Best Alarm Clock – Analog, Digital, Loud, Smart Vibrating and Sunrise Alarm Clocks to Start Your Day Right

An alarm clock is one of the most beneficial accessories you can have on your nightstand, waking you up in the morning at a precise hour so you're not late for work. While many people who use the alarm on their mobile devices, it’s actually better to have designated device so you are not tempted to keep picking up your phone to see what time it is. In addition to basic analog alarm clocks, you can also get smart alarm clocks that incorporate advanced features. For example, some sophisticated alarm clocks come with USB charging ports and mini-projectors.

We did our research and discovered excellent choices from some of the best alarm clock brands — in a mixture of types and prices. We came across so many good options that they couldn’t all fit in this single review! So, if you don’t find what you need here, take a look at our reviews for the best alarm clocks with Bluetooth connectivity and the best alarm clocks that play music. And if you need an alarm clock to take with you when you travel, we have a review for those too!

Check these out and pick the one you think will look the best on your nightstand! Or, if you're looking for a sunrise alarm clock with gentle wake up lights to improve the quality of your sleep and help you feel more refreshed, we picked some of our favorites and highlit them below.

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Our Top Choice
Homtime C1 Loud Digital Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speakers
Homtime is a professional manufacturer of alarm clocks. The C1 Pro Digital is a modern, attractive desk clock, jam-packed with useful features such as USB ports and more.
Reasonably priced. Charging station for tablets and smartphones. Big dimmable LCD display. Bluetooth speakers. Available in 2 colors.
Snooze time is not customizable, but that's a small price to pay for how many features you get in return.
Digital Alarm Clock
Dimmable 3.2 inch LCD 
4 x 4 x 2.6 inches/ 0.6 lbs
2 USB ports, Bluetooth speakers
Black or white
Best Value
Marathon Classic Silent Sweep Alarm Clock with Auto Night Light
Marathon is a brand that creates top-notch, affordable alarm clocks. The analog desk alarm clock features a rather vintage design, yet it remains elegant and eye-catching.
Classic, simplistic, beautiful design. Auto-night light. Good value for money. Easy to use, compact and lightweight.
Isolated complaints that it arrived defective. This item can be replaced.
Analog Alarm Clock 
Display w/ ambient light sensor 
3.5 x 1.5 x 3.8 inches/ 0.6 lbs
Silent sweep, batteries included
5 Colors available
Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb® Super Shaker™ Bed Vibrating Alarm Clock
Sonic Alert specializes in hearing solutions and alarm clocks for people of all ages. The Sonic Bomb alarm clock might be unusual, but it will definitely wake you up in the morning.
Large LCD display. 1 year warranty. Adjustable alarms and intuitive controls. Shakes your bed to help you wake up. Battery backup.
Complaints that this clock arrives with defects. Remember that it is backed up by a 1 year warranty period.
Digital Vibrating Alarm Clock
Large red display
7 x 7 x 6 inches/ 1 lb
Flashing lights, battery backup
2 Colors available
Sony Radio Alarm Clock with Time Projector and Extendable Snooze
Sony is one of the most prestigious electronics manufacturers in the world. The Radio Alarm Clock is an innovative clock that looks well on every nightstand.
Top manufacturer. Compact, lightweight, portable clock. Dual alarms for both partners. Battery backup. USB charging station.
A bit more expensive, but it offers so many attractive features.
Digital Dual Alarm Clock
Large LED display
7.2 x 6.3 x 5.6 inches/ 1.8 lbs
Time projector, AM/FM Radio
RCA Corded Digital Alarm Clock with Battery Back Up
This digital alarm clock from RCA is easy to use and noticeable, perfect for people who don’t want additional bells and whistles.
Compact, lightweight, portable. Large display. Good value for money. Adjustable brightness. Large snooze button.
Doesn’t have radio or other conveniences, but RCA makes other alarm clocks with more features.
Digital Alarm Clock
1.4" Display, 0.7" also available
5 x 4 x 6 inches/ 0.5 lbs
Dimmable, battery backup

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What Are the Best Digital and Analog Alarm Clocks to Buy? Read Our Reviews!

Picking the right alarm clock can be difficult sometimes, as these gadgets usually come in various designs and have many attractive features. To give you a good head start, here are five excellent alarm clocks that come in different price ranges.

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Our Top Choice
The Homtime C1Pro Alarm Clock has everything you would expect from a modern gadget: you get a large LCD display, a Bluetooth speaker and even a charging station for your smartphone! If you want, you can have this beautiful alarm clock in white if you prefer. Or you can opt for the Homtime D1 Alarm Clock Radio which takes up less space but still comes packed with great features.

Homtime C1 Digital Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers – Bluetooth Speakers, 2-Port Universal USB Charger, Large Dimmable LCD Screen & Thermometer


You might be happy to find out that Homtime is a brand that specializes in making nightstand clocks of various sizes. This company manufacturers old-fashioned alarm clocks, analog alarm clocks and even digital ones that come with multiple useful features. For example, we were particularly impressed by the C1Pro Alarm Clock because it is one of the most sophisticated and elegant clocks out there.

If you don’t believe it, check out the features this magnificent clock comes with.

  • Digital alarm clock with a large dimmable 3.2inch LCD screen, adjustable between 4 levels of brightness
  • 2 Bluetooth speakers with a total power of 5 watts
  • 2 USB ports which can be used to charge your tablet, mp3 player or other gadgets
  • The top button is a rotary one, used to access all the features of this alarm clock. Spin it to set an alarm or set the time
  • Using a MicroSD card, you can upload personalized alarms

We are happy to report that Homtime also makes certified Apple Lighting cables, if you ever need a replacement for your current one.

Best Value
The CL030053BK analog desk alarm clock from Marathon is an old-fashioned yet attractive clock that you can proudly display on your nightstand. It has an ambient light sensor and the batteries are included in the package. However, if you prefer a digital clock then check out the Marathon USB Charging Alarm Clock with Dimmable Curved Screen or one of their atomic travel alarms.

Marathon Classic Analog Alarm Clock with Auto Dimming Night Light - Silent Sweep Arms, Snooze Button, Available in Multiple Colors


Marathon is a brand that makes a wide variety of products such as flat tires, wheelbarrows and of course, alarm clocks. This brand stands out from the crowd because its products are made with great attention to detail and a lot of dedication. For example, the CL030053BK alarm clock is a beautiful device with an old-school, classic design which will look excellent on every nightstand.

Let's find out some more interesting details about this analog alarm clock.

  • Built-in ambient light sensor which automatically creates a soft glow when there is dark in the room, so that you can easily see what time is it
  • Believe it or not, this is a clock that doesn’t make a ticking sound because it is made using a silent quartz. You won't hear that potentially disturbing tick-tock sound during the night
  • Programmable snooze times and large snooze buttons
  • Available in 5 different colors for you to choose from: black, blue, silver, white and gold.
  • Batteries are included in the package

Remember that apart from making excellent alarm clocks, Marathon also makes top-quality pneumatic tires, flat tire sealants and even garden carts. These products have numerous positive reviews on Amazon and they are worth checking out.

The Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb alarm clock will make your bed vibrate and start a pulsating light-show, so you have no other option but to wake up! This clock is ideal for people who have troubles waking up in the morning. If you want an even louder and more sophisticated model, then check out the Sonic Alert Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker.

Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker - Smart Vibrating Alarm Clock Large LED LCD and Alert Lights


Sonic Alert products are designed to make sure that you wake up on time for that meeting with your boss. This company manufactures various types of alarm clocks: some of them are more suitable for people who have hearing problems while other alarm clocks are intended particularly for people who dislike getting up early in the morning. If you are afraid that you might not wake up on time for your appointments, buy a clock from Sonic Alert and you will sleep more peacefully!

Here are the highlights of the Sonic Bomb bed shaking, vibrating alarm clock and why we think it deserves its place in our review.

  • Comes with a small device which you put in your bed and will vibrate when the alarm rings. If you cannot hear the alarm, you will FEEL the alarm!
  • Flashes a series of pulsating lights which will be visible in the dark throughout your entire bedroom, helping you get up quicker
  • Intuitive controls allowing you to adjust the tone and volume as well as the snooze setting
  • Large, bright-red LCD display that can be noticed easily even in broad daylight
  • Available in 2 colors – black or an eye-catching camouflage design
  • Warranty period of 1 year
The Sony ICF-C1PJ Alarm Clock with Time Projector is a sophisticated and attractive desk clock which comes with many features such as dual alarms and USB charger. Its projector can display the time on your walls or ceiling. If you prefer a more simplistic alarm clock, then the Sony ICFC1T model might be more suitable for you.

Sony LED Display Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio, Time Projection, Soothing Nature Sounds, Extendable Snooze, USB Port and Built-in Calendar


Sony is a brand that needs no introduction as it is a leading manufacturer of electronics, gadgets, cameras, headphones and more. Throughout the years, Sony has built a solid reputation, selling its products on several continents around the world. For our review, we wanted an attractive alarm clock that comes with something special and we think we have found it in the Sony alarm clock with time projector.

Let's take a closer look at the features of this product and see what makes it so special.

  • Built-in mini projector which can display the time clearly on your walls or your ceiling. The mini-projector is adjustable and easy to use
  • Bright LCD screen where you can see the clock, radio channel or access the built-in calendar
  • Comes with AM/FM Radio, so you will enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations while still in bed
  • 2 replacement batteries from Sony are included in the box along with a soft cleaning cloth which can be used for cleaning screens of smartphones, tablets, cameras and more
  • Pre-installed nature sounds which can help you wake up or fall asleep in a comfortable and relaxed way

As you probably know already Sony makes some of the most interesting and practical gadgets in the world, so if you want to change up your mp3 player, get a digital camera or even a new smart watch, make sure that you take a look at Sony's products first!

The RCA Digital Alarm Clock is a simplistic, yet eye-catching desk clock suitable in any room of your house. It comes with battery backup and at the moment of this writing, it is an Amazon Best Seller! Another cheap alarm clock option is the RCA RCD20 Digital Alarm Clock with Night Light which was just a little over ten dollars when we last checked.

RCA Digital Alarm Clock - Large 1.4" LED Display with Brightness Control and Repeating Snooze, AC Powered


The last one in our list is a product from RCA, a brand that specializes in audio/video accessories. This company produces cables, TV antennas, DVD systems as well as top-quality alarm clocks. If you are looking for a simple digital alarm clock that fits every nightstand and it is easy to use, then the RCD30 model from RCA might be perfect for you. It is an Amazon Best Seller and it already has thousands of positive reviews from past customers, so why shouldn’t you give it a try?

In the meantime, let's discover some details about this minimalistic alarm clock.

  • 3 options: 0.7" display, 1.4" display (the one we are featuring) and LED red display. Pick the one which fits your needs the best
  • Large snooze button, so that you can easily press it when you want to take a couple of extra minutes of sleep
  • Easily control the brightness of the screen using the buttons on top of the clock
  • Battery backup, so you will always know what time is it, even if the power goes down

If you ever need a compact RF modulator, an indoor antenna or a landline telephone system then make sure that you browse RCA's products. This company is run by experts with years of experience when it comes to audio/video accessories and the prices of its products are reasonable.

Best Analog and Digital Alarm Clock Buying Guide – How to Choose a Loud Alarm Clock to Get You Up!

There are several things that shouldn’t be missing from your nightstand, such as a wireless charger for your phone, maybe a wireless speaker playing your favorite tunes and, of course, a Wi-Fi radio which adds a splash of color to your room. Another important gadget is an alarm clock, which is necessary to ensure you wake up at the right time to go to work or drive your kids to school. While there are many benefits of getting enough sleep, it's also important not to oversleep - very hard to do with an alarm clock around!

Levi Hutchins is credited with being the first to invent an American-style alarm clock. Today's alarm clocks are hugely sophisticated and they might come with multiple bells and whistles, such as charging platforms for your phone or even mini projectors. Picking the right one can be a little bit tricky, especially if you are buying for the first time. Bear in mind that the market offers multiple analog and digital clocks for you to choose from and, in most cases, the alarm clock is pretty lightweight and compact, so it doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your nightstand. Keep reading to find out more about them!

Video: How Does a Sunrise Clock Work

Hatch Restore Sound Machine and Sunrise Alarm Clock for Gentle Wake Up. | Courtesy Hatch

Today's alarm clocks are surprisingly affordable and can be used for years, at least if you don’t have a cat in your house which, as we all know, tends to intentionally knock stuff onto the floor, such as clocks, glasses or vases. In any case, you should expect to pay between around $10 and $40-$50 for a good alarm clock. Higher-end ones even come with special shaking devices that can be attached to your bed to ensure that you get up in the morning.

We also advise you to stay away from cheap alarm clocks, which are usually priced below 10 dollars. These products are not that accurate and seriously unreliable, so you'll eventually end up frustrated and possibly late for work. The best way to approach this purchase is to find a reputable manufacturer and see what it has to offer you when it comes to alarm clocks.


We are quite sure you know how to buy an alarm clock, but it is wise to read the following list of features, just to get a broader and more detailed overview when it comes to this subject.

  • Type - Some clocks are analog and some are digital, it is just a matter of preference here.
  • Power Options - Although most alarm clocks are powered by batteries (so they keep running in the case of a power outage), some of them can also be connected to a power outlet or receive electricity from other gadgets via a USB port.
  • Functions - High-end clocks have built-in timers, multiple alarm sounds to choose from, incorporated LEDs to illuminate the display during the night (analog only), mini projectors and more.
  • Color - Alarm clocks are also a thing of beauty, and they shouldn’t alter the interior décor of your room. They come in various colors and designs and can be made of different materials, from wood to shiny aluminum!

Before buying, it is a good idea to assess your needs. For example, are you buying for a person with impaired vision? In that case, a large digital display would be more appropriate. Do you absolutely require dual alarms, mini projectors, phone charging functions or other shiny features, or just a basic clock to wake you up in the morning? Depending on your answers, you will know exactly what to shop for and how much money to pay for it.

Construction and Design

Most of today's alarm clocks are built using long-lasting materials, which usually include durable plastic, recycled materials, aluminum, wood or even steel. The size of the display varies from clock to clock, with the largest being around four or five inches, according to our research. Most of these clocks are powered by batteries such as AA or C and, best of all, they are usually included in the package, so you can power up your device immediately after you receive it.

In some cases, the clock can also be connected to a power outlet, as it includes an AC adapter in the box. This is particularly useful if the alarm clock is capable of recharging your phone, or even acting as a Bluetooth speaker, as these tasks use more electricity. The batteries will act as a backup in this case, so you will always know what time it is in the case of a power outage.

We want to talk a bit about a special type of alarm clock that is specially designed for people who have troubles hearing the alarm clock in the morning. This type of clock comes with a small gadget, a bed shaker, which pulsates and vibrates when the alarm sounds. The actual alarm is also extra loud, suitable for people who usually enjoy a deep sleep. Lastly, this type of alarm clock flashes multiple lights, bathing the entire dark room in bright colors, as if you were in an emergency situation. Hopefully, all these safety measures will eventually wake you up so you can arrive on time to that dentist appointment. If you are a company owner, you can offer such a clock as a gift to someone who tends to arrive late (as a joke) and, if you are the one receiving it, now you know what the hidden message is!


Video: Weird Facts of "Alarm Clock" Invention

Weird Facts about Alarm Clock Invention . | Courtesy of Top 5 Facts Daily
Performance and Ease of Use

We could say much more about alarm clocks, but it is up to you to discover all the features and benefits. These gadgets are usually accompanied by warranty periods of one or two years and, thanks to the fact that they are mostly powered by batteries, they are also portable, so you can take them with you when you go on vacation or camping.

During our research, we discovered that some customers refuse to take their laptops, computers, tablets or smartphones with them into the bedroom. This is a good habit as, when it is time to go to bed, you shouldn’t be distracted by emails and notifications. An alarm clock is particularly suitable for these people, as it helps them wake up at a certain hour without having to rely on the alarm app on their smartphone. If you, too, don’t like to have your gadgets around when you sleep, an alarm clock is exactly what you need!

Get the Best Alarm Clock of 2023!

Of course you can set an alarm on your smartphone to wake you up in the morning, but we are sure it won't be as loud and powerful as the alarms of these five clocks! Pick your favorite from some of the best alarm clocks out there and enjoy the many benefits of being on time wherever you go in the morning.

Our Top Choice
Homtime C1 Loud Digital Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speakers
Best Value
Marathon Classic Silent Sweep Alarm Clock with Auto Night Light
Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb® Super Shaker™ Bed Vibrating Alarm Clock
Sony Radio Alarm Clock with Time Projector and Extendable Snooze
RCA Corded Digital Alarm Clock with Battery Back Up

Alarm Clock FAQs

When was the alarm clock invented
The first recognized alarm clock was invented in 1787 by the American inventor Levi Hutchins. Although other alarm clocks existed before, Hutchin’s device was able to sound the bell at a specific predetermined hour. However, the adjustable alarm clock was first patented about half a century later by inventor Frenchman Antoine Redier. This clock was more advanced, allowing the user to set their own time to wake.
How to set an alarm clock
Setting an alarm clock is actually quite simple. Begin by checking the clock for a button that lets you access the time-setting modes. This will usually be labeled mode, clock set, settings, or time. Press that button until the numbers start blinking. Then press the hour button until your desired hour is displayed. Do the same for the minute button until you get the desired value. Finish by pressing the mode or clock set button to save the changes and return to your normal time mode.
What is the loudest alarm clock
The sonic boom currently holds the title of world’s loudest alarm. On its highest setting, the machine can reach sounds of up to 113db. However, today we have a variety of other super loud and stylish alarm clocks that are perfect for the heavy sleeper. The clocks will often be accompanied by other features, including pulsating lights and vibrate mode, so you can feel the clock. For more information, check out our review.