wipes regularly.

When it’s all been said and done, the best airsoft mask for you depends on what you will be using it for, where you will be using it, and how frequently you will use it.

Get the Best Airsoft Mask of 2023!

Now that you have taken out time to go through our reviews, we are sure you are not only better informed, but also emboldened to make the right choice of mask for you. Please, go ahead and place your order right away.

Our Top Choice
Empire Paintball E-Flex Paintball Mask
Best Value
Coxeer Full Face Airsoft Mesh Mask
Virtue Paintball Thermal Airsoft Face Mask
Invader King Protective Airsoft Mask
Coofit Mesh Half Face Airsoft Mask

Airsoft Mask FAQs

How to wear an airsoft face mask?
Before wearing an airsoft mask, make sure it perfectly fits on your goggles. Once the google and mask fit together, put it over your head, and adjust the straps. It should protect your mouth, nose, and eyes from possible injuries. Check out our review on airsoft masks for more information.
How to know if a mask is rated for airsoft?
To know if a mask is rated for airsoft, you should check for ballistic lenses. Check with the shooting facility standards and the kind of certifications on the mask. Ideally, the best airsoft mask should protect eyes from possible gunshots. In short, the lenses should have an ANSI rating, ballistic and thermal protection. As for the face mask, it should have an ASTM rating.
How to assemble an airsoft mask?
To assemble an airsoft mask, remove the hickeys from your pair of sunglasses. Cut the eyepieces so that you have two separate lenses. Attach the lenses onto the mask by applying glue. You may want to choose whether or not to spray paint the mask.